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Cold Lazarus - By: Dennis Potter

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posted on Aug, 15 2016 @ 04:49 AM
This is one of the greatest science fiction movies I have ever seen - an epic/classic of adult thinking man's science fiction.

It was broadcast as a four part mini-series by the BBC in 1996.

I've been trying to find it for months and could not - Today I found it listed for free on YouTube - Don't try to search for it you need the right link.

Here is a link to the YouTube page:

And here is the actual video on YouTube:

Universal Space Alien Peoples Association
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posted on Aug, 15 2016 @ 04:19 PM
From IMDb:

Cold Lazarus (1996 TV Mini-Series)
Plot Summary:

"Dr. Emma Porlock and her colleagues, attempting to unlock the secrets of human memory for the Masdon drug empire, get a cryogenically stored 400-year-old human head to project its memories through virtual reality displays. But Porlock and her team are chronically under-funded, and she may have to go around Masdon to a media sleaze merchant to get the money she needs to maintain the project. But an even more complex world of secret police, RON (Reality-Or-Nothing) riots, and murder is going on outside the lab. And the deeper Porlock goes into the frozen memories of the writer Daniel Feeld, the more twisted the labyrinth of intrigue becomes." - Written by Kathy Li

Cold Lazarus
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Cold Lazarus is a four-part British television drama written by Dennis Potter with the knowledge that he was dying of cancer of the pancreas.[1][2] It forms the second half of a pair with the television serial Karaoke. The two serials were filmed as a single production by the same team; both were directed by Renny Rye and feature Albert Finney as the writer Daniel Feeld. The plays were unique in being co-productions between the BBC and Channel 4, something Potter had expressly requested before his death. The show was first aired on Channel 4 in 1996 on Sunday evenings, with a repeat on BBC1 the following day.,,,,,,

Plot: Cold Lazarus is set in the 24th century, in a dystopian Britain where the ruined streets are unsafe, and where society is run by American oligarchs in charge of powerful commercial corporations. Experiences are almost all virtual, and anything deemed authentic (such as coffee and cigarettes) has either been banned or replaced by synthetic substitutes.[4]

At a cryonics research institute in London, funded by the pharmaceuticals tycoon Martina Masdon (played by Diane Ladd), a group of scientists led by Dr. Emma Porlock (Frances de la Tour) is working on reviving the mind of the 20th-century writer Daniel Feeld (Albert Finney), whose head was frozen after Feeld's death at the end of "Karaoke". Unable to see any profit in the project, Masdon considers discontinuing it, but the media mogul David Siltz (Henry Goodman), who has been spying on Masdon, envisages making a fortune from broadcasting Feeld's memories on TV, and proposes to Porlock that her team work for him......

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