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Stonehenge, The Battle Of The Beanfield

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posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 02:54 PM
Go to 8:47 to see the action. Footage of the worst violence was stolen from the archives within hours. This is the tamer stuff.

The police at the roadblock were told two lies to get them into an appropriate mood. First they were told there was a huge heroin deal planned to go ahead at the stones and it must be stopped at all costs. They thought they'd have a large haul of dangerous drugs to display to the media.

Then they were told the leading vehicle had run down and killed two policemen. Actually two policemen, or spooks dressed as policemen, stood in front of the lead vehicle with their hands on the bonnet, walking slowly backwards as the vehicle moved slowly forwards. Then they stepped aside.

The police seen in this video believed they were avenging the ruthless murder of two of their colleagues. Only after the violence was finished did they discover there were to be no police funerals and no giant heroin haul. They'd been lied to by their manipulative 'superiors'. We can only hope they have learned from this.

posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 03:16 PM
a reply to: Kester

I remember the girl holding a baby being dragged out of a smashed out bus window by her hair. I also remember some of the footage from the news from that day.
That footage wasn't shown again and now its as if it never existed.
Pretty sad day all round.
Good way to associate Stonehenge festival with violence and disorder.
I might be wrong but the Travellers aid trust might have more film but I'm not sure if its available.
BBC have done documentaries which include a totally different story.
Quite a few people lost their vehicles / homes too.

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posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 03:55 PM
Brits could use a few lessons in Jihad from their unwanted refugees....
This # makes my blood boil....thank the founders we are still an armed populace or they would be doing the same stuff
here in America more often...

posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 08:56 PM
a reply to: Kester

It is down to three principles most of the populace do not grasp or even believe so hoodwinked are they.

Controlled media, controling the media is one prerequisite of a totalititarion or fascist state, through the media the populace opinion's can be steered and in essence they can be brainwashed, this is why the corporate government's want to shut down the internet by moving us into there internet 2.0 and make us use cloud storage for everything (Who own's the storage centre's).

Police and there purpose, contrary to many people's belief the police are not here to help the public though this may have been John Peel's original intent but rather they are there as a civil militia.
There purpose is not to uphold the law but rather to uphold the System which is of course corrupt, something many police leave the force over when they get disgruntled and demorilised at the reality of there profession and the path's there mainly Tory Public School boy senior officers order them to take and of course how the police are often ordered to sweep certain problem's under the carpet.
The British police in particular are strongly Masonic, even the checkerboard band on there hat's is based on the floor tiles of a masonic lodge which resemble the black and white squares of a chessboard, they are merely pawn's for there higher up's, those same predominantly Tory Public School boy's and members of the OLD BOY Network, the same whom protected the Tory and Labour peer's and politicians from prosecution over there involvement in sexual abuse cases and worse and whom helped to topple some less corrupt Labour leaders in the past from government.

The Media lies.

The Police are not there to protect you but rather to KEEP YOU IN YOUR PLACE and Protect the interests of the Hierarchy.

I remember how the miners strikes mainly in Yorkshire in the 1980's were reported, the reporting was biased but some attempt's were made to show the truth at the time such as peacefully picketing miners being charged by Police with riot shield's and beated around there head's with leaded truncheon's, these were not criminal's they were men campaignign within the law for there right's against a fascist government which was intent on destroying the seat of it's opposition, namely the large powerful union's based around traditional long established industry.

Those of us whom are old enough KNOW the truth.

Has there ever been a documentary about the non violent miners whom died from head trauma related illness over the years following those attack's by the police in the picket's, when the miners turned and started to fight back the press jumped on that while downplaying the attacks made by the police on those same miners, the suffering of there community's and the destruction of the British Heartland's by Thatcher and subsequent Tory and False Labour - New Labour government's.

They say the victor writes the history, well a Tory said that but a much more important and powerful person said "They shall reap as they sow" and our country including there future has gone into the ground because of what they did back then.

Now how deeply is that brainwashing still holding to there mind's, deep enough that there are still many whom blame the Union's for everything and ignore the damage there MASTERS did to this country and there own childrens' future's.

The Press is controlled and spreads controlled, carefully worded manipulative information to the public.
The Police are not there to uphold the LAW they are there to Keep you in your place the law is only a guideline and it does not apply to there MASTERS only to the sheep.

posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 08:57 PM
a reply to: Tulpa

I also remember they taking truncheons to woman at Greenham common.

posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 09:00 PM
a reply to: bandersnatch

Then again if we were armed like the US citizenry we would likely have overthrown our government several time's and gone into several civil wars as we are kept a divided nation by those whom control us despite how small we are as a geographical location.
There are many whom would dearly love to shoot Cameron, LDS and Osbourn and would go to jail happily afterwards, not terrorists just angry brit's whom hate what they are doing to our country and are even more angry at seeing our kid's being put onto the street's by these criminal scum while they live in multi million pound mansion's.

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posted on Mar, 6 2016 @ 11:38 AM
I had friends at the battle of the bean fields.

At the time the traveler convoys were getting completely out of hand. They would travel around the country park up wherever they liked in dangerous untaxed vehicles and demand out of work benefits from the council claiming they could not move because they had no money for fuel. They would damage the land wherever they went cutting down trees and ripping up fences for firewood and digging holes to use as toilets. All the time claiming they had a right to do whatever they wanted. It was costing private land owners, councils and the police millions trying to deal with them.

At the time there were specific laws for dealing with this kind of situation. The way the police dealt with the situation was wrong but the motive was clear. They had had enough and the decision was made to finally make a stand and break up the convoy once and for all.

posted on Mar, 6 2016 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: PhoenixOD

Actually this is true, a group of Irish travellers set up shop on an industrial estate were I worked and litteraly used the public underpass as an open air toilette, they also set up camp on private land causing thousands of pound's worth of damage and though this sound's funny, we were working class not rich folk's but they would come into the back gardens and steal the washing off of the garden washing line's.

Later when I worked in retail security I had a few run in's but nothing bad with them and they are still human being's but that was Irish travellers not new age travellers whom are technically the children of the hippy generation, thing's got out of hand in the 80's and early 90's with councils having to build walls and fences to stop the influx of Irish travellers from simply squatting on what were public playing fields in the new town I then lived in.

The battle of the Bean field's though is a different matter and on that occasion is WAS the police whom acted entirely inappropriately with excessive force, new age travellers were by an large very little trouble but when we got the massive influx of Irish travellers that was a far different story and before anyone cries racist I can trace my mothers maternal grandparants to both side of the religious divide as well as to jewish in the maternal line so I am merely speaking the truth, it is a different way of life that is simply not compatible with social norm's, not law abiding travellers they are great but those whom have no regard for the law or the settled community's they set up camp next too and there have been some horror story's that come to mind.

I must also stress that, the majority of the home grown travellers and the older Irish travellers whom were here since the 70's were fine it was only the later Irish travellers and new travellers that caused the problem's and they are not to be confused with Gypsy's or Roma whom are very different and have a very long tradition in the UK, they can sometime's be a bit cruel to there horses which maddens' me but on the whole British Roma Gypsy's ( not the new arrivals ) are actually great neighbours and overall decent folk if a little insular as a community and they also tend to have plenty of money with a long tradition of horse trading and later "Any old Iron" scrap men etc - completely different kettle of fish and a bigger part of our history than many realise, they used to work the farms as itinerant labour before the tracktors came along helping at harvest time as well back when they still used Varda's.

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