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As we slide inexorably toward war

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posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 04:28 AM
Nobody expects war , nobody wants war but wars can happen without being planned or intended.
I'm not a doom porn merchant , I think I'm fairly level headed but unfolding events in Ukraine give me an uneasy feeling that we may be headed for the unthinkable , another war in Europe that could become a wider conflict.

That feeling has strengthened today with the admission from the pro-Russian rebel leader that 3-4,000 Russian citizens are fighting in their ranks , of course by Russian citizens he means Russian military , either former or currently serving it matters not they are no doubt there with the blessing or by order of the Russian leadership.

This isn't a prediction nor is it doom porn but these things can take on a life of their own and spiral out of control quickly and unexpectedly , all the ingredients are there for the long awaited face off between the East and the West and I have a feeling that the characters involved may just stumble us into the unthinkable.

On this occasion I hope I'm wrong.

Ukraine crisis: 'Thousands of Russians' fighting in east

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 04:33 AM
a reply to: gortex

Wouldnt be much of a war more a slaughter and a quick one, if Russia were to use their full military strength. What countries do you think would support Ukraine?
i dont think they are NATO affiliated, so who would back them up?
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posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 04:40 AM
a reply to: gortex

There won't be a war in Europe ... there maybe will be a conflict, with rebels and insurgents. But it will be kept on that scale, mostly because Putin is bought and payed for.

However, it's the future you have to worry about. As Ukraine will have dire consequences, it's a question of how those consequences will play out. Think of it, like this ... Ukraine, is Cuba. Putin betrayed Russia, by not showing strength in this situation ... and because of his "lack" of resolution, people have died. Mostly Russian, and even though the military is searching for a way, to show to Russia that the western world has already declared war on it, by murdering their "stray" soldiers. Putin isn't bought and payed for, so that he'll turn around at the first corner. At most, he'll allow some "insurgency", which won't bring back the dead.

How the Russians will play this, we'll have to see ... but it's not going to happen tomorrow. They'll have to get rid of Putin and his cabinet first.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 04:46 AM

originally posted by: SecretKnowledge
a reply to: gortex

Wouldnt be much of a war more a slaughter and a quick one, if Russia were to use their full military strength. What countries do you think would support Ukraine?
i dont think they are NATO affiliated, so who would back them up?

It's too late for that move now ... Russia isn't going to use it's miltary strength to slaughter people. Putin should have flexed his muscles, at the beginning ... as a deterrant to a conflict. My guess is, Putin stole the presidency merely because he was already set on forcing Russia to back down, on Ukraine. War, is like chess ... you don't go to war, unless you have to. You move your pieces, to make sure the other side can't move theirs ... as a counter to an enemies move. Putin ignored this, and since it doesn't make any sense, there is only conclusion to why he didn't.

My take is, that this war will not be played in Europe ... Russians aren't keen on a war in their back yard, anymore than we are. But, this isn't the end of it ... of that you can be sure.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 05:00 AM
a reply to: SecretKnowledge

i dont think they are NATO affiliated, so who would back them up?

There are ties between Ukraine and NATO which is probably where this has all stemmed from , Ukraine applied for NATO membership in 2008.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: bjarneorn

Putin is one of the most loved presidential men in the world. His popularity in his own country is very high.

I think he has been careful not to let this escalate out of hand and surely its the West that's the problem with their ever encroaching borders? Apparently it was agreed after WW2 tht the West would never encroach upon russian borders and with the EU palying up with Ukraine, isn't that ex`actly what's happened.

The Russian Foreign Minister said about this months ago and although as time goes on pollitical decisions change this is something that could have been negotiated without all the death and destruction.

I don't see the West, especially Germany having the taste for war as Russia is a big trading partner, already sanctions that appear to the public to be in place are probably been negotiated, so look to be one thing and are probably quite another.

posted on Aug, 30 2014 @ 07:33 AM

Three weeks ago there was a piece of news on television about a new crop circle in Germany. (This leads to the subject of war, later on. Please be patient.) A Net search on "crop circle germany" led to the website of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. A report there titled "Crop circles explained through spiritual research" says that not all of the circles are made by good entities, and so their effects are felt accordingly : "(...) the negative or positive energy in the grain that is packed down to make the crop circle is subsequently spread in society when the grains are eaten. The effect of a crop circle can extend up to a radius of 2 to 10 kilometres. (...) Crop circles that have positive vibrations will have a positive effect on people and will bring about a feeling of peace and well-being in nearby residents. On the other hand, crop circles with negative vibrations can cause various effects in people such as feeling dizzy, being disorientated, having a heightened level of emotionalism and depression."

That first part is mild stuff. Don't go any further if you dislike really bad news.

The previous warning about the circles will be of some use only if you happen to live in places like southern England, which is prime crop circle territory, but then I found a warning for EVERYONE. It's so disturbing that I hope they're tuning into only one of several possible futures, as explained in the Seth/Jane Roberts books. The report titled "World War III and the Battle of Armageddon" says that ...

1) the next world war will go from 2015 to 2023
2) several wars will develop that no one will realize are part of the global conflict, but they will all lead to that conflict: "The wars that will be fought within that period will all be linked. However, it may not be readily apparent to the world."
3) one third of the world population will die, including half of the people in India
4) religious extremists will be responsible for starting the war
5) nuclear weapons will be used only in the latter part of the conflict
6) then a Golden Age will begin, which they call "the Divine Kingdom"
7) it will last for 1,000 years (cp. the last book of the N.T., and the Thousand-Year Reich)

... but they don't say what will happen after that, which is regrettable. Why would a blissful world have to come to an end???

Their timeline includes these two very explicit moments:

2017 -- Countries in the Middle East razed to the ground in bomb blasts
2018 -- U.S., China and Japan hit by war and an unprecedented loss of innumerable lives

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