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Healing the Body with Electricity. The bare Bones of it Jim.

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:21 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
"The team discovered that high-frequency electrical stimulus, similar to that generated by cell phones and Wi-Fi networks, increased the growth of blood vessel networks by as much as 50 percent" Since boosting blood vessel growth also helps cancer tumors grow, then the cell phones and wireless can also stimulate growth of cancer.

Yes, however you're leaving out that greater oxygenation and blood nutrients to tissues helps EVERYTHING grow. Yes, if you already have tumors sitting around AND you don't have anything else going on in your body to actually combat that AND you use frequencies that increase the blood flow to that area -- yes, bad idea. Actually there is a frequency range that is ideal for cancerous tumors -- they use it in conjunction with a drug to utterly void the blood of as much glucose as possible to starve the tumor. But anyway...

While I was looking for the little IR blood DIY thing (which I still haven't found), I actually found what looks like the nicest DIY for Beck -ish I've seen so far:

Myselfaswell: I recently did a massive cleaning of my back room which has these large stacking drawers floor to ceiling all along one wall and was filled with, seriously, like 14 years of used electronics (I could almost build a desk out of all my dead laptops. Hazard of buying cheap ones. Although most Acers are paperweights just out of the factory). Both for this, and for some stuff I was reading a year or more ago related to copper wires and windings and such around the wrist and body, I took all the tons of cords to stuff I was tossing and cut the ends off. I now have enough insulted wire to make godzilla batteries for my entire neighborhood LOL. That reminds me there's a video -- well it's a 5 minute how-to that takes 40 I seem to recall but it's very simple and useful -- on making the godzilla, hang on... here it is:;end=37:04;cycles=-1;autoreplay=false;showoptions=false

Edit: insulted wire was an 'insulated' typo but given I'd just said I cut its ends off it seemed like a reasonable typo so I'm leaving it. ;-)

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:32 PM
PS Rickymouse I didn't mean to sound like I was disagreeing with you. I forgot to make the point I started out to make is all -- which is that this makes it even more critically important that people be in robust health, because the 'pressure' of things like wireless everything everywhere is going to amplify pretty much any state of the body.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 11:33 PM
I've done quite a bit of research on this and the related subject of fixed pole magnets for healing [very popular in Japan].

First I remember an interesting article I read on 'quack medicine' and related devices. Years and years ago they used to sell these devices for many types of healing and the devices were considered quackery UNTIL mainstream medicine discovered bones healed faster when fed some electricity. And of course electronic devices are available [or were available] for chronic back pain - you wear an electronic battery pack which numbs the pain. My brother who was a physical therapist said they used pulsing electronic devices [as well as ultrasound] to help arthritic joints. Personally I have been wearing fixed pole magnets for osteoarthritis for years and have found it not only numbs the pain but with time heals the joints. The pain of toothache can be helped with powerful magnets and in one case I actually saved the tooth [for now]. The Russians in the old Soviet Union were experimenting with not only heat but also electricity to help cure cancer.

Do your research there is a lot on this subject and related therapy with magnets - and cases have been reported where cancer was cured with magnets. Dr. Philpott [not sure of the spelling] a regular MD did a lot of research with magnets and some of his material is available online and wrote books on the subject. According to him cancer can not grow in a strong magnetic field. It has also been postulated that bacteria and viruses are controllable with north pole magnetic energy [North pole is usually recommended as the only safe pole to use on the body - problem is there is a debate on what you mean by the north pole of the magnet - I follow the theory that that pole that a compass needle point to is right one to use]. Do your research and ask your healthcare professional first before using - most often they do not think too much of them one way or the other but my current MD said keep using them if they help. Caution though if you are wearing a pacemaker or other electronic medical device check with your doctor before using magnets or any other electronic medical device.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:04 AM
a reply to: RedCairo

I have been doing a bit of swearing down the shed so perhaps they do feel a little insulted.

The video is pretty long and I suspect it should only be 15 minutes as suggested, going by one of the comments. Nevertheless I will persevere.

Kind Regards

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