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The Big Picture - Who We Are, Why We Are Here, and Who Are We Here With

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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 11:05 PM
As many here have already figured out, humanity has been lied to, regarding almost every facet of our society. In this thread I will try and pull a bunch of different topics together to provide my own version of “the big picture” so to speak—-who we are, why we are here, and who we are here with. Those are the questions I set out to answer. I ended up in a crazy ride, including many paranormal experiences, and have discovered quite a bit, but I must preface that statement with the caveat that I do not have all the answers and this post will cover a mere fraction of the totality of this game we call life.

First things first, I’d like to talk about the war going on behind the scenes:
Most of you are unaware of this war. Both “white hats” and “black hats” have reasons for not revealing the truth to the general public. The war is for your consciousness, for your perception, and mind. Current warfare is fought more with mind than kinetic through bombs and missiles. The “black hats” have gained control of the media conglomerates, government, much of science, education, and law enforcement throughout the world through a sophisticated means of infiltration. This infiltration can work with technologies most aren’t even aware exist. Your TV plays a big part in their control over your thoughts. So does social media and your smartphone. They do not want you thinking for yourself. These devices are designed to think for you. When you are watching these screens your brain goes into a relaxed state where you are more susceptible to manipulation and suggestion. It is all about control. They need to control you. Just look at this very forum, and you can see the perception war clear as day. Both sides have assets on this site. They are trained to win you over by connecting to you emotionally. They tell you about themselves, get you to trust them, they work in groups and support each other. They reel you in on one topic, but then steer you away on another. Learn he dark side symbology. Many display clues on their avatars. They have to provide you with this symbology, this is a law of the game.

They want you in a state of fear.
You don’t need to go far to see it now, just look at COVID-19. It’s filled with psyops. This event was designed to put the human population into a lower vibration of fear. When you are in a state of fear, you are more susceptible to control. Lower vibration of fear also feeds regressive beings. Beings that have evolved to a state where all they have to sustain themselves is consciousness energy from us, but it has to resonate at their frequency to be consumable to them. Having infiltrated the media they can push that psyop of fear through a method called psychic driving, which is essentially repeating the same talking point over and over again on every channel until you believe it as reality. This is a highly advanced complex system of mind control. If you stay at a higher positive vibration consciousness like love, they cannot feed. God is love consciousness, and one theory is that we are extensions of God consciousness.

The game:
One theory is that we are all players inside a game. We have downloaded our consciousness into human vehicles similar to the movie avatar, but much much more complex. My limited understanding is that the world we perceive is reality, is the 3rd density, where duality is allowed, there is always polar opposite, good and evil being one example. There are dark (bad) players in the game just as there are light (good) players. One theory is that we come here to learn. Our consciousness downloads into a body knowing full well what the lesson to be learned will be. Our higher self can potentially live multiple lifetimes simultaneously, in different bodies. So why is duality allowed? —my best guess is that in order for us to learn the lessons we need to learn, there must be a polar opposition as a catalyst. Another rule in the game is free will, and therefore we get to choose to go different directions with every event we face. They are breaking the rules if they take our free will away from us. It’s extraordinarily complex, much more so than I can describe. Most of the big players in our reality are well aware of the game. For most there is a veil of forgetfulness that comes over us as we download into the game, but I believe some are able to bypass this. One theory is this “matrix” is a training ground for consciousness, with humanity an extraordinaryly powerful creator race with direct link to the creator itself, and that great power would need training and development —a learned responsibility, before entering into the outer reality. What can a higher consciousness creator being do? How about create an entire universe. I do not have all the answers on this topic. No one does, and the possibilities are endless.

Who are “they”?
This is an incredibly complex question. Who /what are the dark players and who /what makes up the light players. There are many levels of consciousness on this planet, playing as many different kinds of beings. Yes there are extraterrestrials on this planet. The government’s and the big players of the world know all about them. I know I will lose a portion of you when I tell you there are reptilian beings on this planet and a good portion of them are playing for the dark side, fighting for control of this planet. There are many races influencing both sides. As creator beings we can create entities like demons etc...humans playing for the dark side are being used to manifest these dark deities. Humans on the light side have been trained to unite with positive higher consciousness beings like Yeshua, and may others. I’m sure Lucifer is involved on the dark side. Have any of you read the hidden hand thread from years back? I believe some (not allj of what was said in that thread is plausible. The Bible does a good job of telling us some information about who “they” are, but unfortunately I believe many of the key parts were removed and modified to mislead. Beings we call Lucifer and others could actually be the “god like” beings who came to this planet thousands of years ago, the Annunaki as the Sumerians called them. Highly advances gods. They could have integrated themselves into our religions and scriptures and trained us to worship them. (Example Lucifer could be the Annunaki god Enki or Enlil). Again multiple threads could be drawn up to cover this one topic. Where do advanced artificial intelligence fit in? What about Archons, and many other beings?
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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 11:06 PM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

It’s is likely the gods (not God) created religion. This planet has seen many different beings in conflict with each other and some have controlled the planet for long durations of our time. I believe the ones who have created most of our religions were the Annunaki (reptilians beings). They were the gods from heaven to earth came (Annunaki Sumerian translation). Much of what Zacharia Sitchin wrote in the Book of Enki is spot on IMO. I know he was smeared, and “fact checked”, but the controllers in this age have a very tight grip over information and there are very sophisticated ways in which they can discredit anyone they want. The religions were created to divide us and to direct our energy through prayer and worship to them, not the true God. Dividing us and coercing us to fight each other, allow them behind the curtain,to remain in power over us. This couldn’t be more clear today. They divide us by race, gender, age, class, and now “vaccination”..(and many more) they use sophisticated psyops in today’s society to ensure we are always at opposition. Divided we are weak.

Last topic I will cover is what we as humanity working for the positive outcome can do:
First - Get in the game. Consciousness is awareness, so go on your own journey to figure out who you are, why you’re here incarnated on this planet (what is your purpose for coming here), and learn about who we as humanity are here with. If you’re participating and reading this site and are not a paid disinformation agent, you’re likely on your path to figure out the truth. The biggest lesson that I have learned is that as creator beings, your thoughts, beliefs, and words have incredible power. If you look at us as conscious energy souls who are operating a human body, and can use that body as a tool to integrate with the intelligence all around us (God), then you are freeing yourself from the control grip. Much of your creation occurs at the subconscious level, so there is a time delay with what you create. My understanding is the creation needs to fit with your life path and the lessons you came here to learn. Connect with nature. Nature is healing, grounding, and intelligent beyond our comprehension. Whales in particular are incredible beings. The sun as well is very healing and if you could believe it has its own consciousness and can even give you information. The EMFs from all the technology interfere with our natural biological fields. These fields are critical for our health and protection. Would you believe these electronics were designed to be harmful to us? They broke no laws of the game because each of us had to choose to get one and carry it around with you.
First do no harm. If someone harms you, I believe there are caveats to this law. Love everything. That’s a tough one I know, but love consciousness is God, and we connect to God through love. Ask for help. We all have guides who can and will communicate with you, however you have to first believe they exist. Remember your beliefs and thoughts make those connections possible. And lastly, pray. Pray with emotion. Pray for the outcomes and the world you wish to see. Imagine that world. Pray for goodness to prevail. Pray for yourself “I will always be in the right place at the right time, and things will always workout more than fine”. This has helped me tremendously.

We are heading for some very tumultuous times and you will need to do your best to stay out of lower vibrations, such as fear, anxiety, anger, depression, etc...when you figure out you are an immortal being, it will help you overcome fears you carried with you your entire life. When you are in the lower vibration states, you become vulnerable to entity attachment, which can harm you and is an entirely different thread in itself.

I hope this helps, and again I do not have all the answers, and the above is strictly my own opinion on the big picture, which I feel is not well understood at this time.

I love you all
And I pray for goodness to prevail.
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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 12:07 AM
I am thinking that the majority of people here are computer generated consciousnesses in this world, unable to stray out of the program and see all that is going on. This reality seems to be a test of our worthiness. Sure it is real to us, but overall none of it is actually real. Money has no real value, just what people allow it to have, I have seen pictures of priceless paintings that I would not give a penny for. We are conditioned to believe in things that are not really true. Like in the book of Job in the bible, his reality was crushed for a while till he learned to believe in what he was supposed to believe in.

If I wanted to sell my soul, I could have been wealthy...but that is not what I was taught was good. To get into the real reality you have to past the test which most people are not accomplishing.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

I'll give ya' a S&F...for using paragraphs and decent grammar.

No idea what you said, but I did see some cool words in there in a couple places.

I had an old Wiseman once tell me words which have served me well in life. He said...

"Trust no one, and...GET OFF MY LAWN!"

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 01:26 AM
Maybe it all just some giant, quantum puzzle of actions and energy exchanges across incredibly vast distances, where the whole idea of time becomes a giant mess with no reference point, to find some sort of equilibrium. And the entities we could be seeing might as well be us, problem is would it be past or future tense when we do, cause our fragile mortal shells couldn't process it every single micro action.
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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 01:50 AM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

What is life?...Why am I here? who am I? Did I deserve this? What do you want from me my life?

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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 02:28 AM
Annunaki means "Intelligence". It is poorly translated

"Those who from the heavens came to Earth" is "Heavens grace", it refers to intelligence

Enki == Conscious
Enki Ea == Conscious Thought
Enlil == Consciousness

Annunaki is the exact same as the words "Angel" or "Ankh". They all mean intelligence

Arch Angel is "Conscious Intelligence"

Arch and Enki are the same word

Archon is the same as Enlil, it means "Consciousness"

You are looking at things from the exact same perspective of fear, that you talked about

Who "they" are is unknowable and inconsequential

As long as you care who "they" are, you'll be caught in a trap chasing your own tail. Literally

They likely don't even exist. Even if they do exist. Understand?

You precipitate your own eventuality, as much as it precipitates you

The trick is not to care

What is, will be, because it already is so

If it is not, it cannot

You have religion backwards. They are children. Self confessed sheep, who need guidance

They are not the positive polarity. They are the negative. They ASPIRE to be positive

Those who are, need not try be. They just are

Also, there is no war for consciousness. That implies a system in decay

The system is cyclical

What you think of as a battle, is the influences of what is and has always been, influencing what will become again

You don't look at other boats being pushed by the same current down a river to see who's in control. You are all in the same stream, going to the same place

Their wake or boat might hit your own, but they are subject to the same influence you are

The beings you referred to aren't present in this realm. Most aren't even effigian beings. Many only exist in pre-effigian sync

I can tell you exactly what "grey aliens" are, but it's pointless to do so

First you'd need to understand concepts that are difficult, to impossible to understand. If you'd even believe them when they are explained to you

And even if you could and do understand, what I know can't ever be said to be for certainty correct anyway

So it's pointless explaining

But that's the idea

The question itself, is the answer

Anyone who claims to know for certain otherwise, is either a fool, or a liar

The lyrics for one of my songs sums it up perfectly:

Gotta be a reason why I never felt like I belong in this world
In the dark of morning I go searching for what I have lost
And lose myself again
And lose myself again

We can't pretend that there's a way that works with certainty
No answers
We just keep in trying to win
And searching for that something which makes it all worthwhile
Or we lose our minds

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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 02:37 AM
a reply to: Compendium


That's some DEEP stuff right there!!

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: Compendium

That is not the correct translation of those words and you know it. Therefore, the rest of your post is non-sequitur.

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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 10:11 AM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

And just to add, as it appears my allotted time to edit has expired. Topics I could have covered and are definitely related to the “Big Picture” are:

Time travel and temporal wars (yes time travel is possible). There are groups on both sides jumping and changing the timelines

What are ghosts, apparitions, shadow beings, orbs, and other empirical paranormal phenomenon. My understanding is that all of these are actual forms of consciousness. Some from other dimensions of reality that appear to us as a light floating orb in this densit, or dimension. Because we are immortal beings, yes loved ones who have passed on are here with us. There are laws everything needs to follow in the game, and one of the, is non intervention.

TV programs. Many sci-if shows will actually tell you bits of truth. Why? Because that is the dark side way of not breaking the free will law. They tell you what they do to, but in a way that we have chosen not to believe. This is a way they use deception to trick you into choosing again.

Antarctica. There are underground/ under ice ancient caverns in Antarctica as well as many other parts of the world. Highly advanced beings built these caverns. All the worlds governments are aware of what is down there. Read about operation High Jump.

Astrology. Because reality is all based on energy as Nikola Tesla correctly stated, the stars and planets are also great energy/consciousness. The theory of quantum entanglement proves that great distances are not a constraint, and therefore these giant energy masses have an effect on our world bot individually and collectively.

Great evils such as child trafficking. This is an incredibly dark practice on this planet. The dark side preys on human children and uses them for dark rituals. Children are often consumed in these rituals. As stated in original post, these dark beings feed off of the lower vibration energy. There are now very powerful efforts from good beings to stop child trafficking. Remember they control the media, so this is often covered up and smeared. If the media were controlled by white hats, there would be non stop coverage of this dark practice to allow human consciousness to manifest something correct it. Again there are significant efforts underway to take down the controlled media machine, but it’s a lengthy process. The consciousness of humanity is often in the way of these changes.

Ancient ruins and ancient cultures. There is an incredible amount of evidence supporting the theory that various advanced beings inhabited this planet over millions of years. The dark side, worked to eradicate much of it, but there is still so much evidence, even with today’s science, it is simply undeniable.

Whistleblower. There are thousands of whistleblowers, who have risked everything to tell you what is going on this planet. Some play for the dark team, some the white, and some are neutral. Bill Cooper, William Tompkins, Phil Schneider, Bob Deane, David Icke, Ashayana Deane, various people channeling different beings, econtroversial people like David Icke, and many many more, all need to be heard allowing each of us to form our own opinion. We are moving quickly towards a tumultuous time period, where the controllers have convinced part of human consciousness that it is ok to censor viewpoints and ideas with the agenda that is driven into humanity through TVs and smartphones.

Epigenetics. It is my understanding that DNA is immensely more complex than MSM science has led on. Our genetics link up to our soul and the physical features we present on our body actual ties directly into our soul energy. Memories of passed lives and an incredible amount of information can be stored in our DNA. Some even say we as humanity are a genetic library for many different races throughout the cosmos. That is a valuable commodity and why many different wars may have occurred on this planet. Some say the Annunaki created us by adding their dna and combining it with existing fauna on the planet. I believe many different beings and consciousnesses have had a hand in our evolution. It’s confusing how our soul and the modification of our genetics tie together. This is an area I am currently researching, and if anyone has an incite would be greatly appreciated.

Again every single one of the above topics can be books in itself, and there are many more topics such as entity possession and even phenomenon such as synchronicities that I have not gone into detail about are important. Everything is linked together and forms the big picture puzzle we call life. Building the big picture macro point of view, will help us all collectively put the pieces together. The dark side does not want us to learn the big picture. The light side, wants us to learn but at our own pace in order to no shock the consciousness. Greater awareness is equal to greater consciousness, and many who have incarnated on thugs planet actual came here to figure this all out. You know who you are.

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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: SeventhChapter
You jumped the shark.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 06:05 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
I am thinking that the majority of people here are computer generated consciousnesses in this world, unable to stray out of the program and see all that is going on. This reality seems to be a test of our worthiness. Sure it is real to us, but overall none of it is actually real. Money has no real value, just what people allow it to have, I have seen pictures of priceless paintings that I would not give a penny for. We are conditioned to believe in things that are not really true. Like in the book of Job in the bible, his reality was crushed for a while till he learned to believe in what he was supposed to believe in.

If I wanted to sell my soul, I could have been wealthy...but that is not what I was taught was good. To get into the real reality you have to past the test which most people are not accomplishing.

Agreed on all points. In many ways this life is a test, but we get to incarnate over and over again until we figure it out. Many are too deep into the control matrix, and will fight vehemently to defend the control matrix if you attempt to pull them out. They have to choose to get out themselves. They have to learn to question the world around them. Unless there is an incredibly shocking event some will not choose to leave, they feel they are safe inside the control system. However I do believe we will get that shocking event soon. Things are being allowed to get as bad as they are now for a reason.

Advanced quantum AI beyond human comprehension discussed by a few whistleblowers who have claimed to have worked in black projects. David Adair I believe is one. The concept of a quantum computer which has the ability to time travel and look into he future, is what project looking glass is.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: Compendium

Where are you getting this information from?
You made some good points.
This is the conundrum, where you must learn to control your thoughts and beliefs, as just thinking about these things can bring them into existence. However how would you fit the following concepts into your philosophy:

We are co-creating our own reality. Although we have the ability to create our own reality it has to fit with the reality that others at the same consciousness level are also creating.

The opposite: there is no objective reality, which is an interesting concept.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 06:30 PM
To the OP where you are trying to go will lead you nowhere. Okay it's led you to ATS but that's hardly a recommendation. There is really little to figure out for we are all children of the sun and the sun exists in a perpetual state of ecstasy forever washing Earth with rays of unfettered love. Whenever we reject the love the vacuum that creates is replaced with anger, hatred, bitterness, indifference OR guilt, sadness, regret, despondency. Whenever you are experiencing any of these and other negative feeling it's because love has shrunk away from you in reaction to an unwise action on your part.
Love is the very essence of life as essential as the oxygen we breathe. It is what makes your life relevant. Tragic are those who have become so lost to love they look everywhere for meaning and never find it. Don't become one my friend, it's hell.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 06:39 PM
They might be the descendants of the ancient Nibiru/Annunaki bloodlines that control most of this planet's mega corporations and governments today.

a reply to: SeventhChapter

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: Anadandan

That’s an interesting point of view.
I just read an interesting book called “Your Immortal Light Body” by Mitchell Earl Gibson MD, and in this book, Dr Mitchell discusses meditating and meeting his higher self, Thoth. Thoth takes him out into the cosmos to show Dr Mitchell who he really is. He shows him the sun (actually takes him inside the sun) and he sees himself in the fetal position unconscious, along with many other beings as well. Thoth replies,

“I will explain what you are seeing from a technical standpoint. What your scientists now call quantum physics is more to this point. Something appears to emerge from virtually nothing, that they call the vacuum potential, or quantum foam, but this is reality, as you know it. Subatomic particles wink in and out of existence on a continuous basis from an underlying field of cosmic consciousness that is now known as the Zero Point Field. This field of infinite possibilities contains the original blueprints of creation. The Sun is a lease for the zero point field, in other words, a quantum foam generator of life force solar energy that constructs immortal light bodies out of mortal nature.” Page 78.

And then later says

your physical body is in the early stages of spiritual light body evolution. And as you continue your studies and meditations, your light body will awaken, mature, and replace your physical form of dense matter with light matter. During his replacement cycle, it will activate the dormant DNA gene structures within your cells and transform you into a being like myself. The development of your diamond self is the goal of the creator. Sunlight is in fact a complex carrier wave that encodes a number of energy factors that ultimately guide the growth and development of all forms of life on your world. For this reason cultures worshipped the Sun as God”

And the next paragraph actually relates to an earlier post question:

Will all humans become light bodies? No, there are a variety of levels of evolution that are possible for human souls to obtain. Some souls remain at the lowest level of attainment during the entire course of their existence. This is usually a choice that the soul makes during its lifetime. These souls generally serve the creator in a functionally robotic capacity. They typically choose lifetimes in which their choices are made for them and they like it that way. These souls do not wish to obtain radiant status and do not work toward that end. As such, they do not represent a form represented in this Star. There are souls who believe in an eternal heaven or hell state that occurs after death of the body. These souls choose to reside in these realms until the energies used to create them are exhausted. Their essences will then be recycled having never born any physical fruit. As the human soul evolves in its awareness and knowledge of its potential it begins to create the light body form. The dormant DNA codes are key to understanding this fact. Page 79

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posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

As many here have already figured out, humanity has been lied to,

Why did this even need to be figured out? We've been told straight out
from the beginning. If anyone understands truth they know there is
only one. All humans live on this Earth until they die as an example.
There will also be only one truth for all after we die as well.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 11:22 PM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

Hi SeventhChapter

Enjoyed reading your synopsis. I didn't see anything concerning their Space
exploration/UFO psyop which is very much a part of their objective for
inducing mind control.

You stated "They want you in a state of fear". I see it as they want us in a
state of imbalance. Imbalance from the past cold war and the war on drugs,
the gender war, the war on terror, bad food, bad water, bad education,
bad entertainment, mass shootings, and constant negative news media
reporting. Everywhere you turn, just one long drum beat of negative
we-are-at-war type scenarios to keep the masses imbalanced.

I very much agree on your assessment that we are "extensions of God

Tptb understand everyone is an extension of God consciousness.
Therefore everyone is born with dormant spiritual power/gifts. They
will do everything in their power to thwart the majority from
assessing and accessing any form of spiritual power/gift.

Thus far in my understanding I believe Covid is just another one
of many poisons used to hinder mankind's ascension.

Their greatest enemy is not any form of government, but those that learn
to identify with their Creator to such an extent that they access spiritual
power/gifts. Unfortunately they've manipulated Religion into believing
you have to be a part of a specific sect to harness any form of spiritual

If not religious manipulation, many are indoctrinated to accept
the evolutionary theory we're all just an evolved monkey.

If the majority understood the genuine power of prayer through
extension of God consciousness we could end the oppressive measures
against humanity.

Appreciate your writing.

posted on Aug, 8 2021 @ 12:09 AM
a reply to: SeventhChapter

Umm, err, ummm.

The words escape me. I don't know how you did it, but reading your words was like I was looking in a mirror. Except for a very few points you brought up. Too numerous to repeat.

Except the time travel. I doubt it can be achieved on this plane. Teleportation yes. But the next plane above us, probably so. Your free to change my mind.

Yes, there is direct evidence of ancient intervention. Im uncovering some of it now.

The "Aliens" do seem to be reptilian in nature. One group live in the crust. The other are aquatic. I have personal testimony given to me to first hand witnesses.

The "gods" have been visiting this planet for at least 70 million years and are responsible for our massive oceans. They Terraformed the planet for their use. We cant see the evidence because it is outside of the scientific paradigm, way outside.

For the "detractors", I have suspected as much years ago. I wear the "armor". Besides, after so many years of practice, I expect the attacks lol lol

posted on Aug, 8 2021 @ 12:20 AM

originally posted by: IvanSanderson
They might be the descendants of the ancient Nibiru/Annunaki bloodlines that control most of this planet's mega corporations and governments today.

a reply to: SeventhChapter

Nibiru is the wrong translation. "They" actually came from Tiamat, you know, the planet that was. Because they destroyed their home planet they decided to move in on us. Enki makes for a horrible liar. He put a lot of disinformation in his book

If they originally came from Sirus B billions of years go, it really doesn't matter. What does matter is they are here trying to get us to destroy ourselves so they can take over, completely.

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