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Still just a rat in a cage

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posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 01:52 AM
The US Federal debt to gdp ratio is 128.08%

In the year 2000, it was 57. 47%

The federal reserve bank now owns you 128% over.

US Debt Clock

The money system was always set up to crush the host country under the weight of its debt.

But they won't come for your stuff while it still has value.

They will first devalue everything and then buy it up for peanuts.

Then they will make you beg them to restore society as recreated in their vision of the future. Their future, not yours.

You will own nothing.

You will have no privacy.

You will be happy.

If the whole world becomes a police state where everything is monitored and recorded, policed and controlled it means one thing only:

They will finally own everything and you will be under surveillance 24/7 for the rest of your life.

We will be the slave species unto self-proclaimed gods.

Sound familiar?

It only takes one generation to pass away all knowledge so that it becomes spoken legend.

Another generation and it becomes myth.

In 200 years from now, the majority will be primitives ruled by the elite who will appear to be godlike unto the masses.

We will all finally get to experience amazing technologies that seem like magic, just like in the Old Testament.

Entire cities wiped out because of an angry, jealous god.

They will disappear like the Atlanteans.

You will build monuments for them in the places they allow you to dwell.

They will visit to bestow favor or rain down horrible death.

Sounds crazy, right?

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posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 02:10 AM
Unfortunately by what we see and read it is a very distinct possibility there are forces working towards all those goals.

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 02:24 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

I'm convinced that's what they want (to be gods). But I'm also convinced
of what they'll get.
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posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 03:09 AM
going to be hard to turn americans against americans, haven't you seen the riots and looting , no one with a right mind without the NG backing up the police force would enter no mans land of dog eat dog

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 06:36 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

They will collapse the current global financial system & food supply, both happening as we speak, along with new variants of COVID, or a new pandemic altogether as a coup de grace to usher in this global technocratic oligarchy

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 06:45 AM

originally posted by: FamCore
a reply to: 19Bones79

They will collapse the current global financial system & food supply, both happening as we speak, along with new variants of COVID, or a new pandemic altogether as a coup de grace to usher in this global technocratic oligarchy

its the food supply that will collapse the large cities over night

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 06:56 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

Everyday I have to make choices.

Usually I lean towards those things that will make my life easier, more pleasant, productive, and sustainable.

Sometimes I forgo doing for self, to benefit others, but helping others, gives me pleasure, so I guess I am receiving a benefit.

Sometimes, I pray that it is rare occasion, I have to make the hard choice, that goes against all of that, but going with what is painful now, reduces the hell that is sure to follow.

We don't want to make the hard choices. Nobody does. But refusal to make the hard choices, guarantees that we will one day have no choices.

Choosing to be the rat in the cage, may be the last choice we make.

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 07:02 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

You had me at Smashing Pumpkins.

The singularity which is inevitably in the post might be a great equaliser all the same.

Its will go one way or the other 19Bones79.

Somehow i imagine people 100 years down the line will have there own brand new set of problems and conundrums to contend with that we cannot as of yet even imagine, as fact is generally stranger than fiction.

The world spins mate and change is inevitable.
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posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 07:06 AM
Ah, prophetic words from my childhood rock idol.

Billy is also super articulate and among the most cerebral and intellectually deep musicians I've ever listened to speak.

OTOH, he can be incredibly difficult to get along with, and has a pretty laconic tongue and cynical personality. The SP have broken up and re-formed a handful of times already.

So net-net, a very complex person and for my money, the most dynamic rock musician of the 1990s.

My understanding is that Billy also breaks from traditional BigEntertainment cannon when it comes to politics, has equal distaste for both mainstream political parties, and a subscriber to a few CTs. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's lurking or participating here.

If you listen to the lyrics of the song in the OP, my impression is that it relates more to the pressures and expectations of the celebrity rock persona, but I'll grant it does translate well to our current socio-political predicimate.

Anyhow, since we're analogizing modern society (and our dystopian future) with rock songs, I'd lock to suggest another potential scenario through lyric and song, complements of another of my favorite rock groups:

Some say a comet will fall from the sky
Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves
Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still
Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip#s
And some say the end is near
Some say we'll see Armageddon soon
I certainly hope we will
I sure could use a vacation from this
Stupid #, silly #, stupid #

This is viewing the notion of The Great Reset through the lens of catastrophic black swan event. Despite all of the technological wizardry of tPTB, they are not omnipotent or omniscient. A big space rock hitting in the wrong spot, amping up Sol's radiation output a few clicks (think Carrington Event), or a few strategically placed EMPs, and we'll all be back to a simple barter economy focused around local agriculture/hunting and the three B's (bullets, bullion and bourbon).

If my choice is between that and a policy of "you'll get nothing and like it" enforced by technocratic overlords, I'll take the former.

As Maynard crooned...

'Cause I'm praying for rain
I'm praying for tidal waves
I wanna see the ground give way
I wanna watch it all go down

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 08:05 AM
a reply to: SleeperHasAwakened

At 0:16 Billy sings: "secret destroyers hold you up to the flame" while making what I can only surmise is Owl Eyes.

Billy knows what's up.

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 08:51 AM
Is anyone else hodling in preparation for this?

I'm surprised it's not a more common topic here.

posted on Jun, 22 2021 @ 09:18 AM
Reset, they will wipe all debt, mortgages, car loans, bank loans, etc. However, all of that becomes property of the US government. Assets that are liquid also become government property, but you allowed to use it maybe, most likely is confiscated,cannot sell it. Your house that was paid off by the gov becomes your prison. Your vehicles taken and you are given what they want you to have.

You will own nothing, including any debt, and you will be forced to be happy.

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