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Jumping Realities/Dimensions

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posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 06:31 PM
a reply to: 0zzymand0s

Okay, I tried your method this morning. We're going away for the weekend and I couldn't find my pyjamas or my phone. From your description, I imagined a phone-shaped blank space, imagined it glowing in colour and then pushed out my awareness.

I was taken to a dead phone I haven't used in two years. How do you define which phone? My middle child found the phone in the second place I wanted to look. I was taken to my pyjamas but I couldn't see them in a stack of clothes and again my daughter found them right there in the stack, but I couldn't 'see' them.

And what do you mean by invert? I understand the reason for the colour and glow. They're smaller spaces than car parks, so they need to stand out more. A car park has space around it too, delineating each car on either side. And I also had the feeling being too serious wouldn't work, not sure why at the moment, but it has something to do with how detailed and tiny the spaces are, kind of intricate. I'll try it more and think about it again when I do.

I'd love to reply to others right now, but we have to leave. I'll get back and reply after the weekend
Thanks again!

posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: pacific
Do you still play Ouija? I used to play Ouija with a sensitive friend. Be careful, Ouija isnt safe and there's more negative outcome rather than the positive...

I think praying to God is good. Doesnt matter what religion you believe, God is always one.

posted on Apr, 16 2016 @ 12:52 AM
i believe i had jumped from one universe to another when i had a cardiac arrest or something when i had said "You are God. Or im already dead."

I believe that i had jumped realities because the bible was different than i had remembered it to be.
Before my experience, jesus recieved something called the wealth of nations in the book of revelation.

posted on Apr, 16 2016 @ 02:22 AM
It's been a while since I've posted in a thread, but felt it was necessary at the moment. I feel like I can relate to your story decently well, except for when you drowned also. When I was 6 or 7, I was pushed in the deep end of a pool, nearly drowned too, but like the way you healed yourself, I saved my own life. Since then I've had a series of near death experiences, actually just two weeks ago I totaled my van, flipped the damn thing actually with the family in it. I don't know if it's luck, but for my second car crash with the family, where no one got hurt besides me, ( mainly just a couple of deep cuts and bruises ) I can't help but feel like something is going on. A little off subject but curious to know if street lamps go off over you or around you often, or lights in general? Either way there are a number of things that seem to mirror my life, that you've experienced, but the only thing I can say we've shared is the OBE. A couple of the things I've experienced for example is getting an answer to something I've never know about, finding things by seeing it I my minds eye first, an odd and awkard one for me is sensing others emotions maybe even causing them. I won't say I can see the future but my intuition has a pretty good track record. But I think the most weird and odd for me, is going to sleep and waking up, while some things change slightly, others days I even feel like I've woken up somewhere else. One thing I can say for sure is that with me conversations get changed or have things added on to them. I used to try and attribute it to not hearing, or maybe the other party didn't remember but after the many times it happens you kinda have to wonder.well I guess, that's it for now, maybe you could pm me or vice versa I'd like to hear about and share our experiences a little more in depth. I also should mention, I have that nagging feeling to find something, ( part of the reason I came to ATS) not sure what it is but I feel like I might get a piece of the puzzle from you. Well I guess that's it for now, until next time I guess.

posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 04:12 AM
a reply to: ParanoidCovKid

I've been reading your post, and from your words alone I can hear a rhythm that is very soothing. I wonder if that's one of the reasons why people tell you their problems.

There's been more than one reply asking me if I've had anything strange happening around me since my experience. Honestly, I have to say everything is strange. It was years ago. lol. Sometimes with things you think you are prepared for strange as I've had many instances of such things before my experience. The main thing is with a shift this big it's just you are so aware of the illusion.

I am energy sensitive. I don't affect the energy around me, it affects me.

Although, I have noticed computers either switching off for no reason, or just being slow, but only sometimes. It's not just my computers but others, including tablets etc.

But, yeah. Energy affects me. I feel things change. I feel it in my body. If you're asking do I create things, then I have to say yes, and I'll detail an example about how I do this right now:

For anyone who is reading along and who likes to have a mindset that's not too serious about obtaining things that help them out, there's another passage in a different book that I can say might be worth a look. It's a book by Esther Hicks. I can't recall the exact name of the book, but the exercise (action) in it that I want to talk about is called, The Magical Creation Box. This works.

My children have a magical creation box and everything they've put in there has appeared in their lives. It's just a fun thing to do. A game, really. You can check out the book to get more information. Now my children have everything in there, their boxes are empty. lol. They didn't ask for little things, either, but everything they've gotten they have seriously appreciated, and it's always, always, been for the better of not just them, but everybody. Don't get me wrong, the items were things just for them. But somehow, those things have improved their lives and other lives as well.

I don't have light bulbs go off around me, but there's plenty of other odd things that happen. The way you write about light bulbs flickering wherever you go, makes me think there's something more happening with you. Your feelings affect the energy around you, like you're throwing off something negative when you're depressed or angry. That must be a pretty freaky thing to happen wherever you go sometimes.

It's been really great talking with you.

posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 04:20 AM
a reply to: aphon

Once with Ouija was more than enough. Never again.

posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 04:23 AM
a reply to: Belcastro
It's so odd how you notice that things are different, isn't it? You know you've jumped when you see the changes. They're unmistakable and no one else believes you because in this new reality or whatever it is, this is how things have always been . . .

posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: amsterdamn87

Street lamps don't go off around me. If anything, they would probably suddenly illuminate, and I would get good luck. Things would go off without a hitch. I know I have people/things/someone watching over me, telling me when I'm in danger.

Or maybe it's just that I see it that way, as things going off well/as they should be. My perception has changed over the years. It's my perception that life's trials are opportunities to let you show yourself what you really are.

For example: If I had never been sick, I'd never have felt how immensely powerful I was as spirit. That moment, that experience of knowing who I really am . . . was worth it. Sickness was the motivation, therefore looking at it objectively, being ill was a blessing. My body thinks, "How can that be? That's crazy talk! I was in so much pain, so miserable!" And then a higher voice laughs and says, "Yes. Powerful motivation. That's how we pushed you that little bit further. The system is perfect. Don't you see the perfection? The 'good and the bad' is part of the whole of me, of you."

A point I want to clarify for you and anyone else reading along: The 'jumping realities/dimensions' was never my intent. I never started off wanting to do that. It was a side effect; a startling one. My intent was always to just heal myself. And I think this is why there were/are so many discrepancies between what people used to be like in my previous reality/dimension and what they are like now in this one. I did a huge jump. So the jumping was a consequence of getting better. I think that's why I also jumped so far. I didn't think, "Oh, I only want this and this to change." The side effect of changing something so big, meant I jumped so far.

When I floated as molecules over my living room rug, I know my molecules rearranged slightly. I saw them do it. Kind of like how the wind must watch butterflies swarm and coalesce. There were changes to my physical body. In my mind afterwards, I recalled the passage from the Bible about how if you have but the faith of a mustard seed you will move mountains.

It was unsettling, because I had the notion this was really true.

I am not a religious person. I don't go to church. I don't think I've ever been to church other than for weddings, funerals etc. I'd have to say I am spiritual though, so this whole experience of God is more than I ever dreamed.

That feeling you have of waking up somewhere else, I've felt that. It makes me want to hide sometimes lol. I think, "Oh no, where did I end up?" I think 'thought' has huge role in this, being careful what you think and dream on as you will probably get what you dwell on mentally.

Anytime you want to chat is fine with me.
I'm living how odd and strange it can be when things are changed dramatically from what you remember, and I too like having people who will understand and not judge when I just have to say something about it.
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posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 06:44 AM
a reply to: Michet

Thanks so much for these links! I'll read through them
Much appreciated.

posted on Apr, 18 2016 @ 09:02 PM
Well, I've read through all the links, and some of them hint and understand part of what happens, but they don't fully grasp everything involved. I know more about reality/dimension jumping from experiencing it. The articles highlight the difference between theories, knowing and experiencing.

It's like knowing how childbirth works compared to actually going through pregnancy, excruciating labour and then giving birth. A whole 'nother ballpark. That's a hard thing when I'm looking for help or a meeting of minds. In fact, I think just talking to people on this forum has helped more than anything. Every single person who contributed to this thread has helped me for sure.

Having people say they've experienced the same thing, or other experiences that are similar, also helps me to keep my sense of humour about the whole deal. I wouldn't want to lose that lol.

It's like the author/s of the sites have an idea of how reality jumping/dimension jumping works, but it's only theory, so they haven't completed the puzzle. There are some things that are correct, but a lot of things that aren't, and it's not really helpful. If you had no idea or hadn't experienced moving to another dimension/reality, you'd be kind of led down the wrong path. And don't get me wrong, the more I know, the more I realise I absolutely don't know. But I relate things back to my own experiences. You can tell me that this is how 'something works' yet if my experience proves that to be false, I won't agree. I compare theories against my experiences that I know to be true.

I read a lot and can recall small details in texts (I'm an author and editor), and my experience came about from reading a lot of different books and then piecing clues together.

With regard to 'time slips', there was so time slip. I'm not saying they don't exist, but that didn't happen here. With the reality jump, you gain information seemingly from nowhere, it just comes to you like you've always known. The time was exactly the same. How I know this? Well, other than just 'knowing', a practical measure was that I had to pick my children up from school and I wasn't late. The reason I mentioned I was confused if I lost 3 days or 3 hours is because that time was fuzzy. It was like 3 days in my old reality and 3 days in my new had merged, both overlaying. And if I tried to recall exact moments . . . something went wrong, other than the huge moments of change like the OBE. It's really difficult to explain, but there was no time slip.

What did read correctly was that this new dimension was invisible the naked eye in the form my body normally is (in this dimension), but it was right there in my living room just the same! I simply couldn't see it. It was from a different realm. But they were really close. I'm talking a distance of 2 metres away from me. I moved off of the sofa as molecules -- of course, because I hovered and those molecules are weightless. And those molecules altered to fit into the new stream of another reality (it felt slightly curved, like part of a ring) -- and I should've opened my eyes and fallen from mid-air onto the floor when it was finished, but I opened my eyes and I was back on the sofa . . . knowing I moved a good 2 metres, yet suddenly appearing in the same spot. This new reality that had all the same furniture as the old reality, but then the differences started to show soon enough.

Sometimes I wonder if there are things on this earth that pierce into other dimensions or come from other dimensions and just show up here. Then there's the fact that my children remember me as being sick, so in this new reality I was ill, and then suddenly better. I think, how could this be when they start noticing the jumps, but only I have moved? My eldest daughter now will sometimes say to me out of the blue, "Something about you has changed. You're different."

And I'll reply, "Picked that up, did you?"

She'll say, "I've noticed it for a few weeks. I like it."

And that gets me thinking. . . how does that work? Most people don't notice when I make conscious decisions to alter something slightly about what I choose to experience. And if they do, this is how things have always been in this reality. So that's another thing I don't know and nothing I've read has touched on it. But it gets me thinking, like I said, that this is proof that some things do pierce or overlap dimensions, even experiences.

I read the sample of the book about Magic and Mystery in Tibet, and that looks to be interesting. I'm going to go to the library and check to see if it's there.

Thanks again for everyone's input. I can't wait to participate in more interesting conversations with all the people on ATS

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posted on Aug, 21 2019 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: pacific

OMG, OMG, OMG... I've had SO MANY similar experiences as you, I don't even know where to start. Highly "sensitive" from early on, can see auras, psychic experiences, played with makeshift Ouija board at age 22 and invited haunting(s) that took years to fully get rid of... got introduced to "Conversations with God," which became my Bible for a while... even did an intensive retreat with Neale in Oregon... started my own conversations with God... after a Native American-type initiation, started receiving what I called "messages from Spirit" (typically provocative one-liners meant for other people and always spot on)... personally encountered the divine as well as the "dark side"... did the same thing with prayers of gratitude... manifested move to USA by visualizing it till I cried tears of gratitude... experienced dimension shifts... one confirmed one where both my son and I lost a whole day... one on 9/11, and never felt right after that, like the whole world changed for me... and on and on and on. I know what you mean by the molecules... I saw this once too.

You and I are spiritual twins, it seems. We should connect and talk. Message me.

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