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Will the Alawis rebel against their one time hero Assad?

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posted on May, 19 2017 @ 10:49 PM
Why must it be about religion? People are people. Why drag religion into this?

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 11:22 PM
Secularism is code for colonial oppression of Islam (and other religions in Islamic countries and elsewhere).

Notice that Britain and America don't have "Secular Republic of" in their titles like, say Turkey, where false converts to Islam from a deviant debaucherous sect of Judaism well documented by people like Gershom Scholem and Isaiah Tishby known as the Sabbateans, later Donmeh-Sabbateans, as they secretly practiced their inverted Júdaism, run the show.

The Young Turks were Donmeh-Sabbateans and had the support of the victors of WW1, Kemal Ataturk was installed and religion banished to the Mosques, Synogogues and Cathedrals.

The Christian population has dwindled to almost nothing and people who don't know that Turkey is secular and not run by Muslims still blame Islam while the Turkish government aligns itself with Israel and the West.

It just nearly became a dictatorship, they held elections to decide but if it doesn't succeed at first, well, neither did Hitler.

Secularism is a method of maintaining hostile environments in deeply religous countries, diversely religous too.

Yet the allies of America, Saudis, Pakistan, are not required to undergoe westernization, a word in the dictionary in my phone so is obviously a well defined policy.

And they and Iran are far more stable economically, Iran is crippled by sanctions though, but that effects only the civilians in the long run and they are actually a proud and modern society independent of Arabian and western society, and I am not a fan of their government but most Iranians are, they have a community of ancient Jews, protected by the government though and despite what you hear Zoroastrians are actually a pretty celebrated community, culturally older than Islam and uniquely Persian, Shia have been known, I hear, to persecute them at times, but every country deals with persecuted-by-government minority populations including western nations, Iran is not my favorite nation but they are not as evil as portrayed by and in the west, and have a different Islam than the majority of Muslims, their own indoor Kabba and semi-worship of the so called hidden Imam, and should have no reason to persecute any religous beliefs as many Iranians are Twelver Shia and not exactly considered Orthodox, but that doesn't matter as they have their own independent sovereign state.

Saudi Arabia is oppressed by Wahhabism, the religion that rose to prominence in the 70's with the support of British intelligence, so I don't think blaming Islam is fair because it effectively erased 1400 years of tradition that was Islam and Sharia and replaced it with an oppressive version of Islam.

Why doesn't America secularize them?

I might support that over Wahhabism, I don't like the idea of oppressing women, it isn't Muslim and violates the Qur'an which forbids it and religous compulsion of any sort (2:256 "No compulsion of any sort in religion") and is full of laws protecting women's rights.

But it hasn't worked anywhere yet so I don't see it happening.

Muslims need to get together and work together at ridding their lands of the colonial virus.

Divide and conquer is the m.o. of the West.
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posted on May, 19 2017 @ 11:23 PM
a reply to: allsee4eye

It's a legit Middle East issue bud.

Why must people whine on the internet?

Or about religion?

Or expect Mid East issues to be religion free? It's the Middle East. Its issues are intertwined with religion because they are being westernized against their wishes.

They like religion. Not secularism. You don't need to worry if you don't live there or aren't a Muslim though, so don't.

It's not your country that looks like Berlin after WW2.
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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 12:15 AM
And I also understand that while Sharia per the Qur'an protects women from oppression it also goes beyond it and, at least in ancient times, (adulterers and) adulteresses could be punished by death, it is a simple matter of discontuing the practice which has its contemporary contemptible laws in Europe until relatively modern times. If a man killed his adulteress wife in 1800's America and (probably much of Europe) he likely would not be arrested even, could legally rape his wife and beat, brutalize her without penalty until the 1900's and even today if a judge allows it it can be a valid legal defense called a crime of passion if you catch your spouse in the act and kill someone, possibly even her but definitely whoever is with her (or him and what not, it's America), and the jury can let you off if they believe you (and you can afford a good attorney and are white, or famous). It has weight as an argument because the judge approves it pre trial and can toss the argument if it doesn't apply.

Europe had the Inquisition, Crusades, 1492 Spanish genocide, with torture and forced conversions (if you were lucky) of Jews and Muslims who built the place with Christians even living there because you could get an education, unlike most of the rest of Europe, and it was civil, had fabulous modern architecture and Europe was a dump.

The Crusades may have ended, but are back with a bang.

Point is minus the stonings of adulterers and adulteresses and other harsh, ancient legal ruling, Sharia is actually very flexible.

Flexible enough to be practiced in any country including America without many Americans knowing it like Halakhic law is constitutionally protected insofar as it doesn't violate U.S. law beyond what's exempt under freedom of religion, and practiced every day in America by Muslims.

Several states have been successful in removing it from being allowed in the mediation of civil disputes normally granted as applicable in civil court disputes, but that is political pandering to Islamaphobes and it is still legal to practice, and still applicable in civil courts in most states.

Which makes the notion that Sharia is something to fear ridiculous, it could easily be adapted to modern consensus as it always has been and it is sufficient to govern a nation and culture of nations once united, now not, because though the EU is "united" as are the states with the EU, the states and the EU fear a united Muslim world and will stop at nothing to prevent it from ever happening again.

It's business, it's somewhat personal, and mischievous, sinister and deceptive.

"Spreading democracy" one bomb at a time.

MOAB? Could they be more obvious? Cute.
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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 01:21 AM
Khazakstan, right where Khazaria used to be, is a paradise of architecture and just beautiful and huge, doing quite well and although it is a very Masonic country looking at the city of Astana, evidenced by the images and symbols all over the city, it is technically a Muslim country and under Muslim governance.

I bet half of America or more hasn't heard of Khazakstan, 16yo+.

It's amazing. It's also not really a Muslim country and thus, doesn't suffer the secularization of real Muslim countries, or other methods of control, although I don't know what it's like to live there. It doesn't look poor.

I have seen pictures. Never people in them though. It's quite odd actually.

In the 80's everyone loved the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan because they whooped Russia with our weapons, and they shot down a lot of Russian helicopters to the point that Russia went bankrupt trying to fight them, which was probably not the only reason but was the one engineered by America.

Thanks Afghanistan for destroying our mortal enemy! But...we are going to have to go ahead and blame you for something we blamed on a Saudi friend of ours...because that's how we treat friends...and invade you, occupy you indefinitely...because we need a new opium connection and you guys won't deal yeah...thanks though!

It was either Assad or Russia who reportedly​ used sarin recently on the Syrians.

Geneva convention anyone? Didn't chemical weapons use become a war crime? I know it IS a war crime, we have a body of "United" nations that are supposed to be peace keepers, even the soldiers, none of who do anything.

What was the answer?

MOAB on Afghanistan.

Hmmm. Can't drop the "little cousin of all bombs" on Assad though? Or arrest him.
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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 08:36 AM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

It really doesn't matter what you are saying about Salafis, I never mentioned them AND they answer to the MB as do Wahhabis.

My point was Wahhabis live in Arabia almost exclusively and are not the problem if Assad is removed.

You just butt in with some that's not true nonsense.

A Wahhabi is not a Salafi, they are a Wahhabi.

I don't know what your issue is, you seem mad and uneducated about the MB.

But you and I aren't talking about the same thing. You are talking about different groups and I only mentioned Wahhabis to explain who they were and where they live to someone who said they would take over Syria.

You want to correct someone, make sure they are wrong first, you still never said what I was wrong about.

And for a fellow Muslim you sure don't talk to me like it. I am sorry you said I was wrong when I wasn't if it helps any.

A Salafi is a Salafi.

A Wahhabi is a Wahhabi.

They are two groups.

Saying you know so and so who is a such and such usually means you don't know anything other than what you think you heard, or are trying to back up claims not rooted in fact.

As a Muslim you should know that Salafis is not the same sect as Wahhabis as much as Protestants aren't Lutheran.

Subtle but real distinction.

Was that your beef, that I said Wahhabis mainly live in the Arabian peninsula?

So why mention Salafis and Boko Haram?

Because it's a fact most Wahhabis live in the Arabian peninsula.

And they are a distinct sect from Salafis.

It's why they have a unique name, Salafi, and aren't called Wahhabis.

Christians I would expect not to get this or any non Muslim, and I get they are friendly, but you can not deny they aren't one group.

And they are not a threat outside of SA.

MB is the threat, everywhere, SA is not. They suck, but are no threat to Syria.

All these puppet regimes have the same London lords. Did you not know that the MB is a pagan Masonic order and not Muslim at all?

That the Middle East is infested with their lodges?

If you did you wouldn't care about Salafis or Wahhabis, you would see the bigger picture, what's really going on.

You need to find out. You don't have a whole lot of information regarding anything, just what so and so said. Maybe so and so is wrong or doesn't know or you misunderstood.

Quit bickering. We are supposed to be on the same side but you are too concerned about Salafis and Wahhabis to even discuss the thread topic.

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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 08:59 AM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

Yeah so I am sorry you think being a Muslim and knowing someone who told you something makes you an expert, but where are your facts?

You make claims, about two sects being one, and think this makes my statement about Wahhabis living almost exclusively in the Arabian peninsula "Wrong bro?"

Well you should fact check that bro, you ain't right.

And you mentioned Salafis, not me, and you mentioned Boko Haram and a bunch of stuff I didn't.

You need to refute your brother so bad you deny statistical facts by invoking separate sects as belonging to the Wahhabis that don't?

I already knew they were similar too.

But it's not the same as BEING the same.

And my statement stands correct.

I don't know what your beef is but you are the first Muslim I have ever had an unpleasant experience with online or in person.

Over your opinion that Salafi=Wahhabi?

In the absence of proof?

And you think your religion is incapable of governing itself.

Allah's Law doesn't work?
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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 09:05 AM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

You are a fool if you think secularism allows for equality, a dupe.

Look at Turkey, look at Syria.

Those places suck.

And quite frankly I don't see how any Muslim could support secularism, it's anti religous.

Islam had diversity of religion for 1400 years and still does, in non secular countries.

Christian, Jews, Sabaeans, Mandaeans, Harranian Sabians, Magians, lived with Hindus as people of the Book.

Why do you think they need to be secularized?

Do you not know your history?

You would sell out to the west, your own people, and denounce centuries of tradition, tolerant tradition?

Sad. That's not Islam. We are not secular and have had religous diversity longer than Europe.

Foolishness, I can't believe you are a Muslim.

How many of your people have died for that false notion that secularism is progress? How many more need to before you realize that you are preaching the agenda of people who want to destroy Islam?

And I disagree with you so you start taking sides with an Assad supporter, a war criminal who killed hundreds of thousands of YOUR PEOPLE?


I respect Wahhabis more than you, and I don't like Wahhabism​ at all, but I don't respect any Muslim who agrees with the Assad regime and its supporters or supports secularism in Muslim lands.

Let's secularize Israel too!

See how the world responds to that.

Halakhic law governs Israel.

Sharia governs Islam.

You shame tradition and Sharia.

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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

Why are you even a Muslim?

You don't believe your own religion and it's sacred Law is capable of governing even though it did for 1400 years with religous tolerance that shames Europe and Byzantium, Christianity.

Christianity should not be allowed to govern, it cast an evil cloud over Europe for 1800 years and only separation of Church and State could solve THEIR problem, much did they also learn from us to accomplish this.

But we didn't HAVE Europe's anti Semitic policies and endless persecutions, didn't have their problems because our religion is Divinely revealed and capable of elevating a desert Society to one of the largest Empires ever and factually the fastest spreading IN HISTORY.

And it wasn't just because of conversion, Coptic Christians and Syrians, Jews and Christians even many Persian who did not all convert welcomed our system.

And you think the war on Islam should succeed, which it will if secularization is forced upon it and people like you cower to the will of globalization.

posted on May, 20 2017 @ 11:15 AM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

I'm a Muslim because of of my beliefs. Duh. (facepalm)

You say I want "the war on Islam to continue" yet you're the one asking why the Alawites won't launch yet another phase in the Syrian War. On the contrary, I'm the one who posted this (HERE):

As an actual Muslim, I'm tired of all of the fighting and killing over there. They should be able to talk it out and figure out a solution that way. Encouraging more fighting right before Ramadan starts is effin ridiculous!

If not for secularism, my own family and many of my relatives and friends would not be able to freely practice our religion right here. Instead, the Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others around me can all live in peace religiously, with each of us having our own places of worship. While my father's mosque is part of an interfaith program which works together with many of the other nearby religious denominations, I prefer to do it in a more personal environment; meaning, I prefer to have lively religious discussions with my religion with friends and others.

Because of secularism, I'm perfectly able to have discussions with religious figures from other religions, exchange religious works with others, etc. I still make music on the side and I always include my religious beliefs in it. And guess what? I can do that without fear of arrest or persecution for proselytizing! One of my cousins and 2 of my friends that I've done music with in the past are now Christian pastors, and I completely respect the paths they're on (since I've seen the dramatic lifestyle changes they've made from back when we were teens). Christianity has certainly helped them in their lives & I wish them well.

Also, I don't trust supposed religious based laws because leaders from the same religions can never agree with each other or agree on their religious interpretations. They always use religion as a pretext to codify their favoritism, bigotry, racism & tribalism, while continuing to promote wars and domestic power grabs that conveniently enrich themselves and their inner circles. In other words, I don't see supposedly religious leaders as being any more pure or honest as nonreligious leaders. In practice, they're still humans who succumb to human vices. At least secularism prevents them from openly oppressing minorities who have different beliefs from them.

Also, as an African American male aka a "Black Man", both Muslim leaders and Christian leaders all over the world have used my people's skin color as an excuse to enslave and oppress us. My own family tree consisted of forced slaves just 5 generations ago. And don't act like you don't know that Gulf countries just ended the practice of slavery in the 1950s-1960s. Even to this day, many Middle Eastern "Muslims" have been racist towards myself & my own family (though to be fair, many American "Christians" have also been racist towards us).

I'm bringing that up because I firmly believe that if they were legally allowed to codify their racist interpretations of Islamic law or Christian law right here, my own family would still be legally oppressed. I doubt you know much about the American Civil Rights Movement but my family and virtually every other African American family fought for decades so we could finally be treated equally here. The KKK and many other white supremacist groups here openly call themselves Christians and claimed their bigotry was religiously justified (Curse of Ham, Mark of Cain, etc). But the African American Christians and Muslims worked together with many other religious denominations here to make sure those racist religious interpretations were made illegal.

And this isn't ancient history; my parents were teenagers during this stuff. The first time that either of them were allowed to go to racially integrated schools was when both went to college! And I was in 7th grade when I had my first encounters with literal skinheads. So my own bloodline has seen both the oppression that misused religious laws can provide and the freedom that secularism provides. And there's nothing you or any other anonymous poster here can say to change my views on that. lol

ETA: Do you know what miscegenation is? If so, do you know why virtually every State in the Southeastern United States outlawed it? They literally used racist interpretations of biblical scripture to support their view that different "races" shouldn't be allowed to marry or date. And once again, this isn't ancient history. It took the Supreme Court Case "Loving v Virginia" to ban all anti-miscegenation laws here, and that was in 1967! Why would I support some BS pseudo-religious laws like that?

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posted on May, 20 2017 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

And don't think I haven't noticed that you keep ignoring my main points.

1. Tell us this, what type of govt will the "rebels" implement in Syria if they win?

2. Will the Syrian citizens have a say in that process or even be allowed to vote under the rebel's govt?

3. Why won't you acknowledge that Assad is the only legitimate leader of Syria since he was democratically elected in 2014?

4. Why won't you acknowledge that the 2012 Syrian Constitution was implemented through a referendum, and it fixed the major issues that caused the protests in the first place?

posted on May, 20 2017 @ 02:57 PM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

Wahhabism has no relevance to the topic though as it's basically confined to the Arabian peninsula and only .5% of Muslims are Wahhabis, you hype up their influence when it obviously isn't THAT influential if it doesn't make up even 1% of Islam.

You assume I do not have a clue on this subject and will swallow made up information. If you have independent statistics and proof of your claims then give it and we will look at the source.

This is a person who can create a peaceful solution. But as long as a majority is against reformation the dualistic war between Sunni and everybody else the violence will continue.

When you can get nondualists like Hindus and Buddhist to reject co existance with group of people then it is time for that group to look in the mirror and become self aware of what they are creating for themselves with their ideas.
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posted on May, 21 2017 @ 05:23 AM
For my brother E.S.

You seem to regard Secularism, the laws of men and a modern concept invented by the British, as superior to the Laws of God, the answer to a problem it actually caused.

Google "Secularism colonialism" and India will come up. They educated Hindus, gradually indoctrinating them to believe that their own ancient culture was inferior to the west.

It was sold as a solution to a problem that didn't exist. The religions of India were getting along fine until the British instigated and implemented their new divide and conquer strategy. And they are experts in propaganda and rhetoric, they propose one attractive idea and once accepted they use it to manipulate the population into war. And it happened in India as violence increased.

After the British divided Islam by instigating the Arabians to fight the Turks in WW1, with promises of Independence, Arabia got rewarded by remaining Muslim, Turkey punished by installing the Donmeh-Sabbatean Young Turks, false converts to Islam from a deviant Jewish sect that infiltrates religions, later the Sabbatean-Frankists did the same with Catholicism and Rabbinical Judaism.

And being forced into secularism.

Turkey is on the verge of dictatorship today.

Secular Assad, the Alawis who run Syria and are also pagan Muslims in disguise, have done a great job...killing and destroying Syrians and Syria.

Baathist Iraq was secular and the source of the Alawis secular ideology.

That was a good idea! Both countries are destroyed.

Still, outside of Israel Iraq has the largest Jewish population in the world going back millennia to Biblical times regarding genealogy.

4:76 Those who believe fight in the cause of God, and those who choose to disbelieve fight for the cause of the transgressor; fight, you, therefore, AGAINST the friends of satan, surely the strategem of satan is ever weak.

God tells the truth. The dajjal system of secularization is a weak strategy destined not to conquer BELIEVERS.

And the dajjal has one eye Allah does not.

Says the Messenger of God saws.

One eye, who represents the one eye today in its symbols?

Why Freemasons of course! Who through Hasan al-Banna created the Masonic "Muslim" Brotherhood that use Salafis as their covert military of terrorism.

Wahhabism on the other hand is old but until the 70's obsure and irrelevant when Britain sponsored their ascendency to power in S.A., where it stays.

6:123 We have placed leaders of the wicked in every town to plot therein. Yet it is only against themselves that they scheme, they they don't percieve it.

34:33 Those deemed weak, suppressed, will say to those who thought themselves great, "No, (we are not guilty), it was your schemes, hatched day and night, that kept us from guidance; for You urged us to disbelieve in Allah and set up equals to Him..."

When you reject what worked for 1400 years, what was the will of God, how Muslims should live and how their nations should be governed, you elevate schemers to the position of equality with God in terms of leading man to the straight path, you don't believe in Islam as God does. As most Muslims do who have no need for secularism, nor do Muslim nations that were much better off before or are without now.

It boggles my mind that you don't see how upholding the so called wisdom of men over that of God is fallacy, or how secularism is destroying Islam.

And that you support secularIZING nations who DON'T WANT to be secular, which is hypocrisy as the spirit of democracy is consensus...which was a part of Islamic law since its inception.

You need to study history, politics, colonialism and quit worrying about Boko Haram and the Wahhabis because you are taking the bait and don't know who is the more powerful and actual and invisible enemy.

The M.B. M stands for TWO words. Really just one. And not Muslim.

posted on May, 21 2017 @ 05:30 AM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

You don't talk like you believe.

Secularism is superior to God's Law?

You can have the benefits secularism proposes without secularism itself, so clearly it's inferior. And unnecessary, worthless really and doesn't mean anything except your country has been oppressed by the west.

If you can have a secular republic you can have a non secular one too, like America or all of Europe that is Christian majority on the outside, Masonic on the in. Not Secular.

You don't know that before America and western culture existed Islam had a functional and fair legal system, for its time and with some exceptions is still today.

Did you not know how diverse Islam and the religions in its territories were and are?

I mean what right does one culture have to impose its culture and system of law on another, which is the only way secularism exists in Islam, unwillingly?

Islam doesn't need British philosophy or American legal codes to live in harmony with other religions and never has.

Do you not know Secularism just replaced the old methods of colonization? Because the violent oppressive tactics could no longer be concealed (as well)?

That it's a scam the British came up with to destroy the power of Islam in the world? Destroy any chances of a united Ummah by instilling the nationalistic spirit in nations against one another so they would see themselves as superior and others as inferior because of nationality? Like in Europe?

While they worked at uniting Europe under the Babel system and symbolized by the Tower itself? Of Nimrod? Do you know that story?

That they have been pillaging the globe for centuries altering their methods as to change with the times?

Hell America is back under British oppression because the FED is owned by London Jews, Zionists.

Allah needs to give you a revelation. I pray He does.

You believe the dajjal system is superior.

But you "believe?''

In who? Not Islam, you think it can't govern.

God can guide us, we can govern with His guidance and without it can not.

God can govern.

And since Islam is to do the will OF God so can it.

Ergo you don't believe Islam is divine or capable of governing, don't believe God is either.

Don't believe in Islam.

Logically speaking.

Again, so why are you a Muslim? Might as well become a Mason.
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posted on May, 21 2017 @ 07:19 AM

Tekbir !!!

Allah-u Ekber .

posted on May, 21 2017 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: 23432

Allahu Akbar is right.

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posted on May, 21 2017 @ 07:34 AM

originally posted by: Disturbinatti
a reply to: 23432

Allahu Akbar is right.

"illa tensurûhu fe kad nasarahullâhu iz ahrecehullezîne keferû sâniyesneyni iz humâ fîl gâri iz yekûlu li sâhibihî lâ tahzen innallâhe meanâ, fe enzelallâhu sekînetehu aleyhi ve eyyedehu bicunûdin lem terevhâ ve ceale kelimetellezîne keferûs suflâ, ve kelimetullâhi hiyel ulyâ vallâhu azîzun hakîm (hakîmun)".

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posted on May, 21 2017 @ 08:00 AM
a reply to: 23432

I only speak English brother sorry.

But E.S.

Do you know where Europe got its Enlightenment philosophy from?

The same books they rejected for the Bible were preserved by Islam and used, for ethics and science.

When Europe first saw how glorious Muslim civilization was they were a bit jealous and you have the Crusades as a result.

It was only after copying what WE did THEY escaped the dark ages.

And they use our algorithms and algebra to kill us with precision.

But we should now copy them who copied us?

Enlightened Servant, I prey you earn that name.

posted on May, 21 2017 @ 08:45 AM

originally posted by: Disturbinatti
a reply to: 23432

I only speak English brother sorry.

But E.S.

Do you know where Europe got its Enlightenment philosophy from?

The same books they rejected for the Bible were preserved by Islam and used, for ethics and science.

When Europe first saw how glorious Muslim civilization was they were a bit jealous and you have the Crusades as a result.

It was only after copying what WE did THEY escaped the dark ages.

And they use our algorithms and algebra to kill us with precision.

But we should now copy them who copied us?

Enlightened Servant, I prey you earn that name.

2 billion muslims on Earth and about 1.8 billion will come together under an organisation within next 10 years and sort out Muslim's problems .

Turks as usual will spearhead this siege breaking organisation and ALL Muslims will strive to become a 1 Nation with no borders .

We have the knowledge , we have the experience and we have the faithfull .

"Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us."

Most Western people are indoctrinated about Islam & Muslims and that is by design .

Non muslims in general ; they will either face the wrath of neo serfdom or marxism of some sort or the other .

Shia will always be Shia and the Iran as always will side with non muslims ; nothing is new here .

You should watch the re-awakening of Muslims ;

posted on May, 21 2017 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

So you completely ignored the fact that secularism is the only thing allowing Muslims like myself and my family to practice Islam in Western countries? You completely ignored the fact that the literal religious laws right here in my home country were oppressive to my own people? You completely ignored the fact that many of the supposed "religious" laws in both Muslim & Christian majority countries have treated my people as inferiors and as subhumans, even though the Qur'an supports nothing of the sort?

And of course, you completely ignored the fact that secularism allows every person to practice his/her own religion freely. ETA: In secular America, I'm free to do my prayers, to fast, to proselytize, to perform as much charity as I want, and to visit various religious and nonreligious institutions without fear of religious persecution. Ramadan is coming up and I can fast, go to a mosque, read every Scripture I want, and break my fast without fear of religious persecution. I can celebrate the Eid in whatever city I want, with whatever people I want without fear of religious persecution.

My former coworkers & I even celebrated Eid al-Fitr at work one year, sharing food & gifts with all of our coworkers, the majority of which were Christians and other non-Muslims. Not only did no one object to it, but it was actually an amazing experience where everyone just had fun & shared food. One of my best friends & her spouse, both Christians, wish me Ramadan Mubarak during Ramadan, have broken fast w/me more times than I can count, and have even fasted with me to better understand what I was going through. But of course you'll just ignore real life examples in favor of your hypothetical BS, right?

You asked repeatedly what's so good about secularism yet obviously can't handle the answers. So why am I even wasting my time responding to you? You write large essays, expect me to read and acknowledge them, yet ignore every single point I make in response.

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