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Oy oy oy!!

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 07:01 AM
Hello everyone. My name is David, I am a high-school freshman taking AP classes and NJROTC. I will join the United States Air Force after college.

This is a list of some things that I like:
1. 1337sp33k, 0h n0!!
2. Drawing
3. Computer-technology
4. Things that are grotesque but not too grotesque
5. The words: Dude, Grotesque, Montage, Crotain
6. Anything military post 1914
7. The United States Air Force, which I will be joining in approximately: 9 years.
8. The years: 1998, 1999. Great things like: Mr. Bean, Marilyn Manson, and King of the Hill were still at the peak of their existence.
9. Wheat bread
10. Dell
11. Denying Ignorance!
12. Japan, more specifically Okinawa.
13. New Zealand
14. Knowing that I'm superior
15. Engrish
16. The UK/English/British spelling-method
17. Hypens, they give things the Engrish touch.
18. When people hate the things I hate
19. Rabbits, jackrabbits and hares
20. Creating and planning out, it is way better pondering and speculation.
21. USB 2.0 ports
22. Summer
23. Long [scalp] hair on men
24. [even though most television is evil] These television programmes:
King of the Hill
Family Guy
Mr. Bean
Iron Chef
Wolf's Rain
Beavis & Butthead
G.I. Joe
25. These people:
Krystal Chance [crush]
Kimberly Serzynski [crush]
Aaron Gambill [trusted friend]
Nathan Gardner [friend]
Carter Harris [friend, not very trusted though]

I think I'll be most active in the threads about Military, NWO, and the War on Terror. I've joined here to socialize with most of you people, who are different from those brainwashed by the NWO who only care about celebrities and Americal Idol.

I also am planning something like a few dozen-page story, 'Tales of the Panel World' It involves things like the future NWO, a semi-utopian nation, 'profligate' arts being banned, and an endless panel world. I'll post more about it in the collaborative fiction section sometime, only if there are some supporters though.

My time here should be awesome, I hope you all make it that way!

[edit on 9-8-2005 by Barunson]

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 07:19 AM
Glad you could find us here at the great ATS, enjoy your long stay.

This will help alot. All The Secrets

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 07:45 AM
Hi Barunson,
I'm sure you will find lots here to whet your appetite.

Welcome to ATS,ATSNN,BTS,P@ATS and Ignorance Denied. Enjoy


posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 07:50 AM
You will likely find it very much to your liking here. I do look forward to your posts...I always like fresh ideas and opinions. Anyway, welcome to ATS and hope to see you around.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 08:31 PM
Well, WOW, I kinda like a guy to know what he likes

is a hand book of links that may help you answer some questions you have about stuff on ATS

If you have any questions feel free to u2u me, or any other staff member. After you have made 20 posts, you can u2u with all members.

Also, for avatar info, here are kinglizard's avatar instructions and a reminder to all ATS members.

Also, here's a great link to help you organize your favorite forums. It will also keep threads you post in as favorites:
This link is also up at the top as myATS

And, don't forget to check out PTS and BTS. You can log in to these other two forums with your ATS login information.

Have a good time here

Welcome to ATS

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:55 AM
Welcome to ATS Baronsun!

I am *waving* @you from Utah USA

post unto others as you would have them post unto you!

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