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Living a Life time

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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 10:19 AM
A life time just what does that mean ? From your point of view assuming you live 80 times the earth goes around the sun its a long time .
But have you every tried putting your life as a Butterfly.
The little yellow butter fly's they live a day long enough to fly breed lay a egg and die ( a human lives long enough to do it as well )
So does a dog . Even a Bactria who's life may be mints does .
But the question isn't how long by a clock but if a life time is a life time .
Ok your still thinking no way i would be a butter fly a day is not 80 years but the time is only own a clock and 80 years is a day if your a tree .
redwood 5000 years old they live you are a little yellow butter fly if they could think .
But the tree is only a day because if your a Million year old mountain 5000 years is a day and the tree is a little yellow butter fly .
But if your a planet 4.5 billion years old a million is a day and the mountain is a little yellow butter fly.
If your a star 4 billion is but a day the planet is a little yellow butter fly .
if your a Universe and 5 trillion- 4 billion is but a day and the star is a little yellow butter fly .
So from whats point of view is 5 trillion years a little yellow butter fly ?
Still think your not just a little yellow butter fly ?

posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 02:49 PM
a reply to: midnightstar

Time and personal significance was once impressed upon me by a monk (was much into ZEN back then)....he asked me (on a Florida beach) please bend down and pick up a handful of sand.
Now the whole world of oceans and continents, seas, beaches, lakeshores and dunes plus deserts...has SOOOOO much sand, one can barely fathom how much that would look like if it could be piled up (it couldnt).....

I picked up a handful..small and insignificant in the unfathomable amount of sand in the entire world, rt? He asked me to look at my hand and pick out the single grain that was lightly brownish-gold. I looked and realized my hand held perhaps 100's and 100's of thousands of grain all pretty much alike.

He laughed and waved his hand at the long mile or so beachfront of sand..."This is the world (this one-Earth) and the people(s) in it, each grain representing one person who is living today...not counting those long passed, nor the ones yet to be born. So, which one is you? Which one is that color?"

I understood that it would be impossible to pick a single grain representing one life, one soul, one person alive, dead, and not yet born...out of all the sand grains, in all the places in the world....not even counting at the bottom of the seas.The point made is that each one is unique, different slightly...but each in their own ways.
Such is life and lifetimes and if we really make a difference to change anything about those grains (not digging, building etc....)...we all are our own lightly brown-gold grain of an astronomically large universe of universes...let alone this planet.

So we all exist in grains separately...some old, some new, some used up, some made into other things. And we and the stars exist, die and replicate forever. But, are we different from each other everywhere? Not really too much....And our grains while on earth...will last forever. And all the other universes!
Go to a beach, pick up a handful yourself...look at it...and find the one tiny grain that is YOU. You cant. All are the same...and will remain with subtle differences for, from...and to...all time...everywhere. And there are a LOT of places, planets, stars and universes out there!

Humbling thought there.....thanks........


posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: midnightstar

Midnightstar: You are a beautiful butterfly, with endless amazing variations of yellow and gold, on your tender wings.

Everything is relative. Even "nothing", is relevant to "something". If it were not for this socio-cultural insistence on "something"; there would be no need to consider "nothing".

a reply to: mysterioustranger

Mysterioustranger: The grain of sand that represents you; shines beautiful reflections of the sun, like a wondrous prism.

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: midnightstar

Im far more interested going down, than up. Up has such a far ways to go, we really gotta go to where a 5 trillion is but a day, and then who knows how far from there? Eventually youd get to a point, where there is no life at all. Welcome to infinity, always in motion, ever churning all those little yellow butterflies and yet like the worlds biggest stomach ever anxious and hungry.

Whereas if you go down, youd get to the point where a nanosecond and a trillion years are like as the grains of sand that mysterious stranger mentions. Like a child who does this naturally, youd be squeezing every drop out of your life. Naturally, of course, life doesnt usually tolerate absolutes. Of course we will come across a time when we will want time speed up for us, like in pain or suffering, living each moment as a trillion years would suck to someone who is in intense agony. And we all wish time would slow down when we are having fun.

But it does the opposite, and this is because time, aka infinity, is in fact the enemy. When we go down far enough(theoretically because zenos paradox is actually in reference to zero) we will hit zero. This is also what the Buddhists call nirvana because it is complete impartiality of mind when realized by the human. There is no escaping infinity except through ones mind. This is the cycle rebirth, the infinite is ever hungry for more and more, it wants our experiences and enjoys our suffering because it is a distraction from realizing fully that it is itself nothing at all either. Like with zenos paradox you can never really hit zero, you cant escape from infinity either. Endless cycling, ceaselessly cycling.

Truth be fully told, infinity and zero are the same exact thing and the difference is in perception, not just or even primarily in the physical realm. But only zero brings peace and prosperity. Its as simple as paying attention or seeking distraction.

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