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dialogue with the alien 9/11

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: Hex1an

thanks for recommended videos, help to understand the situation, which remains very complicated. it seems that all human beings have two "superstructures" recognized as "mind" and the other called "spirit", conventional names, have no connection with religion. some men also have a third party who has been named the "soul" a kind of immortal symbiote.

This last part of the human being seems to be using the alien. other thing that often resemble abductees studied is to be copied, they see clearly that inside the cylinder there are copies of themselves, something that fills them with fear.
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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

are in agreement with this ... be careful who wants to convince them that the aliens are our brothers of space, it is not so .... if there were aliens "good" would never be from us, because they know that it would be wrong to interfere with our social and mental development.

posted on Mar, 11 2016 @ 04:47 AM
a reply to: Cocchino

More dialogue with the alien, this time a pilot called: "Rafael Pacheco" who encountered a UFO in 1976 and became caught in some kind of tractor beam, during which witnesses say the pilot received a telepathic message from an extraterrestrial, which was also heard over the aircraft’s radio. The message said, in part “that we [human beings] are an inferior civilization and that we are not alone in the universe … that there are many other civilizations with beings that are physically similar to us, but that are much better developed mentally. He also spoke about us nearing a worldwide catastrophe, as we are the only beings in the universe with such a destructive mindset.”

Some more discussion on ATS about the alleged event.

posted on Mar, 13 2016 @ 09:25 AM
The translations are terrible on this, which makes them practically unwatchable. In any case, I don't trust hypnosis on things like this, and based on what I know, I'd say it was nonsense.
True, I can say some stuff that sounds crazy too. So being fair, I'll play.
The beings that are coming through here, are not what they seem. They are a dumb idiotic entity from another dimension, known to humans throughout the ages as demons (they're just an entity though, nothing religious about them).
The "real aliens" who most people think of, are kind and no harm to us. They're difficult to understand from our basic perspective, but we mustn't hurt them when they make themselves known. In the future, if there is a war announced between us and an alien species, it is a lie. They come (and are here) in peace, and if we're to ever understand who we really are, we need to grow up real soon.
Hopefully in about 400 years time, things will happen, and humans will learn their place.
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posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 01:49 PM
I can't watch the video as my personal circumstances suck, but going by some of the comments it sounds like what info I got about what 9-11 was really about.

In reply to a comment about the video that about 1 in 5 have souls only - isn't that obvious? I don't mean to be condescending like 'how couldn't you notice that', but look at the world....I've thought it obvious all along it is run by / dominated by the un-ensouled. People with no souls.

What it seems to be saying about pulling souls and then placing them elsewhere. This is a big problem. It is real but of course the dominant authorities most everywhere don't recognise it as real. I wonder why don't the beings moving souls around, given they must have a lot of power to be able to do so, also control the medical and law related authorities and force them to acknowledge the facts that souls exist, and in what way, and all these kinds of things happening with souls being moved about. Why bother to move them, as if it is important to do so, when they have no proof they have been moved?
If it is a positive thing, then why do it when it just leaves people with nothing but problems from authorities?

I'm always reminded of the info in this article whenever I see info as in this thread, as it's the only type of info I have found excepting some from the likes of Pleiadian channelling books, that seems to know anything about the soul shifting and forced reincarnations and the likes,

Both Lillie and I suspect that at the least the two of us, and possibly more of the Isis Templars were some of the little children put into the time warp somewhere along the line at Montauk. Is this correct? If so, who else of the Isis Templars, if any, were involved?

Thoth / Tehuti:
This is so, but neither of you were originally from the 1980s side of the time tunnel. Lillie was taken from Germany in 1941, and you from New England 1916, the past life you remember (having died in an auto accident in 1948). You were retrieved along with other children, by the ILN. Lillie was not. She was finally placed by REDHAWK in the body she is in now, but it was not accomplished without a great deal of trauma. Understand that there are those with REDHAWK that are trying to aid displaced subjects (they do not understand enough about what they are doing to accomplish this safely however).

Four other Templars were all subjects as well. They were all girls, but coming from the other side of the time tunnel also. You Maia, were the only one of this group that was brought back to finish your life in the original body and time frame. You have been concerned for awhile that you have had such an abundance of past lives. Many of these subjects have also. When riding the time tracks, there is often a radial influence along the meta-grid of time, creating a shower of spirit overlays with the travelers soul forming different experiences within the grid. In addition to the abduction, you are also a Capricornian time traveler, so you are continuously creating these realities from your Capricornian future. This is a complex weave. One we are not prepared to discuss in detail with you at this time.

The other Templars have all had time travel experience in some form, although they were not directly involved with REDHAWK or OZ. They have been working with KOALA, as all of you have, but this is done with your consent, and it is Light years away from the dangerous and traumatizing mode of operation carried out by OWL through its Extra-Terrestrial connection via REDHAWK and OZ. There are many forms of time travel, some far more advanced than REDHAWK / OZ, but they require spiritual grounding, something unattainable within the OWL agenda.

Maia: Will you tell me more in regard to our being jostled around in time? Are you saying that the other Templars were force-fed into their current incarnations? What happened to their original bodies? Were they killed in the project?

Thoth / Tehuti: Their bodies were absorbed into the force fields, allowing them to integrate several lifetimes and move into their current incarnations. However, in time travel perspective is everything. They still lived those lives in-between, but from the relativity of their current embodiment. This is quite difficult to explain to minds that only operate in linear dimension. It is not important that you understand it entirely. What is important is the Now. This is always your kingdom. By working through the Now and linking it into the past / future as guided by Chariot of the Sun (Thoths inner planes merkabah group), you, the Templars and SGM will be able to facilitate the development of the Rhombic forms needed to alter the diochromy.

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 08:07 PM
the situation is very complicated. there are points of very important question ..., we must not imagine the soul as a religious creature, or a new age concept. also apparently the reincarnation does not exist, as there is no time, but only the present constantly changing, and the universe would be great less than a quark, everything exists in one point. the aliens know these things and exploit them to their advantage.

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