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Would crowd funded Direct Cancer research lead to a better chance of a avilable cure in 2016???.....

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posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 06:47 AM
All I have to say is that even though they have done much to help kids, the Jerry Lewis Telethon has been going on for (years), as in buku, and a cure for muscular dystrophy is still not found , to my knowledge.

posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 07:15 AM
Crowd funding for cancer research assumes it's cheap. It ain't.

Cancer is not simple.

posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 07:32 AM
For a few people that have posted, I did state in the OP that..

I fully understand that Cancer is complex and comes in many forms

My question was if cures are being suppressed as many people say/believe then is there a better way to fund research to keep it out the reach of big Pharma??.

My comments where also regarding the time and money that has been invested and have we got to a point where the general population is getting back what it expects?.

I have read recently that the National Cancer Institute has spent some $90 Billion on research and treatment, that would work out to every person alive on the face of the earth today (7.4 Billion people) donating just over $12.00. Imagine that next time you are in a big crowd and That is one charity out of how many worldwide???, I believe Cancer research UK rakes in around £500-600 million per year . Is it within the general interest of a institution to find cures, or to make them public???...

In all my reading I still have far more questions than answers and a main topic that keeps popping up is that it seems promising leads in research seem to be put on a back burner or are excluded from medical trials.

For me the day cannot come fast enough where we do not need to have this hanging over us, maybe it will never come who knows???..

But I do know for as long as I can remember I have heard many many Cancer charities and Research Orgs state that we are (insert number of years) away from a cure (their words not mine) what data where they going on or was it just a lie??, so it is not really unrational to expect such a thing and I would say it is far from absolutely ludicrous to want progress...

Complex matters are dealt with everyday this matter has had generations to yet we are still pretty much stuck with the same treatments that need to nearly kill you to give you any chance of a recovery......


posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 07:48 PM
O K peoples. There are legitimate cures for cancer, BUT, your local medical p[professional isn't going to use them , BECAUSE there is no real profit in them. I've witnessed two successful cancer results, notice I didn't say cure, using the Rife technology. Check Enter into their search bar "cancer" and see all the results that come up. In fact they have a whole regimen devoted to cancer treatment. As they are in New Zealand they can dispense all the info they want because our corrupt legal,pharma, and doctors system can't touch them. What does it cost to have advanced technology that can treat not only cancer but most any other pathogen that is out there., about $450.00 US.

I've been using the Rife technology for about 12 years and the Spooky 2 for about 4 years. It has been a God send since I'm 78 years old and has saved me a lot of suffering that I would have had to endure if I had let the medical cartel have their way with me.

See all those TV ads about afflictions that can't be cured but the big pharma will make bearable but not cure, well just hook up tour Spooy2 and get rid of them.

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 12:43 AM
a reply to: GeorgeH

Absolutely.....Hulda Clark lead us to parasitic causality for all illnesses and by proxy to the connection between sympathetic parasitic living conditions and MOULD and then again by proxy to PENNICILLAN and then by proxy to CANCERS.

Hence cancer is a mould which can be accomodated by internal conditions which are defined by parasitic interactions or parameters enabeling such.

Research baking soda and look at the "aromatics" they put into it which make it unusable as a cure....then look up PHARMACUTICAL GRADE BAKING SODA and see what it is used for by the Doctors.

Research Chaga mushrooms they are mould killers.

Research Native NA Indians "Sweatlodge" ceremony and note it takes the internal body temp high enough safely to kill all parasites and to cook their eggs.

Research Bactarian Camels milk...note its anti-parasitic effects.

Research Rick Simpson and note his methods kill adult and juvenile parasites and then cling to the stomach lining killing the emerging parasites and eggs.

Research fasting and note the undeniable recorded jump in immune system efficiency whn you simply starve the adult population over a short time period.

Note the TV series Castaways and see the "castaways" all begin to having herxheimer reactions after a few days with no micro-nutrients or water.This "burping" ect ect is caused by the rapid decomposition of parasites and the chemical reactions this internal imbalance can cause.

Use google this is what I did.There is wayy more than this available all over online.

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 04:08 AM

originally posted by: slider1982
I have read thread after thread about Cancer and how cures are suppressed or that very good leads "seem" to be hijacked with what appears to be nefarious means.

Let's discuss those cures you believe have been hijacked. Please post links on those cures and let's see if they have really disappeared and (if they have) why.

originally posted by: -mytym-
The problem is that potential cures are being excluded from clinical trials.

Potential cures always end in clinical trials. Treatments that are not effective are usually excluded. Unless you can show me a potential cure that was excluded unfairly.

originally posted by: Britguy
Unfortunately, a cure would severely eat into profits of the pharmaceutical corporations, and finding the cause would likewise harm corporate profits.

The NHS saves money with early detection and prevention. Do you really think the government would pay more money than needed on treating cancer patients? If you really are a Britguy then you should know that the Big pharma conspiracy only seems to apply in the US, not in the UK where we have socialized healthcare.

originally posted by: crazyewok
The problem is scientists release infomation about a very positive treatment for a certain type of cancer then the media hyping it as a cure to all cancers.

Exactly! But some find it really easy to understand this ^^ you just said. Then those that struggle to understand how medical trials work, get all upset when a potential treatment never becomes a drug. They don't understand that what may work in a petri dish or with mice might not work in a human body.

originally posted by: one4all
Hulda Clark lead us to parasitic causality for all illnesses and by proxy to the connection between sympathetic parasitic living conditions and MOULD and then again by proxy to PENNICILLAN and then by proxy to CANCERS.

Please enlighten us and explain the 'by proxy' you mentioned, specifically how parasites cause cancer. Because I know it's physiological impossible.

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 09:28 AM
REPLY To: one4all

I'm familiar with the material you posted.

I use other paths for certain things, but relie mostly on the Spooky2 program.

In fact if it wasn't for the rife technology I probably would not be here to post this.

As you get older, I'm 78, you seem to collect more challenges to your health. Here is a partial list of what I have successfully used the Rife tech for over the years.

No colds or flu.

Chronic Upper respiratory problems gone.

Rheumatoid arthritis gone Run program once a week

Hair growing back on the top of my head.

Pneumonia gone, one session

COPD (twice) gone with one session each

IBS, Diverticulitis, run program once a month.

Sinus problems, gone.

ear infection, dog too.


Staph and strep infections.

Have seen two breast cancer problems alleviated.

Have seen one severe case of shingles in eye area alleviated in one session.

One thing I REALLY LIKE about the Spooky2 program is that I can use the DNA transmitter to eliminate the manual hookup. Plus I can run a program continuously for a chronic problem. I can be several miles away and still receive the program. All this on a single finger nail clipping once a month.

I use the doctor to diagnose the problem and then go home and run Spooky2 to alleviate it.

The only meds I'm on is blood pressure ans omega ester.

The one thing the Rife helps but has not alleviated is nueropathy.

I do not recommend cutting out the doctor as they diagnose the problem for you and monitor the progress.

Keeping with the FDA mandate I do not use the word CURE.

Regards to all,

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 09:35 PM
a reply to: Agartha

I am just hitting balls out to left-field here for kicks.

Genericlly speaking....the OCCURANCE OF AN OVRABUNDANCE of any of the multitude of pariasites within your "body capsule" precludes the end result of the life cycles of said parasites.....which is decomposition of the parasite blooms which creates specific chemical overabundances.....these chemical overabundances provide sympathetic support to the catalysing of a "cancer friendly" environment.

The parasites carry bacteria which carry viruses......the parasites are the TRANSPORTATION CONDUIT for the bacteria and viruses.....they FACILLITTATE.....the exponentially rapid spread of these contaminants.....and by proxy the levels and degrees of the damages they cause.

The parasites interfere with many things including micro-nutrient uptake.

Witness Ebola.....where genericlly speaking your body due to the parasitic fire-wall prevening proper micro-nutrient uptake keeps itself from uptaking and is instead leaking vitamic-C until you die...... part of the issue is that people simply cannot replace the vitamin-C fast if you consider it....its impossible to inject a horse-sized syringe of Vitamic-C or consume a handfull of supplements and have it simply disappear and our body not get could use Rosehips which provide the vitamin-C in a form and quantity more conducive to getting a curative volume past the parasitic micro-nutrient fire-wall......

Soooooo....if you have people who are suffering from the normal human condition which includes constant parasitic exposures and attacks....and you STRESS THEM BY STARVING THEM OR UNDERMINING THEIR PHYSIOLOGYS.....and if you provide them with diets which are in a caloric sense survival level but in an anti-parasitic sense DEVOID OF BENEFITS....and then you provide them with drinking water laced with chlorine/chloride/flouride all of which as Hulda showed us all EXPONENTIALLY INCREASES THE RATE OF PARASITE-FRIENDLY CHEMICAL CHANGES WITHIN THE BODY......then you hit them with EBOLA which targets Vitamin-C uptake.......LMAO.....well this is a rigged fight now isnt it?

The connections to cancer are that when chemical condiions are right in our bodies cancer which is IMHO a MOULD will show up......when these mould-sympathetic conditions are remediated and an anti-mould environment and supplemental anti-mould treatments are applied the body absorbs the neutralised now harmless mould catalysed tumors.

Quite franky the easiest way to kill all cancers is to corral-farm and HARNESS THE PARASITES THEMSELVES to deliver the anti-mould trojan-horse.

All living creatures on earth live symbioticlly with is normal....we have defenses.....nature provides us with natural anti-parasitics.....they are literally everywhere....they are GEOGRAPHICLLY CONNECTED TO SPECIFIC GEOGRAPHICLLY LOCATED PARASITES..... no need to underscore the dangers of a Global diet right?Because either you are also imporing a regionally connected anti-parasitic plan to eat or you are consuming some anti-parasitic strong enough to kill ALL parasites......or you are setting yourself up for disaster.

As I said....I am only hitting fly-balls out to left field here....everybody has Google right?.......the Royal Rife type of methodology takes anti-parasitic therapy out of the realm of natural plant based therapies and into a technological replication of another natural theraputic phenomenon as does Huldas Zapper.

posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 05:36 AM

originally posted by: one4all
The connections to cancer are that when chemical condiions are right in our bodies cancer which is IMHO a MOULD will show up......

Mould is a fungus.
Cancer is not a fungus.

Have you ever examined a cancer cell and a fungus cell with a microscope? I would assume you haven't because if you had you would have seen with your own eyes that cancer cells cannot possibly be fungal in origin. Cancer cells are human cells. Fungus cells are obviously not.

And f cancer were a fungus scientists would have already cultured them in labs.

posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 09:31 AM

If you search for " suppressed cancer cures" you'll come across a list which includes an Italian surgeon who was curing cancer without chemicals. He found that candida was ALWAYS present in cancer, and even as cancer and developed the baking soda treatment. Of course they kicked him out of the country, as he was threatening the establishment's cash cow.

As a precaution, Candida is one of the things I treat my self for with the Rife technology using the program.

Parasites can also be treated with the Rife technology.

Regards to all,

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