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posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 02:09 AM
Mindfulness leads to how full the mind is when not on task of what one is actually doing in such a state it is mindlessness... this is why mindfulness is actually emptiness because it is on the single task at hand, however there are five senses occuring... which one is the focus of concentraition? The ones of smell and taste are easily unthought of unless focused on becoming and unconscious that once noticed can be cause to pull ones minds else where... the smell of food, or waste from having eaten it, a natural extreme in awareness that can become embedded as extremes... of good and bad, positive or negative. When not in awareness then it is a neutrality, subsconscious yet present and active if functioning properly.

The eye always sees even with the eye closed there is something to be seen. So blind does not exist unless unconscious of what the eyes see... when this is not occuring then dream arises from what is held onto as an unconscious attachment. The ear hears and if there is a a label to what the ear hears then it gives rise to formation of what is heard. Touch always occuring and yet can also be unconscious when occuied in one of the other senses.

The mind attached thusly to what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched happens at different rates of conscious awareness. Now here now there, it also is attached by the labels that have been given as concept... such as father, mother, etc etc to infinity... taste births on contact the concept grased is the label this sort of thing over and over again becomes cause for the self or ego of attachments to arise and continue on as a percieved self. Yet when unattached the same thing occurs, in two states awareness and unawareness. But yet each is contunually arising and passing; moment to moment to moment in which it is percieved.

The point of this post is not about all of that.

The point is, has anyone ever concidered all of the thought that has ever gone into all of the things surrounded by them; that did not occur in mindfulness... thought forms arising and passing, coming and going, being and non being in what is present in ones awareness and yet where have all those thoughts of minds gone?

There is a meditation that can show the empitness of all form, sit and stare at a single object and think it out... all things that can be thought of the object, the uses, the shapes involved, the colors it could be, kee going and going until there can no longer be any single thought arising about that object... all conceptual thought dissapears the object and that viewing the object disappear in an instant this is a state of oneness. Unconcieved unthought unmade and yet there... all potential left to a future arising. Eventually all things will become the same and the desire for materialism ends. Those other than oneself become focus, and yet there are reflections of concept to be seen, heard, felt... agreement on similar tastes, smells. All of that varies depending on attachment or detachment.

Attached less and less use a cup is a cup, unattached, a pencil holder a vase etc etc. to infinity as it is all particles of matter... and yet particles and matter are also concepts.

So which sense does one focus on contact attachment ceases to depend on concepts for their arising?

posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 08:39 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Mindfulness...Can make a regular work day feel like it Friday everyday(Except for Monday), feel like it was done in half the time.

Bruce Lee made some interesting statements about water and incorporating into his art.
"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash."

posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 10:48 AM
a reply to: Specimen

He was speaking of energy or Chi as a practitioner of Chi-Gong... firmly rooted in the center or hara then one can channel energy and direct it's flow... like standing there holding a garden hose. Water molecules are interesting, in that they do not shift places in mass of bonds the just move up and down in one spot; when excited or disturbed... the surface of the pond waves the water does not change places... this is how it can be firm when these molecules slow down they freeze when excited to boiling they change form and steam... hot is a sensation of cold and warm together. The body being composed of so much water? Balance is composure... moving in a fluid motion grace and with great force in mass the weight can crush, like waves break... what do they break on? Anything not water... but then whatever it touches absorbs that force of water... the rise of the moon above the ocean drawing up the water responsible for the tides as it bulges.

In the same way, one draws up that energy... of course time being realative to the observer... keep watching the watch and it crawls second by second bcause the mind synchronizes with it... ignore it and then what keeps time? The watch still :p

Enjoyment of all one does can move things rather quickly along... dispassion is when one has felt like they have had enough... means time to embrace change, holding onto one thing for very long, becomes stagnate... so being like water? Can become poison to all it accepts into itself, but relative to what it comes into contact with.

The mind is similar to water in its movement but mindfullness eventually becomes hydrophobic nothing clings as the natural state of all matter and energy is impermanence, the mind trying to dwell is memory and yet those things long gone long past... things not there unless attached or desired then in that clinging? Are formation of that attachment... thought forms not real poof gone. Chasing memory when each thing arising is brand new... concepts consiracy says you are here, there, and where ever the mind drags itself off too in a dream like state mindfulness drags it back, when the mind leas off where does it land? From where did it fall? Was it absorbed or did it bounce... if it left to what does it return? Moment to moment to moment unattached.

Of course those trying to control the nonexistant get funny after awhile... concepts trying to control concepts clinging to things unreal of course that arising is dependent on what some percieved self is clinging too... the ego the past that is gone not real trying to be aware in unawareness of reality as it is occuring... so whom is lost as soon as something is thought to be found? It just is as it is then and there the mind attached to what is and is not cannot see nor understand reality.

These words can cease to be words as they are just empty concepts... waves. Impermanent states fluid, solid, being and nonbeing self and not self... transient things that come and go. Ebracing the arising and passing is to detach to let go. Being in awareness of that arising and passing, coming and going... labels are concepts... name and form are a link in causation. Being cause for more arising and passing... attachment brings karma where intent to do so is involved.

The intent is the direction or flow of that energy... but yet still karma when so attached. Unattached then it is unbound energy simly being nothing arising nothing passing and yet all there is.

posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness


If there are virtues to mindfulness: can you not name any virtues to mindlessness?

posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 04:31 AM
a reply to: Nothin

Keep practing and that answer like a koan riddle will arise.

posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I get what your trying to point at, almost like being completely natural at something without thinking, but that something is nothing. It crazy that the concept or, more appropriately, the matter of nothingness and it void nature can be harnessed to do many thing, and yet be so far fetched. Something like the Philosophers Stone from Harry Potter...It only ends up in someone pocket when they are not searching for it, away from one that is searching for it...respectfully of course.

Almost like trying to describe or put it into perceptive/context, it only becomes more out of reach the more one tries.

I think Bruce was trying to convey or demonstrate this matter in one scene...

Don't look at the finger, look at the Heavens.
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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 03:42 PM
a reply to: Specimen

Well, the mind points at a lot of things... but becomes director of some strange "first person" script when so attached to what is coming in through camera one and camera two as it flips things upside down and crosses paths. The ear plays editor like no no no my script says this... the tongue lays caterer no no no my tongue likes this and eww what is that, the nose oh my this smell and that smell... touch being contact, same as the others when the mind stops taking first person point of view... things start unfolding. Nothing written in the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue and contact is just that... always some manner of touch or perception.

So who points when the mind ceases? Karma until it exhausts all of those plot holes one has dug or wormed its way through the book one is writing until... The End. Of course; that will not sto the one's others have ever wished or cursed on you or dreamed of or planned without you knowing... but the present moment is always a gift... like there it is; of course detachment is the important art of the process... as it arises and passes into that impermanence that is very beautiful in and of itself in the moment it is present... as this state of awareness continues, those intentions past will arise the same as thoughts once did and become more of an echo or shadow from the past... much easier to try to resolve as much of that as possible in person so and burdens can be come as unladen as a swallow trying to carry coconuts. While it make seem to pack a heavy lunch for such a long distance, trying to crack it with it's beak would take way longer than stopping along the way.

Of course, there are many levels of heavens and hells... sometimes the more of them you know the less a journey... or perhas longer spent in one than another... fortunately impermanence something like 454 levels last I read everyone trying to embrace heaven should stop be present and let hell catch up first that is resolution in my honest opinion. Then Mara or "death" is seen face to face and the sooner one stops and lets that wash over one the quicker it all clears up... the mind of that past can torture oneself worse than any enemy could ever do but yet it was always oneself doing it with intent until one grabbed the mind of suffering dragging them around and said with firm resolve STOP! hitched it and dragged it back to one point over and over, til it is tamed becomes a sharp tool of focus, this leads toseeing things clearly as they are... of course the illusion is all name and form packed on top of everything the dukka or manure from which we grow... grow another life? Or skewer the mind and have it for lunch? 12 links in the chain of becoming... all it takes is one to break that driver of life and death at the wheel... then death starts chasing you around beating at you with the chains of karma like a run away slave.

It takes great purpose and resolve to resolve of course there are two intents, good and bad and intent being karma good leads to better rebirth, bad leads to deeper hells although in the world of illusion it would seem the opposite. Clear seeing knows better... freely giving what is not needed... want is a very subtle form of greed, whether intent is good or bad expectation is not freely given, there is some selfish intent involved... it can be very dfficult in all the assualt one may go through, but mindful of that intent to harm only does them way more harm than any oneself may go through. As it is hate, and well greed and hate is ignorance and delusion rolled into one... clarity of mind means equanimity a state of balance or neutrality, some demand empathy even if none has been shown to you by them, mistaking oneself for another, all being mind it is a point of focus... if the mind points and says anything who is speaking, this becomes profundly clear when a vow of silence is taken after thought has ended.

Tasks... in the Surganama Sutta the Buddha Shakaymuni said not one had ever left, if one was ever present? Same still there... in equanimity tis true tis true, name and form comes and goes ones one attaches and ones other attaches these are fetters like gulliver in his travels... little nagging things or thoughts trying to weigh him down... and yet no matter how small or insignificant? He pays them respect and kindness... if ants self aware and here we are stamping around how unkind to never pay them heed and say I am sorry for feeling so above you to not pay any attention to the life within you, it is like being a slave in the biblical times carrying burdens building little pyramids... stopping to recall sorry I have killed so many of you unintentionally mindless one sort of becomes the one that sets them free.

And on and on it goes in awareness it gets clearer and clearer the eye? Easy... the ear? concept very difficult when everything becomes so overwhelming everything is zen screaming at you... the silverware becomes your master it is almost like all around you force you down into one spot like gulliver tied down until peace washes over in resolve of equanimity, of course when the eye is clear, and the ear starts to clear where has the nose been? Boop.

The interesting thing is Janism seems to be the next step further as as in do no harm... not to oneself and not to any others... for the entire path of mind, speech, and body... in the trikaya. Once ones own mind becomes clear many others form and not form will try to take control over what has ceased to essentially exist as they used to be perfectly welcome in unawareness... to control to program to have intent both good and bad over one to trigger for reactions to get their way all and assult on the senses... like a newborn wiggling around grasping like an astronuat loosing it's tether without a thruster? Just floating around so too can conscious awareness "become" as thats all moments are a constant state of becoming... and those attached well how slow does one think such move around burdened thusly? How about completely unburned?

Unbound consciousness, of course honesty knows the attachments and well, future can be a direction or simply a wheel spinning... one and the same in dependent arising. In the trikaya? Which of the three, witness against the other two to bring about such arisings if all is a self... it seems to be an argument why someone being called "god" required two witnesses to conform such a thing, but it would take one of the three to say truthfully, it is a conceptual arising and without the senses being clear and unobstructed from attachment bias or illusion can be unclear... so what grasps becomes cause the effects? What was the intent for the grasping? This is where the pratimoksha for not only lay followers but monks can help in such matters of ethics, if one even wants to get involved with such things. As an assay in Islam... they say the third person is the devil. Perhaps it is for just that reasoning of the three worlds... if two are in a perfec accord or agreement? Then who was interfering in the garden of "eden?" becomes an interesting question to ponder... not really my forte and sorry to have dug it up.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Unbounded conscousness, I may have told you about one experience I had a couple years ago while I was still fresh on the forum. Used to meditate and attempt to practice Zen mediation a lot to help with my anxiety and the rhythms of my body/brain that I had messed, thanks to new age believe and my naivety. I was really screwed in the head at that point in my life...Like really chopped up an screwed.

Took many months, but unexpectedly eventually reached a point I felt like my mind was floating and it may have been due to me unknowingly cultivating kundlini, chi, or whatever one would like to call it. It felt great, where I felt like a fountain/ozing of my being, or a bottle that broke the surface of the ocean an just floating in a vast sea.

Now a days, I don't really concern myself with trying to find inner peace, simply out, restless curiosity and boredom, even though a part would like too. Delusions of grandeur/mythology got the better of me, and I guess I was just tired of feeling like a Machine for a long time, that some people I know tell me that I act like one from time to time, even though I'm a kid at heart. But you were right about your response to that post, one shouldn't be obsessed with such things as they can be fleeting or distracting.

Like for example a not to recent problem, I would focus on my base so much to try to boost, that eventually focusing it too much was causing a form of hypertension or strain in my chest, where I would end up receiving chest pains. I guess I did it so much, the back of my mind would still doing it.

Talk about Karma, eh?
I kind of found out what the problem was, I was not enough oxygen was going to the left side of my brain, or thats how it feels lol. No one wonder my reason went to #, or that I was being more reckless and aggressive at certain points.
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posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 12:52 AM
a reply to: Specimen

Well, stream entry... yeah such a thing can get the better of you; ego screams yeah dawg I achieved something. Yeah a moment in time come and gone, never to arise again ever no matter how similar one tries to make it occur, and when is that not going on? Lol that's what is always going on... impermanence, is the only permanence wrapping things up nice and tidy in and of itself.

Any delusions we may have trying to embrace permanence instead of impermanence; automatically puts us at odds and in the wrong direction of life... we take a bunch of illusory concepts and ideas call them knowledge; pass that crap around generation after generation as truth when it is only a subjective reality; then subject each succeeding generation to it like it is real or matters and not just some damned thought form used for communication otherwise it serves no purpose.

Relative reality making oneself and others mental subjects and slaves to subjective conceptual bubbles completely missing out on absolute reality or life chasing that enigmatic tree of "knowledge" whih is infinite in creativities sake we can remove all we know of the sun and say the sun dude thats it it has all knowledge and is all knowledge and leave it there and what difference will it make? Will it change the name sun? Nah but we could even other languages have different names and concepts for things... are they wrong? Narp they are alive and well.

So does any of this conceptual $h!te make anything what it is? Nope not in the slightest, to communicate something silly? Sure. To miss out on the gift of life so beautiful and perfect in that moment with nothing need be added or taken away? Yeah that mental nonsense screws that up too, dragging corpses of the past forward right over the right now to build onto some future... that's not living life awake; that's living life asleep in a mental testube of imagination.


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