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New UFO Sightings and Reported Crash of Disc Shaped Object in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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posted on May, 14 2020 @ 08:37 PM
There has been numerous reported sights of multi-colored balls of light in the region of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Majé in May 13th, 2020

This seems to be a case of internet hysteria mixed with a lot of fake news and sensationalism, but it's interesting noneless.

The information is by Big News Outlets in Brazil

Source 2

Information by UOL:

A video that circulates on Brazil social networks such as Twitter shows an alleged Flying Saucer, which would have crash landed in the city of Magé, in Rio de Janeiro. The case became a meme and reached trending topics - but there are no official records from local authorities and the Air Force about any such incident.

In the images that have been circulating since dawn today on Twitter, of a video filmed within The island of The Governor, it is possible to see lights shining in the sky, with several people following them and reacting to what they saw.

Information by G1:

Reports of an unidentified Flying object (UFO) in Magé, Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, made the municipality famous throughout the country on Wednesday (13). The city denies any useful occurrence to the matter.

Since the previous night, the reports of UFOs has been one of the most talked about on social media. On Twitter, in the morning, Magé and Pau Grande were among the most talked terms on Brazilian twitter. Pau Grande is another district of Magé, where there was multiple reports of an UFO.

In one of the videos circulating on social networks, supposedly recorded in the district, it is possible to see a flash on the ground, which internet users say it's a result from an object that fell from space.

In another video, you can see blue object in the sky. In others, points of light move quickly in the sky.

Military Police said they had not received any calls related to the topic in the municipality of Magé.

The city issued a note stating that it is unaware of the information and that "we were not notified by military authorities on the matter".

Here are some of the videos "taken":

Red light this Sunday during Mother's Day on Governor's Island RJ, today we heard that in Majé a disc fell!

Hey @elonmusk another image supposedly taken in the same region in Magé (Rio de Janeiro) and there are reports that something fell over there in a lake ... But it doesn't seem to be a satellite... #Ovnis #ovnis2020 #ovni #Mage #ufo2020 #UFO #ufosighting #RiodeJaneiro

Video of UFO Crash landing in Majé, Rio de janeiro

Idk how to post twitter links on this website.

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posted on May, 14 2020 @ 09:08 PM
Watched the videos but I'm not seeing anything UFO related in them. Apparently, I need someone to circle the area I should be paying attention to in red.

posted on May, 14 2020 @ 09:25 PM
a reply to: Frocharocha

Although your thread has a vast amount more of information in the OP, this is already being discussed here
Rio crash

I wonder if anyone’s checked Flightradar24 yet

What’s more interesting is that people who are posting the videos of the sighting are claiming their videos are being 404rd.
His is getting interesting, what ever it is.
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