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God vs Capitalism: Wasnt this all free?

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 04:47 PM
Envision for a moment the current system we have in place combined with Gods arrival back here. Gods thinking one thing, were think the status quo...

Concept God: End days will be silent. Earth and life will come into unity with man back to the days of eden. Age will stop, time will stop. Love will Rule.
Mans going to figure it out that he should have never made money. Share.

Concept Man: End days, people dissapear, fire from the sky, whatever. Burn those sinning bastards. Eternal dammnation. Good Guys go to heaven. But I dont know when its going to happen or even if its happeing now...

With these two thoughts in mind, is money still king? Or would God be.
Did it ever occur to you that the decision for salvation might be right under our noses? Choose the way of self, and your here. Choose the way of selflessness, and sharing in what was, and your are saved....silently.

Since we have no real concept of God coming to walk on land, or us leaving; At what point do we make the decision to abandon money and start sharing and doing what was the original concept?

At what point do we start acting worldly, and stop acting individually?

Does it take the returning of God to get man to shape up?

When God comes, are you going to go back to work? Even if he was walking around the world as a man now...would you know him? I can assure you that we arent the people he envisioned in terms of our actions.

You think God would continue to allow Corporations and people working for shelter and food? Answer: Hell no.

You think God would allow child labo

r, slavery, selling of people, oppression in the name of profit or anything that puts man at a comprimise? Answer: hell no.

Do you think God would allow national borders to stay in place.? No.

Do you think that God would want us working all day long and not spending time living with our familys? No.

Brothers and Sisters; I have to ask: Is it us, or is it God, that is going to change the ways of the world? Does God have to show up for us to eliminate hoarding of what was origininally provided for free>? The world currently runs on money. The one thing that we have to eliminate in order to reduce crime, and an imbalances in the world. But we need to act as a whole, and not as a few countrys. Or the plan will never work. Greed will kill it every time.

Some steps to ponder: Eliminations of weapons world wide.
All war machines, nuclear weapons, bombs and otherwise. The reslut would be no more war. No more armys. No more any of it. Peace to that.

World summit: Get together talking about how much land we have versus how many people we have. Taking some of the worlds resources and giving instant aid to countrys that are now currently in ruins and starvation. The world takes care of the world. Not every country for itself. Havent we learned anything from sports? Were all athletes together.

Technology for a greater Good: Better cars,fewer makes, Less land use for manufacturing and distribution, retail would be a thing of the past. Just go get what you need. And, get the best that can be built. Free. We would have less urban sprawl, and less area taken up by massive shopping centers.

Energy effiecient homes for everyone, as well as cars. It might mean less for the haves, but more for the have nots which is the majority of the world.

Everyone should to contribute to society, but not 8 hours a day. Work a few days a week. Strike a balance between family and soceity. Ever take so much time off that you needed something to do. People will find their area to contribute. Switch jobs. Expeieence diversity.

Health Care is free. On the job training. How many health care techs who arent doctors know that they can treat many of the issues that walk through the door? There will always be people who will want to be brain surgeons.

Less manufacturers results in less pollution. There are no fines. We merely find a better way to make products based on what we know as a people and not what we can afford in terms of pollution controls.

More teachers and smaller classes. Kids can see there parents more becasue they arent working all the time. Think of all the possibilitys.

No more visas, or issues regarding borders. Terrorism for what? We will have a world police to enforce peoples who decide that they want to start their own dean and not be a part of the world plan.

No money? What about speeing tickets? Hmmm. No burglardy. No Robbery. No shoplifting. Property crime would drop to zero. The only crime left would be crimes against persons. Rape, assault and otherwise.

Energy conservation shouldnt be only for the cultures that can afford it.

Before you call this communism or Socialism, think about it long and hard

God made this world for all of us. Not for the elite few that can afford it. Money, and Capitalism have allowed America to bare the torch of freedom as a two pronged sword. Freedom to vote, and freedom to work your petootie off to be rewarded under our system. Wrong. The reward was here for all of us to share all along. America is the start, now she needs to use her head and communicate with world governments.

Its a new way of thinking. It will work. Tell me that you wouldnt love to go get something for free.

It takes the leaders of who are thinking about WTO. ( Wealth and Technology for the few) and change it to WTA.
Wordly thinking for all. Its a stretch, but we can get there. To think it is to become it. This is a threat to the corporate structures and systems that are inplace today. But these things are in place because despite teaching the message of sharing and giving, we continue to be selfish. Its sad.

So, when God comes if he isnt here already, think in your mind if your a business owner as to what your potential thoughts might be...Oh crap...does that mean I have to dissolve my business? Or....Im going to wait and see if this thing is for real.
Seems pretty petty now doesnt it.

It might even be possible that hard headed christians might think that all this about the Anti-Christ which is less of a possibility then what I posted above.

Before you respond, sit back and think hard. Think of the really poor countrys.
THink of the 2.5 million homeless in the United States. Think of the iinpoverished cultures in Africa. Think of even North Korea. Would they need weapons if they felt they were included? Its time to BOND, not BOMB.

Remember Gladiator? My favorite line rings true for all men.....

What we do in History........ Echos in eternity.


Watch world, as Israel and Palestine are showing us a lesson in peace. They are towing a hard load with much blood in its path. Their peace is our lesson.

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:05 PM
I'm not sure i understand what you are trying to get across here. Are you attacking capitalism? Touting the return of God? The fact of the matter is that the love and harmony you talk about will probably NEVER happen here on earth. Man is a vengeful being, we are all hungry for greed and power, whether we want to admit it or not.

And i know what the bible says: "The meek shall inherit the earth". I'm sorry, but all that little quote is in the bible for is for control. The rich tell the poor that after they die, they'll be the big guys in charge. So the poor continue living the pathetic lives they've always lived.

HIFIGUY, it's a wondreful idea you have---uniting the world in peace and living together in harmony. But the fact of the matter is that it just can't happen. If God wanted to fix the mess we're in, why in the hell wouldn't he have done it a hundred years ago? A thousand years ago? God gives us everything, right? The tools to make nukes, torture chambers, guns, etc.

The biggest problem is, as you stated, knowing just who---or what---God is. Nobody knows. It's beyond our realm of thinking. No one on earth could fathom God's power and might. I'm an empirical agnostic, meaning i believe there is a God but that man absolutely cannot understand God.

If God came, i think there'd be more wars than ever, because the christians and muslims would be fighting over whose God it was.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:17 PM
If your not sure what Im saying, imagine what God must be thinking....How in my name did they ever get to this end.

But never say never. Ever drink so much you say Im never going to do that again? Its in lookinig at something through both extremes that we can determine a balance. If my memory serves me correct, some currency divided by none cant be done. I guess nothing was the answer now as it was in the beginning. It will take a total reversal in the concept of self gain. Capitalism?
Measure was implemented in trade to be sure one got what they thought was theres. Isnt that like a child saying MINE!? Were still children in development its sorry to say.

It isnt about the company, or the government, its about the world.,


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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:18 PM
I heard a so-call Christ is coming back around 2010...So, I planned not to go work then!

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by HIFIGUY
If your not sure what Im saying, imagine what God must be thinking....How in my name did they ever get to this end.

Yes. But if God is omnipotent, why wouldn't he have stopped us from getting to the grisly point we are now? It would've been a hell of a lot easier to come to earth in, oh, 1000 AD. We were still fighting with swords and could hardly sail back then. Why would he let things get this complicated and f'd up if he cared about us so much? Remember back when you were a kid---Guys played w/ action figures and girls played w/ Barbies. We were "God". I don't know about you guys, but i know that i liked making my toys do horrific things. Hell, once i lit three ghostbusters on fire and threw them out the window. It was fun and i laughed.

I know it's a stretch, but what if God is up there just (excuse the pun), TOYING with us?

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:51 PM
2nd coming is false teachings. He never came a first time.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 07:03 PM
First or four thousandth, matters not. Its the concept of what was intended that matters. Its mans lack of interest in the greater good for humanty that binds us into a system of balances that doenst allow us an alternative.

We need to get off the matters of minutia in terms of blue shoes or red, first or second coming, and get on with what the intent of man to be here really was. Genesis.

In the begining, God created Woman, man, and eden. evereything was free.

In the end, will it be, Man, woman, and capitalism. everything was controlled.

Read the main post first.

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 01:40 AM
Every Man For Himself

In a realist point of view, we live in a society where man is selfish. Man is a hungry power seeking individual. Man symbolizes money as power and vice versa. Our capitalist system basically relies on spending of its citizen's money. We are the core of the capitalist system. We have become consumer maniacs- you want a better car, possibly a house by the beach, you want brand name clothing, you want a better education, you want that executive position and competively climb that corporate latter (ya, gosh darn workaholic, you!), you want a better "way of life" for your family- especially your kids, you want your business to grow, or maybe you just want a better understanding wife? (Okay, I'm just kidding about that one.) What about we striving and stifling for the American dream? I call it a long, staggering, and endless accomodation of "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness." And as long as human beings exists, we can never be complete- always wanting more, always needing more, always thinking we need more. When we starve, we eat, we feed- we're feeding on each other.

Our world: God's reality show...

If God did not want us to live in this kind of world, then why did he place us here for centuries? You would think that if he created us, then why not destroy us in spite of our sinful rebellious nature? Perhaps because he loves us, he gives us a chance to change for the good of mankind. But you're asking for change of the masses, a movement toward peace among men, economic equilibrium, and elimination of any kind of possible coruption out there. All I could say is that is an insane ordeal of wishful thinking. Already, there's a hard time keeping people from being naughty. Yes, we have the police, courts systems, jurors- just to name a few, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we've come closer to a safer world. You mention about having a world police. And what qualifications, later background, etc is looked for in a prospective member of a world police force? At a smaller scale, for instance, your local police department is unavoidable of possible frauds, scandals, and corruption, and just think how that works out for something at a larger scale...the world. Do you think the United Nations have it all under control (as a so-called international government)? Even power of participating (or "privileged" countries) do not have equal power under the stature of the UN. What about the European Union?

If Everything is Free...

How can there be an equal distribution of wealth? Power? Thinking? Who then can represent us as a whole. We praise, envy, love, follow, and refute those who rule over us. Even in our democratic system, challenges arise through conflict of interests amongst ourselves. As a whole, everyone of us has a differently coordinated mind. We're not robots. We are organic animals programmed with real emotions, how then can you stablize an equal distribution of think/thought processing. We're raised into a world to learn to criticise just about everything. Yet we can't escape the reality of our feelings of jealousy and envy toward each other. And what about free riders? For example, those of us who would potentially be partiotic toward a Brave New World versus those of us who just follow the system and ride the wave of change- just because. What I mean is, those of us might take advantage of such a society and might become lazy, knowing we are of equal value just like everyone else- why attempt to try hard for anything when we don't have too?

Under God or Under Capitalism?

And in American, how can we ban the establishment of separation of church and state? Well, from what I'm interpreting from your post, is the the concept of man and the concept of God conglomerated and this underlies the premise of a world at peace (sans capitalism and all the evils of man.) Maybe in that kind of world, by us following the basic rules of the bible, individuals can check themselves through God, just to keep them within the invisible moral boundaries of what is wrong and right. Think about it, why are we are tempted to cheat, lie, steal, murder rape- why do we feel/do/have done these things? I think a world at peace underestimates the capabilities of man- human beings are capable of anything. We already are a dangerous species as single (individual) entity alone. But then one can argue that maybe man is generally good. Do you consider yourself as a good person? If so, have you ever lied, cheated, lusted, stole, envied, etc?

Globalization: World Under a Umbrella of Corporations...

Here it is, our ever growing interconnectiveness. We're one big happy family prisoned in a capitalist system. Get rid of exploitation of cheap labor? Wow, instead of getting closer to a peaceful world, as you can see it, man is also greedy. Maximize profits, minimize costs of labor! Allelujah- God please save us now! (if there really is a second coming). Competition is ever so getting difficult, you're competing with everyone else in the world, just for a job. We're sucked in to consume and be consumed. Technology is the key to advancement but it doesn't mean third world countries have not progessed. Okay, technology is going off tangent, but what I really mean to say is that there is oppresion and exploitation (of third world countries) because superpower countries (really, corporations) want excessive profits, excessive power, excessive gain of the resources not belonging to them. Our world is dominated by the power of corporations.

Test of Faith...

Maybe we are in this kind of world because God is testing us. In the bible, God wants us to be more like his character: the kind, compassionate, forgiving, honest (and the list goes on) man we're suppose to be. We're created in his image, therefore we must have the same capabilities to be an ultimate good person depsite our failures as selfish human beings. And (if there is a second coming) toward the end, sadly, only a handful of us will be saved. And with that my friend, the only FREE thing in this capitalist, corporate, government deceiving world is salvation. And if you want peace on earth, you won't find it here.

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