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Trump has two more chances to lose the Race or else a Pulp Fiction ending!?

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posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 02:54 PM
I know that many people don't read posts with more than ten lines of text, but this is pure gold.

The only chance we've got of keeping a war hungry lunatic out of office is to elect... the ringer. Who of course would just start doing what he's told by his boss anyway.

Dark times.

originally posted by: redempsh
I was going to start my own thread on this, but this one will do fine.

Let's do a simulation.

Let's pretend Donald Trump "Really Is" a shill for Hillary. Just for the sake of disproving the idea. Let's imagine he is going to throw the election. Fine. First question is: "How would 'Ringer'' Donald look different from what we have now?

-Any centrist republican could beat Hillary, with her astronomical negatives. So the Ringer needs to take out every centrist in the republican primary.

-Any republican candidate with more than 2 terms in the senate as experience has a better resume; so the Ringer has to have absolutely zero experience. That way he can run against Hillary AND all the republicans on the same platform.

-The "woman card" is Hillary's main claim to the oval office; so we need a Ringer with a clearly sexist past. RECENT past, too. Not that he puts down Hillary herself, but he has to knock a female republican...

-He needs to not be a "favorite son", He cannot be a southerner or a red-stater, because too many southerners would support him for regional reasons. He needs to be some kind of yankee.

-Since the two parties are basically 50/50, he needs to alienate a big chunk of the republican party. He can do this by being whatever embarrasses them most---say, a right wing christian. But obviously not a "real" christian, who the evangelicals might support. Make him someone with a lifestyle they reject. Someone who runs a liquor business. Or gambling or something.

-if he accidentally does take the lead, have him spend precious days stumping in states where he has no chance and who have few electoral votes in any case. He should tour... Maine. Or New Hampshire. Or Michigan in inner city detroit or something.

-Do something big, to piss off minorites, driving them into Hillary's camp. Then spend tons of energy reaching out to them. Spend a lot of time on Mexicans, but the ones still in mexico! Or on inner city youths, who won't even vote. etc.

-Generate a scandal for every one of Hillary's. If they question her health, he should be seen sick on camera...

You get the idea.

How has the Donald done anything different from what Hillary would want from a Ringer?????

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 04:14 PM

originally posted by: cosmickat
Pulp Fiction is one of my all time favourite movies...but forgive me if I don't get the analogy of Ving Rhames as Hillary and Bruce Willis as Trump. At the the end of Pulp Fiction they part ' all square ' as Ving Rhames puts it. While Bruce Willis's character has absolutely failed to 'take a dive' in the boxing match and cost Ving Rhames a whole heap of $$$, following Rhames hunting Willis down and the chase into the XXX store, the 'gimp' is brought out ( much to Rhames's misfortune ) Willis then is the only witness to Rhames's shame. So they part ways with the slate clean.
One XXX store owner, one gimp and of course Zed's dead baby...Zed's dead.
So will Hillary then wipe the slate clean even if Trump fails to ' throw ' the match....because Trump has some mud in reserve that he hasn't thrown at Hillary yet? If it was a true Pulp Fiction ending...Trump would win, just as Willis did in the movie. But even after he did...Hillary wouldn't 'get his ass' if he had double crossed her. Willis didn't get got by Rhames's. Bring out the gimp!
Does either of the candidates keep a gimp for the purpose of getting even should they be double crossed ? hmm mm Wouldn't surprise me. The whole race has been a circus of horrors.

Apologies..I really love that movie. I don't even want to associate it with these two clown candidates.

I really appreciate your post

I’m being a but tongue in cheek...a little gallows adult humor.

Hillary won't do the you know what of course but Trump if he fails to live up to his bargain will get what Ving Rhames got.

That’s as far as the analogy goes

It’s not to be taken too literal beyond that

On a serious note though that’s just what Hillary did to Kaddafi

Bottom line....If Trump double crosses Hillary he’s going to get F_____ in the you know what

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 04:41 PM
You see we don’t have to be too symmetrical here.

Hillary begins as Ving Rhames the gangster and later transforms into the cracker cop that does his thing on Ving in that cellar

Trump begins as Bruce Willis the doulble crossing fighter of Ving's gambling scam and also then transforms into Ving... IF he double-crosses Hillary

Dynamic isn't it

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: Willtell

I know well enough to not take too literally..or symmetrically as you said ( I like that ) and it was cool to stumble across that particular movie scene in a thread !
As far as Hillary and Trump's farcical, and really worrying for the US because whichever of them win there is going to be such a backlash from the losing side of the electorate that...IMHO...will result in a very unsettling time.
Even although I live across the pond...( have family in US ) I think this has a global effect and sometimes gets so crazy that I feel like ' stop the world ...I wanna get off !'
I also have this macabre fascination to see how it all plays out.

Really funny would it be to see HRC and Trump in those Pulp Fiction roles in that dingy triple X store

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: cosmickat

Very funny

Of course the comedy ends when either of them get in office

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 06:16 PM
The whole thing is rigged. i'd be surprised if the powers that be accepted a Trump win

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