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42 Weird And Hilarious Products That People Actually Used In The Past

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posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 11:53 AM
Heck why not have some fun for a change. The doom and gloom gets overwhelming here on ATS.

I think I would actually try a few of these things.

I posted only a few, but the link has the rest if you care to look.

Hey if you got em, smoke em! The pack smoker. If one is good then, maybe?

A family that plays together, stays together.

And we thought they didn't have mini-cams back in the day. lol

I'm all for male bonding, but this creeps me out a bit. Two person pipe.

Wow I wonder why this one didn't take off? Precision make-up tool

Recycling is not a new idea. Old inner-tube for flotation

now this look kinda cool. Motor power roller stakes.

Heck why not! They actually guarantee results of you pay nothing.

Hang over mask. I think humans have tried everything for this condition, so why not.

Wow I wonder what happened to these?

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posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 12:03 PM
What happened to Reddibacon?
It probably burned up in the house fires that resulted from cooking bacon in a toaster..... or the lawsuits afterwards!

I found the real answer here: Foodigitty

Bacon. From a toaster. Hey, it was the ’60s, man. Reddi-Bacon was brought to us by the makers of Reddi-Whip — who promised bacon, while saving you from “soiling a frying pan or the oven.” Unfortunately, and somewhat unsurprisingly, Reddi-Bacon would leak fat from its foil cooking packet, and soil your toaster instead. Toaster bacon was practically dead on arrival, and pulled from test markets before being unleashed on the bell-bottom-wearing public. Dig it.

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posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 12:13 PM
these are really good, hokey mask are child play for serial killers compared to the swim mask from the 1920s

this guy is just a time traveler

this one was adapted for other body parts and is widely use nowadays...

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 12:20 PM

Yea I bet it was used for what it said in the add.

And i also bet that guy was a multi-millionare back in the day.

originally posted by: Indigent

this one was adapted for other body parts and is widely use nowadays...

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 12:24 PM
the mono wheel bike kinda works until you crash and die horribly, THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 12:29 PM
I love that the Vibra-Finger mentions "For your personal use" at the top of the ad.

Personal... yeah...

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: Realtruth

omg the ready bacon....mmmm ...ya we need to get that back up and running asap haha

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 04:24 PM
Here's a good list of Ridiculous Japanese Products. This just proves that Americans aren't the only ones who come up with crazy stuff.

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