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Top Retired Israeli Security Officials Support Peace With Palestinians

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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 01:41 AM
Some big names in Israel have come out and sent a letter to the Prime Minister, over 100 in total some of the names are Zamir, Zvi, former head of Mossad, Major General (res). Yatom, Danny, former MK; former head of Mossad; Major General (res). the young are going to Germany to get away from high living costs and lack of opportunity and endless war .

War profiteering on a grand scale. ecological destruction with Palestinians being used for live tests for new weapons , with the area being seen as a live battle ground for testing of the worlds number 3 weapons supplier

We, the undersigned, reserve IDF commanders and retired police officers, who have fought in Israel's military campaigns, know first-hand of the heavy and painful price exacted by wars," reads the letter initiated by Major General (res.) Amnon Reshef, a former Armored Corps commander, who says he's sick and tired of a reality of rounds of fighting every few years instead of a genuine effort to adopt the Saudi initiative.

Signatories include:

Major General (res.) Avigdor, Gideon, Brigadier General (res.) Even Zahav, Yehu, Brigadier General (res.). Egozi, Shlomo, Brigadier General (res.) Agmon, Uri, Brigadier General (res.) Agmon, Yoram, Brigadier General (res.). Ohayon, Berti, Major General (ret.- police) Ophir, Gabi, Major General (res.) Oron, Israela, Brigadier General (res.) Ilya, Shlomo, Brigadier General (res.) Almog, Avraham, Brigadier General (res.) Almog, Zeev, Major General (res.) Erez, Haim, Major General (res.) Erez, Oded, Brigadier General (res.) Asher, Danny, Brigadier General (res.) Baharav, Yisrael, Brigadier General (res.) Biton, Dan, Major General (res.) Ben Bashat, David, Major General (res.) Ben David, Shimon, Brigadier General (res.) Ben Nun, Aviyahu, Major General (res.) Ben Porat, Mordechai, Brigadier General (res.) Ben Reuven, Eyal, Major General (res.) Bar, (Y.B.) Yehuda, Brigadier General (res.) Bar-David, Avraham, Brigadier General (res.) Baram, Amos, Brigadier General (res.) Barak, Haim,

Is Israel finally getting as sick of all the war and trouble as the rest of the planet is of hearing about it , will they finally do something about it

time will tell

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: douglas5

Its fortunate how as you age because you mellow and get the experience to see whether things are working out or not.

Or not is the way in Israel and I hope that Netanyahoo realises, despite his bluster that what he has been and still is pursuing is not getting him anywhere. Sure he has persuaded a large number of Palestinians to leave, but they have the weight of the international court (I hope) to return should things change.

Israel could be a model country if they stopped their civil war and made peace with dignity. A number of young people cross the divide quite happily and when the older people can make sense of whered they are, Netanyahoo must know he needs to force change through and it would be a great honourable thing for him to be the Prime Minister who made peace in Israel.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 03:56 AM
a reply to: Shiloh7

6 years ago i had a couple of nice young ladies from Israel come live with me while they found work in the U.K ,one had been a captain in the IDF the other a corporal and the things they told me were shocking .

Most people want peace and jobs and somewhere to stay they can afford , Israel is a real poor country with thousands homeless .

Netanyahoo is making things even worse and is hated by some sects in his country and now with the fallout with the Obama camp his days could be over after this letter from some big respected names among them Mossad .

Maybe the U.N should take over the policing of the area and accept the land Egypt offered in the Sinai for homes


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