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Civil Support Team deploy in California? (WMD's)

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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 06:32 PM
Hey guys I wanted to bring this onto ATS because I don't know much about this and I am hoping some of you have more info. First of all yes I took photos in case that helps and they're at the bottom so scroll down a bit to see them. I was driving down the 101 South next to Calabasas (Los Angeles County) when I saw this truck next to me going REALLY fast. I immediately saw government plates + on the passenger door it said "CIVIL SUPPORT TEAM". I was immediately wondering what exactly a "CIVIL SUPPORT TEAM" is supporting... I got home and looked it up to find they are:

A Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD-CST or CST) advises civilian responders in the event of a suspected weapon of mass destruction attack. CSTs are federally funded National Guard units established under Presidential Decision Directive 39.

It's worth noting that in 2007 Congress:

expanded the operational incidents a WMD-CST could be used to include the intentional or unintentional release of CBRN and natural or man-made disasters in the United States that result, or could result, in the catastrophic loss of life or property.[3]


The WMD-CSTs are National Guard units designed to provide a specialized capability to respond to a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) incident primarily in a Title 32 operational status within the United States, the District of Columbia, its territories and possessions, as established by 10 USC §12310. Congress, the President, and DoD recognized that the WMD-CSTs, responding under the authority of the Governor, provide significant capabilities to assist local and state agencies that may be overwhelmed by a large-scale terrorist attack or where specific technical capabilities to identify CBRN materials are required.

So here's where i'm stumped... They're National Guard... So are they currently deployed in L.A. for some unknown reason? What are they doing exactly? The name "Civil Support Team" is really misleading honestly. Who in their right mind would see that name and think "Oh they're probably a unit made to handle large scale terror attacks & WMD's!"

Another source that clarifies their "mission" and also makes this look more and more strange to me:

The mission of JTF-CS is to provide command and control for Department of Defense (DoD) forces deployed in support of the lead federal agency (LFA) managing the consequences of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive (CBRNE) incident in the United States, its territories and possessions in order to save lives, prevent injury and provide temporary critical life support. The CST mission is to assess a suspected WMD attack, advise civilian responders on appropriate actions, and facilitate the arrival of additional state and Federal military forces. Each team consists of 22 full-time Army and Air National Guardsmen and is broken down into six smaller teams -- command, operations, communications, administration and logistics, medical, and survey -- that have been trained and equipped to provide a technical capability to "reach back" to other experts who can assist the incident commander. In essence, these "scouts" are a unique military capability. They can deploy rapidly to a suspected or actual terrorist attack, conduct special reconnaissance to determine the effects of the attack, provide situational understanding to military command channels and technical consultation to local authorities on managing the effects of the attack to minimize the impact on the civilian population, and facilitate follow-on military support performing validated civilian requests for assistance.


This seemed like a really important point summarizing their mission:
The CST mission is to assess a suspected WMD attack
So now I turn it over to you guys to chime in... Is this unit well known and I am just finding out about them? Do they regularly just drive like bats out of hell on the freeway? For some reason my intuition told me this wasn't a positive thing & to take a picture. You'll see 2 photos below from today + a link to wikipedia for you to read more about it. Looking forward to your thoughts & hopefully i'll learn something from it!

Closeup of the truck

Wide of the truck

Screenshot of Wikipedia page


More reading on these units below:

Oh and one more quote:

CSTs are federally resourced, trained and evaluated, and they operate under federal doctrine. But they perform their missions mainly under the command and control of the governors in the states in which they are located -- under the control of the adjutant generals of those states. CSTs can respond to a WMD incident as part of a state response much quicker than a federal response would allow. Each CST typically deploys within three hours of notification.

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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 06:36 PM
It says they have teams in California like all other states.

Do they have a drill scheduled? Or is it just one of their trucks going somewhere like normal...

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: robbystarbuck
All civilian disaster response teams and the Guards...train because we have to. You'd expect us to, right? I'd be worrying if you never see us on the roads training or transporting.

Emergency Response Team
Advanced Disaster Life Support

Bio-Defense Network
Region 2 South
Wayne County, MI

FEMA/DHS-Department of Homeland Security

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 06:40 PM
A ton of federal agencies and departments were established after 9/11. I imagine they are all left to justify their worth since terrorism was never really real or any more real than it was before 9/11.

Could be what you saw was a response drill, or just am isolated incident involving a bad employee abusing his issued vehicle.

I can't see the front. Did the truck have any emergency lights?

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 06:51 PM
yeah, sounds like a classic case of workplace boredom in an over-funded/under-occupied department. Honestly, everyone is probably doing drills like crazy now-a-days anyways, what with everything bein' so crazy and all

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: MALBOSIA

No emergency lights just flying down the freeway and the guy who looked over at me when they first passed looked really pissed off so it struck me as weird. If it were just driving down the road i'd feel more comfortable saying it was a drill.

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 07:33 PM

originally posted by: robbystarbuck
a reply to: MALBOSIA

No emergency lights just flying down the freeway and the guy who looked over at me when they first passed looked really pissed off so it struck me as weird. If it were just driving down the road i'd feel more comfortable saying it was a drill.

I guess we may never know but I get the impression it was a personal problem in a government vehicle. Especially when you said that the passenger looked upset.

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 07:54 PM
The CST-WMD units have been sighted on scene before an "event" happened. Two examples are the fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX and the Boston marathon "bombing". They also were on scene at the LAX shooting.
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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 08:49 PM

originally posted by: Mikeultra
The CST-WMD units have been sighted on scene before an "event" happened. Two examples are the fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX and the Boston marathon "bombing". They also were on scene at the LAX shooting.

That is a good point. Can you readily link us to threads, sources, pics for reference please Mikeultra?

We might very well be looking at an employees just speeding or a drill. But this thread will be very important if not. We can't forget that drills have frequently gone live. Also, with 9/11 coming up, the threats ISIS has been issuing, an open border, missing airliners, missing nuclear materials (from Mexico too) we should keep our eye on things.

Like I said, If something happens in Cali or near, this thread will be vital.

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 07:40 AM
a reply to: AllSourceIntel
Yes I have photos, bookmarks, links to articles, and other sources. I will gather it together and post it here in this thread. The Boston Marathon incident was very suspicious because the CST-WMD unit from Brooklyn, NY was due to be eliminated because of budget cuts, then they were invited by the Massachusetts CST-WMD unit to attend the marathon. The "bombing" occurred and they were then spared from the budget ax! In other words they justified their existence. The Military Industrial Complex will not be shut down, they will create terror so they can exist! I have lots of articles showing that CST-WMD units from across America actually teach their members how to make bombs! I did have this pc I'm on now crash last December, so I may have lost some info, but I will locate it all again hopefully. It might take some time. I will start 1st with the Brooklyn, NY CST-WMD and their imminent disbanding and miraculous redemption thanks to the Boston marathon "bombing".

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 08:15 AM
Crucial military unit staying at Fort Hamilton

The team – which specializes in response to weapons of mass destruction and which interfaces with local emergency responders to assess events and develop a plan of action – arrived at Fort Hamilton with great fanfare in 2010. Each state has at least one WMD-CST; New York is one of three states that have two, but there has been an ongoing fight to preserve the second teams in New York and Florida, which the Department of Defense had proposed eliminating to save money.

“It’s a little bizarre that we have fought the fight four times,” Grimm told this paper. Previously, upon hearing that DOD was considering eliminating the second teams in New York and Florida, Grimm and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand had successfully gotten language included in a bill that passed Congress that provided funding for the two threatened teams. Previously – unlike the other teams which were funded through legislation – the second New York and Florida teams had been funded through earmarks.

“We worked really hard to make sure the money was appropriated for this CST as well as the one in Florida,” Grimm recalled. “We felt when we won that fight that we were out of the danger zone, but for some reason, someone at a high level was really hell-bent on getting the team out of Fort Hamilton, so it rose all the way to Secretary Hagel.”

Well then they'll just bomb the marathon to prove their worth! A form of blackmail to justify their existence.

So, what exactly, was the WMD-CST doing in Boston? Major Jody Lupo, the commander of the unit, said that the five members who were there for the Marathon were on the ground to support the Massachusetts WMD-CST. The teams, he stressed, “don’t do crowd control and security,” but are on high alert, “walking around the area looking for potential threats.” Should one be found, “they alert law enforcement so they can take action,” Lupo went on. With respect to the Marathon, Lupo said, “The original plan was to arrive Sunday and leave Tuesday.” Their role “changed from standby to response” after the bombing. Not that standby means doing nothing, Lupo added. “While you are standing by pre-event, you are still executing your mission,” he explained.

Have patience with the above link. It seems to hang up a little on my pc. Probably the NSA monitoring those who are reading the damning evidence. It will eventually load. I have more articles which incriminate them further when taken in totality. Boston, MA - West, TX - LAX.

Look at this guy at the Boston Marathon. On the right side he is dressed as a race official or something similar. He's right there where one of the "bombs" went off. Then on the left he dons his FBI gear. Remember how the FBI is always thwarting lone terrorist operatives? That's because they set the operations up!

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 08:37 AM
This guy was in charge of the 24th CST-WMD unit at the time of the Boston Marathon "bombing".

Ft. Hamilton -- The New York National Guard’s 24th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) received a new leader during a change of command ceremony, here, Wednesday, March 9. Army National Guard Lt. Col. Kaarlo Hietala relinquished command to Maj. Jody Lupo in a ceremony overseen by New York Air National Guard Brig. Gen. Anthony P. German, the New York Air National Guard chief of staff.

He's not there any longer. I wonder what happened to him? Disappeared...

ALBANY >> A Brooklyn-based joint New York Army and Air National Guard unit that specializes in identifying chemical, biological and radiological weapons is getting a new commander. Officials at state National Guard headquarters in Colonie say Maj. Ben Genthner of Schaghticoke in Rensselaer County will take command of the 24th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team in April.

Pentagon Saves National Guard WMD Unit That Helped in Boston

The U.S. Defense Department was poised as recently as last month to dismantle a National Guard crisis team that assisted in the emergency response to the bombings at Monday's Boston Marathon. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on March 29 informed lawmakers in writing of plans to dismantle the New York-based 24th National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, as well as a similar WMD unit housed in Florida, House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Chairman Bill Young (R-Fla.) said on Tuesday. The units were to cease operations by late June, Hagel said in a letter that did not offer a reason for the decision. Members of the New York team "responded to the Boston Marathon bombings," where twin blasts killed three people and wounded close to 200 near the end of the course, Young said. The Pentagon move, now reversed, would have been at least the second attempt to eliminate the two teams as a cost-saving method. New York and Florida both have two of the full-time units that would provide assistance to civil authorities following a biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear incident. California also has two, while other U.S. states and territories are alloted one team.

One month before the "bombing", the 24th CST-WMD was slated to be axed! Then they were invited to attend the marathon by their brothers in arms of the Massachusetts CST-WMD. They had a plan to preserve their jobs! Domestic terrorism.

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 08:47 AM
City's WMD team saved: Defense Secretary Hagel rescinds decision to defund critical unit

The only U.S. military team assigned to New York City to support first responders in case of a disaster will remain on duty. It was just saved on the brink of elimination. A day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel rescinded his decision to disband the rapid-response unit based at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. His abrupt change of mind was a relief to New Yorkers amid the sudden new concerns about terrorism. During testimony on Capitol Hill, Mr. Hagel announced that the Pentagon won't deactivate the 24th National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team (WMD-CST). The defense secretary indicated he had reconsidered the importance of the WMD-CST across from Staten Island on the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge. Members of the New York unit were less than a block away from the deadly the April 15 explosions at the Boston Marathon. They were part of a survey squad deployed at the request of their counterpart unit in Massachusetts.

That's what the 24th CST-WMD wanted the Defense Secretary to do, reconsider their importance!

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 09:06 AM
It looks like I have lost images of the 24th CST-WMD team from my computer crash. I will search the web and post them when I locate them. Here are some images of the 101st CST-WMD Boise, ID team. Notice they're being instructed how to create smoke producing bombs, much like what was used in Boston. You can call them IED's.

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 09:32 AM
Here are just a few images of CST-WMD at the Boston Marathon. Just Google 24th CST-WMD at Boston Marathon, and then click on images. There's plenty there.

These teams have been mistakenly identified by some as Blackwater or Craft employees. That's false. They're National Guard CST-WMD!

Now my next post is even more incriminating because there was a Texas CST-WMD team gathered at and staying at a Fairfield Inn in Waco, TX the day before the explosion at the West, TX fertilizer plant!

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 10:31 AM
This guy supposedly spotted a Texas CST-WMD team at a Fairfield Inn in Waco, TX on April16, 2013. One day before the explosion at the West Fertilizer plant in West, TX on April 17, 2013. The Ustream video has obviously been hacked and tampered with. Here is a Google Earth image showing the distances between the Fairfield Inn and West Fertilizer.

This comment is on one of Showmebby Ustream videos.
Someone's already got your video jacked up, it only shows a still frame from about 5 secs on until you pull away then the frame starts moving again when it's practically over, can you re upload it or is it supposed to be like this.

I don't know how to use the way-back machine to look for a url with the April 16, 2013 date to prove this guy's telling the truth. There was a lawsuit brought by West Fertilizer vs. Monsanto.

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 11:37 AM
Just by coincidence there was a major emergency preparedness drill scheduled at North Hills Hospital in North Richland Hills, TX at the time of the West Fertilizer plant explosion. Doesn't that happen a lot? A drill is scheduled or currently underway, and suddenly out of nowhere catastrophe strikes.

North Hills Hospital is proud to be hosting one of the largest emergency preparedness drills ever held in the state of Texas this week. We will be partnering with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC) and first responders from throughout North Texas to test our equipment and processes so that when a real disaster happens, we’re all ready to respond.

Not to be outdone by the 24th CST-WMD, the Texas CST-WMD showed that everything is bigger in Texas. Including explosions! Great job. Notice the date in the url below.

What lies between the Fairfield Inn in Waco, TX and North Hills Hospital in North Richland Hills, TX?
The West Fertilizer plant in West, TX!

Here's a June 2013 Google Street View image of the destruction in West, TX. Looks like it's guarded. They don't want anyone finding any evidence of a Hellfire missile! Bury all of that incriminating debris in a landfill like you did with the World Trade Center.

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posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 03:48 PM
a reply to: Mikeultra

Ahh, so Thats what they do. Ill be sure to steer clear anytime I see these guys around anywhere.

See this is what happens when beurocracy goes out of control. You get a special little department for every little thing. Its like they said

"well we have everything covered and everything is running like clockwork, except for one thing. disasters are happening unpredictability... if only we could have them run on a schedule like everything else."
"Well what if we just create a department for that, too? Now, hold on, just hear me out... if we create all the problems, we will know precisely when they will happen and how to react in a way that will benefit us the most. "

By golly that might be just crazy enough to work!"

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 06:08 PM
a reply to: AllSourceIntel

Yeah that was my thought... There's a chance they may be doing a "drill" that will come to pass in the coming weeks, if so i'm glad we're noting this. If not it at least brings to light the weird units we have functioning to all essentially do the same thing. Something about it made me feel uneasy though.

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: Mikeultra

Thank you for contributing so much info on the history of "coincidences". This will serve as another if something happens in California and i'm glad i didn't just hold onto the photos. I hope that it's nothing but two jacked up guys speeding like idiots.

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