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The Corporate Duopoly. The lie of the party difference. The solution.

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posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 01:45 PM
The pain Trump supporters feel is real. And the source of that pain is the same as the pain felt by Bernie supporters, Jill supporters Gary supporters.

The elite WANT the scapegoating and divisive antics. At this point if they feel they can't shove Hillary down our throats, they are A-OKAY with instigating internal strife and funding a civil war from their safe fortress in the swiss alps.

We MUST come together. The hateful scapegoating MUST stop. And we MUST look at what's really behind all of the hysteria.

This is why it is absolutely essential for Trump backers to not be misled. And for everyone to NOT SUPPORT HILLARY The true enemy is not immigrants and minorities. It is the global elite which put the minorities and immigrants in their precarious scenarios by institutionalizing fear and mistrust, by passing "trade deals" which legalize slavery in their home countries forcing them to flee, who bomb foreign countries infrastructure, hospitals, dams, bridges and then sell new ones back to them for IMF loans, and now white working class people as well and Americans losing jobs due to the trade deals.

Even if Trump had a change of heart (Which I seriously Doubt) from his original intention of scaring votes into the monster Hillary Clinton

Clinton will STEAL the election from Trump using the same methods as against Bernie. It was MORE than just DNC collusion.

PLEASE wake up!

DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ARE BOTH LIES. PLEASE CHECK THESE SHORT CLIPS OUT from 2015 and earlier. Trump has made himself on foreign labor and global corporate trade policies, and as a really great entertainer, salesman and showman!

He's great at selling a pitch!

Golf Friends

Family Friends

They are very close

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 01:52 PM
She'll steal it if he doesn't throw it.

Remember- rich people are the clinton target demographic. He will be more rich and famous, win or lose- and with clinton in power the super rich are better off. Clintons have rich and powerful friends all over the globe, with nearly unlimited resources. All trump would have to do to be on their good side is to hand it over to her- and anyone who hasn't looked into the atrocity that is the clinton family right now is thinking that trump makes for a scary president.

Scary times.

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 02:02 PM
The problem began when the politicians began playing games by allowing businessmen to by access through political favors. Then they began using the power of law, both tax and regulatory, to pick out the business world's winners and losers each election cycle.

It creates a climate where only the very big can survive and only the very wealthy which further refines and defines the elite. They reinforce each.

We spend way too much time arguing over which side of this coin is to blame. It's rather like a chicken and egg argument, honestly. The real issue is that somewhere along the line unscrupulous people got into the process, and it doesn't really matter on which side, and started finding ways to game the system to their advantage. The politicians and government are just as bad as the businessmen in my opinion.

So when someone tells me the only evil is the one, there is no real solution there. You cannot play the political game and attempt to regulate the businessmen out of the picture and into submission. For one thing, you are helping to create the very game they play, and you are further empowering the politicians who are in the game and making their own power and money at your expense and at your request. You are serving their purpose.

The best thing to do is take the power out of the system so that game no longer plays. And that means to stop allowing them to create winner and loser laws that do what they do for us: life some at the expense of others. All are the same or none are. Stop with the "good" and "evil" business nonsense. Stop with the taxes punishments and subsidies. A business is a business is a business no matter what they actually do or how big they are, and they all should be treated the same, taxed the same.

No more regulation for thee, but not for me, etc.

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 02:10 PM
Fire them all, make the government work like jury duty.

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 03:50 PM
I think if we all unite and whine loud enough on web sites that everything will change: And the elite mega corps, bankers and oligarchs will see the error of their ways and pay attention to us.

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: olaru12

check your pm!

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 08:38 PM
a reply to: BlubberyConspiracy

Many of us have been saying the same since Trump threw in his hat!

That video of him declaring his love for the Clintons is one I have shared with many and I do mean many people!

It appears that we are doomed to a Hillary presidency.

We can only pray that people are wise enough to come together!

What I found fundamentally odd was the exteme war drums being beaten at the DNC, I felt like I was in 2000 listening to the representatives from the Project fot the New American Century demanding a century worth of war.

What I hope is that when old Hillary gets into office, we see something unheard of in regards to the unity of the people. Hopefully on the republican side we would see them go against anything that Hillary goes for, including more wars.

On this note they could unite with anti-war democrats/ independents/ libertarians alike and perhaps Hillary will be the unifying force of the masses vs elites!

One can pray that this is what we shall see!

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