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ALERT: Cell Phone Do Not Call List

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posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:02 PM

Starting Jan 1, 2005, all cell phone numbers will be made public to telemarketing firms. So this means as of Jan 1, your cell phone may start ringing off the hook with telemarketers, but unlike your home phone, most of you pay for your incoming calls. These telemarketers will eat up your free minutes and end up costing you money in the long run.

According to the National Do Not Call List, you have until Dec. 15th, 2004 to get on the national "Do not call list" for cell phones. They said that you need to call 1-888-382-1222 from the cell phone that you wish to have put on the "do not call list" to be put on the list. They also said you can do it online at

Registering only takes a minute, is in effect for 5 years and will possibly save you money (definitely frustration)! Make sure you register now!

Just found this out from someone at work. Looks like the telemarketers are trying to screw us over again and this time you will be the one paying for it.

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:06 PM
i tryed using that donotcall link but still get calls from telamarkters anyway .

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:14 PM
I forget what happened to the do not call list...but I remember putting my cell phone number on that - I guess I'll do it with this too...

I still get them on my home phone though - It's not like they changed anything....I've never had one yet *knocks on wood* on my cell phone...

What really pisses me off is the fact that I actually have to take the damn time (be it 1 second or 5 minutes) to go to some website and say - Hey, I'm not an idiot and I don't want people calling me and wasting my minutes so they can seel me things I'll never pay off and so I'll pass on bills to me children instad of money.....

How about we use some common sense and blow these companies out of the water....Capitalism in America has practicaly become the ability for someone to take a # in a box and sell it.....

[edit on 12/9/2004 by EnronOutrunHomerun]

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by Simcity4Rushour
i tryed using that donotcall link but still get calls from telamarkters anyway .

The calls you get, are they from local businesses in your town ?

Also, are they from any places that you have purchased services from before ?

It's my understanding that these two scenarios are not breaking the do not call ...

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:17 PM
No there not from local services or places i have done bussiness but I dident relize according to that web site it may take up to 3 months untill they all stop and it hasent been nearly that long yet .

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 02:41 PM
Come on guys, do five seconds of research and deny some ignorance here. Is this an urban legend site or ATS?

This idea is not anything new -- the concept of a 411-type listing for cell phones has been discussed for at least six months. Furthermore, the listing was NEVER intended for telemarketers' use.

Snopes is good for dismissing these -- people at my firm actually fell for this one and called our IT help desk in a panic. Unbelievable.

You can register your landline and cell phones at this FTC site.

Here is a great discussion from that site about exceptions.

By the way, Verizon wireless is not a member of the consortium backing this effort. They consider it too controversial.


Verizon Wireless -- the sole carrier not participating in the consortium -- agrees there are privacy issues, and its CEO, Dennis F. Strigl, called the prospect of a national directory service for wireless-phone users "a controversial subject" in recent testimony on Capitol Hill.

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 05:33 PM
Thanks for the link I did not know there was one for cell phones. Our state has one for home phones, now I used that link and put my cells and home on it. Thanks again

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 05:42 PM
I've actually gotten three or four telemarketer calls on my cell phone in the past three or four days. My phone is definitely going on this list, especially since it's the only phone I have. Thanks for this Jonna

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