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The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions

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posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 09:07 PM
This: vvv and the payoffs that came with all the mess!

originally posted by: Rosinitiate
They were probably charged $50 million to scrub their servers. ...suckers.

Of course it is speculation, however considering the facts so far,
if they need favors I doubt anyone is going to buy the "flat broke" line.

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posted on Sep, 30 2015 @ 02:47 AM
a reply to: IAMTAT
Hm it really ties in with your thread about the missing 6 billion. Seems there is a lot of missing money on their watch.

Dont know if you've ever seen these documentaries but they're both well worth the time:

The Clinton Chronicles:

The Mena Connection:

The Clinton Murders:

posted on Sep, 30 2015 @ 07:43 AM
If I had to make a guess, the missing $fifty million was a down payment to the three companies that sell electronic voting machines. You know, one vote for Trump = 3 votes for Hilary. After she becomes president, the three companies will get the rest of all our tax money, err, ill begotten speaking tour money...

Al Capone would be so proud of her...

posted on Sep, 30 2015 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Hillary represented Systematics, Inc. (later Alltel) in Little Rock -- along with Vince Foster and the Rose Law Firm.

Systematics, Inc. developed and installed core banking systems around the world -- and were at the center of a banking spy software/systems scandal, in the 1980s.

In an amazing coincidence, Obama's Uncle Cecil Goeldner was the head architect of those systems and personally installed them across the globe.

You can access his resumé through the waybackmacine here:


For more than 35 years, I've been a "Hired Gun", successfully extracting and separating banks from some of their money. Well, I guess a better way of putting it would be that I've been employeed by some of the finest bank computer software and service providers for the past three and a half decades and have thus managed to eke out a reasonably comfortable existance for myself and family.


Over 35 years experience as Programming Manager, Consultant, Project Leader and Systems Programmer in banking on IBM mainframe environments. Very strong in development and implementation of large scale online banking applications using COBOL, CICS and VSAM in both MVS and VSE environments with extensive experience in Assembler.

Professional Experience:

Excellent professional track record includes:

16 years Consultant and Programming Manager with Alltel/Systematics

3 years Sr. Systems Prgmr Team Leader with Old Kent Financial Corp.

3 years Project Leader for Pacesetter Financial Corp.

13 years Vice Pres., Sec., Treasurer for Data Center, Inc.

3 years EDPM Analyst with The Boeing Co.

Major Assignments:

Have installed and tested all Systematics software products at dozens of domestic client locations as well as many major international institutions in England, large banks in Puerto Rico, the National Bank of Greece and Riyadh Bank of Saudi Arabia.

Developed the source translator system for the international version of Systematics software.

Assisted in opening first SI data center in England and consulted with client (American Express) in the conversion to Systematics ATM Card processing for U.S. Military personnel in England and Germany.

Set up and was responsible for a statewide communications network for a five billion-dollar multi-bank holding company (OKFC). This included remote MICR capture using IBM 4300's and S/34's into twin IBM 4381 hosts running DOS/VSE under VM. guess is that the Clintons money is easily hidden. And the Obamas money is/will be easily hidden, too.

posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 01:54 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

To me the Clinton's are:
wrapped in an ENIGMA,
smothered in CORRUPTION,
sprinkled with GREED,
surrounded by the CORPSES of friends.

Basically they are bad people...

posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 03:47 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

If you start investiganting the Clintons all such level politicians should be investigated... Maybe it is better to leave it alone because it will be shocking for the nation being confronted with corruption going on for as long as deep the investigators are willing to go.

But there is always the exception...the Clintons are almost doing it in the open and do not take any prisoners. They are allegedly connected with so many different crimes it feels as if they are protected by judges, supreme judges and federal law enforcement agencies

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