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ISIS, Who is buying, who is selling them, who is trading their money?

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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 10:18 AM
Dropping bombs or sending soldiers proved to be not very effective to end ISIS. It is obvious that ISIS must be stopped before it infects the thoughts of more muslims in europe and in the rest of the world.

Why do we hear so very little about the fight against ISIS's busines partners. It must be not very difficult for the different intelligence services to know who is selling ISIS weapons and is buying their oil. It must also be not very hard to find out what bank is taking care of their financial transactions.

The international community can boycot a country who is buying their oil or prosecute the traders involved. Same strategy can be applied to who is selling ISIS weapons.

Did I miss something... or is it impossible to attack ISIS from that angle? Is it because of a war by proxy...? Is ISIS maybe protected because they sell their oil and buy their guns from rusia or china? Is that the reason why the oil buyers and weapon sellers impossible to prosecute or to hold accountable for the many innocent victims of ISIS? Or is it a blatant 'in your face' conspiracy... nobody is going after the oil buyers and weapon sellers because that will be a wellknown country fighting them?

I am sure If ISIS is not able to sell their oil or other loot things will become much more difficult. Sure it will help to shorten the mess they are creating in the world.

Any thoughts...?


posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 10:30 AM
Here is a documentary i just watched from Vice that you may like. It doesn't really address these specific questions, but may assist viewers in getting a clear(er) idea of who they are, and what is going on:

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 10:48 AM
a reply to: zatara

I too just read an article from oil markets about the middle east and thought i would share.
middle east oil

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: Alchemst7

Thanks Alchemst7, that's indeed an article which gives some insight to the whole ISIS situation. I also read this line..

Quote" There is an obviously recurring pattern between this attempted takeover of oil resources by a militant group and Saudi Arabia's own history. Indeed the Kingdom would benefit immensely without sending a single plane or soldier."

Aha... Saudi..AmericaBushBankWallstreetSaudiUSCongressObamaLadenBushBanksOILSaudibenifitNWOWeapon.. (Do not pay attention, just my irregular irresponsible and spikythoughtswavepattern)

Thks Alchemst.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: zatara

To be frank, I believe that the reason that nothing is done to cut off their supplies of ammunition, to cut off their trade with other locations and entities external to IS, and of course banking services, is because it would tread on too many well heeled shoes to do so, that the people who fund and supply these moronic zealots have more power than the combined might of all the world governments put together, simply by way of being vastly wealthy.

Whether those people are Saudi princes, or western string pullers is of little real importance at this point. Religious extremist fundamentalism, is no better than atheistic fascism, and both must be fully removed from the face of the world, if there is to be any future for the human race as a whole. I love all my fellow human beings equally until they, by their individual actions prove themselves unworthy of my respect and love, and these people, these Islamic State fighters... They are dogs and bastards all, infecting everything they touch with a bastardised understanding of morality.

They pour lies in the ears of the young, and destroy all opposition to their edicts, they are agents of tyranny. They have not liberated the regions they dwell in, that they have fought and killed for. They have, however, drawn targets on these places, painted in stark black and white, and the more people in those places bow before their pretender Prince, and swear to make war in the name of their God, the less reason western governments will have to avoid turning EVERY single square meter of IS territory to rubble.

I disagree with virtually every single thing that my own government and the government of the US has done over the last decade and a bit, to destabilise the regions involved with the IS problem. I hated their bombing raids, I hated the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, I hated the war in Iraq and the War On Terror as a whole, and I still do, because I think that they were prosecuted wrongly, and for the wrong reasons. Lies were told to justify it, and that still makes me angry.

However, IS are different...aren't they? I suppose as a Christian, most would expect me to hate these IS types so much, that I would condone carpet bombing their every stronghold to the extent that not a centimetre of earth between the eastern most, and the western most of their territory escapes thermobaric violence. I do not. I pity them. Either they will die in a conflagration of their own making, or their Caliphate will turn to ash because its leader is a megalomaniac with delusions of divine inspiration.

Either way, no heaven worth going to would contain a single one of the members of the Islamic State.

It probably will contain a great many Muslims, ones who have done good with their lives, have not slaughtered innocent people over ancient feuds and insignificant differences of opinion. But not those who have enacted barbarism against their fellow human beings, for weakness of all things, which are simply the human condition, and present in all people, no matter how pious.

The Islamic State ought to recognise that their piousness is far too transparent to stand before significant scrutiny, that the heresies they themselves have committed have not gone unseen by their God. Even Muslims from lands outside their reach have protested against their idiocies and wanton destruction, their violence. I think it is time that Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and every other religious demographic on the planet joined together in a treaty before the people of the world, and swear against hatred and violence based on faith, to excommunicate any member of those faiths from their flock, who commits acts of such violence, to combat religious hatred at least as intensely as we might combat weakness of faith, to seek out, and cast out any member of any faith, who would make war on his fellow man over religious concerns.

No deity of worth and merit is glorified by human blood shed in their name.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 11:54 PM
Yo, it appears they also sell some clothing merchandise to presumably garner support (in english-speaking countries, oddly), and make a few bucks for ammunition, of course. Maybe I'm the last chick to see this, but have a look:

(yea, the graphics have a very 'American Mall-Core circa 2003' look to it haha)

I just don't know what to make of all this; I doubt many human beings would volunteer to embrace such a strict theocratic state, yet the converse of that very proposition appears fundamental to Islam (and well, the threats of severe punishment exacted from the I.S.'s fledgling theocracy are absolutely nothing to f*ck around with, as such maneuvers are indeed a time-tested method for terrorizing a populace into submission).

*begin quick rant which is pertinent to the topic as it is a digression with regard to the second proposition above *:
If you watch the documentary given above, the Press Officer for I.S. claims something along the lines that he doesn't really care about his family, or the idea of 'peace,' but rather, 'lives for War,' as (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'warfare, strife and hardship bring an individual closer to God,' according to his beliefs. However, the Muslims I've know don't seem to thrive off killing people and stirring up a bunch of sh*t, but maybe I'm missing something? Anyhow, my reasoning and response at the comments of the Press Officer follows: does it not read in the Quran that to murder another human being remains a grave sin? It appears that while Muslims do believe (per the Quran), that 'the Hebrews broke their covenant with God,' they themselves forget that the commandment, "Don't Kill People," remains a steadfast rule of civillized conduct throughout all the Abrahamic religions. Again, maybe my years and dollars studying Theology and Political Theory evidently weren't worth much, or there are some loopholes around this in Sharia, or maybe I just slept in that day and missed the lecture. Yeah, I know St. Augustine's 'Doctrine of Just War' irons out some of the irony there for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, but it seems to me that the Islamic State, 'I.S.' (as well, the State of Israel, 'S.I.') seem to really get off on the whole 'power is in the barrel of a gun' Mao Doctrine.
*end quick rant*

For now, I'm going to just assume without much evidence that they are being secretly funded by the most unsuspecting Western State (and thus, being played like puppets), as such a line of reasoning often seems to reveal itself as the truth.

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posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Well said TrueBrit. I find it very concerning that these muslim ISIS followers can not think for themselves.. Actually it causes a big red flag popping out of the desert sands. Something is wrong in this picture, it doesn't add up, it doesn't hold water. The brutal butchering of innocent children, women and men no matter how devoted to a God should at least make a few think it is wrong and question the leadership giving these orders. Probably not... which gives this whole ISIS situation an uncomfortable stink.

posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: zatara

Indeed it does.

The problem in scenarios such as this, is working out which particular heap of dung, is producing the odious stench in question. With so many piles of scatological material scattered throughout the evolution of the ISIS crisis, it is difficult to follow ones nose, without encountering a baffle or counter trail, confusing the whole issue further.

That said, the only people benefiting wholesale from this, are the global MIC, and the offshore banking nations, as well as the oil companies. As long as turmoil can kick up and endanger a significant percentage of oil availability every now and again, they particularly will benefit a great deal.

There are too many potential players, of too shadowy an aspect, to make sorting this whole cluster copulation out in any sensible order, certainly not without access to data so classified that the clerks who file it have to be shot at the end of their shift, that is!

posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

It is clear that the world has changed, the self proclaimed rulers of this world have laid their web over the news outlets which should have the power to change public opinion. I don't know but it sounds logical to me that fighting the proposed subjects in the OP makes sense. The fact that there is little or no news about such a fight against ISIS and no investigative reporter is diving into the core of this matter... or isn't allowed to dive into the core of this matter should say enough.

Sure many investigative reporter did understand that asking the right questions and seeing the picture too clear can cause your car-engine miraculously and spontaniously pop out of your car and leave you crispy and done behind the wheel.

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posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 05:52 PM
the ISIS financial network in actuality MUST be something that is legal...otherwise it would be targeted in airstrikes.

there is no way that they are pumping and transporting 10s of thousands of barrells of oil per day and no one can target a bridge or tanker truck or a bunch of guys pumping oil into a truck for transport before it reaches its customer in order to degrade their revenue.

its got to be being managed with options and futures...that way if a truck is blown up then a crime has been committed.

but that's war for far more complex that CNN makes it seem.

posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: kissy princess

Greetings and Salutations from a cold Flori-Duh-

That looks like Affliction™/Mixed Martial Arts type shirts, I wonder if they have the 'wife beater' tank top? Did You find these under memorabilia from the Geena Davis classic "The Long Kiss Goodnight" ? In that movie, (1993 if memory serves..) The 'Powers that be"(at that time...) were ready to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on radical Muslims™, now what if I typed that I've been in a coma for 17 years??

This "common passerby" would opine that the "Powers That Be" then are the same as now, and although in that cinema classic the 'foe de jour' were 'made up' so is a big chunk of these guys' antics, as far as who is bankrolling them?? isn't that like a small peckered guy driving a BIG RED TRUCK, the same type guy who'd wear one of these shirts You've shared with Us, Gosh, it went "full circle" hahahahaha

I can't wait to read My 'local rag' when some pimply turd teen from the 'Burbs gets tuned up down at the Bowling Alley because He offended some 'Snow Turd' who winters down here wearing one of these "neat shirts"...


posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 05:59 PM
but they were making $3 Million per day in oil sales back in August and September...last I was only $1 Million per day.

10 years ago, they were wearing uniforms with badges and considered to be pillars of Iraqi and Arab Society...

...all things considered, it should suck to be a member of that group. But then again, FOX and Reuters have very good writers and many hard core believers.

posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 06:04 PM
a reply to: zatara

There is such vast networks of criminal activity across the globe, most people don't give a crap what's done with their money and where it's coming from. Hell I'm willing to bet most don't ask and don't wanna know.

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