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Number of Homeless Students Reaches All-Time High

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posted on Sep, 25 2015 @ 10:23 PM
No, they should be cavemen, doing grunt work, that machines and technology have risen above, but hell, people can't.

Mom: Equality and Freedom. No Patents. All the highest and clean energy and solutions belong to all the people, and all the healthcare, real stuff not the "make you ill" kind, and dental. High Continually retrainable educations.

Dad: Freedom, Creativity.

NO SCARSITY ALLOWED. No Banks Needed, and No Elite, they would all be in jail, just precautionary, with counsils of citizens, lawyers, and pi's scanning every document.

They're gone, no money, no patents, no elites, all the best of everything.

And unless a person gets that there has never ever been any reason to be mean, tough, and harm others with weaponized opinions, they don't leave this level, in fact, they are beholden to those they've harmed.

Time to wake up and graduate.

And all the kids/youths, even your grandparents, should be taking any studies they're suited for, at any age.

And have beautiful homes.

Any time you see anyone homeless, that is a horrendous torturous crime against them, and it will be faced by any individuals or society, endorsed by anyone.


For all those who think your job is to bend kids out of shape and toughen them into trolls, you have a long ways to go.

But the fact is: all the ingredients that go into a banquet (and earth and the fruits of intelligence and science has abundance), can create poisoned food and hellish meals and scaristy, or all the same ingredients can make wonderful abundance for all without forcing anyone to stand under you or your opinions, and exclude none, not just the handicapped or overburdened, but even those who refuse to work at all. And lead them by good examples until they are completely bored and left out not growing and contributing part time.

Some people create masterpieces with the same ingredients others create hell.
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posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 07:58 PM
you don`t need to go to college to make good money,one example, auto mechanics make well over $100 an hour, that`s more than most college educated jobs pay.
I think most people don`t want to work hard and they think that they can make big money without working hard if they have a college degree.
I think a lot of college graduates are disappointed when they discovery that while their degree got them an easy job it`s not a job that pays much.

posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 08:52 PM
College is a waste of time and money. Tech jobs are very few for professionals with advanced degrees and especially for recent graduates. There are thousands of ads for high level employment on the web, which most are fabricated and don't generate employment for job seekers.

Many companies are going with H1B Visa applicants for global exposure. Its all a part of globalization of the economy. If you have college loans, good luck in ever paying them off. That will be the next bubble burst for the federal government.

Many that are in the process of acquiring a college degree get the loans with the assumption of being able to pay them off quickly because they are duped into thinking they will get 80k to 90k salaries when in reality the salaries are 30k to 40k.

posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 09:48 PM
a reply to: eManym

I still think it can make sense if you save for college early, do 2 years at a community college, the rest in state, and pick a career that has positions for something you won't hate.

It doesn't make sense to go way into debt for college, but if you have support or work hard to keep the debt down it can make sense.
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