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My amazing chakra experience

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posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 03:45 PM
My name is sean and I'm 23 years old.

My chakra experience has been such a blessing for me. A few months ago i was re-awoken by one of my child hood friends to this life in a way of how i should be living. I had been doing many things like tai chi, chi gon, breathing exercise, yoga, and stretching. I do much more but thats for another conversation.

I noticed soon after being with my friend, i was reawakening my spiritual/ energy body. I had cleared my pineal gland years ago through breathing technique, which was the single most painful experience of my life. Pain in the middle of you're brain is quite a frightening experience. I had never felt better……..

I could completely get into my third eye, and higher crown chakra. After notching this i had the weirdest experience because the rest of the chakras are so much more intense and were completely noticeable because i was living through my top two chakras.

Chakra list for me……
higher crown
third eye
third ear
solar plexus

I had never felt the feeling of the other chakras so they were the ones that were so different and powerful to me.

When i first got into my ground chakra, i was driving home from a friends house when some how i remembered how to feel grounded again. Its hard to explain but its the most comforting sitting in the sense I felt that i was finally home again. It felt so special because i had never felt at home in this world. This feeling is much less significant but so powerful at the same time if continued long enough.

The funny part soon after driving on the highway with one of my friends i was able to open both my sacral and solar plexus which was slightly unsettling because my friend was looking at me like i was crazy but whatever.

Sitting there i have found a way to clear chakra using emotion and stillness. I allow thoughts of the focus areas to come out and then deal with them how they should be felt with. We have to learn to let things go and move on. Soon after dealing with emotions that arose, i had opened my sacral chakra. It was a super intense sexual feeling but incredibly special. i was only thinking about how special sex should be, but that why this is all everyones own experience, i had a very special experience. This only lasted 10 seconds but was super intense for my energy.

Only minutes later i knew i had done such a special thing so i decided to focus on my solar plexus. This was the one that got my friend creeped out. I all of a sudden had the most intense feeling in my diaphram which felt like the most amazing feeling of experience that i could imagine. I always breath slowly and deep for meditation, but all of a sudden i was super out of breath and was pouring water from eyes in happiness. The energy radiates from the chakra spots and can be so powerful and special. The energy experienced was too much for me to hold for more than 5 seconds but my friend could instantly tell i was doing something crazy. Its really hard to hide being completely out of breath, wet eyes, and having the best experience of you're life all in one.. ha

Later that week I was lucky enough to open up my throat chakra as well. This was the most distinct to me because it is not as much of a feeling or emotion. The feeling is much more subtle. When i opened it though i was able to feel a very tight vibration in my throat which almost started to hurt. It felt stern and disciplined. I really enjoyed this though for how different it was compared to all the others. i really need to do this more because of how different it was.

The last one i was able to open was my heart chakra which is easily the best and most powerful of them all. It is the ultimate feeling of love and power. I did not have much trouble with this because it seemed normal the first time i had done it, i just forgot until then. It creates any moment into the blessed feeling of nurturing and splendor. Though this seems weird, this has taken me many years to get to this point. I have put all of my extra energy into this and know that i was suppose to find this and teach others how important and special this is.

The heart chakra is the key because i can open my heart chakra around people and completely notice how my energy affects everyone around me. This is the global consciousness that humans don't know about. The movie avatar shows connection through actually path ways but our connection it through invisible energy, thats why people need faith. We are going off of something we can't see, but feel. Me as a young individual has been blessed with these powers, but also given no one to experience this with. I am alone with this in my area of the world.

I can now live inside my heart chakra and constantly expand my beautiful energy body with the most essential feeling. love. I would really like to teach this to people but its extremely tough and takes a long time to attain. Some people it can be very short periods of time. I literally opened 5 of my chakras in only 2 weeks. This was meant to happen for me.

I would really like if anyone had any questions or need any help on this subject because i know this is not well organized information but i have somehow learned such great deal of this, i could easily help people in more areas than imaginable. I was given a gift. Thank you though, such a special experience we have here. Hope people can love this as much as i have found.

ps I also had a very powerful experience with unlocking all of my chakras at once. Im not sure what i had done completely, but i pretty sure i unlocked my kundalini briefly for a tiny taste. I was able to start from the bottom of my chakras and work my way up to energize them all completely. For example i got my ground chakra completely open and then went after my sacral chakra. Its a process of going back and forth to the two chakras until they are stabilized together, after that i went for my solar plexus. I then again stabilized that, went to my sacral, then ground, back up to solar plexus, until they were all stabilized to make sure they were completely even in energy.

Essentially after doing this process for quite some time i got to my heart, then my throat, and then it shot through the other two top chakra to create an instantly super powerful white energy that surrounded my body shoot from my ground chakra and out of the top of my head, potentially far above my head. It ended within a second but i had the most powerful feeling of happiness i could ever ask for, even over the next few days. After i awoke in the morning the top of my head was numb to the touch, so i believe i had a very tiny taste of the kundalini, which secreted from the top of my head.

The only way i can explain it is if you have seen the show the last airbender, The massive white light shooting from his body as he went avatar mode is the closest comparison i could find. Except its way more powerful and so surreal i wish people could experience how special it is. Im now working with people that i have recently met upon this subject and its really such a new a profound experience. I know astral projection is close for me so hopefully i can find the help i need soon in that, but i would really enjoy helping people or getting more advice upon such a beautiful subject. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy!

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posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 05:17 PM
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posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 07:35 PM
Happy for you

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by clarky493

Hey, Clarky493. Can you describe for me what the solar plexus is all about? I haven't been able to understand this one very well. If you can describe what your experience with it has led you to believe about it. Thanks.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by brazenalderpadrescorpio

emotional ranges attributed:

fire, burning, pain

between it all, pain, suffering, stress

know this, even between the states of bliss and awakening, there is pain

take courage in moving forward, do not give up, cast doubt aside and know that the choice of not following through is death

it is willpower, overcoming your shame for all that pain has tricked you into doing for a sigh if momentary relaxation

learn the energies of your emotions, how your body feels, learn the skhandas, learn how the aggregates form, what they mean to your experience as an emotional human being, and then become intimate in their knowledge through the breath energies in your body, your nervous system

unroot, untie, and undo the knotts in your emotional energetic makeup, flow like water, let it flow, the skhandas cling, and in our clinging we become clogged, and as water in a stale lake becomes shrouded in obscurity, so does our mind and heart, do not cling, but make your mind clear and placid, so you can see the devices of your own heart all the way to the bottom

when you understand the nature of everything being empty, then you understand the nature of you being empty, but this is not the kind of emptyness that you feel at the bottom of your stomach when you stare into an unknowable void

this is the kind of emptiness that you know resides in the relaxed state beneath all those leading up from the layer of delusion

in your nervous system there is directly physically and indirectly energetically a channel system, empty that channel of all clogs, learn how to make it flow, know there are channels in the different spots that have been set up by our neuro-biochemical subconscious to exhibit responses so we can interact with the world around us, so we can interact with the world inside of us, and see their interconnection, know yourself

"there are only two mistakes in the path to awakening, not beginning it, and not following it all the way through." -Buddha
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posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 03:51 AM
This is great. Could you give a precise and short technique for people who want to do the same?
Do you think everybody could do it?

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by kauskau

So...hmm i want to do the same as f ast as possible.

I want to expaaaaaand

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by clarky493

"Pain in the middle of you're brain is quite a frightening experience."

How is that possible?

You do know that there are no pain receptors in the middle of your brain don't you?

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by DMC71

its a different pain..
Its not a pain that comes from "pain receptors".

Its a pain that comes from energy blockages trying to "communicate itself" by translating it into a "pain"...

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by preludefanguy

in your nervous system there is directly physically and indirectly energetically a channel system, empty that channel of all clogs, learn how to make it flow, know there are channels in the different spots that have been set up by our neuro-biochemical subconscious to exhibit responses so we can interact with the world around us, so we can interact with the world inside of us, and see their interconnection, know yourself.

Is above another way of describing what can be called spinning chi thru different points in you body using chi pressure to unclog the system?

Also have the physical as much importance for the beings that exists more in mind/spirit than in body?

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 09:14 AM

reply to post by DMC71

its a different pain..
Its not a pain that comes from "pain receptors".

Its a pain that comes from energy blockages trying to "communicate itself" by translating it into a "pain"...

Chi that cannot flow thru can sometimes cause the feeling like a needle pushing on a nerve ending. There are also a few nerves that are especially sensitive to chi where the ghost sensory can become to much so that you need to move the spot to not have to feel the sensory overload. For me the top of the nose can be very annoying.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 12:42 PM
hello, really sorry i haven't been able to get back these responses, but i promise i will give you some great information soon enough. The cool thing is that people think of pain as bad. You need to be able to distinguish good and bad pain. Good pain is bad energy leaving the body. If you look up biologyofkundalini and then look at the primal release pose, essentially this was the best way for me to release all the bad energy from my solar plexus.

I just learned recently all those times when i was a kid and i had a "stomach ache" was actually not a stomach ache at all. I had been abusing my solar plexus my whole life. Its right near the diaphragm. This pose shows you how to breath (which is the most essential part of spirituality) and stretch you're spine correctly to allow release of this bad energy.

The solar plexus is what buddha called the endless ocean or something like that. Literally in our lives we cannot give enough happiness to our solar plexus which is seat of all spirituality because its literally about enjoying everything. I also noticed if you focus you're eyes down towards cheeks intensely, you will force you're heart chakra will flow massive amounts of energy to you're solar plexus. I do it at seconds at a time and it seems kinda intense, but this was how i located my solar plexus.

You can go on walks which is the best in the sunlight and focus breathing into that area if you are able to locate it. It sounds weird but its all about feeling great and being super happy again. I can say i was a very mad person for years and finally i am so humbled it just seems life falls into place. So beautiful. The best thing about happiness in this life is about faking it till you make it. Being happy is the most work you can imagine. This whole thing is a struggle in itself, but the greatest reliefs of happiness you can imagine also. Its super easy to be a terrible person.

The pain in the middle of my head was real. You have not experienced it and may not because some people have theres already open. Im 23 years old. It happened when i was 20. Ive had broken bones, stitches, sterri stripes, staples (in my head), burns, and almost anything else you can imagine, especially terrible pains in dentistry. I have a massive pain threshold. Im a 3 sport athlete and always beat up people in sports until i played lacrosse in college and it took a long time to transfer to a game of that caliber and speed. I did it though. I can say I'm somewhat of a freak athlete because all my friends growing up would say so. In high school i could bench 300 pounds and squat 400 as a junior/senior. In college i could almost do the same playing lacrosse and i weighed 185 pounds. Now i weigh 140 and i would twist the limbs off my old self like I was made of play dough. Fingers that could easily pinch off belly fat and skin…… Its scary if you're young and you discover how to train on you're own.

The funny part about being a powerful being like myself is when a football linemen from college tried to beat me up. I left the party like he told me to , and then just waiting for friends outside the party because i had been there for 3 hours. The massive 350 pound kid that supposedly likes to get drunk and get into fights came out after me. Im only 6 foot 185 pounds at the time and he was over 6 foot 3. After he went to push me, he accidentally head butted me in the nose. Before he could pull away i had blasted him in the nose by accidentally and blood was already rushing down his face. It was a reaction so for him to come after was a terrible mistake. He then tried to tackle me and as i held his body up from the ground, i continued to pound his face over 15 times in maybe over a second or two. Im scary fast. The face of this kid after he got up was priceless. Im pretty sure he never fought people again because even as the entire football team start flying out of the house to beat the person up that attacked there star linemen. They saw me and another small lacrosse player. They were # scared and i just smiled because i know what i am. People should never start fights. Im not a fighter and there are people that would whoop me so only a fool goes out looking for a fight. I can only imagine what type of fighters have been put on this earth to put people like that in their place.

When you discover energy and power, lifting weights just slow you down and make you absurdly weak. Essentially that pain in my head was real and there is almost zero comparison for what i went through. What seemed like 10 minutes, was easily about 5 seconds of the worst pain in the middle of my head. It doesn't matter if you believe me but I'm tapped in now, and an experience like that is impossible to ignore. Im not writing this for people to say things that have happened to me aren't real. I know other people that have gone through similar things but my pineal gland was different for some reason. Genetics are insanely special and different, so who knows.

The pain can only be related to neo when he has the ringing in the middle of his head, but it more felt like calcium was ripping through organs. I have no idea what this process could have been. Im just telling you that i went through it and that i have never been the same since. For some reason now, woman are always telling me I'm an old soul, and that theres something different about me. I know this now but had never understood before.

I have not been sick in over 4 years. The one time i was, I had a slight cough for a few days. I meditated this away instantly, which felt like bad energy leaving the body. I know for a fact, my emotions are what made me sick. I control my immune system now. Its very difficult to say this, especially explain something like this, but i will do the best i can. I have to go coach a lacrosse game right now though. Any questions would be great. Ill get to more of the questions later. I burn most of my days away with meditation……. Ill make sure to start checking in though! Thanks for the responses. TTYL!

ps sorry for the craziness but as being a spiritual being now that could never harm a simple fly if it could be avoided, I went through a lot of learning in this life and i thought i had to defend myself. Im now just quick enough that i know a human could not hit me if he tried
I was blessed with examples like anderson silva, and bruce lee which show how quick the human body can be if trained correctly. Sorry for the madness, only happiness from now on

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by clarky493

Thanks for your response! I intuitively have also felt that the solar plexus chakra is about enjoyment, but I've seen it described in so many ways. I've seen it described as willpower, intellectuality and such. But when I think of it being represented as the color yellow, I think of it as representing satisfaction, as you mentioned.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by LittleByLittle

yes, you can use visualizations, and breath technique to push energies through your different chakra points, this can 'shake' up the crusted old clogs and have them break away and flow, kind of like melting ice down a cool river

however, if one has not cleared their mind and heart of defilements any kind of clearing will only be temporary and you will begin to cling again, sometimes immediately

so, breath technique in this way is useful for becoming acquainted with your system, but it is like practice for the big show

what you really want to do is pin point what emotional values are attributed to the different major energetic points in the body and learn how to uncling from the center of your being, this will only be completed by understanding concentration and gaining insight and wisdom from concentration practices

but one can only be concentrated when one is mindful and at ease, relaxed in breath meditation, mind and body in a state of small bliss, and you quiet it down, quiet it all the way down so that you can see the most subtle things in the mind and heart

all living beings are composed of aggregates, and all beings are empty in this way, as they are composed of composites that are temporary and always changing, but it is the clinging to the changing phenomena that causes a being to become

your physical body is just a tool, a sacred tool, your mind reads and writes on it, it knows if your body is famished, so it produces messages to tell you to eat, to seek sleep, lets you know when you are feeling sick, just in this way the emotional and mental composites feed back into your body, and if you know how to look, how to examine, you can break things down to their root and become the master of your mind body system

a being does not need a physical body to have a mental/emotional matrix, all it needs are energetic pathways, where the latent energetic state has become transposed and fixed upon a temporary composite, it can be just a belief, just a thought

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 12:35 AM

reply to post by DMC71

its a different pain..
Its not a pain that comes from "pain receptors".

Its a pain that comes from energy blockages trying to "communicate itself" by translating it into a "pain"...

The only pain that comes from anything is from pain receptors,no pain receptors= no pain,no sensation at all.

You do know that the brain can be operated on without any anesthetic because there are no pain receptors in the brain it self,therefore it is impossible to feel pain or so called "translated" pain inside of the brain.

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 08:08 PM
Nice OP

Been working for years with Kundalini, chakras, ida pingala and sushumna aura, mind body soul.


Egyptian Cobra Breathing Technique.

Here is a technique that was given to me by my spirit guides

This Technique is sorta like a variation of the Cobra Breathing Technique.

Step one.
Sit or stand with spine straight.

Step two.
Cross your right wrist over your left wrist and place it over your heart chakra like in the above pictures. This creates a circuit in the body where the energy flows through your heart
chakra (which is the most vital) out to all the other chakras in the body.

Step Three.
Contract your anus and inhale through you nose and hold while keeping your anus contracted.

Step Four.
Keep your anus contracted and exhale out through your mouth, and then breath in for a few more breaths ( Start small. 2-3 breaths is where I would start. After a while you can work up to 10 or so breaths)
After you have inhaled, Held, Exhaled while keeping the anus contracted a few times release the contraction on your anus as you breath out on your final breath.

Summary this verison of the Cobra Breath, raises the kundalini up the spine from the base to the crown. It also secretes the Male, Female and Sexual energies within the body. It also ignites all of the chakras.

What this will do is raise your kundalini energy, empower your chakras and it also aids in the proper function of a lot of the glandular and cellur tissues/organs withing the physical body. It also stimulates the pineal gland.

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: DMC71

YES, I DID HAVE HORRIBLE PAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BRAIN AND MOST PEOPLE WONT, BUT I DID. I don't know why people even talk about this because its a rare occasion and i used attained breathing technique to super clear my pineal in a super fast amount of time.

So the way i was able to do this because it was 3 years ago and i just remembered….. I had been using breathing technique and was able to breath with an out breath for 2 minutes and an in breath for 2 minutes. 1 BREATH IN 4 MINUTES with CONSTANT BREATH! I could do this for even more time and i could by accident forget to breath for over 5 minutes but you don't need to believe me. So I'm not normal and YOU obviously haven't done anything to explore you're body. I forgot how good i was at this because it was when i was 20 and i smoked too much pot…. I recently have been doing 12 hours a day yogi training so i got busy and forgot about this……

ALSO, i could take entire grams of illegal medicinal which is better than cali medicinal and make all the smoke disappear in 1 bong rip. 1 gram, 20 seconds of burning, 4 seconds later, no smoke!
My friend said i was freak and its just years of lung work. Its really bad for the lungs too, recently quit

Essentially I remember this like it was yesterday after having a weird OBE regression recently through vege juicing.

To do this, you must learn how to breath from the bottom of you're lungs and keep you're body in complete relaxation. Any body tension can ruin this instantly. Training the bottom of you're lungs to be able to breath consistently without messing up you're body is the toughest part. COMPLETE RELAXATION EXCEPT FOR THE BOTTOM OF YOURE LUNGS!

We have never trained this so it takes time, and we can lose these muscles in a few weeks. Ive lost em and got em back, its tough to do a lot.

When you learn to do this correctly, a natural pressure that you can only achieve from maintaining this relaxation and breathing will arise around you're fore head, ears and temples. Its only about maintaining this and extending the time of breath for each in and out breath. This will go away instantly if you try to do anything other than relaxing and breathing correctly. Other good examples are talked about above.

After this super painful pop in the MIDDLE of my brain, i was able to control some type of energy or blood flow to my pineal. I knew i was doing this because i didn't have to eat food for 3 days most of the time and i could work full time jobs/ take classes. I could do this off of 6 almonds….. Essentially our pineal used to be the size of walnuts, and now they are the size of a grain of rice. This will change that?…..

REMEMBER! do not hurt you're brain fools! The point of this is to do nothing to attain it all. The pressure only builds up when you relax completely and breath perfectly. The slower you can breath in and out, the farther along you're getting. When you feel this pressure, the point is just to continue and be patient. Really tough knowing exact what it is, but it changes consciousness more than you can imagine.

For proof because i have been trying to find out about this for years. I have a few friends that can now do this, but do not control it as well as me. I had a professional chiropractor literally last friday, who is learning from one of the most well established chiropractor in the world, who is actually an energy healer…….. Was doing muscle testing on me the other day and helped me so much i can't explain. I showed him this and i was able to go from below my ear, to my temps, then to my forehead, and on both sides I could have large amounts but quiet pops of flow. He said he will be asking many people about this because he has been dissecting bodys for years and has zero idea what it could be. He agrees completely I'm on to something and can't wait to learn more.

Anyone can do this, and everyone will eventually adapt this. If you want to, be humbled. Learn by if you look into someones eyes, you are only looking into god. Treat everyone that they are god and try to enjoy you're life. Only with that and being super humbled will you have any chance of this. Its a gift and you will deserve it, but only when you drop the ego

good luck, i can stop by and help but I'm doing lots of training. Ill try to make it more often that this post

doctors and people that are going off of modern science don't know squat. You don't need to believe anything i have to say to you. The world will reveal it to you wether you like it or not soon enough.
better hop on board or be left behind. o ya also some people are just here to live there ego life and not change.


even the fools that have put you down their whole life have their special purpose of making us rise above and enjoy all the fun!

ENJOY! ….. they won't be

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: brazenalderpadrescorpio

hahahaha exactly. super funny. i had the same thing. When it popped open. I could only experience yellow. Great call. Tough to explain but that makes complete sense! niceeeeee

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 03:23 PM
a reply to: preludefanguy

This is so true, the key. thanks!

Essentially i was able to do this because emotional i was owned by everyone i would meet my entire life. I would let my self get close to them and then right when i thought people were so special. THey would obliterate my existence and make me hate myself.

You need to love yourself and understand everyone has their purpose here. Even the 15 demons that lurk around people don't remember how they got here and that their purpose here is to remind that person in a special way. This takes so much to understand, but thats the point……..

Polarity is good and evil. Understanding that you can only change yourself and that being a super good person to even you're worst enemy gives them a chance to change!

It takes ultimate control and will power to be able to do this.

I was looking for this my entire life. I recently am just understanding the power behind it. But its super fun!

Its just about being a good person and dropping everything that effects the ego. my problems were addictions. I was probably an opium addict in a recent life because i really enjoy laying down….. haha. Gotta get better at sitting up because after a few hours it gets tiring.

Respect for life and everything is what will take us there. Soon enough

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 03:27 PM
a reply to: kodasaufa

nice thanks, i haven't been able to recreate my experience so i will definitely test this. Ive been learning hundreds of new things that bring us beyond our normal 5 senses so this could be super fun to test with again. Ive heard of children, i forget where……. but they would live in the dark until they were about 8 years old so they could use their other sense……… We are just learning

the pineal is activate by light. so only at night this really works, unless you're super powerful……

In the morning we are at our most powerful, usually why we lucid dream when we by accidentally fall back asleep….

i like before bed, buts its tough if you're tired. The skin absorbs enough light to stops this process so the eyes make it impossible. Cant wait to get to a point when i can do cool things during the day. This life is goona be so fun. People don't even know
we are so close

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