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subliminal suggestion, baiting the suggestible.

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posted on Aug, 16 2015 @ 11:56 PM
Could it be possible that world powers and/or terrorists have found a way to implant suggestive thoughts into the population en masse? I know there have been declassified documents showing that the CIA was able to transmit words into the minds of their test subjects using microwaves. Sometimes things just pop into my head and eerily similar things occur shortly after. It would be foolish to assume the phenomenon to be anything other than subconscious manipulation. I have ADD and see thoughts very vividly. Most of the time my mind is static, like flipping through channels or radio randomly.

Before I go into crazy town here are some things you should be aware of:

Microwave auditory effect

Pulsed microwave radiation can be heard by some workers; the irradiated personnel perceive auditory sensations of clicking or buzzing. The cause is thought to be thermoelastic expansion of portions of the auditory apparatus.[2] The auditory system response occurs at least from 200 MHz to at least 3 GHz. In the tests, repetition rate of 50 Hz was used, with pulse width between 10–70 microseconds. The perceived loudness was found to be linked to the peak power density instead of average power density. At 1.245 GHz, the peak power density for perception was below 80 mW/cm2.[citation needed] However, competing theories explain the results of interferometric holography tests differently.[3]

Electrophonic hearing

Electrophonic hearing is the direct stimulation of the auditory nerves by external electromagnetic fields.[1][2][3][4] In 1962 Allan H Frey carried out a series of experiments which proved that microwaves can produce the sound even in those who are deaf.[1] The theory is unable to explain why only the sense of hearing is affected - though there are rare reports of people noting odd smells accompanying an aurora display


a functional neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by electrical currents occurring naturally in the brain, using very sensitive magnetometers. Arrays of SQUIDs (superconducting quantum interference devices) are currently the most common magnetometer, while the SERF (spin exchange relaxation-free) magnetometer is being investigated for future machines. Applications of MEG include basic research into perceptual and cognitive brain processes, localizing regions affected by pathology before surgical removal, determining the function of various parts of the brain, and neurofeedback. This can be applied in a clinical setting to find locations of abnormalities as well as in an experimental setting to simply measure brain activity[1]

Synthetic telepathy/silent communication

Synthetic telepathy/silent communication In a $6.3 million Army initiative to invent devices for telepathic communication, Gerwin Schalk, underwritten in a $2.2 million grant, found that it is possible to use ECoG signals to discriminate the vowels and consonants embedded in spoken and in imagined words. The results shed light on the distinct mechanisms associated with production of vowels and consonants, and could provide the basis for brain-based communication using imagined speech.[40][86] Research into synthetic telepathy using subvocalization is taking place at the University of California, Irvine under lead scientist Mike D'Zmura. The first such communication took place in the 1960s using EEG to create Morse code using brain alpha waves. Using EEG to communicate imagined speech is less accurate than the invasive method of placing an electrode between the skull and the brain.[87] On February 27, 2013 the group of Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University and IINN-ELS successfully connected the brains of two rats with electronic interfaces that allowed them to directly share information, in the first-ever direct brain-to-brain interface.[88][89][90] On 3 September 2014, scientists reported that direct communication between human brains was possible over extended distances through Internet transmission of EEG signals.[91][92]

All above from wikipedia

There are too many examples of various methods for sending signals to the brain for me to post right now. I know that none of this is new to most of you by any means. I was wondering if they have found a way to plant suggestive thoughts in such a way that only the extremely suggestible succumb to acting out on them. Doing it this way would be the more intelligent approach because they do not want the general population to catch on. Through various types of encoding via media using light and color patterns, through stimuli using microwaves, through auditory cues, magnetic pulse patterns, etc etc. it is definitely possible.

I know a lot of people here have their dreams and predictions and claim to have "had a vision" or "had a feeling". Does anyone out there get that eerie thought that pops into there heads trying to goad them into things only to see something so similar on the news that it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand straight on edge? I'm talking big here. Kind of like someones broadcasting things to manipulate people in a very Inception like way.

I think this has been going on for a very long time. I believe that there is a huge psychological war going on. Someones running interference to keep most of us safe. Save the poor fools who succumb to the slightest of suggestions. The technology is there so it is feasible. I just wonder who is "shielding" our minds. Maybe we are being fed all these chemicals and heavy metals for a reason. Maybe our being poisoned is what keeps our minds from being taken over. Could be the government is protecting us from other countries, even if it is just to keep us from tearing everything down around us. Or maybe another country is running interference to keep the world safe from our secret handlers.

I had a vivid image of busy highways, traffic jams, and a militarized force wreaking havoc on said highways. Just had a bad feeling about it and thought I would post. Not really a dreams and predictions kind of person but sometimes I creep myself out.

sorry to post and bail, just had to throw my thoughts out there in a somewhat coherent matter.

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posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 12:35 AM
Most of my mental illness manifestation experiences over the past two decades has - (in one form or another) - mimicked or touched upon the thematics of almost every aspect of phenomenon and technology programs you have listed here.

I'd like to thank you immensely for bringing this information to our attentions and also tell you that I too, have considered the probability and technical likelihood of extremists and/or terrorists having just such a subliminal program working covertly en masse upon the populace in one form or another. I have seen things on my own computer browsing that would collaborate such, but I have no way of proving other than giving my word that such types of nefarious programs operations and collusion are indeed - in theory - something we should be aware of and on the lookout for.

ETA : I don't for a moment believe our Government would create such an operation against it's own citizens, but I am aware of some groups out there that would revel and glory in creating chaos and traumatizing people for nothing more than their sheer perverse form of entertainment. We have to be aware that such would naturally make things look as if they were coming from within our own, as a deflection of sorts, in order to rally those who are anti-government to action in order to make the foreboding a full-blown conclusion.

In other words, someone wants to see the people and the military go head to head, but the ones who will be out on the front-lines aren't the ones who are making the calls to arms in every case. This program is being engineered somewhere else, the military is just beefing itself up because of the damage that has already been done in so many of the public's psyches. The call for revolution is a sham, designed to pick out the weak mined.

It's a pretty sick game going on out there.
Don't play into it any further by pandering to the agenda.

I'm trying to find a way to rewrite my own mental script and role in this nightmare. Best of luck to you as well.

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posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 02:19 AM
a reply to: GENERAL EYES
If you own firearms, you might want to think about getting rid of them legally.

Ask around, it might be therapeutic and helpful to your fellow man.

…or to be completely on topic here, just incase the terra-wrists control you….

posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: theyknowwhoyouare
This phenomena has been around since man developed communication. It can not be the powers that be with a machine or other method. In older times it was named demons and angels. The only control they have over it is by labelling it as a mental illness. This is implanting doubt that grows into denial. Denial is the key to receiving the wrong message.
A lot of prominent inventors and radical thinkers believed they were in communication with mother nature herself, or something similar, a living entity or memory bank of accessible information. Its up to you to find the true message without the doubt/denial.
I use a method of breaking down denial that works for me and makes me see the truth in most things I can comprehend. It starts with a simple step.
Empathy- true empathy not pity.
If you can empathise then it means you Understand, if you understand then you forgive, it is a natural progression.
If you forgive then you must feel gratitude that is also a natural progression. In feeling gratitude you then are overwhelmed by an ecstatic form of Acceptance. it is what it is. This will break down all Denial because to first see the truth we have to see our own lie. If you cant lie to yourself and make yourself believe it then you can only see truth. Denial breakdown then paves the way for the real communication.
I have no proof, only a firm believe that not all thought originates from within. We have 2 types of thought. Memory and communication. If all thought originated from within then everything is from memory.
I hope it makes sense.

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posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 02:56 AM
a reply to: notmyrealname

I never have been fond of weaponry.
Not a fan of guns, although I have a pellet gun.
It's locked in a lock box as if it were the real thing.

I was raised up around firearms and treat them with the respect they should be given. I was trained never to point a weapon at anything I didn't intend to kill.....and I'm no killer. Not even the dogs that were attacking our sheep back then. Just fired warning shots to scare them off the property. Handguns aren't kosher with me. I'm more fond of rifles and nowhere within the city limits, don't have one right now anyway.

Taking a life is a serious thing, and nothing anyone should take lightly.

Yeah, I've had things try to get me to go outside with that piece of plastic and act like an idiot for no reason. I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid. I know full well the difference between right and wrong and nothing will ever change that. I am fully aware of the laws and dangers of acting like some sort of "social revolutionary activist" and I have no intents to behave like an ass.

But thanks for the heads up.
Hope others tune in to it as well.

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posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 05:07 AM
a reply to: theyknowwhoyouare

Perhaps you should be thankful that your government doesn't simply execute you for being 'different'.

There have been, and are now governments that do that.

Looking for subtle control mechanisms is all well and good but the government does not have to resort to subterfuge.

They can simply have a false flag "attack" and the implement martial law, directly.

posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: theyknowwhoyouare

Putting aside you main cause for the thread, I will comment on these last sentences:

"I had a vivid image of busy highways, traffic jams, and a militarized force wreaking havoc on said highways. Just had a bad feeling about it and thought I would post. Not really a dreams and predictions kind of person but sometimes I creep myself out."

I also am ADD and with that comes some special, if uncalled for talents, a "knowing," and that of visual images that have absolutely not relationship to any aspect of my life although they are usually some aspect of human life. I call them "snapshots" and at this instant understand the reason at an early age for my fascination with photography.

I accept it as a spontaneous type of uncontrolled remote viewing. Its occurrence grows rarer as I age but still happens. I suspect that the inability to strongly focus on some aspect of my current reality allows this phenomenon to wedge itself into my consciousness and be recognized.

I suspect this is a universal ability we could all have as it equates with some of the more exotic of eastern teachings of our potential capabilities that have been either lost or never sought by the general masses.

posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 10:07 AM
I had this friend once, who i caught putting subliminal's in other peoples heads, now at the time i did not know why he was slipping in a strange word in between sentences, even though, i still warned the dudes friends what this other person Randy was doing to them, i found out a few years later he had been putting them in me also since 1995, they caused strange manifestations to occur, i saw people hurt really bad by this, i became a victim also in late 2004 when and i will quote him "i love it when a plan comes together"...his plan came together on me, it caused people around me to act real strange, like they were being effected by the subliminals he had in me, i got really hurt mentally by this, i know some of his subliminal's caused people to die in car wrecks and such, i know a girl we both knew become mentally unstable...

Let me explain something, a person like this can cause many things that are not there to appear real, for instance i heard ringing in my ear in 1996 four times and sensed it was coming from a direction he (Randy) use to live, and he did cause it but it was not directly coming from his direction, what happened is the subliminal words he put in my head popped up in a song hypnotically, for example instead of me hearing the artist in the song say the words he really said i heard his subliminal in place of the word the artist really said, and if you keep playing the song the chance of a hypnotic suggestion is greater, so he had the word he put in me and the word hidden by the subliminal that the artist really sang come true, in two different songs in 1995 he had the words covered up with a subliminal about a signal and rang and such..this caused the ringing to appear in my ear a year later the way that it did, this guy is the worst kind of scum this earth has ever seen, one can only wish he burns in hell for ever...

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