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Hillary’s inevitability lie: Why the media and party elites are pushing the weakest candidate

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posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: Flatfish

Hillary Supporters as I see them:

1. Sexist voters who side with her because she is a women. I wonder if they also pick politicians based on height, weight, hair & eye color, and race as well?

2. To put it nicely: Naive individuals.

3. Paid or somehow directly associated with her and her corruption.

But under no circumstances could a sane individual think that a Family associated with numerous scandals, a history of PROVEN liars (even under oath), or currently under investigation by the FBI with bad judgement at best can make a good candidate?

The smartest of Hillary supporters are the ones that are at-least embarrassed to openly support her.

The puzzling part is how is Bernie Sanders not kicking the heck out of her?

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posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 07:05 PM

originally posted by: interupt42
1. Her judgement to utilize a home server for gov't work SHOULD be questioned and its a valid issue, as someone that is running to be president.

Any other person that would have done what she did they would have likely had their credentials revoked and fired, versus being promoted to a CEO position.

In addition, her and her Husband have a PROVEN history of lying even under oath and they have way to many convenient political coincidences where they come out ahead to not be concerned with her integrity and judgement as president. Not to mention all their conflict of interest.

2. I'm also a libertarian and have no problem crossing party lines .

As president she would have the authority to declassify anything she wants, thus her judgment isn't relevant since it's not a rule she can break.

Also, you got me on #2, I should have said only people who aren't voting for Clinton in the first place care about the email issue. It's a complete non starter to anyone willing to give her a vote.

originally posted by: Flatfish
Didn't Bill actually lie while under oath before a grand jury in his attempt to dispel those "trumped up accusations" regarding Monica Lewinsky? (Bald faced lies)

Bill was asked about his sex life in front of his wife and child. I find it strange that Bill gets so much hate over this considering he did the conservative thing and put his family in front of his country.

Didn't video of Hillary's Bosnia visit come out depicting her greeting children on the tar mat when she claimed she was under enemy sniper fire? (Bald faced lies)

She was probably told there was a threat of snipers in the area and took that to mean she was under sniper fire. It's not unusual for people to exaggerate things in order to sound better. I hate to use the "everyone does it" defense, but it's true. It's just basic human psychology that if the person has an ego, they retell events in order to make themselves sound better. If you're going to attack her for something, base it on an actual failing rather than human nature.

Do you really believe Hillary didn't know she was going to run for POTUS when she stepped down as Secretary of State and went on the speaking circuit? (Bald faced lies)

I'm sure she knew, she was probably promised the run after Obama (which would also explain the DNC's loyalty to her now) in addition to her Secretary of State role in which she operated with near zero oversight from Obama. I don't see the big deal here, every move she has made for the past 30 years has probably been made through the prism of it affecting her chances at the presidency, that's what political positions entail, it goes all the way down to the local level. You can see another example of this in John Kerry, he literally spent his entire life positioning himself to have the best possible record to run for President. It's not a job you just walk into.

Do you really believe that Hillary's paid speeches to Wall St. gatherings and special interest groups were as benign as she'd have you believe, even while she refuses to release the transcripts? (Suspected bald faced lies)

No, and it's a legitimate issue she has been attacked for.

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