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From Beauty Contest land to a Marxist misery Hell, Urgent Prayer for Venezuelan dignity!

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posted on Jul, 24 2017 @ 10:40 AM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

It is a really beautiful summer week in many areas of America right now, ideal to be outdoors at the late afternoon or early morning, in some areas of the coasts people is going in to the beaches where they can imagine to be in a vacation cruise on a tourist resort of the Caribbean.

While America is enjoying of a relative calm even under the political internal storm that we all know is occurring in Washington DC, another nation in one of the most beautiful areas of the Caribbean: Venezuela, one of the first countries to declare its independence from Europe in South America is struggling in what is by far the worst political crisis of their History.

It is publicly known the tragedy of Venezuela in the last two decades, dealing with a lot of social problems although having an economy that once was considered as among the strongest of South America, has experienced a shrinking of it under the pressure of the down fall of the Petroleum prices due to its strong economic dependency from that commodity.

In the last 1990s Venezuela saw how a former coup leader, Lt Col. Hugo Chavez Frias, that once was in jail purging a sentence and got a controversial pardon from President Rafael Caldera, pushed the nation into a kind of internal political revolution that was neither purely Marxist, Bolivarian or Fascist, but a combination of the three.

Chavez was considered an eccentric politician, It is well known that he spent long sessions of reading in jail of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler when he was not reading Bolivar writings.

He was also expelled while adolescent from a Catholic seminar where he was sent to study to be a Priest (!?) After have committed blasphemy in an Altar, and he continue attacking Jesus Christ along his political career.

Please check

The situation was for sometimes really bad in term of human rights, repression of the free press, and the weakening of Democracy, when the three branches of the State were absorbed by the political party controlled by Chavez, but the economy continue moving until the Great recession changed in 2008 dramatically the way Petroleum performed in the Markets.

Chavez started a lot of regional conflicts that were gradually also discrediting his movement internationally, against United States, Against Spain ( a terrible argument between Chavez and King Juan Carlos as well as President Rodriguez Zapatero in Santiago de Chile) and even against other south American countries that rejected his interpretation of Bolivar thesis, like Colombia, against which he endorsed a so much clear sponsor role of the Ecuadorian goverment of Rafael Correa toward FARC in an incident that almost trigger an international war.

Pls check

At some point in 2009 he was even found linked with an attempt of coup in Cuba by some members of the last cabinet of Fidel Castro against his brother Raul Castro that were trying to remove him from power. This incident triggered a political purge in the high political spheres in the Island.

Traditional leftist politicians in the region like Chilean President Veronica Bachelet or Alan Garcia of Peru moved away from him for his dictatorship trends, since the Venezuelan leader made a pact of evil with the Fascist Tyrant Alberto Fujimori and with Kichner Argentinian Peronism to resist US opposition to their populist regimes.

Please check

In 2006 the Mexican politician of National Action party Felipe Calderon accused Chavez of to try to interfere in the Presidential election that he won almost tied with the leftist forces.

Pls check:

Finally Chavez became official sick of a rare Cancer diagnosed by 2011 in one of his visits to Cuba, ( is that a coincidence?) and also after have committed acts that many considered sacrilege, like the exhumation of the remains of Simon Bolivar to try to 'prove' that Colombian aristocracies had something to do with Bolivar death, occurred about 180 years ago from Tuberculosis he actually acquired in his long campaigns crossing the high andes ( another bizarre coincidence?).

The history of blasphemies didn't end with his death, since in the last years his party openly boosted a kind of cult toward Hugo Chavez and promoted edition of traditionally Christian prayers to include his name on them in the place reserved only to God. The Lord's prayer was modified to be directed to him.

Please check

His successor has proven to be incompetent to preserve the strong political base of Chavez, as well as to handle a change of economic orientation of the country that remained solely based in the oil income although it was clear that only by moving out of the commodities economy it was the real solution Venezuela required.

Let us pray that this week something providential happen in that so suffered nation to cut the pace toward a complete political collapse, confrontation of powers and generalized civil war that right now is moving violently.

A resignation of President Nicolas Maduro could prevent a terrible internal war , but also if his supporters in the already dissolved by the Congress supreme court resign to their positions in a patriotic act of disobedience toward who clearly is willing to assume dictatorial powers.

Also if there is an important fracture in the Arm forces against Maduro this could be less painful that what it is right now, a blood bath of unarmed civilians that are cowardly massacred in the streets.

What it matters is to find a quick way to move away to the route of internal collision Venezuela is right now, to give to Democracy the opportunity to heal a country that has had already so many dictatorships in their History.

Please check:

At this moment who is not in the streets protesting against a regime that is calling for already controlled not free election to redact a new Marxist Constitution, it is doing incredible long lanes to acquire few rations of fundamental goods to survive that are now lacked in almost all the homes in the country.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Jul, 24 2017 @ 10:48 AM
I feel so bad for that country. I have a personal connection to Venezuela as I had the honor to sing with and live with and get to know some lovely Venezuelan choraliers when we did Worldsong 2005. It just pains me to know they might be suffering at home.

Today is Simon Bolivar Day in Venezuela..... Maybe it's about time for a new hero to lead the country to success and independence once more?

I also heard rumors the US cut off food aid to Venezuela making this all the more difficult.


posted on Jul, 24 2017 @ 11:14 AM
Was it the Marxist system that failed the country, or was it the brutal response from Global Capitalism that did everything in its power to wreck the country when they dared take national assets back into national ownership for the people?

posted on Jul, 24 2017 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: Painterz

Lmao yeah man.

It was the evil Capitalists

Never mind looking into the history of how communism never works.. RIght?

posted on Jul, 24 2017 @ 03:46 PM
a reply to: NerdGoddess

Dear NerdGoddess,

Venezuela No doubt is a Christian nation, it does Not have a lot already recognized Saints as it happen with another South American countries ( Columbia 5 Saints, Peru 7 Saints, Equator 4 saints, Brazil 4 saints, Argentine 1, Chile 1) but it has anyway a list of candidates to be canonized at some point in the near future:

Blessed Venezuelans

Candelaria de of San Jose (a Carmelita Sister)

Maria de San Jose Alvarado (Agustinian Recollect Nun)

Venerables Venezuelans

Jose Gregorio Hernandez ( a Physician at Hospital José María Vargas, who pursued Priesthood )

Emilia de San Jose Chapellin ( Superior and founder of the Sisters of the poors of Maiquetia)

Carmen Rendiles Martínez (Superior and founder of founder of the Servants of Jesus of Caracas)

Servants of God from Venezuela

Ysabel Lagrange ( nun of the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Heart of Jesus)

Maria Esperanza de Bianchini ( a Mystic that experience Marian Visions )

We are here along this week offering prayers, rosaries to this list of Servants, venerables and blesseds of Venezuela to ask them to assist their Fatherland in this so critical moment, to pray to God Merciful that prevent a generalized and long Civil war in that land or the terrible perspective of to have a totalitarian Atheistic Tyranny ruling it.

Marian Apparitions to Mystic Maria Esperanza de Bianchini,
“We must serve and not seek to be served, and we must serve constantly, without feeling tired when we are bothered.” "
" we are living the "hour of decision for humanity." The world will face a "very serious moment" soon. “A great moment is approaching," , “A great day of light!" “The moment has arrived in which mankind must awaken”, “we must awaken to the love of God. In the coming years a new light from heaven will illuminate hearts, but before it does there will be hardship”. " There is going to be war, societal problems, and natural disasters. But there will be after that cleansing that will restore humankind.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Jul, 24 2017 @ 04:50 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light
Dear Readers,

We must pray to God but also do whatever is needed to refrain Maduro of any possibility of to carryout this coup against the democratic institutions in Venezuela, at all cost must be avoided any risk that he an rewrite the constitution with his supporters.

The opposition forces are in shock trying to see what they can do to boycott the election of a new Constituent Assembly pushed by the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Friends of Venezuela, I have been in Prayer asking to God for guidance in order to know what advise to give to the suffered people of Venezuela in this so uncertain hour, I believe my prayer has received an answer:

This is the message that I have received being in Trance of prayer:
"The people that is decided to defend their democracy must vote in the Constituent Assembly election, it is better to vote than to let Maduro take all that super powerful body even casting few votes.
So Venezuelans that are reading me, in spite of how arbitrarily looks to change the constitution, please consider to vote for the same members of the current National Assembly for all the seats of the constituent Assembly.
If you do so Maduro will not have any way to overcome the constitutional rule, since the new Constituent assembly will have power to immediately cease him as President. He has committed in his arrogance a huge mistake since this can be a fast track to remove him legally, lets transform his election in an indirect way to fire him from the Presidency, by electing a Constituent that will remove him. "
Venezolanos este es el mensaje que he recibido estando en trance de oracion profunda por ustedes:
("La Gente que esta decidida a defender la democracia debe votar en la eleccion de Asamblea constituyente, es mejor votar que dejar a Maduro tomarse ese cuerpo aun con pocos votos depositados en su favor, por abstencion de la oposicion, por arbitrario que parezca llamar a una constituyente, por favor consideren votar por los mismos miembros de la actual Asamblea Nacional para que ellos ocupen si es posible todas las curules de la Asamblea constituyente.
Si ustedes hacen esto Maduro no tendra camino alguno para burlarse del regimen constitucional, ya que la constituyente tendra poder total para cesarlo a el del poder. El en su arrogancia ha cometido un gran error por que este seria un medio efectivo de sacarlo legalmente del poder. Convirtamos la eleccion que el propone en un referendum indirecto contra el, eligiendo una consituyente que lo remueva del poder. Sigan por favor mi consejo ya que este puede ser el unico medio providencial de sacar a Maduro usando sus propias armas. " )

Please follow my advice, this can be the providential way to oust Maduro using his own weapons.

Thanks for your attention

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 07:39 PM
Dear readers,

I don't like to say this, but my sixth sense is telling me that something really grave is close to occur in this weekend that will determine entirely the outcome of the Venezuelan political process and it is quite unexpected, something not related with the results of the constituent election projected by Nicolas Madero, I feel new factors entering in this equation that have weight enough even to send the country to chaos avoiding the realization of any such political event.

My intuition is that we are approaching to a kind of sudden, so strong, not very well minded, specially in to weight risks and consequences in the large political arena, the one of the entire world, decision that will trigger one of the worst crisis we ever have seen, of at least the magnitude of the one of the soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962.

I really pray to God that he can guide the sensate people in the world along this so extremely grave moment we are approaching at incredible fast pace.

Nicolas Maduro will face the most challenging moment of his life probably before this Sunday, also President Donald Trump will have in his hands a decision that will affect millions of lives, and it depends of their good minds to determine if this will become a terrible political storm able to harass with the entire civilization as we have known it in the last two centuries.

Lets see if my intuition become a prophecy of our times.


The Angel of Lightness

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