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When Lightening Strikes TL2018

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posted on May, 10 2018 @ 02:07 PM
Jason sat quietly keeping to himself in the crowded club. He was new in town and knew no one. He was waiting for the drink he had ordered which had not arrived yet as he surveyed the crowd. He was not expecting to have his life turned upside down, but that is exactly what happened when he saw her.

She was at that table. You know, the one with all the most beautiful women in the place sitting there looking pretty as you please. The table only the bravest, or most foolish of men, would dare to try to approach. She was one of five of the most beautiful women Jason had ever seen seated in one place, yet she seemed to be far and away the most beautiful of the bunch. She sat in the most ladylike manner. Her posture was perfect, her long legs crossed demurely at the ankles, her flowered dress draping just below her knee. Her shoes had the cutest pink ribbon that tied in a bow around her ankle. Long light brown hair, with gold dangling earrings flashing in the light when she moved her head. She was stunning. The room lit up when she smiled. She had the face of an angel.

“Twelve fifty,” the waitress said placing Jason's drink on a coaster. Jason handed her a twenty and said “Thank you” without ever taking his eyes off the target of his affection. The waitress smirked and said, “She is pretty...good luck with that bunch...”

Jason heard her but didn't. His mind was somewhere else. But his eyes were glued to the woman of his dreams. She shifted her feet and his eyes were there. She moved her hand and his eyes were there. He was unable to look away, though he clearly was not trying to.

“Becca, someone is giving you the big eyes,” one of the woman seated at the table said to the object of Jason's desire. “I know,” she laughed, not looking in Jason's direction. “Let me know when he looks away,” Becca said. “OK, but I don't think he's going to...” And they laughed because it was painfully obvious she was right.

Becca looked at Jason, a smile appearing on her lips as she nearly laughed at the expression on his face. Jason was clearly smitten. Becca sat patiently, waiting for Jason to move but Jason was frozen. All five of the women at the table were whispering to each other but Jason saw only Becca. And Becca knew it.

Jason felt his cheeks getting sore from smiling so much but he couldn't help himself. He knew he would have to say or do something sooner or later or he would end up looking like a lunatic, if he didn't already. As if sensing his plight, Becca ever so slightly nodded at the seat next to her.

Jason reacted as if he had received an electric shock. He was literally airborne for a few seconds having launched out of his chair so quickly. In a flash he was sitting next to Becca marveling at her. “My God, you're beautiful.” Jason heard the words escape his lips and cringed for a moment expecting to hear laughter. Instead Becca said, “Thank you,” and it sounded like angels singing. He stared mesmerized into her eyes and said, “Your eyes are so beautiful. I could get lost in there”. She smiled and said he was very handsome. His heart skipped a beat. They sat motionless for a minute just staring at each other, he with thoughts running like wildfire through his mind, she with patience and curiosity at his comical attempt to woo her. All of her friends were watching with skeptical eyes glued to the man who was brave enough to try. Jason whispered, I think we are being watched. “Oh yes”, Becca answered laughing, “They are watching you like a hawk.” Jason laughing said he half expected Jacque Cousteau to pop up and start narrating.

Jason, in his best Cousteau voice said, “Note the male of the species. He struts proudly before the female in an attempt to win her favor.” Becca giggled and waited for the story to unfold. “Note the female of the species. She is so coy, she pretends not to notice. The male is confused.” Becca laughed and seemed interested in the story. “Again the male struts proudly before the female to get her attention. Again the female pretends not to notice. The male is confused.” Becca laughing out loud now waits for the next move. “The male puffs up his chest and displays his finest plumage as he struts purposefully for the female. The female finally acknowledges the males presence and offers him some gentle encouragement.” Jason leaned toward Becca and whispered, “You're on...” Becca froze like a deer in the headlights. “And the female is confused,” Jason observed grinning. “Yes she is,” rejoined Becca laughing.

Jason grabbed a pebble from a nearby potted plant and placed it on the table in front of Becca who looked at it, not sure what to do. Jason nudged the pebble toward Becca who pulled it closer to her on the table. “The male offeres the female a small pebble. It is symbolic of the nest they will build together where they will raise their young”. Becca looked at the pebble and commented that it was indeed a very nice pebble. “The female has accepted the pebble from the male and the courtship has officially begun.” Becca laughs out loud and smiled. “Now wait a minute...” Becca interrupted laughing. “I'm sorry but you accepted my pebble. In the animal kingdom that is as good as a signed contract,” Jason explained. “The male struts back and forth proudly now, alerting all the other males in the area that this female is spoken for.” Leaning closer to Becca, “You know, its a guy thing, alpha male and all that,” Jason explained. “Isn't there an alpha female too?” Becca inquired. “Oh yes. That is a very important role in the pack – she mates with the alpha male.” Becca's friend Crystal laughed and said, “You walked right in to that one...”

Jason gently took Becca's hand asking, “May I?” Becca offered her hand to be kissed. Jason stopped with his lips just a fraction of an inch away from Becca's hand and made a soft kissing sound, still holding her hand afterward. “I did that correctly, by the way.” “Oh really?” “Yes. When a gentlemen kisses a lady's hand he doesn't kiss the hand itself. A lady doesn't need a bunch of strange men slobbering all over her, Jason said. “Well, maybe once in a while on a weekend,” he added with a grin. “No, when a gentlemen kisses a lady's hand he does not kiss the hand itself. He only kisses the layer of air that touches it. And if he truly respects, and adores her, that is good enough for him.” “And do you adore me?” Jason grinned and nodded. "Why yes, I believe I do."

Becca's friends got her attention and let her know they were going to be leaving soon. Jason looked into Becca's eyes, leaned close to her, and whispered, “Unless its just me something very special is happening here.” Becca said she felt it too but unsure how to proceed. Desperate not to lose his angel so quickly Jason responded. “When lightening strikes you have two choices. You can run and hide, or, you can dance in the light and scream at the thunder. Lightening is striking here – come dance with me”, Jason said looking in to Becca's eyes. Jason took Becca's hand and nodded to the door. Becca just smiled. They stood and walked out the front door together. They lingered on the sidewalk in each others arms laughing and shared a kiss. A bolt of lightening arced through the sky. Jason and Becca started dancing, laughing with every step. And when the thunder came, they leaned their heads back and roared. It was a glorious moment.

Returning to gaze into each others eyes, their bodies swaying to the rhythm of the thunder, it has begun.

The End...

posted on May, 10 2018 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: Vroomfondel

Good on ya Vroom. Nice story.

Kind regards,


posted on May, 12 2018 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: Vroomfondel

Good story.
Entertaining and to the point. Just like a short story should be.
edit on 12-5-2018 by tinymind because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 12 2018 @ 10:38 AM
It's always nice when the hero gets the girl.

posted on May, 12 2018 @ 10:45 AM


posted on May, 14 2018 @ 08:31 PM
a reply to: Vroomfondel

Sweet story!

posted on May, 25 2018 @ 09:42 AM
Captivating, Vroom, as always. Thanks for a good read!

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