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I've just been dumped!

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posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 01:18 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen. Good evening from a very wet and windy Gloucestershire in the UK.

I thought that I would share a little snippet of info with you all.

Never, ever start an affair with a married women. I've just been dumped by an older woman who, even though she got divorced to be with me, has suddenly announced that she still loves her husband.

That her ex-husband is currently away in the USA, coaching a soccer team and is screwing everything in site, and has a GF back near the ex marital home, she cannot see that he treats her like
and that I do and would still treat her like a queen, I am dumped.

I love her so much and she loves me, but after 30 years of marriage and 3 great kids, she still loves him.

What can I do to win her back? It's only been 4 1/2 hours since the split, but I miss her so much!

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 02:57 PM
why the heck would you want to get together with someone like that?

In all honesty, considering that this person knows that their own husband is constantly cheating on them and yet still can't leave them, you should be able to get a lil sumtin sumtin on the side relatively constantly from this person.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 03:50 PM
Mister, what the heck was you thinking? Get out of there, way to many people in world to be hung up on one.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 04:07 PM
I think you should let it go for now. Let your heart mend a things that you love to do. Spend as little time as possible thinking about her--missing her. Because in the end it'll be what it is. Life's too short, cousin. Don't spend too much time on a confused BI.

If someone wants to be with you--they're with you. Bottom line.

Recover and water and sit it in the sunlight.

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 05:28 PM
Space in the answer here,

Dont be 2nd best, If she liles this other guy then you just got to let go,

I know its hard but really you need to go out there and find someone whos going to love you and no other,

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 05:33 PM
Fritz baby, I'm sorry to hear that.

The best advice I could give you comes from a very, very wise man:

Originally posted by fritz
Never, ever start an affair with a married women.

Go out with the boys, have a pint or two and ogle some single women.

posted on Oct, 13 2005 @ 02:00 PM
Listen to all of them! Go out and find someone with less strings and who, as Asala (in her infinite wisdom said) will love you and no one else. It's really worth it. You may love her, but there are others, I promise.

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 02:21 PM
Ick! Sounds like you've gotten yourself into a situation here. My personal advice would be to think of it like this. If she cheated on her hubby with you then she would cheat on you with someone else. It's usually how it goes. Cheating is usually more for attention than anything else. If someone was truly unhappy with their significant other they'd just divorce them and get on with life without having to meet someone else first. Does that make sense? Sounds like you're having a round with an attention whore.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 04:23 AM
Many thanks for your support, guys and gurls BUT and I know what you're going to say, it's on again.

She can't live without me and I don't want to live without her.

Just gonna take each day as it comes and grab what happiness we can.

Ex hubby not a problem - he's a
and don't want her - even though it now turns out he's been seeing somebody else for years.

So please folks, ignore my original post and heed my new advice.

If you want something in life, for
sake go and grab it while you can.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 04:33 AM
Why do you think I've been fighting so hard to keep what I have with my fiancee? Things suck, and I really should just give up already, but as much as she means to me, and as much as I need her I just can't give up.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 04:42 AM
So Zaph are we saying Viva le amour or Viva co-dependency?

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 04:51 AM
Le amour of course. I might be codependant, but it's built on love. A very strong, very deep love.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 05:00 AM
yeah well you did what i was going to suggest, dont sit back and think and wonder, you just gotta act with out thinking, and grab fritz

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 05:12 AM
The question that would bug me if I were you would be, if her husband wanted her--would she still be with you? Tis up to you, by all means you do what you do...but sounds like the chicks love is a fickle as they come.

Ah me, I can't help it--me thinks I think too much. If you is happy I'm happy for you.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 06:06 AM

Originally posted by fritz
What can I do to win her back? It's only been 4 1/2 hours since the split, but I miss her so much!

Keep constant tabs on her. Make a diary of her movements. Buy some gloves. You'll know what to do when the time is right.

In the meantime, cling dearly to items that meant something to you both.

Like this SFT100 Video Disc Player...

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 06:29 AM
Nice to know you got back together, but be very careful Fritz. She sounds pretty fickle, and you might be setting yourelf up for a big big fall.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 10:12 AM

TextIf you want something in life, for sake go and grab it while you can.

dude!..good for you.....yeah,whatever...if you love her then thats cool.....and if she messes you around again..cut her head off with a chainsaw....simple.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 10:19 AM


posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 03:03 PM

What can I do to win her back?

Maybe change your name. I mean, maybe the relationship is "on the fritz" as we say here in the USA because your name is Fritz? Maybe try Ed. Women love guys named Ed.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 05:41 PM
Call myself Ed. NO WAY! My boss is called Ed and he can be a right

Uforia, my name is not 'Fritz'. That is a nickname I have had since I joined the Royal Air Force way back in 1967.

Use a chainsaw to cut off her head - you must be joking. No my friends. If it all goes tits up - I'll use a woodchipper!!!!!

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