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The deception of the term "Born Again Virgin" and how Feminism can ruin lives

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posted on Nov, 4 2017 @ 11:51 AM

originally posted by: DigginFoTroof
I was watching a talk show the other day and there was a young girl on there (13) who was having sex with multiple "partners" with the full blessing of the mother while the father was basically frantic in trying to figure out how to get her to see "reality" and get her "under control". I thought about how the father must feel and couldn't imagine how he was dealing with this and how much me must hate his ex-wife for encouraging this behavior (actually rewarding her and positive reinforcement for such acts!). To me this seems like criminal behavior and she should loose any custody of the daughter - they wouldn't say the age of the "partners" but it seemed like she was the type to seek older guys & she looks much older. I had the feeling that this girl may have an awakening some day and then change her ways and claim to be a "virgin" later on, but conveniently leave off the "born again" part. The whole "born again virgin" thing is maybe the dumbest thing I have ever heard IMO and I'm wondering if current generations thing these are equivalents or if it is just something to make the person feel better about themselves.

This got me thinking about how various religions handle virginity and the purity of young girls. In some cultures a person can be killed for taking the innocence of a girl before the father allows this. Other religions have honor killings if a girl has sex before marriage or if they are raped. And then there are cultures where they castigate the girl and ostracise her if she has sex before marriage.

The case for "free love" and the "empowerment of women" started en-mass in 1969 (probably before that really, but... whatever..) and "the pill" was seen as a way to free women. This created a major culture clash between traditional ways and the new way of "giving it away". I think this has effected the man/woman relationship much more than the extreme left wants to acknowledge and they seem to not want to discuss the reasons for the traditional ways and just want to claim oppression.

I started to ponder how I would deal with this situation if I had a daughter and how to explain what and why virginity was something special and once it was lost, it ain't coming back. I don't know how it is explained in the major religions and how it's importance is emphasized but I know what many of them say about whores. The only way I could explain virginity was with analogies and comparisons - but I'm interested to hear what others think about this, why they think it IS or ISN'T important and what they would compare it to.

One way would be to give an analogy of a personal journal or diary. Every day their is an entry in the jornal and by the time they have sex for the first time, they have all of their collective life in this journal, and it is given to the partner when they have sex. Then a new journal is started and given to the partner each time they have sex. If a "born again" finds a husband, there will never be the entire journal, and someone else will know them intimately before them. I know a diary/journal and virginity are vastly different, but it shows that the born again can never encompass what the original does.

A fresh garden/field of fertile soil could be compared to virginity. Ask any gardener or farmer and they will tell you that when crops are grown, there is a high chance of contaminates of various pests (often specific to the crop) and over time there can be a broad range of different "bugs" in the soil, either active or in egg form. This is usually not so in fresh, virgin soil, other than that which is natural to the area. Also the crops deplete the soil every time they grow. A farmer would much more like fertile fresh land vs old used farm land.

Some who look at sex as "dirtying" the innocence of the woman (if unmarried sex) on a spiritual level, then a comparison to a car could be made. A used car, the buyer doesn't know what the car went through before, how it was cared for, how it was maintained, driven, etc. From a spiritual perspective, the abuse of self by having unmarried sex could be compared to this - I'm not trying to make the comparison to physical (sexual related) aspects other than transmissible diseases and the "cleanliness of the womb".

These three comparisons give different views of what is lost, changed, etc in a way most people can understand where virginity is more of an abstract thing thus making it more difficult to understand. The comparisons aren't meant to devalue women in any way to be "like" these analogies, only how they effect and the relationships in each scenario.

I know comparing a woman to these things can seem harsh and probably a "mans view" but we can't get past the fact that the womb is where a child develops and is grown - if a man knows the soil is bad he will most likely not use that soil and waste seed, time, effort, etc.

The fact that there is even the term "born again virgin" is disturbing because those who think that it is even possible shows that there is a severe lack of understanding of as to what virginity is, why it is important and how the "talking points" for "free love" are mere excuses for bad behavior and can be severely damaging to those who don't have a good fundamental understanding of the topic - which at a young age is very likely.

What does a mother allowing her teenaged daughter to be used by older men for sex have to do with someone bring a born again virgin? I tried to read through this post a couple of times to see the connection but the only thing I found was you saying 'you can see her one day claiming to be a born again virgin'. Then you start on a rant about religion and a whole bunch of ridiculous inaccurate analogies between women's reproductive organs and inanimate objects. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the beginning of your post about a terrible mother on a talk show.

The behaviour of of the mother on the talk show was wrong and abusive in a lot of ways...but not because the list of bull# you wrote.

posted on Nov, 4 2017 @ 12:03 PM

originally posted by: dawnstar
a reply to: Specimen

Supposedly this virgin thing is highly sought after in eastern cultures were they have doctors repair the hymens.

which could possibly save some middle eastern women's life???

No, I didn't mean the east that on your left, I meant the one that to your right.

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