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Astral Projection

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posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 01:26 AM
Have you ever gained your consciousness just as you are awakening? Almost as if you are weightless , and the only 3 factors and One Other restricting YOUR access to the Astral Plane is your abnormally beating heart, the scattered, uncontrolled breathing,Thoughts of things in The in the carnal realm, and the Final restriction is already being judged by the Initiator of the Astral Realm as we even consider Entering. The trick is to control your breathing first. It is very tricky, but you will be surprised how fast you can expand your Spirit outwards or contract inwards, even at this this lowest initiation. SELF INITIATIVE. As you control your breathing, your heart rate will synchronize with the now slower breath rate. Akso, as you are focused only on breathing, you leave your mind empty, blank, and synchronized with Your body. Just be aware that all of this will happen in less than Two minutes. ... from peaceful sleep stage, to your Spirit awkwardly trying its best to escape the trap its in. When you do get good enough to move around outside of the Body, and when Your spirit is confronted by a beautiful light being.... you must not hesitate to devour Him through what would be your mouth. At this point Imagination is God , and You are limitless. I highly advise you to use an object of sentimental relevance, as this item will be your portal to and from Your body. It also serves as protection from low vibratory entities entering your body from anywhere whilst you are absent, because you declare that this Ring is the Only Portal, and Only I Am allowed to and fro. You mustate out loud that no unwanted parasites are permitted beyond your Self.

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 09:56 AM
a reply to: KingJoseph01

Come down long enough to create separate paragraphs!

I agree with your opinion....all 1ramble of it

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 10:26 AM
a reply to: KingJoseph01

Hi. Thanks for the post. I have a question. I've been meditating regularly for over a year...started out with a type of 3rd eye meditation and have had a lot of interesting sessions. My technique is typically either staring at a fixed point with my eye's open or staring blankly into the back of my eye lids when closed.

My question is at what point am I at with all of this? When I get in the zone images and shapes start taking form, energy type vortexes and movement will start to appear and if I focus enough and still my mind, these ghostly images can become more solid looking. Occasionally they will become solid looking enough to easily make them out as crowds of people, ancient looking structures and just various scenes that look like landscape or being under the ocean, dimly lit and floating along.

Many times I get these bright lights, red or green at the out edge of my peripheral little led lights that turn on and off. Haven't figured out what's going on with that yet.

Anyway, so, where am I at with regards to astral travel? I keep feeling like I'm going to make a higher breakthrough and actually be able to tune into another frequency or something and have it become clear and in color...almost like a tv.

With my eye's open, when I'm successful, I can see energy patterns all around me and many times what looks like human shapes, disturbing the patterns, going by me or in front of me...but just can't tune it in more right now.

When my eye's are closed, many times I've been what appears to be bobbing right along with other people walking, be right in their face and they turn to look at me and star right back at me...sometimes waving their hands in front of me like they are trying to get my attention....but still very ghostly and transparent looking. A few times I've been able to see something very a woman standing in a doorway with her arm resting on top of her head, or a small girl in a living room by a fireplace walking by.

Do any experienced Astral/meditation people have an opinion about where I am with all of this and how to increase my sensitivity? I've not been that successful at breathing techniques, but focusing and 'freezing' my eyesight seems to work great as to stop 'seeing' will stop the mind from thinking as that on a site from India.

Thanks for any tips guys!

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 12:26 PM
Curious post. Vibes ... , and I appreciate the response. Everything you mentioned in the post was very intriguing. I say this because, from my own experiences, once you are completely out of your body, any entity perceived is created by you. The only advice/interpretation I can give you for starters is that you are not calming the mind to non-thought, and aspects of your subconscious mind are projecting themselves through You. Remember.... When you are completely liberated from the material world, you are limitless. Only a Thought away from wherever you can imagine. the reply to: magnison

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 12:29 PM
I do appreciate the compliment ,as well as constructive criticism. Your presence is ,,,,,,, a reply to: mysterioustranger

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 04:52 PM
I have often wondered about astral projection myself.

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 07:52 PM
a reply to: KingJoseph01

I have to add though that your OP is well written. And as a longtime "traveler" myself....I appreciate insights to the practice alongwith meditation, O.B.E.'s and "lucid dreaming".

All in a way are similar. Thank you. Cya round the boards! Or perhaps in the "astral world"! MS

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 09:46 PM
Hey all, i read about astral projection here, on ats, for my first time about 10 years ago. Anyway, it changed my life and now ten years later i can almost project at will. I had one this morning actually.

Magnison- you are very close to astral projection. You are doing a form of astral projection some people call phasing. In phasing you are basically doing the same thing, it is a much smoother transition from being in body to out of body though. What you are doing is lowering your brainwaves to the theta state. As you slow your mind (lower your brainwave frequency) you start to see hypnogogic images. These images are created by your mind and the more you let them happen and fall into them (don't try to force them) the more physical they become. These realities resonate at a lower frequency so when you lower your minds frequency to match those frequencies they become more solid.

This is also what you are doing with your eyes open. Lowering your brain frequency to pick up on energies in physical reality with your eyes open is actually a very high level of consciousness people practice to obtain. It's the same things as with your eyes closed just a lot easier with your eyes closed.

So if you get to those states with your eyes closed and you start seeing random images of people and houses or whatever, just observe them and let them pass, remain conscious and just become an observer. Keep relaxing and slowing your mind and one of these realities your are viewing will become physical enough to the point of it being real. Congratulations your out of body, and conscious. From here, the only limitation is your own imagination. Remember in these realities that what you put out is what you get. If your in fear you will have a scary experience like monster chasing you or body disfigurements, and if your in joy and happiness you get amazing things.

Our physical reality is 99.999% space or something like that. We are in a dream currently and our physical bodies are physical representation of our souls. This reality is denser reality than dream reality but operates on the same rules. We've come here to learn to master our consciousness in the physical reality until this reality becomes a lucid dream.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 07:09 AM
a reply to: booyakasha

Hey Booya, thanks for the reply. Great to hear your take on what I've been experiencing.

So, it's your opinion that the images or landscapes that I see are "realities" that I'm passing in and out of? and at some point I can 'fall' into one and have a complete astral projection? That's kind of been my opinion as well, but I'm always trying to figure out for sure if it's just dream fragments that my mind is projecting or if I'm actually tuning into other frequencies or realities.

The reason is because for a long time I've practiced trying to separate my mind from my body when getting drowsy or find myself nodding off, or when I wake in the morning and want to doze in and out....As in, seeing how long I can stay conscience while dozing off at the same time...feeling the difference when I actually slip into a doze and when I'm on the verge of waking...and then trying to stretch it out longer and longer...

Anyway, on many occasions, when awake and on the verge of falling asleep I've noticed the ghostly images turn more solid like a dream, only to realize I had just dozed off and upon gaining alertness watch the images fade back to a ghostly appearance and then to splotchy shapes and then to just a moving color of energy....

Its the same when I wake in the morning, while coming out of a dream but not fully away, the dream images start to fade into more a more ghost like appearance and then fade into splotchy color and then just energy type movement...

So, I've wondered if I'm just bringing my dream state to the fore front or actually knocking on the astral door to other realities.

Any clarification you can add to that would be great.

And while I'm on the topic, I'm curious if you have ever had any kundalini type experiences you could relate to ? I've started noticing a lot of electrical type pulses, tingling, vibration etc. many times when I meditate, especially when I hit that zone of complete "..." which I can only maintain for a few seconds, but during that few seconds I get a weird/cool a 'pee shiver' (sorry us guys know what that is, not sure if women do or not
All up and down my body. Sometimes I can play around with it and increase the duration of the feeling....

Anyway, about kundalini...I've read where many people that have experienced it have had a rough time of it mentally while going through the process. I'm not sure that's the direction I want to go unless it just happens naturally as I'm not sure my situation in life would be great for some kundalini craziness should that be what I experience....and the reason I say that is because there have been a few days here and there where I just felt strange, unsettled in my mind, uneasy, out of place - like I might start having some kind of depressive episode....Which is totally not me. 99.9% of the time I'm happy go lucky, laughing and cutting up and enjoying life....but recently this has confused me when this happened as there's no reason I can come up with for feeling this way, or any thoughts in my mind that would elicit such a's like a repeating loop of emotion that I can't put my finger on. I've not experienced it in the last 2 months, and it only lasted for a couple of days but the experience was really unsettling as it is so not my usual mental state.

Not sure if that's just stuff in my subconscious that needs to come to the surface or if I was edging towards a depressive state of some sort. I stopped meditation for about a week as that seemed to make it worse. Now things seem to be back to normal...Any thoughts on that?

Sorry for the long post. It's hard to explain something like this in a paragraph or two. Thanks!

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 07:30 AM
a reply to: KingJoseph01

Hey King, thanks for the reply. Do you have any thoughts about the difference between astral projection and OBE's? Or are they the same thing? Or lucid dreaming? All of it seems to be similar when reading about others experiences and since I haven't fully crossed over the 'veil' I don't have a lot of experience to compare it to yet.

I've had several lucid dreams that have been great, but would love to know the differences between the experiences.'

I have noticed in more recent times here and on other boards, like GLP, that there's a lot of interest in this kind of thing. I think it's great and it's my opinion that the more people become disillusioned with religion and world events that they are finally realizing that there's so much more to us than we've been lead to believe, and are setting off to figure it out for themselves rather than have "spirituality" spoon fed to them by others.

IMO, the places we can go in our minds or out of our bodys could far outstrip this waking reality with all of it's troubles, suffering and heartache...a welcome retreat when the outside world is pressing in.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 08:43 AM
a reply to: magnison

Yes, the images you see are real. Everything is real. All hallucinations are real. Everything you see in physical reality is a projection of your consciousness just like a dream. The difference is some of these realities are more solid than others. This physical reality i'm typing to you in is a dream, our consciousness hasn't learned to master this density of reality yet.

You dreams are real. The reason they seem less real is because that reality is less dense and your mind can control it at will. So yes, everything you experience is real, just different levels of what we consider real. So by lowering your brainwaves your matching the frequency of other realities to bring them into your point of view. Its like a radio, you tune it up and down to experience the reality you wish to experience.

As for kundalini experiences. I'm not really sure if its a kundalini experience (i've heard so many different definitions of kundulini) but yes the way you describe it i have. This is how i usually project. I meditate myself into a trance, I hear loud high pitch buzzing electrical noises. At the same time i start to feel what feels like a small earthquake, it feels like my bed is rocking physically. I attach my conscious to that feeling and increase the sounds and the rocking vibrations. It gets to the point where it is so intense that my head feels like its going to explode and my body feels like its vibrating apart. At this point i can usually pop out of my body. This is all very intense feeling and the first couple times i did it i had to wake up out of it to check if my physical body was ok.

Its always ok, i think the sounds and feelings i am tapping into is the electro magnetic nature of the soul separating from our bodies.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 12:35 PM
a reply to: booyakasha

Booya, thanks again for the reply. Yes, I do experience the high pitched noises in the my ears, and the kind of strange pressure in my head, in particular around my sinus cavities but also in general...sometimes my teeth feel like they are being pressed inward with a big finger.

On a different note, with the kind of meditation I do, I have cured my eyesight. Just had my eye's checked and have 20/15 for distance and no prescription for close up....previously I had to have reading glasses or hold print out at arms length to I can read within an inch of my face....I'm assuming the exercise has gotten my eye muscles back in shape...or something like that.

I've also noticed now that when I'm focusing on something...say the TV and I'm really into it, that these images start appearing in front of my eyes as if I were meditating, and I have to break away for a second and reduce my attention a bit. Not sure if that's good or bad or just a side effect. I'm thinking that as I go along I just have to learn how to maneuver between these states and control it a bit more, somehow.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 02:58 PM

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 03:05 PM
I AM the mirror reflecting the caster's Intention Into you. I Am Master Of My Self.

posted on Nov, 20 2014 @ 02:41 AM
Can you elaborate on "devouring the light being"? I think I messed that up then.....I gave them hugs!!

posted on Nov, 20 2014 @ 03:01 AM
a reply to: booyakasha

How do you level out the small earthquake? I can't get past the "earthquakes" as you call them. The vibrations are really rough.

posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: rememberthetrees

You don't really level out the earthquakes. You make them strong. If you notice when you start to feel like earthquakes, you can increase the frequency of rocking or stop it all together. You want to increase it to the point where it feels like your house is about to crumble, your body feels like its shaking violently and floating, there isn't pain in the process just pressure and a very strange electric feeling. So yeah try to increase those rocking motions and it will feel like your rocking so much that your rocking off your bed, like really violently shaking, you won't have to level it off it will just shake so much that you pop out, if you can't pop out try to imagine flying like your in a dream or rolling over off your bed. Then you will just be able to stand up in spirit and look back and your body sleeping in bed. Then your free to explore.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 12:38 AM
a reply to: booyakasha

Thanks so much for your kind reply! I think the vibrations were "painful" due to the electrical feeling? I have nerve damage so I think that contributed to the "pain". I will have to say that my nerve damage has become better after meditation and astral projection attempts. So that is a major plus!! I practice at "phasing" often. I use it mostly to learn how thoughts and emotions emanate. My goal was to astral project while still being fully conscious!! I know its just really crazy hard!!! I can project my consciousness while conscious to a small degree. I like that better. If I run in to some cra cra stuff I can just pop back into my body and I remember much, much more and I don't worry about my portal. But it is still different than fully astral projecting. I find myself astral projecting during sleep easy but I tend to have way less awareness and direction. At those times I get other consciousness/entities??? messing with me. Like KingJoseph said maybe the circle/ring is the way too protect my portal??

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