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Mother of Columbine Victim said HALF THE STUDENTS DIDN'T SHOW UP AT SCHOOL

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posted on Apr, 15 2020 @ 05:55 PM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

It's absolutely rogue - not endorsed by school administration. Many high schools have this tradition.
My friend gave her daughter permission to go goof off with her friends ...and was glad she did so. Her daughter is alive today.

posted on Apr, 21 2020 @ 03:19 AM

originally posted by: Thenail
a reply to: revolutionaryawareness
I live in Colorado . Further more my friends wife went to columbine during the shooting . It was a regular attendance day

originally posted by: SeaYote
a reply to: revolutionaryawareness

It was Senior Skip Day.
I lived in Colorado, south of Littleton. My friend had a senior at Columbine, she gave her daughter permission to skip -- it's a tradition.

Not that I would believe anything claimed by anyone online regarding a personal connection to Columbine, these are two completely different answers and don't prove anything.

Half the students coincidentally not showing up on the day of (at the time) the worst school shooting in American history, would be mentioned in the news. The media is often directly connected with huge events like this, so i'm not surprised it was never mentioned. If it was a "senior skip day" then over 1000 kids would have been vocal about it.

posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: revolutionaryawareness

Good grief --- It was both --- a regular attendance day ....and the informal, not endorsed by administration Senior Skip Day!!
Your comment about questioning my or anyone else's input is insulting.

posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: SeaYote

ok 2 simple questions :

1 - " senior skip day " - presumably only applies to one year - yes ? teh 18 yeolds who are leaving at end of year ???

" high scholl " [ US ] is 4 years - so " seniors " are only 25% of the school population

this does not account for a 50% absence - as claimed

2 - as noted by others - how many survivors cited " senior skip day " as the obvious reason for thier survival ?


plus my initial response to this :

show it in the attenence reccords
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posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 02:27 PM
From the outside;
noone had to get the memo to skip a certain day. If something was orchestrated (by rotten apples) to be executed on a given day, maybe (Take the day off- window) the clearest window to achieve mk projects bs. We're not Japan with a fleet of kamikaze pilots. Or are we?

Maybe with cv keeping us safe-in doors -away from gun tragedies that normally occur during months of election season?

...returning to normal orbit
edge of chair bewilderment.

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