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Atlantis/Ancient Egypt - ploy for world peace?

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:28 AM
As out landish as theories goes , you all might have fun with this one

so I will get it out of the way and call myself crazy before you continue reading....

I AM CRAZY :p hehe

My thoery, which is mine, which is my as follows.....

I do believe (blindly, as no real facts exist other then plato), that Atlantis existed at one time.

I also believe there is A LOT more to ancient egypt then we might ever be able to truly see

I believe that both the Atlantians and Ancient Egyptians had technology that was far superior to that of what we rival in as modern advanced technology.

What if at some point both Atlantis and Ancient Egypt existed in peace for many years. At which at some point there was a mighty power struggle for control. As in maybe a possible WAR between the two......

What if the "good guys" at the time knew they could not win the battle, however, did not want to subject the future of earth to a painful demise of a ONE WORLD supressive establishment

So in a last ditch effort to restore peace and order to the land, they (good guys) prolonged this war long enough to destroy just enough of everything related to them (both egyptian tech and atlantian tech) to leave behind just enough clues scattered across the ENTIRE planet so that the only way to solve the mysteries of our past is for the world to unite as one to unravel this mystery.

well i hope to hear some good feed back on this, being bored at work gives to time to ponder oddball ideas

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 09:13 AM
Let me just refer you to the history of Ancient Egypt and remind you that this stuff is known from their writings and artifacts....

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 01:28 PM
hmm, u ask the same question that i do. and i dunno, i have some theories myself too. see, im a soul that once lived in egypt tho i do not remember nething at the current time. and there is some evidence of atlantis in the ancient buildings of atlantis as well as something thought of being the garden of eden. i think they are located in the temple of man. and there is a hidden chamber under the great sphinx. as well as another hidden temple under the great pyramids too. (which align up to some constelation in the heavens...) but yeah, from what ive heard the egyptians and the atlantians were feuding in some time and well, the egyptians hid their knowledge and atlantis got washed away.
now, at the current time i dont remember much, but im working on this as we speak. all i know now is that there was a feud going on, and that the current governments dont want ppl to know about this because of a massive awakening of sould and such would disrupt what their trying to do to the earth. just know that the earth is shifting and that the answers lie in the sand of time.
but u know something? have u ever seen the movie the mummy? they had placed a curse on the priest and then he woke and all these plagues happened... see this is the downfall of egypt. not that bull-#e they said in the bible. something to let ur mind munch on.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 05:26 PM
I guess why I said what I said was why do all these amazing things on the planet stare us in the face day after day ( pyramids, incan temples, mayan temples, the one small vague referernce to Atlantis (that for whatever reason continues to carry forth into the future)), and yet leave us no clues as to how it was done or really why. We really only speculate as to what we beilve occured and a very small number of vague facts.

and of all these feats they show a lot of very advanced mathematics being used in there creation. So obviously it can't be a lot of dumb luck......

So that is why we must assume both Atlantis and Ancient Egypt were quite advanced in some fasion, or had a better understanding of the way the universe works....

anywho maybe one day the facts will come forward and we can all be happy.....if not the story continues as to what really happened....

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 11:42 AM
Well, Uberdude i dont mean to be rash! But it sounds like a good Movie script! u should write one up and make some $$$$ off it!

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 05:50 AM
This idea isn't a unique one as I've considered those possibilities myself. I'm uncertain if the world will ever unite on the subject though as we humans are a strange lot of animals. My thoughts are that the world's mythological gods were once the 10 kings of Atlantis and when the continent sunk they escaped to many parts of the world to start over. I'm not sure if they would have prolonged the war just to annihilate the evidence but it does make for interesting speculation.

Originally posted by PanzerDiv
Well, Uberdude i dont mean to be rash! But it sounds like a good Movie script! u should write one up and make some $$$$ off it!

How's this one for you?
Twins, Andrea and Elise Regal, are Egyptologists who discover the tomb of Khufu (supposed builder of the GP). Andrea goes back in time to fight Apep and save the world. She falls in love with the king, finds out that Egypt was a colony of Atlantis. Later, her resurrected husband returns and they must travel to Atlantis to save the Gods of Egypt from the sinking continent but is faced with Set, Loki, Gong-Gong, and other bad guys from mythologies (Egypt, Sumerian, Norse, Greek, Chinese, Hindu, Maya, Inca, Iroquois, and Navajo). She must find the ten keys of these cultures hidden in various parts of the modern and ancient world so human kind and the Good guy gods can survive Atlantis' destruction. Afterwards, she is faced once more with having to save the world but this time in modern day. See the bad guys escape Atlantis too and begin the final battle for domination of the planet. All told from the Egyptian Point of View. Also the description of Atlantis will be exact with Plato's account as no author I've ever read has taken Plato's account and used it. This is where my story differs. Plato is a very important source that most authors either didn't take the time to study because of the depth of study required or they just didn't care to make it close to 'historically accurate' as described by Plato.

How's that for a story? It's called the Talismans of Time Series. The first story is titled RA'S WARRIOR, the second ATLANTIS REPRIEVED, and the third possible title, THE HALL OF SECRETS. I'm currently under consideration by a literary agent for this series. The first story being complete at this point, the second is in the first draft phase, and the final one has a basic outline. There are more stories to follow, but I haven't figured them out completely yet. I've described the people of Atlantis first as spirit beings whose greed turns them to physical beings or modern man. The Gods are also physical beings but they can return to their spirit forms at will because they aren't corrupt (except the bad guys-- I haven't figured out why the bad guys retain their spirit beings yet).

With luck, this series will make publication.

C. L. Easterwood

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 06:08 AM
I've thought like you for a long time...the connections between Egypt and Central/South America are obvious in the megalithic structures. Pyramids and amazing workmanship only help to bolster this agreement.
The above mentioned gods are all the same mythical personality meant to represent those who survived whatever catastrophy ended that world wide civilization.
There's material aplenty in ATS on this subject...but I recommend reading 'When the Sky Fell- In Search of Atlantis' by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath.

I suppose there's lots online about their take on it...try googling before buying.

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