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Contact: First Befriend The Powerful, In Secret!

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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 09:22 PM
For what reasons would aliens find it best to befriend our planet's political power first, before revealing themselves to the rest of humanity?

It is almost impossible to predict how would extraterrestrials behave since humanity is our only point of reference. However if convergent evolution in planets very similar to our own has produced beings with with metacognition (self-awareness), an evolved a prefrontal cortex, manual dexterity and humanoid body plans, we can also predict the emergence of cultural convergence and deduce, only of these (some could be drastically different from us), their logic. For them, what would be the wisest method to approach an extraterrestrial civilization?

This blog explains it, generating a scenario in which humans have developed a warp drive and become the ''aliens'' of an advanced planet in Tau Ceti:


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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: taucetian

Befriending the powerful huh?
Well I'll be damned that's exactly what happened here.
They landed, told someone the infamous quote "take me to your leader", and the next thing you know Eisenhower was signing a treaty.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 10:08 PM
a reply to: taucetian

Youre assuming they aren't here, have never been here, wont be coming anytime soon...or that they may be on their way now.

I'm assuming with what little intelligence humanity exhibits in our ability in determining the above as a young species by infinite time and space need figures...that they are already here, don't need to communicate with us, aren't assured they have eyes, arms, legs, fly around in "ships" "orbs" or "mother-ships".

Im positive they don't "need" us as friends, slaves, food or to breed with us...nor do they need colored "navigation" lights on their "crafts" to fly around. We aren't intelligent enough to think out of the box in a super advanced way to comprehend their presence, intentions, demeanor, looks and ways of transport and thoughts.

Im asserting because we cannot comprehend hundreds of thousands or millions of years of advancement on their part...its safe to assume they most likely are here, don't need to communicate in any way, wont look like any possible thing we can relate to, have agendas not even understood by "disclosure-thats laughable" forthcoming and no heavens filled with ships.

We make a big mistake to treat the issue like a video game or Hollywood sci-fi flick. Quit looking to the skies waving "WELCOME ALIENS!" signs...

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 11:24 PM
Disclosure hasn't happened because E.T are fighting a war over the planet.

Disclosure could trigger an attack on Earth. Depending on who they disclose and what they say about them.

Also it disrupts the Elites plan of dominating the human race well they still can.
I'm sure some E.T are working with the gov, but for the most part. A lot of them are against them.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 11:26 PM
Besides, any of the E.T working with humans in black projects are just doing so to explore our weaknesses

Get an inside view of just how *Developed* The military is.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 11:39 PM
Perhaps one day when they realize who the really powerful are they will reveal themselves. Oh wait the really powerful must realize they are the ones with the power first. When "WE THE PEOPLE" finally realize that we are the ones with the power, not the phony politicians, nor the more wrong than right media, not the begging religious leaders, nor the elite with all the money.

This is what "they" are waiting for perhaps, finally when the really powerful, stand up and realize that we have the power and we finally put a stop to the abuse, the lies, and the theft of our power and practice simple humanity...its "WE THE PEOPLE" that will drive contact but first we must drive ourselves to a point where we can actually make a contribution other than violence and hatred to the universe.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 11:57 PM
a reply to: DJMSN

That would help to some degree yes.

But war is not just a human concept my friend. Infact, i feel sorry for humanity as this was bred into them.
Stuck in a rutt, Fighting a war against themselves.

We may be an instrument of war, But it is in our nature. We were designed this way. If only we were just a random species no one has found that evolved all by itself with no outside conflict creating who we are it would be a rather plesant experience. You know, If we were such a species we probably wouldn't develop much to be honest.

Our warring nature and the conciousness endowed to us by what would relivantly be a warring species also. Kinda explains many of our attributes.

It takes a pretty complex form of consiousness to develop War, Along with the tools and machines at that.

Many of us call it barbaric, Many of us don't want to associate with War. But it is pumping in our blood.
We just need to be wise in dispensing such Justice.

Yes i sometimes wonder what a hippy planet would look like, However this isn't one of them. Even if we banded together, War is written into our Genetic code. We have a complex brain structure that feeds into it. Dopamine during violence, Addrenaline, And physical rewards.

Not all wars need to be fought with bloodshed. Infact many of the corperations are waging a war on the population for resources, For peoples thoughts and minds. For their right to basic nessisties of survival.

To think this does not pan out to the Entire Universe would be guilbility at it's finest. I just feel bad for all the saps that get swept under the rug by the big dogs crawling across space.

What if, By mere coincidence. The species that created us is one of those Big Dogs?

If they didn't want their presence known, they would just threaten the government should first contact be made. But in a more likely scenario, The governments most likely feel threatened by E.T presence. and so are keeping it secret. With the select few E.T or corpses/ crashes they sweep up from the ongoing battle in space.

UFOs just don't *Crash*. They crash when they get blasted out of the sky by equal or superior technology.
Humans do not have ( Equal) Technology and do not have the capabilities of shooting UFOs down.
There is no star wars program. Humans are literally vulnerable right now. With thousands of abductions happening world wide and no one can do anything about it.

Would you want to disclose to the people that there is an alien war happening in space, Where an unknown protective species is blasting incomers out of the sky. And disabling Planes, Helicopters that get to close to their patrol zones.
Would they want to disclose that the E.T are mass abducting people and all the Governments can do is send a jet that will take 30-60 minutes to arrive after they are first detected?

Take into consideration. The average joe does not think about any of this. and just wanting the government to * Admit if aliens are real already, stop hiding it if they are here* Type attitude won't change the circumstances Earth is in one bit.

I myself have seen an abduction. So i know 100% that these type of things are happening right now and humans are like ants on an ant hill unaware of WW3 raging beyond its sandy borders.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 12:24 AM
a reply to: AnuTyr

I agree with your assessment. I'm not a idealistic hippy and believe that our warring nature is ingrained, bred as you say into each of us and that yes we do find a sort of appreciation from it, and perhaps we even need it to survive. There will always be those who want what others have and thus leads to some sort of exchange but if all there was, the universe if you will, were made available perhaps it would slow our thirst for war and we could find the adrenalin rush from exploration and contact or in other ways.

I suppose it is idealistic to believe such nonsense is possible, especially as it relates to the current state of humanity, but, and I hesitate to bring into play a silly television show but "Star Trek" provides a view of humanity which still shows us war mongers, and still feeds off violence but also show humanity is capable of empathy not only among themselves but with other species and shows intelligence to avoid the others who are even worse than themselves. Perhaps with enough violence and war we will progress to a point where we look at answers other than who has the biggest stick and who wields it better.

It is naive for humanity to believe that we are alone in the vastness of space and the millions or billions of possibilities where intelligent or even non-intelligent life could evolve and exist, so I am a believer, just have not yet encountered evidence nor experienced any event to provide the solid faith to believe without my humanity kicking in and thus the fighting begins in my mind between believer and skeptic battling to what end...I suppose waiting for the outcome of the contact.

I still think "they" wait for something to give, some point when we reach it that they will come and that this is when humanity finally stops battling itself and that the real battle begins Us versus Them, and this scares more me more than our everyday problems within this world, but perhaps the contact is what finally unites humanity as one, against a common foe other than ourselves, lets hope that we also find friends among the stars and perhaps learn how to get along with everybody.
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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 01:28 AM
We are slaves but we don't know it yet!
The strong and more intelligent always rule the lesser!
The void between the ruler's (intelligent ET's - more than one I suspect) and us the slaves is so big that we dont need to be conquered.
What will be done with us remains to be seen.
Maybe we are seen as pets - guinea pigs - lab rats (Dulce, Sneider - if he was for real)!

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 06:47 AM
a reply to: taucetian

Contact with the lesser advanced in areas of general intelligence, technology, science, philosophy and social development across the Universe would be text book SOP with slight allowances for each case.

Let them know gently that you have arrived. At a suitable time, such as at the development of ridiculous weapons such as H-bombs, contact is directly made at the highest levels of government and strict, binding mandates are issued. Along with the mandates are blueprints on how they are to develop. These plans would be similar to the world recovered from the devastating effects of World War II, the Marshall Plan, etc.

Such work is not the job of the military or necessarily that of direct government intervention as you have in basic communism. The task is eased off into the private, economic sector which is, of course, the real lifeblood of any nation. Capitalism works great in that regard. The government itself becomes merely the watchdog over the whole process. One or two or three powerful governments can about become the manager of the whole world--through their hand-in-glove companies.

The Overlords, up high in their machines, watch closely. Their prime concern is the well-being of the planet as a planet. The human creatures are not so important if they seem to be detrimental to the grand scheme.

The extreme top levels of the private sector are aware of the situation and given unprecedented leeway to develop itself as it sees fits as long as the bottom line is adhered. Sham reasons for justifying incredible changes that has been dictated are thrust upon the people in both their moment-to-moment thinking, in what they can and cannot physically do, and in how their lives are defined by their government. The normal churn of civilization is superseded, given over to studied, social engineering on a gigantic scale all of which is undetectable except from a historical point of view.

Where there was not a set goal for humanity, only dreamy visions by wild-eyed philosophers, becomes a futuristic plan of action, a very precise, dedicated plan directed by unseen hands far more wise than the typical human. --And since most of us are typical humans, that is why we cannot fathom what is happening. The NWO is here, folks, believe it. No one said that you would like it.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 08:28 AM
They don't befriend the corrupt and renegade elite, except for the renegade ones working their dark agenda's. They work with people, every day, every year, every century, world without end.

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