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The Story of Fauci's Emails and the War on Science

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posted on Dec, 23 2021 @ 01:46 PM
The Brownstone Institute recently published an article chronicling the Fauci emails that were released earlier this year, much to his dismay. Although these emails were heavily redacted to likely hide the worst part of the evidence, we are still able to follow the deception that had been done behind the backs of the American people. While most doctors were simply trying to do their job and present their opinions, Fauci and team were looking for a way to lie and deceive the public.

We already know through a plethora of sources that Fauci has comitted mass murder and genocide. This is something he got used to in the 1980's during the AID's epidemic. It is then not surprising that he could potentially try to get away with anything.

What do we learn from these emails? The attacks on tens of thousands of medical professionals and scientists were indeed encouraged from the top. The basis for the attacks were not scientific articles. They were heavily political popular pieces. This adds serious weight to the impression we all had at the time, which was that this was not really about science but about something far more insidious.

Here are a few of the emails:

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posted on Dec, 23 2021 @ 03:35 PM
The words Fauchi and science should not be included in the same paragraph, he is twisting research to fit his beliefs and desires to gain prestige.

Yes there is some truth to what fauci says, but to make a lie believable it should contain some truth so people can see that which makes them believe everything that is said. Digging deeper is not something that most people want to do, but I kind of enjoy finding out if things are relevant to what they are being applied I check things out and most times it is just a little truth that has been used to deceive people into following the one passing on disinformation.

I used to read some books on medicine, the people writing the book knew quite a bit about some things, but they needed to fill a book, so they took stuff others were saying without researching if it was right because it was accepted by many and tossed it into their books to fill the pages. This parroting of information that was never properly researched but was accepted by medical science because the author was prestigious is improperly applied a lot in literature. Everything has limitations as to how it can be applied. Fauci is using his position to push his beliefs. He is someone who has power in the country and is not evaluating evidence to support his agenda and is discounting evidence that is showing he is wrong. That is the way it is, it is not limited to medicine, science is used for deception more than it is to help the masses. Companies use science to sell their products all the time, yet their products are not actually good.

Take for instance efficiency of refrigerators and freezers, they evaluate the coils and compressor efficiency but subtract the energy used to defrost the coils to remove moisture from the fridge from the figures, that heating element is not turned on in efficiency ratings by some companies, which is deceptive. Other companies with lower ratings tell the truth, but that hurts their sales somewhat. Honesty is not profitable I guess.

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