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UFOs Confront Soldiers During War, Says Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer

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posted on May, 14 2015 @ 11:53 PM

originally posted by: In4ormant
I have a real problem with the abduction phenomenon but I don't think this is the thread to expound on that. As for the original topic, the ET religion (and that's what it is) can't be discussed rationally with blind believers.

It works both ways, there is certainly a community of skeptical believers who revel in their skeptism on the interwebs. Its fascinating to me there are blogs, magazines, forums etc devoted to this religion. Why ? who knows, but it does wind up creating some interesting explanations, if you want to read more, check out this write up by Bruce Macabee. Im not saying the skeptical world is completely useless, certainly they have helped solve many cases, you just need to be able to discern when the explanations are going sideways.

Those of you that feel you aren't blind to it I ask what I always ask. Why after decades of different occurrences, that fall in numerous categories, do you have not one piece of TESTABLE evidence laid out on a table for the world?

I dont really get this at all. Regardless of what you think about the Phoenix lights(ufo, a-10s, blimp), there were plenty of witnesses to this(even the former Governor) and apparently it wasnt moving very fast, why no photos? Cameras were common, not as ubiquitous as they are now(cell phones), but certainly most people had one... just not readily available. Are you saying this widely seen event didnt happen because no photo?

Most UFO sightings dont involve crashes, they move by and are gone, why would you expect all this evidence?

IMO, it is best to focus on early cases(SR-71 was 1964 as a technology marker) with multiple witnesses.

Madagascar in 54, double daylight sighting by a mass of people
Westall in 66, daylight sighting at Australian elementary school, starting at 9:14 is the best part. This one almost had your photos, confiscated. Luckily the kid with some artistic ability stood right in front of it.
Ravenna in 66, cat and mouse chase

If you dont believe the US govt could hide anti-grav technology for 25 years or parade it around on foreign soil for months in 89/90, the Belgium flap(4 minutes in is the best) imo is the case with the best evidence. Again no photos, even though people there knew the sightings were happening.

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 12:06 AM

originally posted by: karl 12

originally posted by: Aquariusdude

Here we have credible witnesses reporting an incredible phenomenon.These witnesses are well trained and because of this we should take there statements very seriously..

Aquariusdude, great thread - below are two more relevant ones but some of the videos have since been removed from the internet.

UFO Reports During The Vietnam War.

UFO Reports during the Korean War.

I was looking for these links Karl, as Subaeruginosa pointed out on the first page, the Hangar 1 shows on the space fleet and Mars bases leads one to believe everything on show is probably made up, hopefully the sane people at MUFON gain the upperhand at some point. Their episode on wartime encounters was excellent, especially the iron triangle attack. They just werent quite as thorough as you are...

Ive never seen you list a top 5( i might have missed it), what do you consider the best cases?

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 12:51 AM
a reply to: TrueMessiah

Wow that was an amazing post, star for you buddy. I havnt been on here in about 3 years, very nice op as well. Cheers!

posted on May, 27 2015 @ 10:23 PM

originally posted by: Ancient Champion
I can't say why they would be interested in humans, but the human race as a whole isn't ready for contact.

They aren't ready for us. I would say that humans are being managed.

posted on May, 31 2015 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: Aquariusdude

Heroin and marijuana were plentiful in Vietnam but psychedelics were very, very rare. If someone (a new recruit fresh out of Basic/AIT or a returning grunt) brought some Acid it was a rare occurrence and it usually never made it out to the field with the fighting troops. Not many serious soldiers wanted their mental state compromised in the face of the wily VC. Too many surprises, tunnels, booby traps, ambushes. It was not like the movies...That # was real.
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posted on Jun, 1 2015 @ 05:43 AM

originally posted by: GoShredAK
Having seen one myself on a perfectly clear day I know they're real.

I just wonder wtf is going on? Extraterrestrial, top secret military, holographic, or interdimensional glitch of some sort?

Those are the only options......just kidding, cool thread, the UFO phenomenon is real but I wonder if we will ever learn just what these unidentified flying objects are.

Eta: after reading some posts I realize I should add, not only on a perfectly clear day, also, sober as a bird.

I wonder this too. I've witnessed several sightings and have been lucky enough...or maybe not so have captured a few on video.

The deeper you get into this subject, and the more you share it with others, the more you learn about the human state of being...and how the majority are JUST not ready or prepared to talk about this in any kind of intelligent way.

But keep watching the skies, research and read, and make your own conclusions on your own path. Don't let anyone try to "shame" you into thinking in any kind of way. They will TRY...

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