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Public Servant Theresa May And The Police

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posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Dear Home Secretary,

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that your decision to stand as a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership has been greeted with a combination of dismay and disbelief by rank and file police and UK Border Force officers.

. . .

You were hailed as ‘brave and courageous’ for taking on the Police Federation at their conferences and if it had just been the Federation, unpopular with their own members, you may have gained some kudos. The 2014 conference was perhaps the point of no return when, in your speech, you listed every police transgression from Hillsborough to Plebgate. The effect was to smear the entire police service including those officers who weren’t even born at the time of Hillsborough.

However, as you well know Home Secretary, the Police Federation and the police service are unable to take any meaningful action in response so wouldn’t you describe your ‘brave and courageous’ speeches as the act of a playground bully giving a good kicking to those who can’t defend themselves?

Of course you were in no danger of being shot at, spat at, punched, kicked, stabbed, petrol bombed or of being terrified that the mob you were facing would literally kill you if they were given the chance unlike those officers who you take a great delight in berating.

. . .

Explain why, Home Secretary, that when you make your constant references to police transgressions, you don’t balance this by referring to the fact that the number of officers involved are but an infinitesimal speck when set against the tens of thousands of officers who have served or are serving since the 1980s?

. . .

. . . talking of stop and search, who will forget, just two days after the line of duty death of PC Dave Phillips, David Cameron’s speech to your party conference where he stated with a stunning lack of sensitivity: “Opportunity doesn’t mean much to a black person constantly stopped and searched by the police because of the colour of their skin.”

Have you ever given any thought to those ‘racist’ police officers who are often first at the scene of any shooting or stabbing and then fight desperately to keep that person alive? Of course those same ‘racist’ officers have to deal with the grief of the family if they fail and each victim, whether involved in gang activity or not, is someone’s son, daughter, sister or brother.

Perhaps, Home Secretary, ‘racist’ police officers actually view stop and search as a way of protecting young people rather than harassing them; after all the poor socioeconomic conditions in which gang activity and violent crime flourish is the fault in successive inept governments and politicians. It is the police that have to clean up the resultant mess.

. . .

Finally police have had to endure your oft repeated comments about the need to restore public confidence. Are you not aware that public confidence in the police, despite constant denigration from yourself, other politicians, activists and the media remains constant at around 66%? Are you also not aware that public confidence in politicians such as yourself languishes at around 20%? This begs the question as to who are you to lecture police on the issue of public confidence . . .

. . . you listed every police transgression from Hillsborough to Plebgate

Hillsborough was a deliberate act. It was used to introduce Premier League Football, an immensely profitable form of social control. It's now being used as a way to influence public opinion and turn us against the traditional constables. They want to replace the constables with unaccountable private security.

Do you remember how Plebgate ended?

The payment of £80,000 damages by Mr Mitchell sets the seal on PC Rowland's vindication . . .

The politician lied. The policeman didn't. The politician gave the policeman £80,000 damages.

They're scared of using Orgreave because miners recognised military men they knew wearing police uniforms. That puts more suspicion on the troublemakers at Hillsborough. How many of them were military?

They're trying to bring the Beanfield in through the arts window, but reviews are not all glowing.

The Beanfield really does a number on dredging up trauma as effectively it can, whilst failing to engage with any political discourse at all.

. . . monopolising on the misery created by an oppressive action without offering any commentary or attempt at a solution or alternative.
I think people are realising the Beanfield has to be explained. You can't just say 'the police did it' when so many saw military dressed as police.

Another case used is the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation.

Would it surprise you to hear this is his father's view?

Speaking at the 2012 UNISON conference in Bournemouth yesterday Neville Lawrence, father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, addressed the issue of Police privatisation, saying:

“It will be a disaster,”

“I can tell you why it will be a disaster. If you privatise the police force, the government is no longer responsible. It won’t be about crime any more, it will be about making money.”

“If you go to the police and they’re a private company, they won’t listen to you, just like if you go to a bank and ask for money – they can just say no. At the moment, the government is ultimately responsible.”

“We want the police to be accountable to the public and not a fly-by-night private conglomerate.”

“We’re going to fight [police privatisation] tooth and nail. Down to the wire. You and I together can make a difference.”

He then went on to remove his jacket revealing a t-shirt with the words ‘Stop Police Privatisation’ proudly displayed on it.

All these and more are the negative talking points encouraged by the media. Our servant Theresa will play on them to encourage rifts between us and our constables. How inappropriate that a servant should behave in this way.

Facebook riots and looting can be triggered almost anytime. Especially when the weather gets unusually hot.

Beware the heatwave and support the constables.

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 08:07 AM
a reply to: Kester

Wow! Her first threat from the radical Right. Planning on giving the new PM a hot reception?

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 08:09 AM
Is she still on for privatising the police force?
Still you wouldn't know anything for sure with her!

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 08:14 AM

originally posted by: DJW001
a reply to: Kester

Wow! Her first threat from the radical Right. Planning on giving the new PM a hot reception?

From Scotland, I hope it's the last PM ever for us, the Tories have failed, the current flawed system has failed and there has to be end to the corruption some time.

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 08:37 AM
Called the Ice Maiden, Shes been compared to Margaret Thatcher, or Margaret 2.0. Thatcher was called the Iron Lady, because she was stubborn.

Imo, women in politics have something to prove.

If she gets that spot, Hillary gets the Presidership and her friend gets the Pentagon...

watch out.

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 09:32 AM
a reply to: Kester

I am not so sure it will go all Teresa May's way because a lot of people want a General Election. Even on today's tv when people in Croydon were asked if they thought we should have one, Yes was the winner by far.

She actually doesn't have a manifesto because of BREXIT so she will be a leader without a manifesto to follow which should be interesting. Also those of us who voted out will be watching her closely and I dare say there will be serious trouble politically if she tries to dodge the EU issue.

I did wonder when someone was going to remember her stance with the Police and most of us have noted that their number have been cut to the bone which is worrying in these times and asks can be trust May to protect us on our own streets?

I dare say a lot of the men will be spitting venom at her post but there wasn't much choice in actual fact as in the Labour Party.

I can't remember a time when we have needed a complete review and shake up in our political system so much. Perhaps its time for proportional representation to be reconsidered when you think that only 30odd % voted Tory whilst the majority didn't vote at all or voted elsewhere which is not a fair representation of the political situation in the UK.

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 02:06 PM

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