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Vitamin D and my family & friends

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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:23 PM
It started with my daughters' check up, the doctor said her vitamin D was low. Then my other daughter (who stays in the sun) and goes to a completely different doctor went for her checkup and the doctor said the same thing "low vitamin D".
Both had good healthy check-ups but low vitamin D.
My mom went to the doctor last week and the doctor told her the same thing, "you have very low vitamin D". Then I started noticing several of my friends saying they had low vitamin D and their spouses and children.
Did they raise the level requirement on vitamin D or is the sun and milk not working anymore?
Does everyone really have a problem with this?
I have never heard this much chatter about vitamin D before, what gives? Anyone?

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: Staroth

For the past 2 years when I've had my annual check-up, my doctor said the same thing and has prescribed a once a week 50,000 IU vitamin D supplement for 8 weeks. Interestingly, I take a 1,000 IU vitamin D supplement, and just bumped it to 5,000 IU recently. I guess we'll see if I have the same results my next doctor appointment.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:29 PM
My girlfriend, not two months ago was told she had low Vitamin D.

My guess is that people aren't getting out as often as they used to and combined with a really, really, long Minnesota winter the sun just hasn't been around.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:31 PM
a reply to: Staroth

I was having serious health issues last year and the second thing my doc did is put me on 10,000mg daily of vitamin D3. I live in Alaska, so we seriously lack sunshine. I felt amazing once I got my levels up. People also use so much sunscreen now that it's tough for our bodies to absorb enough from the sun. It is one of the vitamins that we don't get much of from food sources, we need he sunshine to charge us. Mushrooms are one of the few good vitamin D foods.

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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:37 PM
I work in a healthcare lab and many people have really low D (below what the analyzer can measure around 12ng/ml).

Mine was that low and I started taking 2000mg daily and it raised it to be 24.4ng/ml (still a little low, but getting better).

Current understanding is that low D is not good.... Can contribute to many disease states that you don't want.

From WebMD

Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness can mean you have a vitamin D deficiency. However, for many people, the symptoms are subtle. Yet even without symptoms, too little vitamin D can pose health risks. Low blood levels of the vitamin have been associated with the following:

Increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease
Cognitive impairment in older adults
Severe asthma in children
Research suggests that vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of a number of different conditions, including type1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis.

I suspect our foods are lacking the nutrients and our use of sunscreen both contribute to the low D many people have.

I would not mega dose on D, and since I can test myself any time I have found 2000/3000mg sufficient for my body.

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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:43 PM
It depends on where you live. If you live north of the 42 degree longitude line, even if you spend a lot of time out doors, you may only get enough UVB form the sun during the summer months. Clouds and air pollution prevent the UVB rays you need for Vitamin D. If you are supplementing you need to take Vitamin K too.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 01:52 PM
Our food is palatable poison and we spend too much time indoors.

We also drink too much, which is a big factor in D deficiency. I'm not saying that you or your family do, but it seems as though these days more people are drinking more. And more often.

Not that you could blame them...

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 02:19 PM
Scientists have been saying for decades that our farming methods ( not rotating crops) has depleted the minerals and nutrients from the soil, so food no longer provides what the body needs.
Chemtrail believers will tell you that the suns rays are being blocked.
I can tell you that my entire family suffers from low vitamin D levels, even though we all supplement.
We now live in a toxic chemical soup, and until scientists from all genres start collaborating the answers will continue to elude us. The effects will not.....
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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 05:18 PM
Me,my mom, and sister...I think an aunt too. Is this more common in women I wonder??

My mom is on some crazy horsepill of like 10,000ug, but I take a natural supplement, go outside, eat organic.
I really blame the completely nutrient-void "food items" many of us were raised on. Thank God we got out of THAT matrix.

As a trail (con/chem, whatever you want to believe, there is A truth.) observer, I have also notice DRAMATIC temperature/warmth differences when I see these trails go up all morning to expand by the hottest part of the day. Seriously, 25 degree difference between today and yesterday and the only difference is was the lack of that strangely impenetrable cloud cover. Can someone who is good with meteorology/against the chemtrail conspiracy comment? Not baiting, genuinely interested in how natural, unseeded cloud filter light (and vitamin D!)

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 06:21 PM
Popular and frequent use of sunscreens block vitamin D. We either get melanoma or suffer a vitamin
d deficiency, take your pick.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 06:55 PM
Global Dimming.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 09:13 PM
Same here. I'm a red head, live in sunny Austin, Texas and don't wear sunscreen (it's harder on my skin than the sun is). I'm not out a lot but more than enough to get my dose. A few months ago I had my D levels checked and it was 14. Yeah, right, what's that about? I eat most of the D group of foods so how did this happen? The doctor has been mega dosing me and after 8 weeks I feel soooo much better!! Now I'm taking a sublingual of D3 every day. Am due to check what my level is, probably go in next week for the lab. One side effect of the D is that I am now back to my original 5'9" height. My strength is back to maybe 35 years old and I'm 53 (but everyone is telling that I look like I'm in my thirties, hope they're not kidding).


posted on May, 27 2014 @ 10:00 PM
We're told to avoid the sun during the hours of 10-2, but those are the hours that the uvb (good) rays come through to your skin! I take my kids out for 20 minutes starting in the Spring and build up their tolerance. By the time it is August, they can play in the sun for a few hours and not get a sunburn. I also do not put sunscreen on them or me unless we are going to be in the sun all day long. Like the poster above, we have sensitive skin and the sunscreen does more to us than a sunburn.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 10:15 PM
a reply to: MoonLightStars

It would be really interesting to see y'alls levels. If you have a chance ask the doctor to check.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 10:15 PM
I was very low in my Vitamin D just recently and the doc gave me a supplement of 50,000 UI(D2 vitamin). After one dose, I quit taking it. It make me feel worse. I did start taking a vitamin D3 and felt much better.

While I was deficient, I thought I was dying. The fatigue and body aches were horrible.Never want to go through it ever again.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 04:58 PM
I get mine from cod liver oil.

Just as well, cos there's not much sun in my neck of the woods, even in summertime.

You've got to be careful though that you don't overdose (it's packed with A and D, especially A).

I try to take it about three times a week; it's not a good idea to take it daily.


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