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Science and Philosophy. Two arguments to win over the fence-sitter..

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posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 10:23 AM
The single most important question for the alternative research community right now is as follows:

How do we wake people up to the gross injustice, physical harm & psychological warfare which is laid at our feet in these times?

The answer is not to argue over small details of the at-large situational dilemma we find ourselves wrestling with. We can talk details with our brothers & sisters for truth after we have converted them to the side of truth. Before we can talk details (and indeed, we must talk details at some point, so we can start to undo the harm which has been caused) - we must first disclose the overall situation, the reality of where we are at as a civilisation, and what it means for each of us individualy, and all of us collectively.

In order to do that, there are two fronts which we must utilise, from which we press forward unto the breach, to repair the damaged battlements so we can provide a panoramic view of the battlefield to any who are daring enough to come over to our side. Only with a panoramic view of what is unfolding, can a person understand the magnitude of the crisis, and perceive just what it will take to spread the good word, and hopefully start putting an end to this mess.

The two main fronts are as follows:

1 - SCIENCE. Using the data which I highlighted in my thread of yesterday (Vaccine batches - data distribution demonstrates that a bioweapon is being calibrated - it is possible to demonstrate a smoking gun which is not too complicated to understand (bearing in mind that some people just don't do well with science in general - we all have our strengths & weaknesses). The smoking gun is such that we can prove that the vaccine manufacturers are adulterating the contents of the vials by batch/ lot, as in, two batches will not contain the exact same substance, as they are supposed to by law. We can prove that certain batches are poisonous, killing hundreds of people outright, each time they are rolled out; whereas other batches kill less than three or four people, across the same numbers of people who took the lethal batch. They are calibrating their bioweapon, checking how effectively they can control the lethality of what they are providing - and from the data it can be seen that Pfizer is doing exceptionally well in this regard - they are spinning up the lethality by batch, alternating those batches with non-lethal batches to disguise the crime. But the smoking gun is sufficiently evidenced by the fact that there is such alternation between lethal & non-lethal batches. Tightly defined manufacturing stipulations/ laws, mean that there should be absolutely no variability of the contents of each batch under any circumstances - the fact that there is such blatant & visible variation between the lethal & non-lethal batches is PROOF that there is something illegal afoot, and that the game is premeditated mass murder.

2 - MORAL PHILOSOPHY/ LAW. The second smoking gun is simple, and is more accessible to everyone, including those who may struggle somewhat to understand the science side of things. If we look at our legal systems, around the world, especially in the West, there is a strict moratorium on medical experimentation against the will of the person who is being experimented upon. If you do not desire to participate in experimental medical treatment of any sort, then the Nuremberg Code (created after the second world war, in response to crimes against humanity, forced medical experimentation by Nazi doctors) tells us that there is no way that a person can be compelled to undergo medical experimentation. It's that simple. Bodily autonomy, human rights. Anyone who compels or coerces you to take part in an experimental treatment regimen, even if they use indirect tactics to 'mandate' participation (the very essence of 'no jab, no job' - it is pure coercion) - they are breaking international law, and they should themselves be compelled to cease & desist. The law does not permit forced medical intervention, and this is the case, as far as I'm aware, in all Western nations (except where legal changes have been wrought since the start of the pandemic). The very fact that we are being compelled to comply with vax mandates, threatened with the loss of employment or social freedoms, or fines, or jail time, should serve as a massive wake-up call that there is an organised conspiracy to deny you your inalienable human rights, at a bare minimum - this can never be done for 'righteous' purposes, it is always a moral outrage, and therefore everyone needs to stop complying, to stand up & be counted, to purge their governments as needed, until the law is back in the hands of truly righteous people. It's that simple. If we all stand together as one, ultimately the traitors will fall. They are testing the water at this time - they want to clamp down hard, but they are afraid of us, and of what we will do if we refuse to comply, and stand up against them. Let's test their resolve...

Those are the only two points of argument that we need to stand upon to prove that the conspiracy is real, that it is highly detrimental in every conceivable way - that the current rulers are seeking power, death & the theft of our assets. As their own philosophy stipulates:

"When blood runs in the streets, buy property"

Let's continue the good work, let's raise the banners, let's set the standard of our dialogue such that we are making these two smoking guns front & centre of our arguments in convincing fence-sitters that they are being abused by those in power, and they must come over to the side of righteous inquiry & action to restore true democracy, putting it in the hands of people who deserve it, who can be trusted to operate it correctly, in a morally agreeable manner. These two arguments are now the foundation stones of the edifice which we are constructing, which will enable the transition to a properly structured moral society in the wake of this crisis, when the perpetrators have been caught & convicted, at Nuremberg 2.0



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posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 10:49 AM
Very well written arguments for the masses, FITO.

Should be posted other places as well.


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