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Your TRUE Ghost Stories

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posted on May, 7 2014 @ 02:11 AM
Before you read onwards; if you decide to post, please let me know if you currently Do, or Do Not believe in anything paranormal

I've recently discovered a fantastic website that deals with peoples own personal experiences with the paranormal, and although I have a healthy amount of skepticism (especially with online stories), some of the recounts are very interesting.

This topic is meant for those who may have their own experiences in what they believed to be paranormal occurrences of your own.

Before I continue, I'd like to state that I am an Atheist, love the study of - and participation in - anything scientific, and I used to reject such nonsensical myths regarding the paranormal, to a sensible degree at least. Nevertheless, the paranormal fascinate me! It is in my firm belief that to be the utmost vertex of logical mentality, you must accept that anything is possible due to our limited knowledge of the universe and its works. Thus, every phenomena, opinion, and event, must equally be viewed in a manner that leaves no statements that 100% verify or 100% denounce the variables that lye within them. There is no such thing as always, and no such thing as never - in other words; Within a rational conception of the universe in it's entirety, of course.

And so, ones mind must never be fully closed, nor fully open to all possibilities.

Initially, the likelihood of any paranormal events seemed rather implausible. So - initially - I rationalized the Ghost Stories as much as I could before skepticism became a negative tool. Turning logical exclusions into a mindset that simply rejects what the individual is clearly witnessing.

Quite annoying.

Anyway! This topic is meant to listen to personal stories, and give personal stories. Here is my own story that I am quite fond of, as it has occurred to more than one individual.

I would like to formally introduce myself.

My name is Alex (male), and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am an Atheist, have a beautiful fiancé, was adopted at birth, and have since moved out from my family's house; the main subject for the following stories. I am the oldest of three, and have two sisters. One is a year younger than me, the second is a year younger than her.

My family's house was purchased the day they brought me home. The house was built in the 1950's, and was rather large for it's time - but, by no means massive. After only a few years of living there, my parents decided that we should renovate. I do not remember much of the pre-renovated house. However, I remember, distinctly, a small locked corner cupboard in the kitchen. Above that cupboard was a drawer full of keys. We must have tried every single one of those keys one hundred times each. None of which seemed to open that cupboard. It was the first truly mysterious experience I had, and it captivated me. Unfortunately, when we were renovating, the cupboard was removed while us kids were out, and we never had a chance to see what was in that decaying, treasure chest-like mystical vault. Nevertheless, I became fascinated with the unknown; which likely was the cause and development of my obsessive trance towards Paranormal incidences.

I have several stories to tell regarding this house, and I enjoy telling extensive, detailed accounts of those experiences. So, after pre-writing one of them while the 'submissions' option was down these past few days, I've decided to split up each story with their own definitive presentation, as their lengths can be quite comprehensive. I don't consider myself thoroughly experienced when it comes down to paranormal events; nonetheless, these particular cases were quite intriguing for myself, personally.

The Dark Hound:

This incident had occurred on several occasions, and to at least two people. I would also like to mention that we had no pets while I was living with my family, in that house.

The first occurrence had happened in the evening. We were cleaning up dinner, most of the family was winding down for the day. It was raining slightly outside, peacefully.

As I was helping clean up dinner, I began hearing this clicking sound coming from around the backdoor. The entrance to the small 'L' shaped hallway that leads to the door is attached to the open-concept kitchen. You are first met by a small window when you enter the hallway, a two door closet to the right, and the thin hallway that runs about 12 feet to the door itself, on the left. While I was in the kitchen, the clicking was very faint. Initially, my inclination was to assume that the window was cracked open, letting some water pool on the inner ledge of the window, then drip down onto the floor below.

I go to shut the window, however, upon my arrival I notice that the window is shut. There are no cracks around the window, and I see no water on the tile below. The sound had stopped. When I first heard the sound, it had been emanating from the spot where I was standing, just before the window.

Suddenly, the clicking begins again. This time coming from just in front of the door. Though, not the sound of a single droplet, but the sound of nails from a dogs paws, stepping on our tile. I could hear multiple clicking sounds now, and they were walking in my direction. It took me a short while to realize that something was very 'off', and so I hastily ran away from the area, and up into my room. I came to the conclusion that I needed to verify what was happening, gathered my wits, and decided to go back down to the hallway. When I arrived, there were no more clicking sounds, and I would not have experienced this event for at least another year.

The second occurrence happened while I was home alone with my fiancé. My family is often quite busy, and would be running around doing whatever they do away from the house. I, on the other hand, enjoy being on my own (with the exemption of my fiancé, of course). My room is on the second story. Just as you make it up to the top of the stairs, on the left hand side, there are two doors. One to a small room, an office, and to the left of that is the door that leads you to my room. My fiancé and myself were watching some movies in there, waiting for a pot of water to boil in the kitchen downstairs. After a few minutes I made my way down there to make some dinner for us.

The kitchen is quite large - around 16 feet by 10 feet in length and width - and a very large island in the center - around 8 feet long by 4.5 feet wide. From within the kitchen - looking outwards - you can see the entrance to the backdoor-hallway (slightly to the right), a dinning area directly attached to the kitchen on the right, a hallway with three doors in center view (one of those doors leading to the basement), beyond that hallway is the living room, and to the left you can see the front entrance of the house.

The hallway leading to the living room always gave me an uneasy feeling. However, the basement door and the stairs leading down was the worst. Whenever any of my siblings, myself, and my fiancé, were to look from either direction of that hallway, viewing into the proceeding rooms past those doors, there was always this ominous, dark feeling whenever the lights were off. As if something was lurking there, ready to sprint towards us, or burst out of the glass, basement door.

Continued in next post...

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 02:12 AM

...I had placed our food in the boiling pot of water, the lights were off in the house as I do not like to waist power - despite it getting quite late. The kitchen also has a dimmer switch in which I don't usually turn on all the way. Needless to say, the house was quite dark, visually. I had not felt any 'uneasy' feeling, even with my environment being as dark as it was. I began to get the plates and cutlery ready, when I faintly heard that familiar noise.

I turned around quickly, and in the blackened living room at the end of the hallway was the echoing sound of clicking claws. The sound was emitting from within the living room, but not in a spot where I could actually see what was making it. I could hear the sound of those nails getting louder. It was getting closer and closer to the hallway. I could hear it making its way to my direction, but I still couldn't see what was making it. I was becoming very tense, expecting to see this massive wolf-like creature materializing from the room beyond the hallway. The sound of the nails themselves had a sort of 'weight' to them. The distinguished sound a very large dog's claws makes on hardwood flooring, abnormally large. Whatever it was didn't 'feel' good, it had a darkness of it's own radiating from it. It began to come closer to my direction, passing all the doors in the hallway, and entering the area just before the kitchen.

I was on the opposite side of the island and it had stopped at a point where I wouldn't be able to see it, even if it was visible. It had cornered me within the kitchen.

I slowly creeped my way to one side of the island, peaking my head over the top to hopefully see what was coming towards me. I was getting closer and closer to the end of the island, an area where I would then have to walk the width of the island to get to where it had stopped. That's when the sound of nails began again. It quickly began walking towards the direction I had chosen too, getting extremely close. It would have been within three feet of me before I decided I needed to leave, immediately! Running the opposite direction, I flew up the stairs, into my room, and told my fiancé everything. We go downstairs together to investigate. We find nothing.

The third experience was my fiancé's. Unfortunately, I do not know a lot of the details. Nevertheless - on a separate night - she was heading towards the upstairs bathroom; which is down a hallway to the right of the top of the stairs. It was late at night, again, and the lights downstairs were off. For whatever reason - personally speaking - both staircases in the house have an unnerving feeling to them. She passes the stairwell and makes her way to the bathroom. As she passes the stairs, she gets one of her 'chilled' feelings. She immediately stops.

She hears the sound of those nails clicking on the hardwood flooring. Turning around, she peers down the staircase, seeing nothing but the darkness of the floor below. The footsteps continue in what she describes as 'pacing', as if whatever it was was just waiting for something.

She decides to return back to my room and tells me of her experience, and so we go down to investigate. Once more, we find nothing.

So what do you think? I would love to hear some comments regarding this story and the stories to come. Please, share your own experiences. BUT, please keep Fictional stories out of the topic!

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 02:37 AM

There you go!

That's mine!


posted on May, 7 2014 @ 03:06 AM
#1 I came home from school one day when I was about nine, came through the basement door and saw my great uncle sitting on the laundry basket. He smiled and faded. I threw my stuff down and went upstairs like normal where my mom told me he had died that day. Weird thing was the laundry basket was wicker and so bust it couldn't have even held the weight of a child.

#2. In another house, where I lived for many years with no paranormal stuff, suddenly I felt a presence in the basement bathroom and it really freaked me out. I had spent most of my childhood there but noticed this as a visiting adult. Everyone laughed at me but for years I avoided that bathroom. Eventually, while I was house sitting for my folks I'd had enough and bellowed at the ghost and it left. Many years later, after I had told my boyfriend of this, we went to new years party at my parents. A neighbor, who had rented the house for a while, came right up to me and said what's with that ghost in the basement bathroom. At first I thought she was just messing with me but it turns out her whole family was bothered by it too. I would have doubted my ears and memory if my boyfriend hadn't been there to confirm it.

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 04:15 AM
When I was 13 or so I was lying in bed awake at around 3am after getting off of the Xbox. I was lying down facing the wall, I then readjusted myself and moved, I was then facing my bedroom door, seconds after turning my body I see my bedroom door fly open... it paused for a few seconds, and then flew back shut. My parents house was quite old, so basically the whole house rattled and woke up both my parents and my two sisters. I quickly jumped out of bed and saw my dad come onto the hallway upstairs and said to me "what the hell was that", I explained what happened and thankfully he believed me and didn't think I was crazy as there have been a lot of unexplained happenings in that house! I then slept in my sisters room as I was really shaken up. I also must add that the door was a really heavy hard wood door and wasn't correctly aligned on the hinges, therefore you used to have to lift the door slightly to shut it properly, and it took some effort, and whatever the thing was that flew my door open with that much energy and managed to shut it again afterwards really creeps me out, because it was some incredible force. Myself or my parents are not religious as such, but my parents believe there was something going on in that house that even they could not explain, hence the fact my dad didn't disregard the claims I was making. When the door opened in front of my eyes it was such a strange sensation that I don't know how to describe... shock being one of them, but I am sure that I saw some sort of black trail or mist on the floor when the door flew open, but really cant remember it clearly. There have been other strange things in the house such as my TV turning on and off, my radio on when I wake up in the morning, creeks on the hallway like someone is walking across them, and many more. I'll be honest, when living with something strange like that with unexplained things happening from time to time, I did get accustomed to it and it really did not bother me as I always thought if it was going to hurt me, it would have done so already and most of the time my mind would defence it as only a coincidence, although deep down I knew it was something strange. But when my door flew open with that much force, it could not be ignored of shrugged off! I wish I knew what pissed it off that day.

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 05:15 AM
a reply to: Ghost147
i dont really believe because ive only had the one experience.
That said, it was as freaky as hell...

When i was 8 or 9 years old we lived in a cul de sac of about 25 houses. It was a straight cul de sac, no bends in the road. there was a group of us kids that played together and we never left the street as it was adjacent to a very busy main road. there was a house up the top right hand side that was abandoned, the front gates chain locked. A few years previous a family lived there, 3 children. Apparently one evening the husband became possessed by an evil spirit, got a hatchet out and slaughtered the children gruesomely, chasing them around the house hacking at them. He then locked himself and his wife in the upstairs bedroom at chopped her limbs off one by one leaving her to bleed to death. her screams could be heard all over the street. He was arrested and told police he suddenly got an overpowering urge to kill his whole family.
Many times i heard this story as a kid,true or not, it scared the bejayzus outta me...
So this house was our haunted house. We were all scared to go near it, the rumour being the ghost of the mother could be seen at the upstairs bedroom Window even my mother told us not to go near it.
One day we all decided to go to the gates and call out for the ghost to appear. We were all at the gate including a couple of the older lads, when all of a sudden everybody started getting scared,panicky, freaked out even. They said they could see something at the Window not me. Unbelievably, and to this day i can remember this very clearly, i saw a black squiggly line going across the driveway from the house towards the garden. I say squiggle because it moved like a snake does. I looked around at the rest of the lads and they were all looking up at the window shaking, screaming almost crying. They were definitely seeing something. But the black line was moving quite slowly about 4 feet off the ground. it was about 2 foot across, it stayed the same width the whole time. it was'nt too thick maybe a couple of inches. I remember shouting "look at that look at that" pointing it its direction. But they were all fixed on the Window. The squiggle was moving at a slow walk speed. I didnt feel afraid at all more amazed. After about 15/20 seconds the rest had enough and turned to leave so i did too. I wasnt staying there on my own.
We never went near the house again and i never seen anything like that again. It was so real so yet so unreal..
To this day i can picture it in my head clearly.

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 06:41 AM

originally posted by: Ghost147
...please let me know if you currently Do, or Do Not believe in anything paranormal

I most definitely do, for various reasons. I will relay one of them here for your consideration.

originally posted by: TotalAddict
I'll be honest, when living with something strange like that with unexplained things happening from time to time, I did get accustomed to it and it really did not bother me as I always thought if it was going to hurt me, it would have done so already and most of the time my mind would defence it as only a coincidence, although deep down I knew it was something strange.

I can relate.

This isn't exactly a ghost story but close enough. This is my prolonged shadow person experience. First I should give the layout of the house my family and I lived in at the time. This image is ugly and not to scale but it will tell you what you need to know lol.

It started when I was around 14 or 15 (I'll be 27 this June). I would stay up into the early hours of the morning during the summer, laying or sitting on the couch watching television. From the couch you could see into the next room. My mother had a mirror hanging on the wall and in it would reflect more of that room. It was rarely pitch black in there, often there would be some light, from the moon or porch light. Every now and then I would see out of the corner of my eyes the light being blocked in the mirror, like a shadow of someone walking around. This went on for about three months and I didn't think much of it other than my eyes were playing tricks on me. I had not seen any forms, or heard sounds. There was no reason to think anything of it. It was just a shadow seen in a mirror. Easily explainable. Then one night, I walked into the next room, heading towards the light switch for the kitchen. When I reached to flip the switch, out of the hallway a bodily form, pitch black, rushed towards me. It got about a foot from me. This happened very fast. I felt paralyzed. Not in the sense that I was frozen, but in the sense I was unable to react. I was already in the action of reaching out to flip the switch and that's what happened. I flipped the light switch and it was gone. That night I knew for certain my eyes hadn't been playing tricks on me over the past few months. And after that night, I continued to see the movement in the other room while staying up late. Something was walking around that room at night obscuring the light and lesser shadows. There was even a time I looked into the kitchen and saw it walk past and obscure the coffee maker clock briefly. You bet your ass I was scared! But I wasn't terrified. In fact I got used to it. It never rushed at me again but it continued walking around that room, I would see it often. This went on for a long time. I think about two or three years in total. I wasn't the only one that saw it, or felt its presence. My mother, and one of my brothers also did (my father had left us, and my other brother was too young). Eerie huh? Well that isn't the entire story...

I saw it up close a second time.

One night my friend, my brother, and I, were playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark. We were all dressed in black. My bro was the seeker. He started counting! My friend hid in some tall bushes on one side of the yard (1/2 acre) and I ran to the other side. We had a swing-set and on either side a fort. When I say fort I mean the kind you get at Toys-R-Us or something. You know the type, a ladder, a slide, and a tarp for a roof. After I had climbed up into one, I heard someone run into the tool-shed nearby. I looked out and saw my brother poking around the other side of the yard so logically assumed it was my buddy that had ran into the shed. I jumped out of the fort and dashed into the shed to follow him. Except when I probed the shed nobody was inside. I looked out of the shed door and saw my brother, talking to my friend! They were walking towards the house, and I watched them go in. Whatever. My mistake, right? I ran to the furthest point from the house, and crouched behind our above ground swimming pool. As soon as I crouched, I saw my friend rush past me, dressed in white and with a red hat, and behind a huge pile of logs next to the aforementioned tool-shed. I peeked over the top of the pool to make sure the coast was clear, then dashed behind the wood pile after him. Nobody was there. I got very uncomfortable and decided I was done playing. I stood up to head back towards the house, and saw my brother, and friend, coming out of the house. My friend was still dressed in black, and without a red hat (and ofc could not have ended up inside the house after having just rushed past me).

I started seeing it walking around that main room less and less. It eventually stopped completely. But I believe I saw it leave.. I don't know exactly how to describe what I saw but I will try. One night (but not really late, just after dark)
I was in that room (the one with the mirror obviously), trying to "talk" with it. I don't know what I was expecting but when your curious, and investigative, you try things. The previous night I had left a note for it to read (or w.e). I don't remember what it said but it isn't important. Spoiler alert: It never responded. Anyway, I was back in that room retrieving my note and talking to it out loud. Nothing happened so I turned to leave and.. the best way I can describe the shape/color, overall appearance, of what I saw is this. You know those blotchy orb shapes you see when you rub your eyes too hard? That. But a big one, maybe five feet in radius, judging from my own height. It was quick, and white with that blurry/blotchy outline I'm trying to describe. I only saw it for an instant. I believe this was it leaving or w.e because after that I never saw it, or shadows moving in the corner of my eyes again. Nor did anyone else.

Addition to seeing it walking around via the mirror, our patio light (motion activated) would also sometimes turn on with no reason. I do not know if that can be contributed to the shadow person or not though. Sometimes those lights are just wonky. I do feel it happened more often than it should have but who knows.

I do not know what shadow people are, or what exactly the paranormal is. There is a lot of cool things that can be discussed on why people see shadow people (or other things), what they (as in anything unexplainable) are, or where they come from (other dimensions, made manifest from our own minds etc.). But that's for another thread, and I've already contributed my wall of text.

tl;dr version: shadow person played hide and seek.
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posted on May, 7 2014 @ 04:22 PM
I'll indulge you. I do believe something, not sure what it is exactly. I have a weird experience and a sighting I'll tell you about. Not the only paranormal things I've experienced, but I'll relate these two that stand out.

#1. Weird experience - 20 years ago. In college I was renting an upper apartment in a house converted to a duplex that was built probably in 1900. Quite a bit of odd things happened at that place, but one that was ongoing was the fact that it had a very creepy basement made of fieldstone. It had a dirt floor but a partial slab had been poured later and there was a washer/dryer that was shared with the landlord downstairs.

There was a small landing at the back door that had maybe 5 or 6 steps down into the basement, and 4 or 5 up to the first floor, then a narrow staircase went to the upper level. Whenever I did laundry down there, I got that creepy feeling that I was being watched, even in the daytime. There were a couple small windows that let in sunlight so it was pretty well-lit during the day. Any time I was down there I wasted no time getting stuff done and out of there. I almost always stopped on the stairs and looked back into the basement to see whatever was watching me. I never told anyone about the creepy feeling I had from the basement, either.

So a friend of mine calls me one Saturday late afternoon wanting to get some wings and suds, so I told him to come by, and then I'd drive to the pub. I should mention that this friend claimed that he was "sensitive" to spirits, which I was skeptical of before this event. I had put a load of laundry in the dryer, and a little while after he got there I went to the basement to retrieve a shirt I wanted to wear, and he followed me down the stairs so we could continue whatever conversation we were having. I was getting my shirt out of the dryer when I turned around and see him on the landing, crouched down, staring into the basement behind me. I asked him what was wrong, and he said "There is something down here, I don't like it." I told him to come down and he gave me a stern "No." "There is something here and I feel like it is not friendly" or something to that effect. Again, I never told him the creepy feelings I got, and of course this creeped me out even more and we literally bolted up the stairs back to my apartment. Then I told him how I felt down there and he said that there was something in that basement and he got a very bad vibe from it and he would NOT go down there for anything.

During the couple years I lived at this place, there were a few other notable things that happened to me and my housemate that I would classify as paranormal.

#2. Sighting - several months ago. I started a position at a state job last July in a building that was built in 1950. Two story, one wing has 3 stories (plus a basement level) where an elevator is located, and a stairwell adjacent. At the time, the basement level was unoccupied because of mold and whatever else - the state moved everyone out. The break room and vending machines were down there, though, and I started down the stairwell to get a soda from the machine, and I see this dude on the bottom half of the stairs headed down (each floor had a landing between with an up and back stairwell configuration - pretty common). I saw his head and shoulders/upper body. So I get to the top of the stairs and look over to see who it was, and there was nobody there. At the bottom there is a fire door and it was closed. I was like WTF? I double-timed it down the stairs and opened the door to the elevator lobby - nobody there. I looked down the very long hallway - nobody there. I should mention that I had an excited feeling and was not frightened at all.

So I grab my soda and head back to my office on the second floor, and I ask my office mate - who has been there for well over a decade - if anyone has ever seen anything strange there. He spun around in his chair with this grin on his face and said "Why, did you see one of the ghosts?" Apparently lots of people have seen ghosts there and one even has a name, a guy who apparently likes to mess with the elevator. Other people have seen apparitions of a doctor, and lights come on and go off late at night. An employee here who has lived nearby all her life says that this building used to house a state psychiatric hospital. There is a room in the basement that used to be the morgue (big metal door made by a defunct company in Buffalo), and it has a dumbwaiter at the end of one of the hallways, so it's certainly possible.

First time I've actually SEEN a ghost, too.

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 05:06 PM
Love ghost stories! I will be back to read them all later.

I have an interesting story that happened to my best friend's Mother some years ago. The Mother after divorcing her husband swore to never marry again and she didn't. She did however have a very close and loving man named Maurice that adored her and was very much a part of her life. Now my friend's Mom around Christmas had those single electric candles in a few rooms, but only lit them when she knew company was coming. Well after Maurice had passed away, my friend's Mom said that one night the candle in the living room went on by itself. The next night, the light in her bedroom went on. And the third night, the light in the kitchen went on. One candle each day in each room. Surely it was Maurice come back to let her know he was ok and still watching over her.

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: Night Star

My grandmother has let me know on three occasions that she has been around, the first time was a situation like this to let us know she was okay shortly after her passing.

posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 05:49 PM
I've never experienced anything myself sadly, but my father has had a couple instances of strangeness.

I don't remember all the exact details, but here goes:

About 20 years ago, my father and one of his hunting buddies were spending the night at our cottage. This cottage is several hundred years old and was originally used in connection to our farm as a mountain pasture during the summer/fall seasons (Seter). Anyway, this was during moose hunting season, so sometime during October of that year. Both were asleep, as well as his buddies hunting dog, which was snoozing on the floor. Sometime during the night their bedroom door creaked open and both awoke. An old lady dressed in a traditional milkmaids outfit was standing in the doorway saying that "dinner was ready", after which she left. Both looked at each other confused, then at the dog which was still asleep, strangely enough. They got out of bed and scoured the cottage living room and kitchen. Nothing. They went outside and looked around. Nothing.

The other time he was up there alone. This was also during nighttime. He awoke suddenly by a series of extremely loud thumping sounds in the wall right outside the bedroom. Startled, he went right outside to have a look. Again, nothing. This time he was a bit shook up i think (even though he said he kept his cool). He checked again in the morning, but found no evidence of anything out of the ordinary. According to him it sounded like hitting two big pieces of timber together which would definitely leave a mark on the wooden wall outside.

I'm on the fence regarding the subject of ghosts. Still, I don't believe my father would lie to me about something like this. Fascinating

posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 08:02 AM
a reply to: WakeUpBeer

I do not know what shadow people are, or what exactly the paranormal is.

Yes you do. You said so yourself, They are… people.
Just… people without bodies. They like to play, too.

Ever ring a door bell and run?

Thanks for sharing, I have a different perspective from you now.

Heres one of mine.

posted on Oct, 16 2015 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: Ghost147

This took place back in 2005-2009.where i lived during those years were with my mother and step-father.During that time period the next door neighbor's daughter had passed away from a disease,boils that covered her body and face.she was only like 20-24 yrs old i believe.within the same year their house had burnt down,later we learned from arson.
I later on learned that almost everything in that house had burnt marks or was gone from the fire EXCEPT 2 things:daughter's bedroom and her teddy bear,which was laying on her parents bed.Everything in her parent's bedroom was burned except the teddybear.

during the winter the remaining of house was still standing,excess stuff laying around.Noone had been around for awhile to do any repairs.Hearing the story of her daughter's bedroom and teddybear still in tact,i just had to go over and take pictures.sure enough the fire had engulfed the entire inside,even up their daughter's bedroom door.i opened the door,nothing had been walking from a complete black room and then boom,all white.

I took alot of pictures intentionally seeing if anything out of the ordinary would show up.These pics were sent from my clam phone to my email addy.Till this day i have looked,looked and looked deep into alot of my old emails and folders.these pics are nowhere to be found,not one pic was ever found.

(before anyone jumps my case,i do respect people's property,possessions and personal belongings.Being their neighbor next door,being into the paranormal and nobody being over their in so long,i went for it)

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