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Colony Ship Titanic

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posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 09:50 PM
Earth 1 Date: 3669. (Thursday, June 13th, 3669, 1:13pm)

Colony Ship 713 Emergency Update-Priority Code 1/Purple

Attention: Master Dr. Jon-Dar Hale, NASA 4, Billings Montana North American Federal Alliance

Via-Hyper Quantum Laser with Code 17 nanocryption

M. Dr. Hale,

C. S. 713 is in a dire status. We are in purple to a planet in the Ha'dar Star System. C. S. 713 hit an asteroid at warp 10 despite active full shields. This resulted in a fatal hull breach on the starboard side. 9,000 colonists, all within classes 3-5, were fatally ejected into the vacuum while in hyper sleep. Agony would have been brief at most.

1,000 colonists survived the impact. 750 crew members were also lost. Only 250 remain. All 10 bridge members and 100 bridge support staff survived. Total employed survivors equals 360.

All survivors have been awakened using Emergency Protocol Tiger. Our warp core was fatally damaged. AI and associated androids were effected are all are offline.

Warp core was able to slow our colony ship to a cruising speed of factor 4 before it auto ejected.

Life support is offline. Oxygen is no longer being reproduced. We have very little time. We do not have ample oxygen to make it to a micro class M planet in this star system. We have no other options. More casualties are certain. Many escape ships were destroyed in the breach. We are over filling the remaining escape ships. I have not determined if all survivors will have available space.

The system has a planet 1/25 the size of Earth 1. Two moons and a orbiting dwarf star will make the seasons severe.

We do not know if this star system is still in disputed territory or if it has shifted in either direction. We will be unable to receive your reply. We require a high priority rescue.

This ship can not be saved. We are Titanic.

May the stars be with us until a rescue arrives. We will make every effort to settle.

As I mined this laser comm, an escape ship lost all occupants. We are over packing. We will have to load fewer occupants per ship. I estimate 25-50% will be left behind.

I will fall with this ship. Thank you for the opportunity. I shall command it until my last breath. My best guess is 90 minutes but to be honest, I have no idea.


posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 09:51 PM
This is not one of my better works. It's a conceptual episode within a larger story. Just trying to get opinions about the concept of this scene.


posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 10:05 PM

The garden has to survive the initial impact.

Food will need to be guarded... cant let hogs like myself run amuck with the last can of peopnut butter, or start siphoning off coffee... sugar... coffee mate.

There needs to be some form of snow machine on board... for those severe weather boats you mentioned.

Girls. Of all survivors there needs to be a ratio of 5 girls to one man.

Hope this helps.



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