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Into the Aethya

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posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 12:43 AM
The forests were bathed in hues of yellows and oranges, thriving with classic woodland creatures and bizarre animals she could never have imagined; gigantic silver-furred felines stalked through the trees, hunting the golden-horned deer that ventured near the forest edge to nibble at the long grass and pink flowers. She looked up into the sky and marvelled at the iridescence set amongst the clouds, the rainbow of colours spiralling from the heavens and falling upon the land causing the plants and wildlife to shine faintly with the perfect aura of life. Long multi-coloured vines dangled above her from the small islands that were scattered throughout the sky and her eyes were bright with wonder as she spied a magnificent castle situated upon the largest of the sky islands. It stood proudly, spires reaching up into the clouds and seeming to almost touch the purples and greens high above.

“The Aethya.” Said a man’s low voice behind her, causing her to jump slightly as she quickly turned around to investigate this intrusion. Wearing long black robes that covered his body down to his feet, an obsidian stone set in silver lay against his chest, his lightly tanned face appeared both youthful and mature with a small dimple fixed amongst his cheeks as his world-weary brown eyes spoke tales as they looked at her. He gestured towards the colours in the sky. “We called it the Aethya; the home of the Gods.”

“Who are you?” She asked, her heart thudding madly inside her chest as her vivid green eyes studied the unexpected man before her.

“Caelin.” He said simply as he looked about slowly, appearing to drink in the area as his dark eyes inspected every tree and each simple blade of grass that surrounded them. He glanced at her and offered a small half-smile. “Forgive me. I have not seen this land in… a very long time.” He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, a peaceful expression on his face as the Aethya’s light shone upon him.

Her beating heart began to slow, to calm itself, the man was obviously no threat to her. Looking back towards the sky she admired the majestic castle as It resembled a faceted gemstone in the illumination of the sun’s light.

When the man spoke again she listened to him carefully, her eyes filled with wonder as his soft words seemed to infuse themselves into her mind. “It was built eons ago. History tells us that it was built by the hand of Esraelle himself.” She heard his voice harden slightly as he spoke that name. “In times past, the Gods were well-known as they traversed our lands. Johne the Diviner, Xander the Empath, and Esraelle the Creator. They brought the Aethya with them, brought magic and the purest of life to our lands. They would circulate amongst the people, experience our joy as they celebrated our occasions with us. Every individual person in this land who had the smallest ability to use the arcane arts had the Gods to thank! Every mage, Magister, diviner of any talent! Our priests! They were blessed with the blood of the Gods!” He clenched his fists tightly, knuckles turning white with his anger.

She looked at him quietly, her large green eyes mirroring the uncertainty she felt at this man’s demeanour. “You speak as though these people and the Gods no longer exist.”

Caelin looked at the girl sharply, his dark eyes flickering with an unknown power. She shrank away from him slightly as a sudden gust of icy air blew through her long red hair and as the man’s eyes seemed to pierce through her eyes and into her soul. He smiled a smile that did little to ease her discomfort as he spoke softly once more, a hint of venom in his words. “Alexandria, is it?... Allow me to show you.”

He seized her hand and she winced as his fingers pinched her flesh, a bizarre energy began to surround them and she soon ignored the mild pain in her hand as she felt herself being lifted into the sky. Disoriented, she wrapped her arms around the man in the black robes and held him tightly as they rose over the land.

The icy gusts of wind became stronger and soon the weather was more wild than she could ever have believed. The wind stormed through the branches of the trees, stripping them of their leaves and wrenching even the stockiest trunk out of the ground. A dull light fell across her face and she looked up nervously, nervousness becoming shock as the colours in the sky vanished! She looked back down and held onto Caelin even tighter as she witnessed floods streaming across the land where they were standing mere moments ago. The water flowed rapidly across the land, and she buried her face into Caelin’s robes as the bloated corpse of a young girl floated on the waters below; her brown hair knotted with twigs, brown peasant dress ripped into fragments exposing cuts upon her skin, her pale blue eyes staring sightlessly into the colourless sky.

A loud smash forced Alexandria to peer out once more, her body shaking with the reverberations from the castle that once resided in the sky above as it shattered onto the ground. The wind carried the scent of death as it gusted about the one lonely structure that remained of the castle. She gasped in shock as she saw into the broken window of the tower, for the very man she was clutching to, so tightly as the gusts threatened to tear them apart, was standing at the window and looking out across the mutilated land. He clenched his fists tightly as his hands shook with anger; his dark brown eyes were glowering up at the sky, seeming to reflect the arcs of lightning that jagged across the dismal clouds. He narrowed his eyes as another gust of wind aimed to topple him from the tower window, blowing his mud-stained robes about him with its chilling touch. His eyes flashed golden as he smiled menacingly towards the empty heavens and she heard his thought as clear as though it were her own. You will not destroy me.

He raised his arms above his head and clutched the edges of the window as he planted his feet firmly against the rising fury of the wind. He closed his eyes and faced the dull grey of the sky, the wind and rain whipping his dark hair about his head. Thunder boomed sharply above him and he stumbled, almost falling from the window of the tower. His face twisted in anger as he re-opened his eyes, and while they glowed gold and bright he yelled out to the empty sky. “Vin ba elasa! Esraelle! Ba cael’na bin velasa!” The version of Caelin that she was clinging to murmured softly into her ear, causing chills to strike her heart. “I beseech you, Esraelle, I invoke your power.”

Once more the Caelin of the past clenched his fists as he whipped himself away from the sight of the forsaken land. Standing behind him were all that remained of his Magisters, watching their leader silently as the wind whistled ominously around the tower, circling menacingly and threatening their imminent destruction. One of the Magisters was a woman, gazing sadly up at the sky, tears rolling down her cheeks as the silver paint on her face became smudged from the wind and rain that penetrated the tower. She took a decisive step towards Caelin and reached inside of her robes to bring forth a perfectly circular obsidian bowl in one hand and a crystal knife in the other. She kneeled reverently before the man and offered the items to him, whispering softly. “I will perform my duties as required by our High Magister Caelin, I am your loyal servant and servant of Fandriel.”

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posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 12:43 AM
Caelin looked down upon her as the other Magisters stood on either side of her and though he smiled unemotionally, his voice struggled with clear tension. “Fandriel is gone! Along with our Gods! Our endless skies are gone!

The woman looked up at him, her blonde hair a sodden mess, her expression becoming almost peaceful in the fading light of the outside world. Her voice sounded bittersweet as the chaos swirled about them. “We must persevere, my lord.”

Without waiting for his response, she plunged the knife into her chest and allowed her blood to fill the bowl whilst the remaining Magisters began to chant a deep rhythm that thudded loudly in the confines of the tower. At peace, she seemed to feel no pain as she collapsed on the tiles, her blood glowing faintly of the magic that had once filled the land.

Alexandria couldn’t tear her eyes from the sight, mesmerised by the power that appeared to churn about the tower. Unblinking, Caelin tugged the knife from the woman’s chest and quickly lay her body down flat on the floor as he stood above her. He cared not for this woman’s sacrifice, it was expected. Every person of the land had sworn themselves to his will and to the will of every High Magister before him. They would all perform their duties as required.

The chant grew louder and as it began to amplify within the tower, it seemed to fill Caelin with power, to uplift him. Energy rose from the body before him and his eyes began to glow golden once more as the soft aura of life and magic lifted towards him. The last colours of Fandriel. As he started to incise runes into the body carefully with the crystal knife, Alexandria closed her eyes and turned her head away abruptly, her voice shook as she exclaimed. “I don’t want to watch any longer!”

With a golden flash, the land returned to how she had originally seen it as she first arrived and she felt the air rush past her as Caelin lowered them back towards the ground. She detached herself from him and backed away slowly, keeping her eyes on his, not wanting to lose sight of him lest he disappear like the vision she had just endured. But he did not disappear, he stood in place by the vibrant trees and calmly returned her gaze. Her voice shook slightly as his eyes bore into her own. “W-why are you here?”

Caelin laughed and the barely concealed malice disappeared as he managed to give the girl a gentle smile. “Raise your arms.”

As Alexandria did as the man bade, he pointed towards her left arm and smiled knowingly. “And there it is! That wound… how did it happen?”

She dropped her arms to her sides, her green eyes echoed her inner pain as they brimmed with tears, her voice barely audible as she whispered. “Because I’m a witch.”

He strode towards her, purposefully, a slight confusion wavering amongst his eyes as he put his hands onto her shoulders and looked down upon her. “A witch…? I am unsure of this term. I do believe, however, that you are the first mage in three thousand years to call upon the magic of Fandriel, and without the presence of the Aethya! That is why I am here. You have called me to you.”

Loosening his grip on her shoulders, he continued to smile at the young woman before him, knowing full well how this event unfolded. “Tell me.”

She looked up into his dark eyes, the pain still evident in her own, and felt compelled to lash out harshly. The subtle smirk on his face only served to anger her and she glared at him, oblivious to the golden flash in her own eyes as mild fury swarmed through her veins. A small shift in the atmosphere, a light breeze gently caressed her skin and her anger faded. She nibbled her lip and swallowed heavily before starting to speak, but was cut short by the quick raise of his hand; he shook his head slightly as his words appeared in her mind. Not with your voice.

She closed her eyes and attempted to interrupt the pain flowing through her as the events of the past swarmed her thoughts, forcing her to experience her heartache for a second time.

She was so tired. They had been at this for hours. Searching for her father’s medication, he swore to God that someone, i.e. Alexandria, must have taken the medication and hidden it from him. They had searched in every bedroom, in every cupboard, on every shelf of every bookcase, under the linen in the cupboards, her father was even investigating the plants! Was he not aware that he had taken all his pills earlier that morning? Does he not remember? Angry tears streamed down her face, blurring her vision as she tried in vain to search for his imaginary medication. Why won’t he believe me!? Breathing heavily, she climbed down from the top of the bookcase. “Nope. Not up there.”

Her father’s voice drifted loudly from another room of the house. “They are somewhere, Alexandria!”

She clenched her fists tightly and she felt her blood boil as she yelled. “NO THERE ARE NOT! AAAARRRRGHH!”

There was only so much a nine-year-old could take. It was approaching midnight and she just wanted to go to bed. Her father’s voice thundered as he stampeded angrily into the room. “Alexandria!”

His face was bright red with anger, parts of his face turning white with frustration, and his hands trembled as they held his leather belt tightly, threateningly. Alexandria collapsed onto the ground, her body heaving with her sobs. “You ate all your pills this morning! I swear!”

She sobbed uncontrollably and cowered on the floor as she sensed him take a menacing step towards her. Please don’t hit me. Please! Please! PLEASE! Flinching, she waited for the inevitable whip, but it never came. She could no longer hear him either. She peeked out from behind her arms to her father still there, but, he was see-through! She didn’t care for the how or why of this situation, she uncurled from her cowering ball and ran through him and down the hall to her bedroom, locking the door behind her. She threw herself onto her bed and cried herself to sleep.

A flash of gold, a darkness pounded her mind, and then Alexandria peeked around the corner into the hallway. She could hear her father mumbling nonsensical words in his room and she listened carefully, her ears trained to penetrate through the silence, she could sense nothing else happening in the house. Her mother wasn’t home, as usual, probably went out to get drunk. Again. She moved silently along the hallway, making her way into the kitchen and peering into the cupboards as quietly as she could. There was no food and she was so hungry. She opened the fridge, there was nothing. She opened the freezer, it was empty too! Except… for a bag of frozen peas. She shuddered, peas were not her favourite of the vegetable group and even less so a food all on their own. She remembered covering them in sauce or gravy whenever they were on her plate at dinnertimes, swallowing them whole as to not let their taste linger on her tongue.

She sighed softly, she had no choice, it was all that was there! She stood frustrated for a moment, she had never cooked anything before, she was ten years old! Parents were supposed to do that sort of thing! They weren’t supposed to sit in their bedrooms smoking plants all day and all night, nor were they supposed to disappear for days on end before finally coming home and reeking of cigarettes and alcohol.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 12:43 AM
Rummaging around in a cupboard she found a saucepan, slowly taking it out of the cupboard so not to make any noise. I guess you just pour them into the saucepan with water and boil? She had no idea but that seemed reasonable enough. She turned the stove on, placed the pea-filled saucepan on a hot-plate, and went sneaking about the house some more. She hovered outside her father’s bedroom door for a few moments, listening to his jumbled words as he muttered to himself, and then quietly tiptoed back to her room feeling utterly alone. She didn’t know how long she was supposed to cook the peas for. In better time, her parents used to spend close to an hour in the kitchen when it came to cooking dinner. So, she’d check on her peas in an hour! Perfect!

She lay on her bed, daydreaming of the rainbow skies and horses black as the night. Her dream world was so much better than her real word, she wished she could enter her mind and live in her pretend world forever. She put her pillow over the face and held her breath for as long as she possibly could. It wasn’t long before she started to feel dizzy, her face began to tingle, and her lungs screamed out for her to take a breath. Fine, body, you win this round. She didn’t know how long it had been, there was no clock in her room. She wondered if her peas were ready and snuck back out into the kitchen, gasping in disgust at the horrible smell that wafted out of the saucepan. Apparently she had boiled them for too long, the water had evaporated and the peas were an ugly green-brown mush stuck to the bottom of the saucepan. Her eyes brimmed with tears. Another night with no food. She poured herself a glass of water and ran back into her room, no longer caring about any noise she might be making, slamming the door behind her and locking it.

She felt onto her bed and found herself in her world of rainbow skies once more. As if to taunt her, the faint scent of roast chicken wafted from a room of the nearby sky-castle and she felt her stomach growl with hunger. She had never been inside the castle before… it was too marvellous, too perfect, too imposing. But that smell, that delicious smell.

Alexandria walked silently across the courtyard and peered around the open door that apparently lead into the kitchens. The room was empty, there was no body there, but on the rustic wooden table lay a plate with golden roasted potatoes and slices of chicken coated in gravy. It looked as delicious as it smelt! Her eyes gazed around the room once more and determined that there was indeed no one else in this room. Unable to contain herself she ran over to the table and proceeded to devour this food of her dreams.

A mild despair flew through her as another familiar scene sprung forth into life before her eyes, the young teenager staring silently down at her shoes. Black and heavy with big clunky buckles, they were specially made because her feet were so wide. She didn’t ask for these shoes, but it was her father’s funeral and she needed appropriate footwear. Her mother had carried on massively, how we must look proper at such events, and then she had complained about the cost of the custom made monstrosities! It’s not my fault, I didn’t want the damned shoes! She had pulled Alexandria’s long auburn hair into the tightest of braids and expected her to sit there quietly and look nice while all the adults ate these disgusting small foods. Sushi or something. She knew they were disgusting; she had nicked one, gleefully biting into it expecting the taste of something glorious, and proceeded to gag before managing to swallow it down. Gross.

They had to go to the church soon, she hated the church. The last time they had gone was to arrange the funeral, her mother was talking to the pastor and Alexandria was perusing his book collection. She had found a book about demons! It was so exciting! He had looked horrified and her mother had quickly whipped it out of Alexandria’s grasp. Not for the eyes of young ladies, apparently. Prize, gone. She stared stonily at her shoes, the beating afterwards had hurt more than the last one.

Her tight hair was pulling on her scalp and giving her a headache but she sat as still as she could and ignored it, she didn’t fidget once. That’s what good girls do, they sit, and they do what they’re damned well told. Or so her mother said. There was no use arguing, arguing lead to tears and despair. Besides, if she sat there long enough she could daydream of her rainbow world and block out this horrible reality. She smiled softly as she remembered the past few nights in her world; she thought she saw a cat in the forests! Silver fur and golden eyes, it appeared purely magical. Maybe if she could daydream long enough she could find it.

Her mother walked past her, already reeking of the wine that was on offer, and stopped as she noticed the slight smile on Alexandria’s face. “It’s your father’s funeral today! And you’re smiling!”

Alexandria looked up at her mother, her big green eyes beginning to shine with tears of shame. “I’m sorry, mother.”

Without warning she slapped Alexandria’s face sharply and continued walking, ignoring the shocked glances of the other guests. Alexandria’s tears fell down her cheeks as she touched the side of her face with her hand. Collecting herself, she sat primly on her stool and resumed silently staring at her hideous shoes.

The day sped up behind her closed eyes and suddenly she was curled up in the corner of her room, tears streaming down her face, a violent banging on her locked bedroom door. Every thump on the door making her shrink inside of herself as she noticed the wood beginning to splinter. She didn’t even know what she had done! Her mother was insane! She had finally burst into the room and strode menacingly towards Alexandria, knife in hand. Alexandria raised her arms up to cover her face, crying. No, no, no! The knife had flashed down and sliced into the soft flesh of Alexandria’s arm, so deep that it was yet to bleed. She had yelled as the initial burst of pain screamed through her body, but, she had also felt the energy and it overpowered the pain. She didn’t know how she did it, but she managed to unleash a wave of that energy that poured from the gash in her arm and it pushed her mother forcefully away from her and out of her room. The door had found its way back into the frame and stood impenetrable. Her mother yelled at her outside her door, drunkenly slurring about how her daughter was a witch. Not knowing what to do with her arm, she had wrapped a shirt around it tightly and continued to huddle in the corner, feeling both terrified and empowered.

Alexandria slowly opened her eyes and gathered herself, reacquainting her eyes with the beautiful land of Fandriel, bright and full of life before her eyes, and looked imploringly at Caelin who stood silently, his hands clasped behind his back as he watched the emotions flitter across her face. She gazed up at him with her sad eyes and though she already suspected the answer, she couldn’t help but ask. “Why am I here?”

Caelin tilted his head and watched her face carefully as he spoke gently in his soft voice. “You are dying.”

Her eyes started to shine with tears as he continued to speak. “The power was too much for your body. What you called upon should not have been possible, not without the Aethya’s presence. However, I can help you. If you truly wish to be helped.”

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 12:43 AM
She nodded, wiping away a tear that dared to fall upon her cheek, attempting to keep her voice from stuttering as she acquiesced. “I-I… I would appreciate any help.”

A light energy started to manifest around them as they stood amongst the lush land. Caelin simply stood there, as he gazed into Alexandria’s shining green eyes, and snapped his fingers with a flourish. A conjured blue flame sat delicately in his palm and it flickered gently as it sat in the very centre of his hand. He allowed the small blue flame to dance in between his fingertips as he looked at Alexandria. “Pain and fear, you will come to understand that these emotions are not an enemy.” He softly blew on the flame, causing it to erupt and to surround him completely in its dazzling blue blaze. “These emotions in their average state are nothing but an impractical weakness that holds one back from their desires. Once you can master the fire, pain will be a friend instead of foe, and nothing… and no one… will harm you again.”

Alexandria gazed in awe at the fiery blue aura that surrounded Caelin, her voice filled with wonder for she had never seen such a beautiful sight as she asked. “And I will live?”

She continued to watch in fascination as the blaze brightened considerably and then seemed to seep itself into Caelin. It had left not a mark on him or his robes and was now burning inside of him, a mass of energy. His voice was the epitome of calmness as he spoke to her. “I do not know.”

He raised his eyes above her face and looked towards the Aethya, stretching his arms out towards the heavens as he spoke in his calm voice. “It has been three thousand years since that fateful moment in my history. Three thousand years. My people hold the number three sacred as we attempt to honour the Three Gods. Yet those Gods that we honour forsook my people, forsook me.” His eyes hardened as he lost his calm and clenched his jaw. Alexandria could sense the scattered thoughts that were flying through his mind. Three thousand years had done little to ease his anger. It wasn’t the loss of his people that distressed him, it was the fact that he had been denied. It will not stand, I will return.

Caelin returned his gaze to Alexandria, his dark eyes flickering as he spoke. “Three thousand years. It is no coincidence; I believe that this is fated. Know that I don’t do this for your benefit, for if you live, you will return my home, my land, my kingdom into being! If you die… I doubt you will but there is always a chance… if you fail, may you find a happier place in the Otherworld. I will try again.”

He flicked his wrist once more and created a new burning flame, larger than the last, licking hungrily at his fingers. She stared into his dark eyes, thoughts racing as she struggled to comprehend the enormity of the situation. But to live! In Fandriel! Away from this cruel world that would not even notice her death… she would live. She nodded her head, her face serious, and silently whispered the words. “I am ready to live.”

She had barely finished speaking before the flame was upon her, surrounding her, burning her, scorching her skin! She gasped in shock and fell to her knees, her arms outstretched in front of her to hold herself steady as she hit the floor. The pain was immense! She took deep heavy breaths but that only served to suck the fire into her mouth and burn her throat as it travelled throughout her body. She whimpered as tears began to well up in her eyes, she could not handle this. She had failed before she had even begun. She began to see colours swirl about her, flashing red and black as sharp burning pains started to pierce her soul.

She struggled to lift her head upwards as the flames burned her ears and started to move towards her face. No! Not my face! She steeled herself with a sudden rush of determination and the blacks and red that flashed through her vision started to clear. You will not burn my face! The flame paused momentarily, as though actually listening to her outpouring of thoughts, and then continued blazing around her head and across her shoulders. She held her breath as it travelled along her back and down her sides, curving around her thighs, the pain lessening at her body became accustomed to the touch of the fire. She let her breath out heavily, the fire she had drank in previously now steaming from her mouth and she began to laugh. I’m a dragon! Oh, it was hilarious! She finally lifted her head, no long struggling as the fire danced around her body in a make-shift aura, and she looked upon Caelin watching her; his eyes unflinching, not a single emotion written on his face.

Slowly she got to her feet, staring at Caelin as she moved herself upwards. The fire danced around her body, no long burning but empowering, she had never felt so glorious in her life! The black and red flashes that were blinding her had completely disappeared, the fiery blue aura burned brilliantly around her, and she stood calm as the fire burned its way through her body and entered her soul. Caelin smiled his half-smile at her, if he was amazed at how quickly she had mastered the fire he did not show It, and stepping forward he took a hold of her hands, whispering softly as he stared intently into her eyes. “Burning in the blue fire, you are pure. Ba cael’na bin velasa.” I invoke your power.

A shiver ran down her body, the energy that resided in them both seemed to surge out from within them and join together in a storm of colours that surrounded them. The colours were everywhere, swaying to and fro, up and down, over and back as she felt herself tumbling into nothingness. Flashes of blue and orange assaulted her eyes and her mind, the magical energy was echoing through her body and causing her flesh to tingle. No. It felt as though the energy was going to rip right through her flesh! Tear her to pieces! She was full to bursting! Her fingertips started shining a golden light and she began to laugh hysterically, there was nothing left to do but laugh, this was insanity at its finest. The emotions were overwhelming her, she wanted to laugh madly forever! She wanted to cry! A single tear slipped down her face and floated off her cheek, dancing and glistening in front of her eyes. She could not breathe, there was no need to breathe, this was simply amazing! More and more laughter erupted from her as she felt Caelin’s presence start to fade from her. A burst of green circles surged around her head and she watched them in delight as they flew around her, soothing her and bringing her to a feeling of inner peace.

The golden glow expanded from her fingertips and surrounded her entire body as she suddenly felt alone in her kaleidoscopic nothingness. If this was death, she didn’t know what she had been afraid of. She closed her eyes against the colourful vortex and allowed the peace to flow through her. To die or to live, it mattered no longer, though she hoped that this effort would succeed for Caelin’s sake if not her own. She had experienced a kinship before her time to die had come and her soul would be grateful, always. Swirling through the void, electricity began to crackle in and around her; she could sense it, hear it, taste it. Plummeting faster and faster through the colours, and then… there was nothing.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 01:33 AM
I really liked this. Thank you for posting.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 02:05 AM
a reply to: karmicecstasy

Thank you!

I didn't know if I should post it or not, it seemed so long and I kept cringing at every reply I had to do to continue it! Haha! But, thank you.

posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 01:34 AM
Just a continuation
didn't seem right to start another thread for it. (Poor Alexandria. Suffering from such a repetitive soul-cycle.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The sun slowly rose over the countryside, shining through the light mist of rain that was moistening the farmland, causing an illusion of rainbows to scatter amongst the crops of wheat. Mikael stood outside the door of his wooden shack and scanned the area that surrounded him, the land appeared peaceful and serene in the morning light. He knew better. It had been tough going this season, each season had been worse than the last since his daughter had disappeared that night when those cursed black horses descended from that blight castle in the sky.

He clenched his fist angrily, his roughly bearded face staring stonily up into the iridescence of the Aethya high in the sky. Gods above! I will get you back.

She had been destined for greater things. A greater destiny than to become some disgusting Magister’s slave. Tighter and tighter he clenched his fist, allowing his fingernails to dig into the flesh of his palm, harder and harder until the blood started to drip from his hand.

Murmuring some incomprehensible words under his breath he raised his blooded fist into the air, opening his hand and allowing the blood to fall and form a small pool on the dirt he stood on. The dirt absorbed the blood immediately and he watched as his crops appeared to grow a few extra inches right before his eyes. Mother had always told him not to do these things unless absolutely necessary. And if he absolutely had to, protect himself first! At all costs. The dread horses would sniff out the blood and they would be forced to the castle, or, forced to die. There was no option. His daughter had not been careful enough.

If the seasons continued in this manner, he would surely be found and he would surely die. He glared once more at the sky before retreating into the darkness of his home, making his way into the bedroom where under the roughly crafted bed lay a hidden trapdoor. He lowered the shutters on the small window and unlatched the lock on the trapdoor, carefully climbing down the ladder and into his private sanctuary.

It was a small simple room that had been neatly dug into the ground, in the centre lay a flat stone that served as an altar which was surrounded by the bundles of expertly tied herbs and flowers that he used for his rituals. He breathed in the combined fragrance of the lavender and jasmine, and feeling less angry now, more focussed, he retrieved a small stone bowl from his pocket and placed it gently on the altar.

Closing his eyes, his hands moved of their own accord as he breathed the heavily scented air deep into his lungs. His fingers grasped a bundle of the herbs. He unravelled the horse-hair that tied them together and placed the flora into the bowl, he whipped the horse-hair hard into the air and placed it on top of the herbs, causing the hair to catch alight as it landed on the leaves. As the herbs burned in the bowl he concentrated deeply, breathing in and out heavily, allowing the fumes to permeate his entire body; he envisioned his beautiful daughter… Her lovely dark skin, her brown eyes, the slight curl of her hair.

He breathed deeper and then he began to see her. Unclearly, as though he were looking through a thick morning fog, but it was definitely her, looking calm and composed, and serving drinks. He snorted in derision, causing his vision to momentarily falter. At least she yet lives. He thought of Syosse, the small coastal town he had once lived in, and he thought of Marcus, Isla’s betrothed. They would have been strong together! A force to be reckoned with! A power to rival the heinous Magisters up there in their depraved castle. The plans were in tatters. Concentrate! Calming his breathing, Mikael concentrated on the heady fragrance that was on fire before him and with every ounce of power in his body, he called out towards Syosse, to the mages hidden there, to Marcus.

The herbs were burning no longer and he felt weakened as he stepped from the altar. He had made his decision. I’m so far from the shores I left behind… After this season he would stay here no longer, he would sell the small farm and return home. He must help the resistance! Maybe they could help grant his daughter safe passage, only then could they begin their work in earnest.

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The village sounded full of life outside her shuttered window; Alexandria could hear men shouting to each other exuberantly, women chatting amongst themselves, and the squeals and yells of children as they ran past. It sounded utterly glorious compared to the intense silence inside of her cottage. Mother didn’t allow her to go out there anymore, not after the incident. She sighed to herself, it wasn’t her fault! The older boy had dared to become inappropriate. It was only fitting that the glare of her eyes set him alight. And the girl… their Lord’s daughter… she had run over to investigate and had been most unkind, threatening to capture her and bleed her in front of the whole village. Alexandria shuddered involuntarily as the screams of the girl echoed in her ears.

The door of the cottage slammed loudly as her Mother returned home, Alexandria cringed and ran to her bed, not wanting to have been spied at the window .. She listened to the stomping feet on the wooden floors and held her breath. They stopped. They weren’t coming down the hallway. She had nothing to fear… yet. She closed her eyes and hid her face in the dingy material of her pillow. She was cursed with this so called gift. She didn’t want it! She wanted to be normal. If she were normal she would have a proper life, with a proper Mother and perhaps even a Father, she wouldn’t be locked in this cottage all day and all night. She wouldn’t be yelled at and cursed at every day. Maybe she would even be able to eat something more often than once a week.

Tears streamed down her face as she quietly sobbed. Sometimes she dreamed of the horsemen flying down from their castle to kill her for her supposed gift, sometimes she thought that would be preferable to living this miserable life, and then she would imagine running away to become one of those mages who were rumoured to live in the forests! Nobody would dare hurt her then, for she would be oh-so-powerful and the outlying villages would fear her!

She clung to her pillow, her heart beating rapidly, as she heard the footsteps start to make their way down the hallway. She must pretend to sleep, maybe then the inevitable would not happen, maybe she could have just one night… Just one peaceful night. She closed her eyes tightly and attempted to mimic the heavy breathing of sleep, but it wasn’t to be. Her door flew open and her mother stalked into the room, her voice harsh and somewhat slurred with the effects of alcohol. “Get up you bleedin’ god-fiend!” and pulled Alexandria from the mattress, throwing her to the floor.

Alexandria wiped the streaks of tears from her face and looked up at her Mother with her big green eyes, shining with wetness, whispering in her soft broken voice. “Please Mother…”

A slap across her face was her only answer. Her hand reached up to touch the stinging mark on her face, and for the first time, she dared to question in a voice shaking slightly. “Why?”

Her mother’s eyebrows furrowed in anger as she glared at her daughter, raising her hand to strike Alexandria again. “She-demon of the Aethya! GODS TAKE YOU!”

Alexandria cried out in pain as the weight of the slap knocked her head back against the wall, long red hair falling across her face. And then she felt it. The slight twists of energy… the gift from the Gods… She stood up effortlessly and stared up at her Mother, allowing the energy to flow through and power her. She yelled out in a shrill voice. “You will not touch me!”

The power radiated from her in pulsing waves, knocking her Mother back and pushing her out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Alexandria looked at the golden aura glowing around her hands and whispered softly. “No one will touch me.”

She pushed an invisible barrier against the door and fell onto her bed, feeling the energy fading away from within as she hugged her pillow close to her. Johne, Xander, Esraelle… Gods above, I love you! But I hate this curse. I hate it. She whispered quietly to herself. “I hate it, I hate it. I. Hate. It!”

Trying to ignore the sound of her Mother pacing and muttering up and down the hallway outside her door, she closed her eyes and imagined the Aethya. Home of the Gods. The heavens of Fandriel. She had attended the village school up until the last year, she was but thirteen years of age and the gift was blossoming strongly within her and her Mother had pulled her out. A mage must remain hidden lest the horsemen from the castle sense the magic upon them and swoop down to claim their prize. The mage-blood. Though she had attended for only a short period, she spent the majority of that time in the school’s libraries, reading books that hadn’t been touched for years. She had started to teach herself the old tongue, though she only learnt a few words before being forced to leave. She spoke these words softly now, hoping the Gods would hear these old words behind the drivel of the new language. “Vin ba elasa, Johne, ba cael’na bin velasa.” – I beseech you, Johne, grant me your strength.

The image of the Aethya was beautiful behind her closed eyes, the rainbow of colours shimmering brightly as she imagined the sky she hadn’t seen for half a season now. She slowly fell asleep, dreaming of a golden haired and golden eyed God watching her behind the iridescence. You are stronger than you know.

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