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Lets settle this! Would the UK have survived WW2 without the USA.

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posted on May, 6 2016 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: carpooler
In earlier posts in some threads, I have noted that my great aunt," across the table", Margaret N. told me that there are always eight or nine layers, between what's really going on, and what you read in the newspapers, or watch on the T.V. News. Trump, and or, the group of business leaders he's gathered around him, will know as much as my Great Aunt ever did, about these different layers. She was only the personal sec'ty of a powerful Financier, before WWII. I'll keep it real simple, those 15 or so Republican cupcakes never knew what hit them. The Bushies and Mitten's OTOH, know exactly what's coming at them. So they're getting out of Dodge, even as I write this.

IN the coming months, Trump can do more damage to the Black Gov't, and its Military Industrial Establishment, than Snowden ever could. And this can destroy the reputations of a lot of big name politicians. I think that the Mexicans are now in damage control modes. Remember that a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Co. built every one of Hitler's King Tiger Tanks, until Pearl Harbor, on Dec. 7th, when all American investments were expropriated by the Nazis. America is the only sovereign country which Nazi Germany actually Declared War on. And they were "building a wall", exactly like Mr. Trump has proposed.

NAFTA has been low hanging fruit for Mexico City, but now with Trump bollixing up the works, does anyone think the Mexicans will watch all those Ford factories disappear into China or India? We didn't declare war on Mexico in 1938 when they nationalized all of their oilfields, so we probably won't do it today, over losing some NAFTA plants.

But can you imagine being a fly on the wall, when some Ford CEO comes to Trump's White House, with his hand out.

Now think on this a little deeper. No American needs any product or service, for which he or she, cannot pay one of our American brothers or sisters, a living wage to make, and sell it. Ergo. the workers can supply each others' needs, but the vast welfare class, will be S.O.L. But so will the outrageously overpaid C.E.O.'s and Wall Street speculators.

Or as the old saying goes, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". Cap't John Smith, of early Virginia said it very clearly; "if you don't work, you don't eat". There were aristocrats in early Jamestown, VA. just like with the Bushies, and Wall Streeters, today. They've never really gone away, completely.

The late Tom Wicker, of the NYT's, spoke about Gulfsterian Winds of Change, sweeping away our conventions. Trump may be a blow hard, but its looking like he's bringing us some Gulfsterian Winds. This old world ain't going to give us their raw materials, just for our providing them with a Pax Americana. Digging up our own resources, and keeping them here, puts us outside of the greater world trading circles. Something like the Amish in Pennsylvania, we will have to make every acre produce something. Mr. T. Boone Pickens said on a T.V. show this week, that 79% of all the oil, supplies transportation, in one form or another. So I predict, clean coal,in a slurry, once again running steam dynamo powered, electric locomotives, and full sized ships as well. Airliners will undoubtedly, continue using jet fuel, or LNG, until some kind of liquid Hydrogen fuel is worked up.

Now, if we hadn't wasted so many scarce resources in WWII, and the Cold War, most of these could already be here. So what do you think would have been, if Stalin had been attacked by coordinated German and Japanese forces on both his East and West borders?? And you can track all of this back to one single, 1923, rogue American code breaker.

Plus, Germany would have slowly morphed back into some kind of political sanity, once Hitler was gone. And no one knew this better, than Hitler himself. As my dad liked to say, "Hitler created a beast, and then was carried off on its horns". Hitler couldn't back down, nor can our own Military Industrial Establishment. And if they can't back down, due to blowing winds of change, then they break down, and disappear, into POTUS, JFK's, "dustbin of history"..

I believe this is exactly what you are seeing happen, right now, here in the U.S.A. Paint Obama's admin. with it's Wiemar Republic's socialist brush strokes. And you can see why the American people are just now, looking for a real Demagogue. Unfortunately, when a nation's people go looking for one of these ultimate "problem solvers", there's usually one or two, laying around, in plain sight. It doesn't look like its going to be any establishment Republican or Democrat. For Trump to succeed, he's going to have to be. a Counter Revolutionary, and not just one more Ronald Reagan conservative. Obama has skewed everything way too far Left for any responsible Conservative to right the ship.

posted on May, 6 2016 @ 01:55 PM

originally posted by: makemap
UK would've lost. Their paratroopers got trapped. Hitler was about to take over USSR. UK refuse to allow their Canadian colony to have their own command like in WW1 early part of the war. Majority of the bombers were from US and Canada.
Canadians made majority of UK bombers. Without them UK would fail to bomb strategic points. M3 Lee change the entire game in Desert Rat fight. UK were actually losing to Rommel defense.

Which paratroopers? Hitler got stopped dead in Russia in December 1941, before any meaningful US supply help could arrive. One of the armies that invaded Normandy in June 1944 was the First Canadian Army, commanded by Harry Crerar.

posted on May, 6 2016 @ 04:10 PM

originally posted by: blackcrowe
a reply to: crazyewok

Russia helped a lot too.
And as for USA helping UK. The UK only finished paying for US services in WW2 in 2007.
So, it wasn't a goodwill gesture. It was paid for.
BBC NEWS | UK | UK settles WWII debts to allies

No, that was a 5 billion dollar loan taken out in 1947 by the labour party. (because once more Britain was bankrupted by a world war)

posted on May, 6 2016 @ 04:32 PM
The British invented radar, also asdic, (which american insist on calling 'sonar' (asdic is from WW 1, meaning Anti Submarine Detection Investigation Committee')and the 'Hedgehog' which is what really sank submarines, as for world shipping tonnage, Uboats sank roughly 5% of it. Sherman tanks, called 'tommy cookers' by the Germans, and 'Ronsons' by the British, (alight first time), a really distressing habit of 'brewing up' (catching fire).
As for north Africa, Mussolini made such a cock up of his invasion of Egypt from Tunisia, that Hitler had to send his own troops to get the Italians out of the poop.
Check up on when British four engined bomber stated bombing Germany, and when the 'mighty eight' started bombing Germany with its four engined bombers. I'm getting tired, so that will have to do for now.

posted on May, 6 2016 @ 04:44 PM
The only imponderable would have been the length of the war and whether Germany could have got a nuke, but since they had something like 20 divisions in the East for each in the West and still got rolled over, perhaps the war wouldn't have lasted much longer without D day etc.

posted on May, 7 2016 @ 09:11 AM

originally posted by: SprocketUK
The only imponderable would have been the length of the war and whether Germany could have got a nuke, but since they had something like 20 divisions in the East for each in the West and still got rolled over, perhaps the war wouldn't have lasted much longer without D day etc.

Nah, they weren't even close to having a nuke. Too much 'Jewish science' for them to wrap their heads around. Plus Heisenberg got his sums very wrong about how much Uranium was needed.

posted on May, 8 2016 @ 07:44 PM
I apologize for having to do this as a reply instead of an edit. My text got lost and finally turned up above on this page. My closing point is that WWI, launched WWII. IIRC Gen. Pershing figured that we would be back in the same places fighting the same enemies, in twenty years. He missed this by less than six months.

I'm a student of Nostradamus. There are only a few WWII quatrains, but they like Gen. Pershing predict a Great King of Terror, coming in 56 years, counting from the Japanese Surrender on the decks of the U.S.S. Missouri, moored in Tokyo Bay. I've been holding my cards close to my vest, but here's some table scraps for you to digest.

Nosty like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris, where he surely worshiped, both use "flying buttresses". for supports. the Great King of Terror, is Century X, Quatrain 72. Using the Roman Numeral s C. IX, & X, gives IXX. as one of these buttresses. Oh my! that's #19. In plain old Arabic #'s, we see 0910, and dropping the zeros off, and subtracting the Quatrain 72, we get, Oh Jeez!, 19 again. As I have posted earlier, the Romans never had the zero, so there was never a year zero, when they changed from the year 1 B.C. to the year, 1 A.D. Adding this onto a series of 1999 years in this verse, and adding Seven Months give July 31st. 2001 A.D. Now subtract that second Arabic 19 and you go back in July 2001 to the 12th.

Now the Japanese also have a numerical magic square in their combining their 47 Ronin, with Isuruko or putting 56 inside the 47. This makes a neat magic square, and if you count from their abject surrender on Aug. 30-1, 1945, you come right up to the same date which Nosty uses. July 12th, here in North America, and July 13th in Tokyo, and for that matter, in Salon, France.

If you can't get your head around this super synchronicity, that's O.K. There was/is a revenge plot against our Country, from Japan, which took 56 years to work through, using Unit 731's Chem, and Bio agents to nail us good. At the same time, some Iranians got tired of watching their well of the Twelfth Imman, and did something creative. They engineered an Antipodal Cyber Attack, on us, here in the Pacific Northwest.

So now you have three synchronous coordinates crossing, in real time, on one single evening in July, of 2001 A.D. What I've been trying to convey, is that this date and place is the "Climb Mt. Nitaka" moment, in the run up to the 9-11 attack on N.Y.C., which was the classic diversion, occluding the real attack an hour or so later, on Wash. D.C.

But Mrs. Olson's, calling her husband, Ted, right through to the Situation Room in the White House, blew this second prong of the attack out of the water. Alerted, the heroes on Flight 93 rushed the cockpit, at the cost of all of their lives, but stopped the real attack on our Capitol Grounds, by the small military jet, following close on the tail of the airliner. The campers at Shanks Berg's campground, told this to the field reporters from KDKA T.V., from Pittsburgh, but it was then immediately censored. I only watched it once, when everything else was being endlessly repeated, all through Sept. 11th's broadcasts.

Both the first and second "Pearl Harbors", totally flubbed, as they were carried out a day earlier than 20-20 hindsight demanded. "Pearl Harbored" used as a verb, gives us the anagram of "Torpedoed Too Early". and that little gem works for both attacks, on the U.S.A., some 60 years apart. Poor old Nostradamus, sat on his stool, skrying in his brass bowl of water, and was determined to point out something which tied the Japanese conspirators' shoe laces together on July 13th, Tokyo Time. Now who do you believe was rattling those 19 hijackers' into doing their suicide attacks on one precisely timed day in Sept. 2001 A.D.??? Nineteen simple Arab Flight Students couldn't possibily get it down this close to a 56 year revenge event, plus fulfilling a 400+, year old Prophecy, made, and recorded, in print, by an old Medieval French Seer.

posted on May, 9 2016 @ 12:33 AM
a reply to: carpooler

Congratulations on being very entertaining. Your entire post makes no sense whatsoever, but it entertained me. Kinda.

posted on May, 9 2016 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: AngryCymraeg
Thank You! The average fellow doesn't know squat about Nostradamus, so no offense taken. There are over 150 books in English, purporting to be from the one and only predicted decoder. There can be another 150 into the future, for that matter, but irregardless, I'm the "Man". I have to save the real dark secrets for my book. But the research which shows the linkage between the Black Dragon's carrying out Adm. Yamamoto's will, which he wrote would happen if he didn't survive the War, back about 1939, and Nosty's Cent. X, Quatrain 72 prophecy, is uncanny. The Japanese Black Dragons went underground after V.J. Day, as the Yakuza, and are still lurking behind Japan Inc., as present day Zaibatzu.

Some few, like Isoruku Yamamoto may even have seen their own people in the line of C. 10, Q. 72, "he will raise to life the king of the Mongols". This is called Participant Fulfillment, and Benito Mussolini, another murderous student of Nostradamus, did the same thing at the end of WWII. Both have failed, which is the universal story of Participants' fulfillments.

Yamamoto's Given Name, and he had no say in it, is a numerical value, which makes no sense unless you insert it in between the 4 and the 7 of their Shinto Saints, the 47 Ronin. It can't give a precise dating, without a starting point, and the Admiral was killed over the Philippines, by our U.S.A.A.F., well before the war ended. So he had entrusted "his will" to some junior officers, and they tagged the Surrender of Japan on the U.S.S. Missouri, in Tokyo Bay, on Aug 30-31, ? as their starting point. Isoruku, or 56 years later, some of the 9-11 hijackers were up on the observation deck on the WTC, scoping out their approaches, through the NYC skyline to give them straight shots at these twin towers.

Please get a pen and pencil and work some of these out for yourself. Sept. 1, 1945, to Sept. 1, 2001. 1999 years is a string, not 1999 A.D. as there was never a Roman year zero between I B.C. and 1 A.D. There are Indian sites where they register this as (1), as they adjust our A.D. dates to their own very long count calendar. They put it in between B.C. and A.D. but I put it in at the end of the 1999 year string. So 1999 + (1), equals Dec. 31st, 2000. Adding seven months, brings us to July 31st, or maybe July 28. Removing the extra Gregorian days, takes things back to July 15th, and subtracting the same difference from the Biblical 28 day months, like plotting with a compass, gives July 12th.

This seems quite off, but like I noted in my main post, IXX = 19 as well as Cent. 09, 10, by removing the zeros, gives 91, and when you subtract Q. 72 you come to the same #19. So using numerology two different ways brings you back to July 12, or possibly 13, due to the Int. Dateline, and Nosty's home in Salon, Fr., being East of the Greenwich Observatory.

The July 12-13th date, depending on UMT. around the world, is absolutely key, but I regretfully have to keep this under wraps, for the book. But two unrelated attacks came together in the Pacific Slopes of North America, which "tied their shoe laces together", something like the scene in the recent Hollywood Movie; " The Good Shepard".

What I can divulge is that the secret code, ain't a code at all. Like Leonardo Da Vinci's "mirror writing in his codexes "books", Nosty was given a vision something like the Malachean Prophecy. St. Malachi of Armaugh, saw a progression of the Popes, lasting to the end of the Catholic Church. And we're right there, right now.

Nosty was given a five century shorter progression of a family bloodline, which has come down to me, from my mother's side. So its only genealogy and family stories, which on the surface decodes Nosty. Where it gets really creepy, is that some ancestor or relative has to have been directly involved in every one of these Twentieth and Twenty First Century Fulfillments.

All of St. Malachi's Popes came out of the College of Cardinals, and many verses signify coats of arms and such. Nosty's "college" is only our footprints as my family crossed the Atlantic in the 1840's, to Philly, PA. and then migrated to New Jersey, before my dad brought my mother out here, in the West. Unfortunately this also put them under the Great Mt. St. Helens' Ash Fall, on May 18th, 1980. As a young bank teller, in May of 1937, she watched the funeral pyre of the Hindenburg, and as a retiree, endured the miserable weeks of ash, in Washington State. Both events are the gist of two separate quatrains. "The Great Round Mountain", and "Garden of the New World", giving Roads of the hollow mountains for Road Steads, or lower New York Harbor. In the old days, when you sailed with the tides, you cut loose from the pier and drifted out into the road steads before unfurling your sails.

In closing, if you think Donald Trump is a disruptive influence, just wait until my book comes out. There are scads of critics saying that Nostradamus never predicted anything accurately. When you can finally use the given names, dates, and places, of our family members to give the missing perspectives to crack so many of his anagrams, those critics will weep. Nosty even named his three daughters after me, and then penned his "Three Sisters", verse to give them a touch of immortality. Guess who christened the three of them with the "Wild Name from Destiny".?? Dare I say, their proud Papa?

This will be just like in 1920, when a Italian gentleman took his friend to look at the mysterious codexes of Leonardo Da Vinci, and then was dumbfounded when that friend started reading from them like a newspaper. Then his friend admitted that he was a dyslectic. He could read backwards and forwards, as well as mirror image writing. The persons who could never be dyslexics, were of course, the Church Inquisitors, whom both Leonardo and Nostradamus deathly feared. No dyslectic could ever succeed in the Scriptorium of any Monastery, so there could never be an Inquisitor who was a dyslectic. But Nosty knew his work would be, and stay in print, for centuries. You don't need to be dyslectic to read mirror writing in printers' galleys.

So he hid a very long progression of members of a bloodline in the Grail Family, from the Church, behind silly verses, which are easily readable once you know the names, dates, and places. Its only Genealogy, after all! And most of the exciting events are only witnessed, like Mt. St. Helens' ash falls, unless some fool tries to do a participant fulfillment caper, like Benito Mussolini did, in 1945, which led to his untimely death, just like old King Saul's. Mussolini was offered a plane ride to Franco's Spain, and safety, but because, like Saul's visit to the Witch of Endor, he misread Nosty's "Jeune Selin" as being a place once ruled by Islam, he went North, but ended up "Going South". Just like Nosty's three daughters, Madelaine, Diana, and Ann, "jeune Selin" is an anagramatical notation of my name. And if you are really perverse, you may see those three Nostradamus sibs, as three latter days "Witches of Endor", or maybe as Shakespeare's three witches from "Macbeth".

I'll leave you with the task of looking through the numerology of this verse, after reading through most of Nosty's work, if any of this, truly interests you. You can find a finishing date in this verse, and beyond that date, the genealogical torch has passed over to me, for good or ill!

posted on May, 9 2016 @ 03:30 PM
I'm sorry that these replies have hijacked this thread. Nosty saw visions of what would happen, not what could have happened. Ditto for St. Malachi. I think if the Brits had pushed the Japanese into attacking Russia, then the Axis Powers would have won the War. But there would have been no love lost in Russia, for the defeated Bolsheviks. Hitler may have done down the road, what Franco did in Spain. Franco skipped over the old deposed King. and had Juan Carlos crowned King. The Germans may have put one of their Royals back on the Reich's Throne, and also found a useful Romanov or two for the Russians.

What did happen was that eight out of ten fallen German soldiers, fell at the hands of the Soviets. If we stayed home, then the Japanese would have swarmed all over the Russian Eastern Shores, plus running the Europeans out of Asia, entirely. I believe that the Brits would have lost Australia, either to the Japanese, or to us. Both Canada and Australia were already at war, along with the Brits, so we may have gobbled up their exposed lands bordering the Pacific, just like we occupied Iceland, and earlier had overthrown the peaceful Hawaiian Monarchy.

but then the Axis could have pretty well dictated a peace treaty with us, demilitarizing Hawaii, giving Japan the Aleutian, and Kurielle Islands, and us getting a defeated Australia in the bargain. By 1945, then, Britain would have already become "Little England". And the surviving Nazis would have further destabilized South America, with its large German immigrant populations. Plus the Axis Powers would have been swimming in Petroleum, from the Middle East.

And you better believe, that Germany and Italy would have taken back all of their African Possessions. Plus South Africa, would probably successfully rebelled once again, giving the Boers their homeland back. So it really would have been "Little England", by the time Princess Elizabeth II had been crowned, in 1953.

If the present E.U. falls apart, I'm guessing that things will have reached at least a parallel political equilibrium, by 2033 A.D. As the old saying goes; " the more things change, the more they remain the same". Next year will be the one hundred year anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, and 2033 A.D., will be the Centennial of the Nazis taking Power in Germany. 1900, would have been the Centennial of Napoleon's reign, and even that upstart Emperor's power had disappeared early on.

But the last half of the Twentieth Century, and the first half of the Twenty First, would have been a really spooky time for all of the English Speaking peoples of the world, with "Little England" just barely hanging on. Germany didn't cotton to us, until the Berlin Airlift in 1949-50. So now the Russians are threatening once again, Muslims are flooding into Europe, and we probably will stay out of their next war.

That is, until someone starts building up an true Imperium like Charlemagne's Realm. You gotta remember that this all started with the Battle of Tours, where the Caliphate got a knuckle sandwich, from Charles Martel. Good, bad, or indifferent, things would be entirely different today, if we had gone easier on the Japanese, and stayed out of the Second World War. By now the Axis would have colonized most of the Muslim Nations, and probably would have very good relations with them. Little England would be a bad memory in most of her earlier colonies. In truth, she already is, IMHO.

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