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TWA 800: A few Questions

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posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 01:39 PM
Take a wild guess what was going on at that time in that area? MILITARY WAR GAMES.......that's right.......
Around many of the so called accident's or terrorists acts are drills or war games.
There are reports of people telling the FBI it was a missile and they were then threatened by the FBI to shut up.
If I remember right there was a news video claiming this and it soon vanished.

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by OtherSideOfTheCoin

Thanks for the honest response. I didn't expect any difference in opinion nor did I wish to hear it I was just curious. As annoying as your 9/11 threads can be (as little offense intended as possible
) I appreciate your passion.

posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 09:02 PM
a reply to: spooky24

Have you seen the documentary?

Can you explain the mach 4 speed debris (documented with radar data) flying away from the plane?

Plus why were James and Elizabeth Sanders prosecuted for having a chemical test done on a piece of useless debris?

Why was the FBI in charge of the investigation? (Instead of the NTSB?)

Why did the CIA(?) create the simulated video? (Really? Why was the CIA involved here in a domestic incident?)

Have you even LOOKED at the documentary?

Just wondering that's all.

I don't get it.

posted on Apr, 20 2014 @ 06:04 AM

Can you explain the mach 4 speed debris (documented with radar data) flying away from the plane? Plus why were James and Elizabeth Sanders prosecuted for having a chemical test done on a piece of useless debris? Why was the FBI in charge of the investigation? (Instead of the NTSB?) Why did the CIA(?) create the simulated video? (Really? Why was the CIA involved here in a domestic incident?) Have you even LOOKED at the documentary? Just wondering that's all. I don't get it.

As far as radar data is concerned it's irrelevant since primary and secondary returns are not capable of plotting objects the debris field with any reliability. The so-called mach 2 passage of ejected parts of the fuselage has nothing to do with the forensics of reassembling the airplane for study. The results of the reconstruction being pointed "significant missing structure" that officials believe exited the plane early in the crash sequence is meaningless for the return images are highly questionable as to plotting speed of ejected material. "significant missing structure" is just another very mysterious post break up puzzle-it has nothing to do with ordnance impacting the plane.

James and Elizabeth Sanders stole property belonging to the US Government and interfered with a crime scene investigation-both are felonies.

President Clinton ordered the New York field office that conducts criminal and counterintelligence investigations and a team led by John O'Neill to lead the investigation of a terrorist attack which seemed to be the cause of the accident and or missile attack. It took 6 months to determine that it was not a crime scene and belonged to the NTSB.

The investigation was stalled and JTTF wanted their teams-including O'Neill-back to the Middle East because Al qedia had taken over Yemen and the hunt for Bin Laden was a higher priority.

O'Neill himself ask the CIA to do a reconstruction and a simulated video since the public was demanding answers after the largest FBI investigation in history was still stumped as to why the CWFT center wing fuel tank exploded. The agency was involved from the start since the accident was believed to be a terrorist attack.

This is not 9/11 and anyone who questions the conclusions by cherry picking events that are mysterious is going nowhere. They can't change the fact that the CWFT was exploded from the inside and the science is absolute on that point. And of course all the eyewitnesses saw the event between 28-48 seconds after it occurred due to the distance from the explosion.

There are a dozen or so unexplainable events that will always follow this accident. The number 1 will always be just what made the CWFT explode from within as a short circuit fits the evidence however it is somewhat simplistic.

Everyone who has investigated this event has their own part of this that is mind numbing.

My part is the medical examiner's report based on the coroner's autopsy results. That report will haunt me the rest of my life and rarely a day goes by I don't think about it. It's tough to accept when the impossible happens.

Also, what in the hell was a Navy Orion doing there.

posted on May, 2 2014 @ 07:13 PM
I can remember this day quite vividly. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, have pretty much lived here my whole life. My quiet little town was flooded with news vans, reporters, black suv's.

That day I had went on a company trip to six flags great adventure in New Jersey. On the bus ride home while on the Long Island Expressway, 49 Suffolk County P.D. Cop cars sped by our bus. Yes I counted them. Everyone on the bus was like "WTF man?" For anyone who lives on Long Island, it's probably something you've never seen on the LIE or Sunrise Highway, the two major highways going east and west on the island.

The town I live in is directly north of where flight 800 went down. In my town alone there are probably almost one hundred waterfront properties and if you head 15 miles east or 15 miles west of my town along the shore there are thousands more waterfront properties, which all have great views of the ocean.

And on that hot July day you can bet thousands, not two hundred and something people, witnessed this event. It was a perfect day for barbecuing, fishing, going to the beach, and boating, which is a big summer past time of many Long Islanders in this surrounding area. When your out in the ocean around here on your boat waiting for a fish to catch on to your bait, all you look at is the water or the sky, and planes flying overhead are never missed.

In my own world of people I knew at that time, there were 5 people I know who said they saw something streak towards the plane, two of which were at the beach that day. The plane went down at roughly 8:30 p.m. at which time the sun was setting but plenty of daylight still out.

Out of the thousands of people that were on the beaches at that time, I guarantee quite a few of them happened to be sky watching, watching planes fly by, and saw exactly what happened, as it happened, not 15 or 20 seconds after or whatever.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 07:54 AM
528 witnesses forms were mailed out to all the affected residents and 214 were returned. In addition, the FBI, under the jurisdiction of the JTTF interviewed hundreds more. The Bureau broke new ground and finally came into the 21st century and investigated this event the proper way by dividing agents, experts and recovery teams into two groups-Witness study group-Sequence study group.

The Witness study group was a model of effectiveness and professionalism while the Sequence study group got caught up in a wave of meaningless detail, childish turf wars, the blame game not to mention trying to explain something to a skeptical public that from the very beginning defied explanation. Throw in a totally ineffective and unqualified Attorney General along with a blood seeking media and you set the stage for a confusing two year study.

Once it became apparent that this was not a terrorist attack-about 3 weeks into the investigation-the disappointed national media, not to mention a President with his finger on the war button, got bored quickly and simply started looking elsewhere for news to exploit-or non news to create and exploit.

The witness study group focused on formation of 'field of view and distance' groups to analyze all the witness statements. Also, and more importunately, exclude the witness statements effectually altered by the sensationalistic national media. FOX News and CNN became involved in a shameless tit for tat missile theory/vast conspiracy egress from instant experts and talking heads-mostly know-it-all unemployed lawyers and gorgeous young women neither having any expertise in anything related to aircraft accidents.

As an example 56 witnesses interviewed by local authorities the night of the accident(it happened at dusk conditions) stated they heard a very loud explosion and looked up to see a huge fireball descend to the ocean. 48 of the 56 said nothing whatsoever about any kind of missile and had no idea a plane had gone down. 48 hours later, after media exposure, more that half said they saw a missile bring down a plane-a plane that they never saw before.

The ugliness of the McMartin Preschool Trial with it's media influenced witnesses-which almost put a dozen innocent persons in prison for life-was back in full force.

There was never any doubt that none of the witness saw the event unfold due to the distance, altitude and downrange arc in which the sound of the explosion-that caused every single witness to look up-arrived at least 36-48 seconds after the CWT exploded. So, regardless of their location, no one could have seen anything impact the accident airplane.

The missile theory also fell victim to the rules of time and space. Shoulder fired ordnance, or rocket propelled grenades explode 12-14 seconds after launch as the propulsion decreases the warhead fires itself and fragments. No where near enough time to catch a modern jet aircraft. What Navy vessels in the area were far out of range of a ascending aircraft however that did not stop the FBI from inventorying every single ordnance from every single Navy ship within 200 miles. This lead to some horrific violence on board the ships as sailors and Navy commanders were totally insulted by the notion they shot down a passenger plane. The first team to board started a fistfight between FBI agents and totally pissed off sailors that it took President Clinton-as Commander in Chief-to order Navy personal to stand down. The media was ordered by President Clinton not to publicize these events-or else-he meant it and they went along-I have always wondered what he threatened them with.

This is a very long, confusing and frustrating investigation. I could never put down here everything I know about this accident but if you ask specific questions I'm sure I can answer them.

I did speak to a sailor years later who was on one of the Ships the FBI invaded and he told me that they almost hung an FBI investigator-even had a rope around his neck-until cooler heads prevailed.

I don't doubt it one bit.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 08:15 AM
Oh, ohh...when do americans start to see where a coverup ...such as this one...originates from..
edit on 3/5/2014 by zatara because: of such as this one

posted on May, 8 2014 @ 07:56 AM
Not to derail the thread, but I find it interesting that so much stock is put in eye witness accounts in this incident. Sorry haven't had time to watch the documentaries, but are the eye witnesses the main reason to doubt the official story? If so this is in direct contrast to the columbine 3rd shooter theory (which I've been reviewing lately because of the 15th anniversary) in which eye witness accounts are frequently dismissed as being unreliable.

I agree that the official story doesn't seem quite right, but I'm not sure there's enough objective evidence to come to any other conclusions.

posted on May, 9 2014 @ 06:51 AM

I agree that the official story doesn't seem quite right, but I'm not sure there's enough objective evidence to come to any other conclusions.

This accident will never be fully explained. I'll never understand the Medical Examiners report- it's beyond anything any horror fiction writer could ever dredge up.

As far as Columbine is concerned I have an enormous amount of files about the incident that are the work of others that are stored here for safety and security. I have read the boys diaries and Reb and VDK never spoke a single word about any one else being involved-that is if you can read their damned horrible hand writing.

I don't like the associations that Reb was a budding psychopath made by the Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico, although I have loads of respect for the work done there.

The files were used to make a documentary called 'Columbine Exam' or examination or some damn thing. I have never seen it or even know it exists or not.

Reb was not psychopath in my opinion-just another pissed off teenage Injustice collector that got caught up in something and did not have the courage to face it like a man-which, of course he never was.

posted on Sep, 23 2021 @ 06:53 PM
i wathched TWA Flight 800 or was it just TWA 800 on tubi today. I was totally shocked and disgusted by the FBI and CIA. They utterly lied about the whole thing. The documentary was excellent. They should have gone further as to the Why? first you have to ask why would someone shoot dow a comercial aircrat and if they did why would the FBI/CIA cover it up...did they do this? I think they need to check the passenger list or cargo to see if there was someone that they wanted to kill or something they wanted to destroy. One item i noticed is ..and this is not conjecture. they have 60-70 witnesses that saw all 3 missles fire. one from long island and two from out at sea. The second one a witness saw the mast light of the boat a flash as the missle lifted off. so is there a signifigance in this , one by land two by sea ( Paul Revere) why could they not launch all 3 from the boat.

posted on Sep, 23 2021 @ 10:28 PM
A portion of a picture taken at a porch party on Long Island the night of the incident.

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