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posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:08 PM
SEWC........ Sofia

“From the Ends of the earth and across any sea I will track him and destroy everything he has ever held dear,” was his sworn “oath” to himself as he gazed upon the carnage of men, women, and kids who had been shot where they stood, or as they knelt upon their knees.

As time passed and many of his leads ended up being wrong turns in a maze of subterfuge, the only thing that kept him going was his deep felt rage at a corrupt system that had destroyed so much and given back so very little.

Casualties of war and the collateral damage of any operation, was always a toss up between the goals of the mission, the welfare of the troops, and any local assets that might be involved. Locals unfortunately were always less than a secondary mission parameter unless they were politically important . Even then, use them and lose them, if they got in the way or could not be productive.

The trail he sought had gone cold for over a year; and then it happened. A casual business proposition at a nondescript Chinese restaurant with one of the local girls had once again given him hope.

She really was a facially pretty little little thing but no doubt her best days would soon pass with the selling of her body to support her drug addition. No one can live that way without sowing rot in their soul and destroying their body; yet, there were those who, always seemed to try.

She, in a bold and reckless way, had offered him a very special favor in the restaurant’s rest room for way to much money.

After he refused several of her price quotes, she finally came down to just the price of a meal .

“Are you really hungry or just wanting to buy something else besides food”?

“I promise you it is for food and you can watch me eat it”!

“Then sit down and place your order and we will have a meal together; if that is alright with you”?

“You mean I can sit here with you and eat? I am filthy and stink”?

“As long as you behave yourself and chew with you mouth closed, I think I can tolerate your company”.

She ordered a cheap dish of fried rice with chicken and would have been done with it but I told the waitress to, “Come back in a moment for we were still deciding”..

By telling her, “I was hungry too” and letting her know we could share a few food dishes together (at least her hands and nails were clean) she was so surprised and shocked that she finally decided to just let me do the ordering. I did ask her if she could read and she said she could with an answer that seemed rather perturbed at the question by crossing here eyes and saying, ”Duh, I have a university education and graduated one year early”.

I did not say anything, for I figured this table talk, would be all the right answers, and all lies.

According to her, it was because many of the dishes on the menu were priced at such an expensive rate she did not want to take advantage of my kindness (a likely verbal hook.... as in a fishing story).


“What do you want me to do for you after we are finished eating”?

“Nothing, just eat and enjoy; talk to me like I am your friend”.

“That may be hard to do; I don't think I have any real friends I can trust left”.

“Few people do so let's start with your name”.

“My name is Sofia but I just tell everyone to call me Sofi”.

The business side of her was still looking for an angle but she evidently was so hungry she would have sold her soul to the devil for a meal.

Street urchins like her were a dime a dozen in any war torn country. The lucky ones who had nothing but themselves and passable good looks could usually find a meal if they were of what some might call low morals and even slightly creative in their thinking at getting a meal or a dollar. Survival is a universal trait in our species;. especially in women.

“So Sofia, how did you end up in a place like this offering bathroom favors”?

She Looked at me and it was as if something snapped behind her eyes for the tears started to form.

“Do you know where Table Top is”?

“You mean on the south side of the city where all the big houses and reported police on the take live”?

“Yes, I used to live there until a couple of weeks ago”.

“You have got be be kidding me,” was all I could say as I reevaluated my dinner guest. She was clothed in a big sweat shirt that was at least 4 times to big for her and the baggie jeans she wore had the pants legs rolled up several times to keep from dragging the floor and probably tripping her as she walked. She had tied two pieces of string around each side of the pants at the waist to make the waist smaller so the pants wouldn't fall down around her knees ! All of this had been taken in at first sight of her. Not a very flattering image even for a hippie or a broke back packer thief as you can imagine.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:09 PM
“My parents had a house there at 2341 Butterfly lane. After my parents were killed, I stayed at one of the smaller houses that faced the cliff on the west side of the development. I was at that small blue trimmed house for maybe a month before I was able to escape”.

“They were going to sell me to someplace or someone because I am still a virgin”.

I had to clear my throat and swallow unless I might spit water.

Part of me thought I had enough of her B.S. and lies but I tempered my reply with, “Sofia friends do not start out with lying to each other, it is bad manners”.

“I am not lying ! After we eat you can take me to the hospital and have them check me out; if you pay for it and make them let me take a bath”!

“Sofia excuse me, if you are telling me the truth. I had you figured for a druggie trying to pay for her habit and willing to do anything for money. This town is full of them”.

“That is understandable for the places I have been these last 5 days have not exactly shown me the best the city has to offer; so I can understand your thinking, even if you are wrong”!

So I thought, O.K. I will play.

“So how did you end up for sale or on the auction block”?

“My parents owned a small shop that sold motorcycles on the south west side of town. Every month some of Rico's tough guys would come by wanting their....they called it, 'Tea money'..
We had always paid, and there were never any problems, until the economy crashed and people quit buying bikes..With the drug war and killings every day and night, those with money, who could run from the triad and cartels, left last year”.

“We could not leave for everything we had was tied up in the Motorcycle shop, our house, and some land we own.

Dad had tried to get me to go live with my Aunt and Uncle in America but our visa application was not approved before Rico's thugs came and stole our limited supply of bikes. The cops were there and everything.... yet they shot mom and dad in the back of the head …... I was on my knees with my hands held behind my back as a pistol was placed on the back of my head. Then one of the thugs called Troy said he thought Rico would want to check this one out, so I was spared”.

“They took me to one of Rico's hide out bungalows where a doctor checked me from head to toe”. “Once they found out I was a virgin, instead of being shot or raped an sent to work in one of their whore houses, they put me up for sale, I guess; for no one laid a hand on me”.

“After a week of terrible boredom in that house, I asked for some paper and a pencil to draw with. They surprised me with actually giving me a sketch pad and several pencils; my drawings had been all over the motorcycle shop so they all knew I could sketch. I spent many an hour drawing their faces as they sat and just stared at me”.

She paused for a moment and her eyes got a far away look in them.

“They kept me in the house without any clothes and just a bare cot to sleep on. I think is was partly because the guys wanted something to look at and fantasize about”.

“I would like to call all of them animals but that would be an insult to animals everywhere”!

She paused for a moment and then continued.

“One evening, everyone was gone, but this one guy, they called Sam, who they had left behind to guard me. I was sketching and refining some of the drawings of people I had seen since being taken when he entered my room. I had my knees up with my sketch pad resting on my legs so he got an eye full.

Being without clothes for a month around a bunch of sick guys while knowing they can not lay a hand on you does have some advantages”.

“He came to my cot and bent down to see what I was drawing. He started touching my breast and I acted like I liked it. He then started kissing my breast and he finally closed his eyes (he was to close to see anything anyway) so I took the number two pencil I was drawing with and with all my strength I rammed it into his ear. He screamed and jumped back clutching at his ear but I was able to ram another pencil into his left eye as he danced around with his ear pain. He hit me so hard in the chest I almost got killed right then and there. He stumbled out of the door screaming and moaning the whole time before he tripped and fell on the two steps leading out of my room. I knew the pencil in his ear had gone in maybe 4 inches and the one to the eye had been a solid strike for I could feel the ocular bone shatter at the end of my sharpened pencil”.

“I followed him out of the room to find Sam in the floor screaming, shaking and maybe convulsing so I picked up a metal desk lamp that was just outside my door and with all my strength I hit him hard in the head with it's base. His screaming only paused for a moment but it did not stop ! The pencil which had been in his ear was laying on the floor so I picked it up and since his undamaged ear was sticking up, I rammed it in that ear and tapped it half way in with the metal lamp. After the first tap he quit screaming”.

Our food and and a bottle of water arrived.

Sofia's hands we shaking so badly she was having trouble opening the plastic seal cap of the water bottle, so I volunteered my services. Once opened I poured her a glass of water, which she drank without pause; so I poured her another glass and she drank half of it before she started on the food.

Sofia was so hungry she unknowingly made little cooing sounds in her throat as she took each bite and mouthful. The sounds reminded me of some starving cat who had found a meal. Some cats make the same type sound of pure joy as they eat.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:10 PM
This was a Chinese restaurant and I had ordered General Tso's chicken, Mandarin beef, and two bowls of Swan La Ton or more commonly know in English as hot and sour soup which also came with spring rolls. The Soup was the best in town for I had tried other places and none were this good.

About halfway through our food dishes she continued her story.

“I could not find my clothes but I did find these baggy jeans and this pullover. These Tennis shoes are several sizes to large but I needed to get out of there before the rest of Rico's guys returned. I did manage to pull Sam's body to the back porch and push him off to fall to the bottom of the cliff where the river runs. So I left with just these clothes and my sketch pad”.

“Why did you approach me Sofia”?

“Look around this part of town. You are the first person I have seen that does not look like a local cop and is dressed like someone who can afford to buy a girl a meal”.

“Also, now that you know my life story may I ask what is your name”?

“My name is Ray Striker,” as I reached across the table to shake her hand.

“How old are you Ray”?

“I will be 33 in December, and you”?

“I just turned 22”.

“And still a virgin. Miracles do happen after all.”

“I was either working at the shop or was at the catholic school for girls and then Saint Ann's university all my life. Not much of an opportunity to date or mess around. Besides, since I like to sketch, I was born with a good eye, which I suppose, also makes me rather picky with the looks of any guys I meet”.

“There is much more to see about someone than just looks Sofi”

“That is true...... but most of the guys just want to hop in the bed with you, like wham bam and if you are lucky you might get a thank you before the run and tell all their friends. Maybe being raised Catholic made me want to give myself to the right guy. Either way, I am what I am”.

We had almost finished our meal when Sofia jumped up and went to the little table at the entrance of the restaurant. When she returned she was carrying what looked like her sketch pad.

“This is all I have left of my former life. I have been to afraid to go back to my house for clothes or anything. You want to have a look”?

She handed me her pad and as I thumbed through her drawings, I had to confess, she was better than any street artist I have ever seen no matter what part of the world I traveled. She could have been an illustrator for any outfit I could think of, to include my own agency.

About ten pages in her sketch book I came across a face I could never forget. The shock must have been displayed on my face for she asked me, “What”?

“Sofi who is this guy”?

“That is Rico's second in command. He is in charge of security and collections for this part of the world; if not other places too? He came to my room several times checking on me and I think he was the one who told the guys to get me the pencils and pad. He is hansom in a a rugged sort of way but his eyes are very hard Ray; he seemed to look right inside you, creepy”.

“Did you ever hear his name”?

“He said his name was Ray, also”!

“If your drawing is accurate, and I have no doubt it is, his name is Jason Strong”.

“Ray you are now scaring me. How do you know him”?

“He used to be a golden boy for a government agency we worked for. Jason went rogue..... many people were killed..... to include some friends of mine. I have been looking for him for almost three years.... so I could cut his throat, after few other, not very nice things”.

“Not taking anything away from you Ray, but, he is always with some of Rico's guys..... They are very proud of the rifles and pistols they were carrying every time he came to visit me. These guys are killers without remorse or conscience from what I have personally seen”.

“Sofi are you safe here for a couple of hours”?

“I don't think I am safe anyplace ! This town is crawling with cops who are on Rico's payroll. Between Rico and this guy you say is really named Jason, they have people just about everyplace. I have been waiting on this block, across the street in that boarded up shop, for 2 days before I saw you enter here. I thought I would risk coming, for I was about ready to faint from hunger”.

The sketch pad did it for me and I made a snap decision I hoped I would not regret.

“Sofia I have a car in the back parking lot. It is a Black Yukon with dark tented windows”.

I paused and looked outside through the small window above the restaurant’s door. “It is already dark outside; do you think you can make it to the car as I stand by the corner of the building to provide you some cover and protection.... just in case someone you don't want to see shows up”?

She waited for the blink of an eye, smiled, and then said,” Miracles do happen even for me, when do we leave”?

I paid for the meal and as we rounded the corner of the building I used the Yukon's FOB and clicked the unlock button for the doors. The damn lights flashed along with a chirp so Sofia darn sure had no problem finding the Yukon's position. I had told her to shuffle walk like a normal Bum to the car and if assaulted try and keep the bad guy's back to me. I had not thought through exactly what I would do if there were more than one assailant but in my mood I planned on winning either way...... this show was on the road.

Sofi made it to the car unmolested and by the way she was dressed there was not problem looking like a shuffling Bum. Once she was inside the car, I waited a few moments to clear the area and then, I too headed for the Yukon. Once inside we headed outside of town to my safe house, which was not much, but it was isolated without neighbors. Enroute I got Sofi to write down her shoe, jean, and dress sizes...She really did smell like something mildewed and unpleasant so even with the air conditioning I keep both of the back windows cracked open to hopefully help in exhausting the smell.

We arrived at the house in about 25 minutes and after showing Sofi around I offered her a 6906 9mm S&W which had a 15 shot magazine. She had never shot a pistol before but had watched several movies so she thought she was already a good shot ! Those kind of people scare me so I gave her a 10 minute safety briefing to include dry firing practice. I really tried to make sure she would at least not shoot her foot off while I went to buy her some clothes.

It was already 20:30 hours and most of the malls and stores would be closed by 22:00 so I road the Yukon harder than usual to the closest Mall which was thankfully on the East side of town.

Luckily, the store I was in had fully dressed manikins which helped me pick and chose a few outfits for Sofi to wear. She had a 23” waist, 33” butt and needed a 34 “C” cup bra; she was 5'6” .

I purchased 3 pair of Jeans of different fit and design to go along with four pullover tops, 3 Bras, and 4 different type underwear.. I did see a really cute dress so I went ahead and got that too. One pair of walking shoes and another shoe type (high heals) for the dress which were all given to the girl who worked there and was helping me pick out clothes. While looking at some of the young girls around Sofia's age walking in the Mall I spied a few wearing some rather classy colored tennis shoes so I bought her some white socks and a size 6.5 in those shoes too. I finished my shopping by purchasing her a tooth brush and some body lotion.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:12 PM
Nice clothes for women are expensive, especially in a Mall, but at this stage I could not be picky.

I returned to the safe house and upon entry I was met by my 9mm an a scrubbed and hair washed Sofia wrapped in a towel. Amazing what a little soap and water can do for a girl ! The 9mm actually made me feel like she was more than just a pretty face; a rather smart girl who could take directions and listen.....I liked that especially after I got the gun back !

Her eyes lit up like a lantern when she saw the packages I was carrying, so she helped me carry some of the packages to the room that I had told her would be her bedroom.

I found the blow dryer for her hair and for the next 10 minutes her bedroom door was closed as I flicked through the television channels.

When she came out of her temporary bed room she was wearing the dress and heels I had purchased (just in case I could get her out on a flight).

I almost dropped the T.V. Controller from the shock of seeing her in a clean well fitted dress. I know she saw my surprised and positive reaction for she smiled and did the whole front to back model routine while asking me if I liked it.

After uttering my choked, restricted breath of approval, she was off to her room again. When she came back she was wearing one of the new tops and a pair of Jeans. To say she looked good no matter what she wore would have been the understatement of the day if not the year.

She really was a beautiful young woman when she was cleaned up.

I had a moment of thought and flash back, that before, if someone were down wind they could have smelled her previous clothes from a block away.. What a change!

I was just happy that everything fit her and she seemed to be pleased with my selections.

We both drank some bottled water as we did idle chit chat. I could tell she had let most of her guard down for she seemed to have lost the animal fear and hunger in her eyes that I had previously mistaken for some drugged-out state of mind.

It was getting close to 23:00 so I suggested we get some sleep.

She thanked me again for the ten thousandth time for saving her, the clothes, being nice, and how she would never forget it as along as she lived etc etc.

Off we went to our separate rooms.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and as I entered the kitchen Sofi was busy scrambling eggs.

After all the 'good mornings', and declarations of a good and much needed sleep we got busy on eating our eggs, bacon, and toast.

As we sat there I was amazed on how good Sofia looked in the morning with her beautiful clear unblemished skin; no make-up, just the beauty of a young girls zest for life. Her features were Eurasian for her father had been French and her mother had been 3rd generation emigrant Chinese.

Sofi spoke French, Mandarin Chinese, and a little bit of the 21 different dialects of Cantonese, plus she spoke very good English and Spanish. Not really all that surprising considering the population make-up of the city she had grown up in. It might have been funny to anyone listening to a conversation together for at times we spoke English with a few Spanish and Chinese words thrown in when convenient or because they were easier to use for a better word picture.. We both had some good laughs from each others sentence structure and creative use of the languages.

After the meal and words of appreciation I retrieved my Sat phone and made a call that I had been dreaming about for the last three years.

“Mark here”.

“Greetings Mark. The road job I have been working on looks like it is finished; could you send me a sweeper team”.

“Sure old buddy how many people do you need”?

“Well after finishing the road it is much bigger than was planned so it would be nice to get the hundred and worst airborne..... but since that might create a slight international incident...... could you send me 2 or three teams with some serious dust pans”?

“Well armed with light arms or do you want APCs and tanks too”? He wasn't joking.

I laughed and just said, “ No, but a few RPGs or M-79s and that sort of man portable stuff would really be nice. I will send you a secure report once I write it up and this time...... I even have pictures”.

“Wow aren't you special! I will get busy on this end and will wait your report... Oh, congratulations, this really has been a long road; Mark out”.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:13 PM
The conversation between Mark and myself was just our version of a cloak and dagger game. The Sat phone encryption was secure except for the most determined efforts of the NSA but we always found it amusing to act like we were America's version of some James Bond character.

Mark and I had graduated together from the academy and had become close friends after several overseas operations together. He was 34 and had a degree in law with a minor in psychology.. Unlike most Psych majors Mark was not weird. He had gone that route to use as a tool instead of trying to heal himself from some perceived faults or a childhood injustice.

Regardless I trusted and liked Mark.

I copied Sofia's sketch pad pictures and took three digital pictures (suitable for a passport) of Sofia to send along with the report.

Sofia had disappeared into the kitchen as I was working on the report only to reappear shortly afterward with a nice hot cup of coffee for me..

Saving someones life with a cheap meal does have its' perks !

Mark sent a secure reply that 3 teams would arrive in two days at the safe house. We should expect them them around 20:00hrs.

I showed Sofia the reply and her first thought was, “Where are we going to put everyone” ?

Chapter 2

I spent the next day staking out some of Rico's safe houses with the limited information Sofia had been able to supply. I had picked up the trail of the collectors the first day at the small house Sofi had been imprisoned before her escape; so it was a simple thing to follow Rico's boys in this once bustling city. My only real precaution had been that I rented another car for the first day's tracking activities. I planned on doing the same thing for the second day.

The first day I came dragging back into the house a little after 22:00 and Sofia met me at the door with 9mm in hand. She looked like she could light a room with her flashing eyes !

“About time you got back”.....Her glare would have frozen a lessor man..... “I thought one of Rico's goons had got you! I was........ worried Ray.... and then I started to think what could I do if you were gone....... I hope you like cold food for it has been ready for 4 hours already”!

With that greeting she spun around and headed for the kitchen, 9mm in hand!

I entered my 'once' safe house, and headed for a much needed shower. Five minutes later as I came out of the bathroom as Sofia was calling me to come eat.

The cold meal she had complained about had been warmed to a very satisfactory temperature and the french dish she had prepared was darn good.. Some kind of Chicken in a yellow sauce with potatoes, onion, and tomatoes.. I was very impressed with the spices and flavor .

I just looked at her as she hovered around me waiting for a response. She made a face and headed back to the kitchen only to return with a glass of wine for the both of us.

I smiled and looked at her and said, “Wow you really know how to cook”!

“You like it ? There is allot of food in the fridge so I figured we had better eat it before it goes bad”.

“Sofia thank you for thinking about me today. I really am sorry I did not think to buy you a cell phone while I was out'n about. I will get you a prepaid tomorrow”.

“Ray I was scared something had happened to you”.

“If something does happen to me, take the Yukon and get out of here. There is $3000 U.S. dollars in the spare tire compartment under the right side of the spare tire. It is not much but it will get you down the road and far enough from here to buy you some time”.

I reached into my billfold and handed one of Mark's business cards with his direct number on it to her.

“If we get separated call Mark; he will know what to do”.

The card was simple, for all it said was, Mark Phillips, United Marketing International, and his toll free phone number.

“If you let me go with you we would not have to worry about getting separated”.

“Maybe so, but you can not sit in a car all day and not need to go to the restroom.. Someone might see you and then we will have problems.... that we don't need.... and might not be able to handle”.

“I could pee in a cup... I don't like worrying about you all day... Understand Ray.. It really bothered me today..... even more than being stuck in that room without clothes and waiting to be sold”.

With that she came across the table and sat in my lap like a daughter would and just snuggled and held me.. I thought it weird but she needed comforting, so there we were..

I rubbed her back and told her, “Just one or two more days and then things will get interesting and a whole lot different for Rico's bunch..... and us too”.

“I will get you out of this mess so you can live a normal life; I promise I will do that for you.. if something happens to me, Mark or one of the guys that works with us will get you to your Aunt and Uncle in the states. It has already been requested in my initial report”.

I was only wearing a bathrobe and I really needed her to get up before something I did not think she needed would enter the picture.

To late.. she pulled back from my fatherly embrace and said, “Wow feels like you really missed me too”!

She jumped up and ran to her bedroom laughing all the way.

I cleared the dishes and washed them in the sink, turned off the light, and with several mixed emotions went to my bedroom.

It is not easy being a guy, especially around her perfectly stunning beauty and womanly ways.

The next morning the house smelled of fresh brewed coffee as I exited my bedroom. Sofi was not a bed slug which I was quite pleased to see. She had also made a ham, bacon, and cheese omelet with onion and a few slices of tomato which she had already placed on the breakfast table as I entered.

She looked resigned to another day alone and kinda had the sad puppy dog look about her... but it was not going to work, for my resolve was strong on this subject.

I told her as much and she smiled and said, “ I bet I spent 10 minutes in front of the mirror this morning perfecting this look and now you tell me it is not working? What can I do to change your mind”?

“Nothing I can think of at the moment young lady. You know as well as I do I am right and you are wrong”.

“Well since you put it that way.... can you get me a phone the first thing today and bring it back here to me? Then I want you to call me every hour and let me know you are O.K.”!

“If today is like yesterday Rico's boys will take a long lunch break, so I should be able to get a phone to you around noon if not sooner. If not, then don't worry, it just means they are doing something different and I need to hang around”.

“Ray can I ask you something”?

I knew better but said “Sure” out of politeness.

“All those guys are doing... they... are making collections from all the businesses. When they came to our shop the little guy with the glasses carried a book where he wrote down the shops name and the amount they collected. His name is Rodriguez. They would turn over the weeks collections to Ray, sorry I mean Jason every Friday at the little house they kept me in. I know because I heard Jason chewing them out when they let someone slide with only a portion of the Tea money they were supposed to collect. So.... instead of you following them while they make the rounds why not just wait until Friday and you and the guys, who are suppose to be here tonight, can do whatever you are going to do”?

“You are sure every Friday Jason came to the house to collect”?

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:14 PM
“He always came at 5pm sharp because he likes to eat at six. It would take him 15 minutes to collect the money while going over the numbers in the book with Rodriguez; unless he was pissed about something.... or wanted to see me..... he was out of there by 5:30 with the weeks collections”.

“You really know how to screw up my well planned day Sofi. What would we do all day”?

The puppy dog look totally vanished with a big smile and a sparkle of diamonds in her eyes.

“I will make us a picnic basket of sandwiches and we can go to a very special place by a lake about an hour from here. It is very private and is a place mom and dad liked to go, to get out of the city. They were going to build our house there one day”.

“Do we have to drive through the city to get there”?

“No , it is further east of here and we do not even have to take the highway to get there. Come on, I promise you will like it”.

“Sofi I do not want anything to happen to you or miss a chance of getting Jason. You think about it and be sure there is no danger or chance of us being spotted; this is very important”.

She rolled her eyes up and blinked twice and then said, “Lets leave at ten and in the meantime you go get me a phone”!

“Yes Ma’am I am out of here”.

I got her a prepaid phone and was back at the house by 09:15. We left a bit early around 09:45 and headed for her secret place in the Yukon.

As we drove she talked about her schooling and some of the teachers she had known growing up. How her dream had always been to be a famous artist and sell her painting for zillions of dollars. To live in a place where she did not always have to fear being shot or raped in the dead of night. She just wanted a normal life now, and would be quite happy with a little house on a hill, out of this country, and far far away from the Cartels and the Triad.

We arrived at a beautiful clear small lake that I guessed was formed when the roof of a cavern caved in. There was a small waterfall and everything. I did ask her to please stay inside the Yukon while I did a quick walk about, which she did. No tracks of vehicles or foot prints anyplace to be seen so I returned to her big smile and bubbly personality saying, “all was clear”.

We unpacked the car and set a blanket out with all our stuff. It was a warm day but with all the trees there was plenty of shade where we could make our little nest.

I had gone back to the Yukon to get a couple of bottles of water and our last bottle of wine that remained in our cooler when out of the corner of my eye I saw she had removed her jeans and top as she walked the short distance to the lake. The next moment she had dove into the crystal clear water and was slowing swimming to the lake's center. There was one large bolder that stuck up from the center of the lake so I surmised that would be where she was headed.

I dropped off the wine and water cooler and walked to the edge of the lake at about the time she climbed out to sit on the rock. She had one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen and the Bra and T-Back underwear I had purchased her did nothing but compliment her feminine shape..

“You afraid to get wet” she yelled at me from across the lake.

“No I was just waiting for an invite”.

I stripped down to my boxer underwear and slowly entered the water for I did not want to dive in and crack my head on an unseen rock. Once I got in however, I realized that would be something I would not have to worry about for this lake was deep and the water was so clear I bet you could see 20 feet down.

I swam to Sofi's rock and as I got there she extended her hand to help me out. Once I was out we sat on this fairly smooth rock as I tried to not look at her for fear my rudder would start dragging more than it already was.

She had a very amused look on her face because she knew what kind of effect she was having on me.

“Weirdest damn virgin I ever met,” was like a repeating song that kept playing in my head.

She leaned over and laid he head on my leg and stared up at the sky as I leaned back. It was a moment I will never forget. Her body was perfect in every way and all I could think of was get the damn Bra and underwear off off her.

I gently raised her head and got up as I turned my back to her to dive into the water.

I really needed a bit of cooling off.

As I swam away she turned to face me and nestled her head in her small delicate hand; with bent elbow she struck a pose. It was a shame some Playboy photographer could not have snapped her picture for she would have made the centerfold of their magazine, probably for the whole year. Instead, her image burned into my mind which on second thought, was better for me anyway.

She got up and dove into the water an swam to me as I tried to float like a log rudder down. When she got to my side I turned to face her and she put a double leg lock around my waist.

“Sofi, my dear you are killing me and I am afraid I am turning to stone and will sink”!

She just smiled and increased the pressure so that out groins met. I actually looked at the water to see if there was any steam rising... for the moment was so hot if I were going to turn into stone it would be a form of hot lava.

My rudder was not dragging that was for sure (more like a full masted schooner) for it was wanting to take complete command of the entire situation! Rudders are that way, they really are, and they can steer you into some situations where hind sight makes you realize their little brain was doing all the thinking..

We held each other as we sunk below the surface only to come up for air and do it all over again. I finally got us separated and headed back to the rock so we could find a little secure footing.

“Sofi my little virgin what are you doing”?

Her voice was low and almost husky as she said she was tired of being a virgin and wanted me to make her a full woman..

“Sofia you do not need me or anyone else to make you a full woman; for as god is my witness, there is none more beautiful than you are to me. Virgin or not you are already 100% woman”.

“I want you”.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:15 PM
“I am married with 4 wives and 12 kids”!

She drew back in a sudden look of shock, “Please don't tell me you really are married”.

“What would you do if I were”?

“Probably cry at first and then figure out how to steal you away; for no one will ever love and honor you as I will”.

“Whoa there little virgin girl ! Have you ever heard of the Stockholm effect?

“You ever heard of love at first sight”? Was her reply to me and my reference to Mr. Stockholm.

“Sofia you have been in a very stressful situation for the last month or two. I came into your life and took away much of that fear and gave you a sense of..... normal....Christ I even fed and clothed you.. Do not mistake passion for love, it is easy to do. Passion burns red hot but the flame will dim over time and without true love so will a relationship. You have known me... for not even two and a half days. To talk about love is showing me you do not know what love is...... I must admit, I have a really hot passion for you and would like nothing better than to make deep tender love for the rest of the day but, I fear you will wake up from this nightmare shortly and not be happy with a 'spur of the moment' decision”.

After my little speech she stood up and popped her bra off and removed her panties. She stood there in all her womanly glory as she said, “Look at me! I am yours today and forever, if you will have me. I would be dead or a starving HIV whore if you had not saved me. LOOK AT ME”! As the tears started to run down her face, “Look at me” as she crumpled into my arms and sobbed.

Part of me was wondering if I was holding a loose cannon in my arms while another part of me wanted to smother her body in kisses and tell her all would be alright.

I held her for what seemed like a long time and let her cry herself out. I had not realized I had been rocking her back and forth as her tears fell. The rocking felt natural, so I did not stop.

She finally stopped crying and sat up. She then stood up once again and dove into the water. She swam around the rock and then acted like she wanted back out again so I offered her my hand. She tried to pull me back in the water while she laughed, but her 110 pounds was not going to budge my 220. She gave up after a few playful attempts and allowed me to help her out of the water. She once again stood before me as I almost went into shock with her womanly beauty. Everything about her looks was perfect to my eyes.

Before I knew what she was doing, or intended, she was facing me and sitting on my lap. The only thing that stood between us was my underwear and the mighty single minded rudder.

I tried to do what I thought was right but I could not take it anymore. We spent that whole day exploring each other and making truly tender love. She really was a virgin so I just warmed/tuned her up and let her run the show from the top; for I really wanted her to enjoy the whole experience. Not something easy to do for or with a virgin.

She swore on the way back to the safe house that her knees were shaking so badly she might never walk again. So I assumed mission was accomplished for my particular part of today's activities..

That was 26 years ago and of all the things I have ever done, I am thankful I gave into Sofi's desires ..... for she has been my loving, devoted, and fun wife for all these years. She taught me what a woman's true love and devotion could do for someone like me. A someone, who had never really been in love before.. Just total lust and desire in many countries of this world, but never unable to leave, and move to the next bigger better lustful affair down the road.

Mark and the teams showed up that night long ago in 3 recreational vehicles which each slept all 9 team members and also carried their weapons. The next day was Thursday which we used for planning an scouting. When Friday arrived we caught Jason and three of his escorts without a shot being fired. Alpha team then entered the building and killed 4 guys but was able to capture Rodriguez alive along with his collection book; in part thanks to Sofia's sketches and Rodriguez’s cowardice.

Less than one hour later we hit Rico's place and rolled up his entire operation. We found his books, his contacts, his records and pulled 88 million in cash out of one bank (which had to close its' doors later for laundering money) and 7 million in cash at his house. We were able to trace his cash accounts all over the world and even managed to have some of our Hong Kong assets bust 8 Triad members.

Rico's small part of the business was all part of a 630 billion dollar crime syndicate with contacts world wide. They were into everything if the price was right and there were several Rico type characters all over the world.. The Triad was a very old entity and I had little doubt that our efforts were like a pin prick to a dragon's behind. But, it would still piss them off; which was about all we could do.

We were able to have 45 local police either executed or arrested for corruption and murder.

Through our further efforts we were able to give back almost 70 % of the money taken from the local businesses for the last three years. We could not restore the lives lost but at least we made a dent in this horrible international operation.

The sex trafficking business was world wide where girls and boys were sold to the highest bidders. The current bid for Sofia had been $325,000 from a Sheik in the Mid-East. About a month later this particular Sheik and 23 other bidders all over the world started having fatal accidents and heart attacks, which was very easy to arrange.

Jason, while being employed by Rico, was making an average of one hundred and ten thousand a month if figured by a straight percentage of his collections and his other activities for Rico. His bank account had 3.3 million yet even so, he gave up without a fight. He was sent to several rendition facilities for the rest of his natural life. He died (to soon in my opinion) after 8 years of water boarding and the old electric shock treatment that was all the fad the last few years of the man made hell we had prepared for him. Some of the information he and the others provided, continue to this very day, allowing the arrest of many evil corrupt figures all over the world.

Sofia worked for several agencies as a illustrator and profiler as a free lancer. I did get her started with some of my contacts but once anyone saw her work they all agreed none were better than Sofia... The money they paid her 'per job' was wonderfully ridiculous and was very nice for us to have.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:16 PM
After a while, she got into the modern art scene and her original paintings are hung in many of the better art houses of the world or on some rich Dude's display wall. I found out, as she did too, that good money could be made in the reproduction of her art work so we opened our own printing shop and turned out her works by the thousands with just 6 employees . The prints sold very well even in places like Walmart and Macy's.

It was our 5th year together when Sofia declared it was time for children so she popped out our son and daughter over the next 4 years.

Our children were never spoiled for Sofi made them 'tow the line' in everything they did.

Our daughter Sara, is a fine artist in her own right as is our son James. Both have what is called the “Good Eye” for details that most others simply miss. I do believe James will want to work in the movie business and has already been in several small bit parts. He is big into martial arts and has a decent role in the upcoming (in production now) Night of the Ninja. However, the real sleeper is Sara, who actually got first billing in the movie called, “The Black Horse,” which you might have already seen ?

While our lives, though our own efforts, became even more intimately involved, dear old buddy Jason and his boss Rico got the long end of the stick crammed up the butts on a regular basis.

May Rico and Jason, as with all their kind, burn in a real hell for all eternity. I will never forgive them, or any of their kind of sick demented bastards, that try to run the world by causing so much pain and misery; all for the worse type of power and money anyone can imagine.

Post Script:
Sofia was writing a letter to her children and grand kids when her body was found sitting at her sketching desk.

'Time has passed and now I am all alone. The fruits have been eaten and my seed has been sown' was all Ray wanted on his tomb stone. I instead had the inscription made that said, “Look and wait for me my love”. I never told you but Ray was asleep and next to me when during the night the doctors said he had a fatal aneurism. I woke up the next morning thinking he was just sleeping in but as I snuggled next to him I knew he was gone. As you all know he was 87. I really want everyone to understand we had a good life together; maybe the best life anyone could ever ask for. I feel I will be joining him shortly; if it were not for the grand kids, I would already be with him for my life is truly incomplete without his smile and love.

From the first moment I saw Ray walk into a restaurant many years ago I wanted to know him. Some say there is no such thing as love at first sight, which may be true, for it did take me a couple of days to make a total commitment to our relationship, which I never once regretted. He was a good man and I always tried to be a good woman for him; we were happy as two people can be. You, my dear children with wives and husbands of your own; I can only wish such happiness and fulfillment for your lives. We were going to

The note ended there and the doctors said Sofia Striker had passed away, alone, due to a massive heart attack. The grown children and everyone else knew it was due to a truly broken heart.

The kids, Sara and James, had both married and made long successful film careers, however James did end up getting a divorce and several years later remarrying. Sara had two children and James fathered 4 (two with the first wife) which all live with him and his current wife Barbra. Everyone seems happy and at peace knowing that if there is an after life Sofia and Ray are there together hand in hand, forever.

Such is life, and the lucky have few regrets, No?

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 04:46 AM
Great story mate, well done it was enjoyable to read

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 11:32 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Great story!!!

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 05:14 PM
Thanks for the comments.... I had second thoughts about posting due to its' PG-13 content... You never know if you will get a star or a ding..?

I did feel like the story was more true to life from a man's perspective....hahaha But I am a man.

I have actually known women who were very much like Sofi in certain ways due to circumstances way beyond their control.. Anyway thanks again and I am glad you had time for a reading .

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