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Bigfoot posture

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posted on Mar, 6 2021 @ 12:12 PM

originally posted by: galadofwarthethird

What are you even arguing? Freaking drones cant even keep up with a pigeon, not unless its stationary and squatting and #ing.

These drones are not quad copters. They are wing aircraft with a push propeller. They fly about 35 to 55 MPH. They sit in a orbit above your head for 15

I think, while you believe all that. Lets just say they couldn't even find Osama using drones. And there was basically sand, some caves some camels here and there, maybe a rat, and you can spot anybody by eye from a mile away, as there is nothing and not even hills in the way, on a whole dam country.

Have you ever been to Afghanistan, or just ya right...We can't see Osama in a cave, or a compound, and we were never given the mission to. I'm not sure your point here as in you are trying to suggest if we can't find Osama in a sea of people or hidden for years then we can't find BF lumbering along in a forest. Those two things are not even remotely related in relationship to searching.. BTW is there only 1 BF like there was with Osama.

There is a difference between, technicalities. And real life. Logistically you will need to send out a few thousand of these drones, at all times at all altitudes low and even in ground level. Just to cover what amounts to basically a park.

You really do not know pulling things out your butt again. Its flying a 50 MPH so do the math, and you missed the other factor time...Spend a year, or 10 years looking...once again we are talking the discovery of the century here. Have teams go out and when they "hear" satch send a drone to that area and hunt, rinse and repeat 1000 times.

What's your point? I don't want to see a bunch of people walking on a street. I can see that without a 250x zoom from 5,000 miles up. It makes no sense. And well, would be pretty hard to zoom through a tree even with a infrared camera to see what's on the other side of it. I want to see if there is any bigfoots in the dam woods out there.

That just shows the detail it can be instead of a blob, get with the Are you just Fing with me now, I think you are. You zoom to the heat source and it doesn't matter if there are trees, smoke in the way. You can follow a heat source 24/7 if you want with two drones. As I said you can tell what something is by the heat signature and movement etc very easily. Maybe a bear is close but you would still see a different, but there is nothing else that would be even close to a BF in IR.

So basically, all those features. While cool maybe on low lands or grasslands and deserts. Are not very useful outside of those terrains. ie, the kind of terrains drones can really cover. Wide open land areas like cities, and towns. All the dam places bigfoots dont hang around or travel through.
Its a cool theory dude. One which may work extremely well. On paper. In real actual scenarios or zones? Not so much.

I'm sure you are the expert here...

IR looks for heat...If BF was in a forest you would still see its heat signature through the trees. Everyone talks about eyewitnesses as proof of BF, but for some reason a drone with 1000x more capable than a person it would be impossible.

So follow me one second.

If the drones can see heat signatures through trees, and can fly 50 miles an hour at 5000 feet scanning for 12 hours and you swap it out to have 24/7 search, AND you have teams on the ground helping to locate areas BF would be in and you do this for lets say 6 months would that even help in your head?

You seem to want to believe BF is out there and are working hard to keep that fantasy alive in your head. Have fun with that. See you in another decade and we can talk again on how BF is still

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posted on Mar, 7 2021 @ 02:09 AM
a reply to: Xtrozero

Dude take one of your drones. Now try to follow a hawk with it for a few days, or forget that for a few hours? See how that goes?

Like I said. While its cool and all. Its not that dam hard to avoid a drone if you wanted to. And no they have poor and #ty uses in deep forests. There is a difference between the capabilities you all write down on paper. Freaking mud stops most infra red or makes it kind of blurry. And a freaking rainy day will pretty much make drones not all that usefull.

And what are you going to do, whats the range of these drones. What are you going to do, drive everywere across the US taking days long hikes and fly your drone around? No, your not. And no most people wont. Even if they did. Well, chances are they will need to leave and you know fuel up the human that is, not the drone.

And the actual use in effect in reality.

I am sorry. But a drone that can stay up for hours. Is nice and all. But not that different then the ones you get at best buy with batteries. And no, there not that hard to avoid outside of desert areas and cities, it is much more easier to spot and avoid one.

As for bigfoot? Well who knows. But lets just say. Most people are not as bright or preceptive as they think they are and technology may not be as big a help in some thing as people think they are. Lets just say, were more a civilization of a very sophisticated race of button pushers, instead of this overwhelming perceptive ingenuous individuals.

And no, like I said. Bigfoot is not a mystery. If with all that you all still have not found bigfoot proof. Then its A because nobody is actually seriously looking. Or B. You all already live in a fish bowl and are on a very short list of need to know.

Ohh. Like total mysterious. Or maybe. You all are some genius and the most brilliant things ever, and all that exists not only in this world or planet, but the entire universe.

Im not saying drones will not work out at all. All I am saying is...Go ahead. Fly your drone out for days since they can fly for days without fuel and recharging. See what you find. Just try it? why isnt anybody even trying it? # make a show of it and put it on youtube for sponsor money. Why wait if you have these drones?

But in reality. # your probably not even free to do that, expenses are merely saying its an impossibly thing to achieve, maybe wait on the government to give out a few millions for bigfoot search.

..So much for that eh? This civilization can barely muster up the cash and effort to really and truly map its forests much less all the other thing you seem to think having a remote control drone can do because they got some nifty cameras on them.

Like i said. Not really interested of seeing a bunch of people standing around on a drone video feed. I can see those without spending any money on any drone. In fact i can see those without spending any money at all. All I have to do is step outside and head into town.

Why is it that if I want to see some people all it would cost is a few bucks in gas. But if I want to see a bear in the wild it wold take me a few hours drive, and then a few hours hike at the least. And then some tracking skils and at least a few days food to bring along and not to mention all the necessities of a camp per night?

it must be because bears almost don't exist right?

What about that do you not understand? what you purpose is merely not as efficient as you seem to believe it is. And if you believe it is. Then go ahead. Go use your drone, and go drive to the nearest state park. And try to count how many bears you find with it in a whole day?

If the drones can see heat signatures through trees, and can fly 50 miles an hour at 5000 feet scanning for 12 hours and you swap it out to have 24/7 search, AND you have teams on the ground helping to locate areas BF would be in and you do this for lets say 6 months would that even help in your head?

yes. That will help and go greatly to solving not only this pesky bigfoot measure. But also the question of why hundreds to to thousand go missing in national parks every dam year. I mean the majority could just be they ran out of Cheetos and starved to death. But that cant be all the death and disappearances. That is exactly what I am saying you all dont really know what the funk is out there. You just believe you do, because you seen it on a screen near you or drove by on a highway near you.

Which realistically does not count for much.

You like a car salesman who wants to sell a ferari, but the guy that is looking to buy a car plans to drive through the desert with it and a few mountain ranges.

If you see a blob on the floor and grasslands and you have to speculate what it is? Kind of does not help much now does it? Just like crapy 80s vids and cellphone captures does not help much. Now making everything a red blob on infra red and ultraviolet light ranges.

Is still a blurry image which can be who know? Maybe a bear? Maybe a guy taking a squat. Could be a squirl from closer range at 40x magnification. Who knows. And if it is a clear image. Well obviously its fake or a guy in a costume. So what in all that does having an image of a night vision or infra red outline do?

Nothing to jack squat. Your just trading one blurry out of focus and in low light cellphone or camera image for another murky and not definable out of focus screen shot of a video in infra red. Its the same #. So ya. I would much prefer what I quoted you above. There is very little validation in anything else.

posted on Mar, 12 2021 @ 04:30 PM

originally posted by: beyondknowledge
a reply to: putnam6
You do relise the middle one is of a man in a costume. The maker told all about it after the buyer/film maker had passed away. If you look carefully, he is nothing like the other two apes in ether build or posture.

While I do believe in Bigfoot, that still is from a known fake video.
If that's a suit,made in the late 60s,whoever made it would be worth millions in Hollywood.

The muscles moing and flexing under the skin(suit?) is very lifelike.

You want to know how to spot a suit,even today?

Look at the calf area.

The Patty footage is authentic,imho.

What is it? clue,but it's a real live creature.

posted on Mar, 13 2021 @ 02:59 PM
a reply to: Xtrozero

Supposed to be??


My family lives in the area, as well. Or a good portion of it. My Dad grew up there, and I spent many a summer knockin' about the woods, hills, and mountain.

My Dad's encounters, two of 'em, are here somewhere. I'll try to find 'em and link 'em. My Grand-father who was a county sheriff in Klickatat county throughout the 20's and 30's had his own encounters with the legendary critter.

I've had my own encounters with strange things in the area, though not to my knowledge Sasquatch, that came a bit further east in South-eastern Washington.

As for finding him with drones and camera's?? First you have to know where to look. There's a lot of territory out there to search, and what is probably a very small population. My own thoughts are that Skookum is going to be extinct within a few decades, mostly because of encroachment by a predator he's no match for.

posted on Mar, 13 2021 @ 03:22 PM

originally posted by: seagull

As for finding him with drones and camera's?? First you have to know where to look. There's a lot of territory out there to search, and what is probably a very small population. My own thoughts are that Skookum is going to be extinct within a few decades, mostly because of encroachment by a predator he's no match for.

I love all the people giving me expert advice on drones... I'm sorry you and the other poster that has been debating me on them have so little clue to what real ones can do, not the $1000 HD ones, but it seems the human eye is better as in both you and them say well lots of people have seen them, but advance drones would be impossible.

My original point was IF they were remotely real people would have invested millions and years to find the "find of the century" You and others act like its no big deal these Kodiak size creatures can hide from civilization, even today.

As I said, as we hit the 1960s plus every decade greatly reduced the chances they are real, and here we are 2021 talking like its 1960...Doesn't that seem a little strange to you?

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posted on Mar, 14 2021 @ 08:14 AM
a reply to: putnam6

Someone should look for traces of neanderthal, denisovan, homo erectus, and homo sapiens etc. genes (hominin) in bili apes.

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