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A soulful ufo-contact experience of a friend

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posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 04:16 PM
Pardon me if my Engligh is some poor, I'm from north of Spain, Cantabria. This is a wonderful experience that happened to a friend, after their contact, we have maintained a good relationship of knowledge, research and spiritual path, and I have deeply convinced both its history and evolution process of their ufo experience.

The March 25, 1971 Jofre was doing military service in the Air Surveillance Station 4 (EVA4) in a municipality of Roses, Girona. There is a military radar that monitor main part of the Spain military airspace and ships that might come from the French border, more specifically from the Pyrenees. But that night happened an exceptional event: On the northwest tower where microwave antennas are located, a group of three air police mens (including Jofre with a Pointer dog named Fiero) saw an unknown spacecraft situate just above of microwave antennas in a few meters of ground, although he could distinguish his form of flying saucer. The UFO glowed with different of green and yellow colors, remaining static in the sky. For a moment the unknown spaceship ward off, submerging into the sea. But watchers among whom was Jofre saw a strange phosphorescence in the guard shack at the foot of radar antennas and came from there, carrying in addition of military-issue firearm, a surveillance dog (or watch dog).

Dog "Fiero" advanced to the guard shack, standing and stopping. Shortly after it appeared from the darkness a humanoid figure of considerable stature, with a large gilding blonde mane and the stereotype of an angelic face, according Jofre because he couldn't discern the face at all. The guards gave the "Halt" (in my words Halt! Who goes there?"), but as the creature did not stop, they began shooting with pistols and CETME Ameli. Without further ado, the humanoid turned, walking away from the place, without affect him the shots. Then sounded like a thud on the perimeter fence, just on the border of cliff that surrounded the perimeter of the Air Surveillance Station and a subsequent recognition, it was found that something had broken of the fence, it was like the metal fence of the perimeter border it was melted. This is the beginning of everything. Now I have to go. tomorrow I try to tell more about their wonderful experience.

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posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by rayktheon

Very interesting, I look forward to reading more about their experience.

posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 07:20 PM
S&F i can very much relay to this story can't wait to hear the rest.

posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by rayktheon

Hmmm.....what type of clothing or style of clothing or suit was the humanoid male wearing?
Also, what is; 68WV & i8A|/ ?

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 07:39 AM
Based on the brief description of the humanoid, it does sound like it may be whats called a Nordic type alien. These have been described as usually being tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I too will be interested in reading more about this experience.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 03:57 PM
There are a few things I want to clarify more about UFO encounter, happened to Javier Jofre and other three spanish air force police-security mens at EVA 4 Radar Station located in Roses, Girona (Barcelona). Here in Spain, basically an Air Surveillance Squadron, like many other Squadrons or "Wings" that are distributed throughout the Spanish geography, are a Military Radar Stations of the Spanish Air Force, whose function is to control Spanish airspace, ie; is where the main radar and microwave antennas that monitor Air Traffic Control. This particular Air Surveillance Squadron Number 4, is located in a large hilly and rocky valley. Javier said that after the UFO encounter, a group of american military were presented to photograph them and ask them a variety of unusual questions.

Air Surveillance Squadron Number 4 of Roses, Girona, had a group of German shepherds, trained as cops and guards, the night of the encounter they were strangely restless, barking and howling. An Air Police comrade of Javier, that it was his vigilance turn at that hour of the night in the security booth, he called to another group of 3 Air Police mens (who were watching television inside the quartering and resting) because he saw a strange light above the area of microwave booths. Distant of radar shacks where are located all electrical communications and apparatuses, when they left of the quartering, they saw on the vertical of microwave antennae a classic shaped-lentil flying saucer hovering motionless. Continuing in my first post, when they saw this strange greenish glow coming from the darkness of guard shack, Javier and the other Air Police mens they took the pointer dog named "Fiero" and be going to the area of ​​microwave booths. When they leave the microwave booths (leaving them behind some meters) Fiero stops and gets in a position to "mark", Ie, mark the presence of someone who is in the proximity, it is a situation where the dog feels insecure and he is heard sob. With pointed ears and moving from one place to another very restless.

Javier in that moment starts to hear in the inner of his head a hubbub-gobbledygook or blabber of incomprehensible words. All of a sudden they heard like strong steps,Javier and the others AP, given him the prescriptive halt threefold ("Halt", who goes there?) on the spur of the moment on the spur of the moment they began shooting and at that moment they could distinguish a considerable tall humanoid figure, with an approximate height two and a half meters of high, very large arms and legs, very thin and a very tight suit and something glinted in his belt as a buckle. The face was fairly elongate, but his face was more in the line with of an angelic face, instead of a demonic face. The shots didn't reach the humanoid, despite having made ​​a burst of shots to the strange being, found no blood or anything like that.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:37 PM
THanks for your story. It ads to the many accounts of military personal all over the world..

and now lets observe how ATS forgets this story.
Don´t adds it to the proof-list. Just adds it to the many psychotic stories, hoaxes,things that are not proofed..etc.

Or just not label it at all.

Ats is like -> Putting the proof in plain sight but giving so much of it that it becomes boring.

Nice one..nice one

posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 12:04 AM
Has the story completed?

I'm just wondering where the "soulful" part comes in.

As far as I can tell the report is that people shot at an alien. That doesn't sound very soulful.

Is it because it had angelic facial features?

posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 04:36 PM
I said in my previous post that was just the beginning of all, I'm trying to tell the experience step by step, as my time is limited by a oppositions. I don't care if you believe the story or not, or if you think that it is pure fabrication and fallacy, but me personally as well as so many more, including Javier, which is completely real, absolutely personal and non-transferable experience that marked him lifetime, Javier asked himself after their encounter (that's exactly what we thought also, I suppose) : Who was that Being? What did he want? Where he came from? According to Javier, over again you go back to make you more questions as: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where we go? What is the purpose of our "growth and development" here on Earth? This experience made Javier undertake a hopeless search of Ufos all over Spain, but he realized that what he wanted was not in the simple act of going in search of UFOs and see if the " Holy Spirit coming down from Heaven" to contact again with those entities that made ​​their presence in Radar Base.

Desperate for answers that were still in his head for his fantastic and enigmatic encounter, Javier left the "Ufo hunting" and embarked on a different path. One day the career took him to Barcelona in a street near the San Antonio market , the window of a store caught his attention. He noticed the exposed books although he did not see any that particularly interested him and left the store, but was stunned when his ear began to make that strange sound with beeps who already knew. Something told him that he must return to the library, and he did so. She stopped again at the window of the book store and reviewed all the books exposed. He narrated his experience to the bookseller who recommended him three volumes of Elena Blabatsky (the secret doctrine) who read it avidly in the following days. They found a different view of the reality of the human being. He revisited repeatedly the bookseller named Tomás, who turned out to be a veteran theosophist searching the true reality of human being. Not only provided him with countless books, but also introduced him to other people interested in the same issues and finally, after a long year, he entered in several private scholars groups or practitioners of different philosophies.

He recalled his periplus to a long list of esoteric schools and spiritual groups. Theosophy, The Rose Cross, The Arcane School, Pax Nova by José Rosciano of Peru, who under the pseudonym of Yosip Ibrahim, had written the Trilogy "I Visited Ganymede". All of them with deep and authentically ancient knowledge of human nature. But his intuition, his restlessness of search drove him to ask new questions after each answer found. So his steps headed to a study of the different religions that existed. The great impact that produced him the books of Lobsag T. Rampa, with its series of "Third Eye", induced him to interested deeply in Tibetan lamas and Buddhist religion. Buddhist texts was scarce but Tomás provided him with some more books, as well as "The Life of Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha" and from South America some writings of the Dalai Lama in exile, which allowed him deepen in the tibetan-buddhist philosophy, he was fascinated knowledge of the human body and its different energy levels. His mastery of the astral and ancestral magic and medicine.

But Javier did not stop here, perhaps convinced that there was something beyond the own planet Earth, in stars, in infinite space, drove him to want more and keep looking. He knew that he had found that thing who what he could bring to reality that experimented for the first time there in Roses. With each new school or philosophy, he found something to learn, but he saw that every one pretended to possess the only truth. So he kept looking. He connected with spiritual groups that immersed him in the Sufi philosophy and the Hindu philosophical and religious lines. Finally he turned his eyes to his paternal religion and he found with "The Christ", who identified himself with exceedingly, he connected with his figure and deepened in their study. He searched less Catholic visions and one more again by the hand of bookseller Tomás, he came to the Apocryphal Gospels and spiritual vision of the figure of Christ. Books such as: The Sublime Pilgrim by Ramatis, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling and many others, he came to understand the true figure of Jesús. So after an intense mystical stage, he assumed that Christ was his spiritual archetype and its best example.

And the time came in that also the search, almost desperate for answers quieted it and took a dimension more sedate and natural. All studied and lived were producing its effect almost, without realizing felt different, more confident and more able to adapt, as it is. He realized that the important thing, really, was to be a better person and live the day to day with peace and love and get a happier and harmonious environment.

More other day... Regards.

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 02:21 PM
His apprenticeship with some of the esoteric schoolss, teached him the world's perception of energies, the complexity of human beings with their different bodies and spiritual energy , the energy absorption centers, chakras, the ability to capture and projecting cosmic energy for own power to heal, the healing magnetism. He Deepened in various capacities, the called "paranormal wrong" that man possesses. Telepathy , telekinesis , clairvoyance , premonition and many other developed by most, but that they should be normal since they are innate in all of us. Eventually, he was able to experience their own capabilities and realize that those powers seemed almost miraculous, those habilities were not privileged for one only, but also upon anyone who attempts to make practise. He worked for a time with current practicing on various techniques. Soon he could see that he was particularly attracted to everything about healing and magic and it was in these two areas where more progress made. Javier hoped to devote more time and intensity to his studies and practices when it was installed in the Pyrenees. Back then he didn't know, yet, that after a few years in Peru, would develop its powers broadly and will remain perfectly expanded because of its ease for healing and magic. Their meeting, in those distant lands , with a "Master" was yet to come .

Meanwhile he was continuing with his studies and practicing meditation, through which he getting his best spiritual connection. Frequently inspired by the figure of Christ with whom she had a close and cordial relationship. After each internal " meeting " trusted that the same energy - that the vibration was within the Christ and that every moment increased of confidence reasserted itself . Soon it became apparent that the life I was leading , was not what it should be. Within him began to mature the idea of leaving, leaving the kind of life he led. Something told him that this was not the life I had come to live and the real purpose of their existence. Given all that, decided he had to change his lifestyle and began making plans to do so. But always just thinking to drop everything and go on, he had to have a minimum of assurances .

That's when he said myself, that he had to do whatever it took to bring their children to live in a healthier environment, where they could breathe fresh air and grow with purity, as he remembered his childhood in his hometown, Surrio . At that time he started walking decided it was life changing . He sold the apartment where they lived in the city and bought a house in Surrio, where he earned a quieter environment , cleaner air and a better overall quality of life. However, it was clear that this was only the first step , to prepare for the final leap to the level you really wanted to do. Guided by their intuitions during meditations , the ideal zone was located in the Pyrenees. There they began their trips looking for the place they expected recognize. They managed to find Albas, the small town that had so been looking to continue his new life project.

-- One day in mid - August 1979 ( Javier experience , in their own words ) --

I got up early , I wanted to see the sunrise. I wanted go to the summit, where the mountain yielded its hegemony over the landscape and I could see the sea. There existed a place where an old pine tree it broked into two huge granite that excelled to the void. It was my favorite spot, where I could see the rising sun and meditate. Narvick growling and jumping for joy knowing that when we left so early was to make a good hike. Soon we arrived at the cliff. Our majestic pine, inserted into the huge rock, welcomed us as always. I was sweating, feeling the heart beating hard and fondled it with my hand waving to him cordially.

I looked at the horizon. The Sun, before appearing , sent his red rays announcing his arrival . The sea was blue, very dark and absoultamente calm. I practiced the breathing of energy capturing while I watching the sun emerged over the horizon. Fixing my eyes on him I started with my mantras . "Om Mani Padme - Hum ," " Om Mani Padme - Hum " ... with the sun image imprinted on my retina, I could feel his energy coming through my coronary chakra. My muscles relaxed while I inhaled oxygen, charged with Prana or "prāṇa", vivified my body and my mind , renewing the energy of my subtle bodies. I closed my eyes and began my meditation.

I transfered the image of the sun at my heart chakra, to create an energy ball and make it grow slowly. Suddenly, a strange reaction ocurred in me when even towards meditation, my whole body lit up and I felt a sharp increase in heat. And then it happened : I felt proyected outwards. I could see myself leaving my and away at full speed toward the horizon and getting lost in the infinite. All faded and I could only receive an all blue, neutral, without encountering in him.

For a time I was and was not there, I stopped being me for be all, without limits , without perceive me as being. Unable to think or do. Just being in that situation, in everything and nothing . I don't know how long it lasted but eventually I returned to have conscience and I felt returning towards me, like a light that entered my body and was concentrating on my interior. The light it toward smaller and smaller inside me until it was like a speck in the background of myself and again, quit perceive me. Then I was in a state of emptiness , of quietness and peace. The mind hushed but with a growing perception abilities mind. Until again I could see the point of light slowly growing inside me, and as it grew it would manifest a certain vibration. I could feel it as mine, but came from outside me. It was the recognition of the source, of the origin.

The vibration continued to grow up until all my body echoed of that vibration. The perception of myself slowly grew, vibration and light surpassed me. Then I could perceive me in my environment, to fuse me with Narvick and the pine, to be one with them, feel what they feel, understand and accept them as part of me. And I kept expanding, integrating myself with the earth, air, sea, animals and plants to cover everything. Fuse myself with "the whole", connecting with the source of " knowledge" , immersing myself in it, absorbing its waters. When I regained consciousness of my surroundings had been an hour , Narvick was lying next to me . The sun warmed my face , calm around me was full and the show was still wonderful.

I was gripped by the experience and still somewhat stunned by it. I wanted to experiencing all that cluster of feelings and not analyzed what happened, but from some remote corner of my mind, came to my consciousness the understaning of that experience. I had seen the light within me, a own light that existed in each of my cells. Now I knowed that we are all Light. Not is that we carried the light within of us, if not that we are the same light, the same energy source to which we returned through our existences. He had barely been a month, from the experience he had just remembered and they were about to give her big break was the new life that awaited them in the Pyrenees. He was full of confidence and felt that "it was not just" in your new adventure. Perceived the constant presence of someone, perhaps a guide, a hidden friend, a "guardian angel" who protected him.

12/11/80 - 11'27. - Terrion D'Aveu - Javier house

I was beginning my meditation when it started ringing in my ear that beep who occasionally appeared as an announcer that something would happen.

I got up without really knowing what to do. I went to the terrace and I went out searching some sign . The sky, in the Pyrenees, is spectacular, the sharpness of the atmosphere facilitates the vision of millions of stars . I fixed my attention on that group that so impressed me in the Rosas Radar Base. Now I knew that this was the Orion constellation, with its three biggest stars almost straight. By setting my sights on them, I realized that the beeping intensified and like that occasion I thought that from the central star a flash of light came straight to my eyes. On impulse I walked home .

I grabbed a pad of graph paper that was at hand and taking a pen I sat down and got ready to write. I sensed that I should to try a psychographics . Although I knew what it was , I had never tried , however, "something told me" that's what , precisely, I was expected to do . He hardly gave me time to get in position to write when I felt run down my arm strong vibration and my hand began to move. Immediately I started a 'dance' over paper making unintentionally stripes and more stripes. One folio, two folios, three ... , another and another. But only stripes and stripes, first straights after and sinuous curves, circles, etc. I stopped a moment and I said to myself that this did not lead to anything. I breathed a little, the excitement had quickened my pulse. I breathed a little, the excitement had quickened my pulse .

I tried to put a blank mind and let flow without interference the energy that I felt in my arm. I started again and continued doing stripes and more stripes , filling pages and pages. I realized that I was assuming that someone were from outside of me was trying to get in touch with me. ¿It was my "friend of Roses"? ¿Was the moment so desirable? He still writing stripes when suddenly, my hand stopped . He began to move again and wrote in round lyric :

I am COMON, very good start, you need my help and my teaching, I will give it to you. The beginning of the center .... meanwhile ... goodbye. COMONTRI .

My second psychographics started after 8 sheets of stripes and squiggles .

Comom ... I am your guide, I am very happy to have ... contact ... you and your wife ... I am with you and I certify this contact ... for you. Be there the next saturday in the Sorre ... at nine of the night ... in the area of Birches ... between nine and ten of the night ... nothing more for today. COMONTRI


I will try to tell more about all these Javier experiences and all of that includes at least one book. Greetings and thanks for your patience. More other day.

posted on Apr, 4 2014 @ 07:37 PM
I'll put a few pictures relating to the whole ufo experience of Javier. I don't know how to upload pictures on ATS, is somewhat complicated, if anyone can help me to upload them and make them look at the post, I would be appreciated. Please, I beg you to have patience, it's a very long experience and my English isn't very well, I think that you are going to fascinate with the Javier's experiences and encounters. Subsequent Javier's encounters, I'll try to upload these pictures in this way, because I dont know how to display them in the post, in the form that all can see the pics, if anyone can help me, I would be grateful again.

This photograph is the Roses Military Radar Base (Air Surveillance Squadron No. 4) in Girona (Barcelona) where Javier had the ufo-contact experience.

I continue from here with the Javier's experiences.

--- Next Saturday --- 8 PM. (In words of Javier)

I climbed into the Land Rover and with a last caress to my wife, I started walking. He was well sheltered knowing that amid the harbor, where it was the zone of Birches, it would be all frozen. I decided to take it easy . I knew it would take about 20 minutes to reach the rendezvous. Although, if he thinking well, he didn't really know what kind of appointment. The message did not specify anything and I hadn't insisted on trying to clarify things. I trusted my intuition who telling me that everything would go well although at times I thought that was perhaps being too trusting and I could have a problem .

With these and other cabals I went up climbing the neighborhood of the port, heading to my first contact with what, I supposed, would be a similar extraterrestrial craft that I had seen in Roses. I had asked to my wife Maria to accompany me but she understood that this appointment was for me and that she shouldn't come to interfere. Although I insisted, her usual discretion prevailed and told me that it would come when she could participate. When I arrived to the Birches, it was somewhat later than I had calculated. The snow covered everything and although the road was open and clean there, the road had been slow by ice in many places that invaded the driveway.

I tried to go without drawing attention to it overcome the last habited house of the port and I followed to where the road was clear of snow. I got out and walked a few meters down the road covered with snow. There was a considerable thickness but I thought the Land Rover could pass. Something told me that I must to find the right place to culminate the appointment. I took a chance and went with the car for a stretch of road that progressed into the woods. Sunken into a complete darkness, except for the short that illuminating the headlights, I came to a bend where the port is widened and found the right place. I parked in a small meadow and lowered the car.

From that site it could be seen a large airspace and the port it would open towards ​​the summit. I put on my wool cap and scarf, I took a sip of coffee with cognac and felt comforted. I looked at my watch, it was 9 o'clock of the night. I looked the sky, the nite was clear and with so clearly that the mere starlight allowed it distinguishing perfection the environment. I sought Orion that wasn't visible at that time from my position.

It hadn't been ten minutes, when I clearly felt the tingling in my arm. I took from the car a few folios, wearing subjects with a rigid base and leaning on the hood I grabbed the pen and waited. Immediately my hand began to write:

COMOM. Visual contact at 9'27 h. In your visible space towards the top of Harbor. COMONTRI.

My heart it shot and pounding so hard that I thought I would come out through the mouth. I breathed deeply to calm down and turned my view towards the zone indicated, as he looked at my watch ( 9'17h ). I tried to keep my control and calm, while it seemed to me that time went slower more than usual. I scanned the sky and told myself that the celestial space who I should control was too big .

Suddenly I saw her. It was a ball of light something oval slightly horizontally, orange color was very bright and moved slowly from left to right. I was stunned with mouth open, I almost freezes the throat when I realized and slammed it. The UFO was visible at nivel on the top of harbour, seemed to be touching the ground. Although the summit it was very high, I could distinguish it perfectly. Had an apparent size of about 10/15 cts in diameter. It paused for a moment, remaining static. Then, it downslope moved of the harbour, so its figure was trimmed from the bottom of the mountain. I thought it was heading towards me and gave me a heart sank. Then stopped and the light that emerged it illuminated a large zone. Immediately, their intensity decreased leaving only illuminating the surroundings of the object. He could perfectly distinguish its shape. It was identical to what I saw on the radar base. It was stopped in that position for a few minutes. I was not sure if he wanted to come down to where I was or run, the object ascended back to the right, contrary to their way of arrival, until he disappeared from my sight.

Oh, #, #!! that's amazing!! tha's strong!!

It was true, it was real, they were there. He had finally had a concerted sighting. I was jumping for joy when I realized that I had frozen. I entered at the car and I took a long sip of coffee that was still hot. Again I felt the urge to take a pen and paper. Propped up and middle lying in the seat I found the right position to leave my inert hand over the paper and soon it moved, writting:

COMON. You've checked the reality of our presence on you. This confirmation will make it easier to overcome your doubts and human unbelief. Soon, I will answer all your questions and I cram your anxiety. Come back home soon, you have to calm to Mary. COMONTRI.

The following days were amazing. Javier lived infected by a kind of unbridled euphoria. That gave him an extraordinary strength. He had explained to Mary what him had happened and he had repented, a thousand times, of that she hadn't accompanied him and the fact that, now, it was only me who had seen it and I had no witnesses who could endorse it.

As he had promised COMON, multiple communications occurred with all sorts of explanations of different topics. The data given to Javier far outweighed her own knowledge and turned out amazing . Communications are always initiated by the name COMON and ended either with COMONTRI, COMONBI, COMONSI . Soon he realized that the topics arising could be classified by three categories. Topics of general, technical and instructional knowledge always ended up "signed" by COMONTRI. The topics of past mankind history and future predictions, that COMONBI endorsed. And spiritual, philosophical and evolutionary thoughts, which always ended with the name COMONSI. To his request the communicant clarified his identity that will be explained here for peculiar that was.

COMON , was the name of what they defined as an Instruction Contact Unit. In this case, it was formed by three beings. Two of them, with the same evolutionary level that they termed "Fourth Dimension" or "Energy Beings" and the other, of a higher evolutionary level, which they defined as the "Fifth Dimension" or "Light Beings". The being of higher evolutionary level was COMON who gave name to the Instruction Contact Unit and who "signed" his communications as COMONSI .

None of them was the Being who he had shot at Roses. When he wanted to know the identity of that, they said that it was the Commander of a craft denominated STEL-LA, which was in fact-finding mission on Earth. That Being had been commissioned to force contact with Javier and cause the onset of his search. Apparently, he had a special relationship of "past" and told him that, when the time is right there would be a posible contact between both. Naturally he wanted to know more about their encounter in Roses and they responded enough of their questions. What they saw on the radar base, was the Stel-la craft of 16 meters in diameter, with four crew. According to their communicants, in the Bay of Rocks existed at that time, a Submarine Base where are hiding the crafts that were on mission in that area. His job was to spectrographic analysis of Human Auras. Its purpose was to detect and record vibration graphics of each of them. These graphs are a sign of personal identification for recognizing the cosmic and family origin of every human being and their evolutionary level. With their study, the Instructors, could establish the appropriate contacts for help as had happened with him.

Comon tri-and Comon-bi came from Orion, while Comon was defined as originating from the "Origin", remains a mystery what that meant. Their base in our solar system, was in Ganymede, one of Jupiter's satellites, where Beings meet from many different parts of the galaxy. They performed track of those human beings who were in various search processes.

He was just one of many others across the globe, who were helped by them in their process of personal and spiritual growth. As he had sensed at the end of his tour of UFO research team, it was necessary to individually improve, grow personally, approach them in some way and allow contact from the bottom up.

More other day, thanks for your time. Regards and love.

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 06:35 AM
Can we read direct dialogs? The information that they gave?

Sounds really interesting and of course i don´t have enough information to know what you are up to...and if its real.

But it would be interesting if you could post some of the knowledge they gave your friend
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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 07:32 AM


He had explained to Mary what him had happened and he had repented, a thousand times, of that she hadn't accompanied him and the fact that, now, it was only me who had seen it and I had no witnesses who could endorse it.

No camera? Why no pics of his experience that day?

posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 10:23 AM
Here I leave a spanish Milenio 3 radio night talk-show interview to Javier Jofre about his experience at the base of Roses (Girona). An humanoid at Roses Military Base. I'm making a compilation of information for afterwards.

Here is a photo in a meadow in the Lleida Pyrenees, place where Javier lives with his family. The grass doesn't grow in that area of ​​the meadow. Everyone can believe what you want.

Javier in Pirinees.

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posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 04:29 PM
I want to put some comments here about book writing by Keith Royal and Lissa Priest (Visitors From Within or Visitas Procedentes del Interior, in spanish) that seem of the most relevant and ready-witted from what I've read so far about the whole alien-ufo phenomena. And I think that is what we should all to do. We have that run away from the negative to the positive focus, to the family of light, not to the darkness. These dark entities they benefit from us by our fears, frustations, weaknesses from our mind energy and auric, and what we are doing is feeding them, we are making that they win the battle, we have to avoid it.

Events such as 9/11, 11/M (Madrid, in my country, orchestrated by the same Illuminati-Skull and Bones-Bohemian-Bilderberg-CFR-Masons elite) and other "false flags" and "inside jobs" feed them to the dark entities that are behind orders of Illuminati entire dome. Look these paragraphs of Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest and think it over well.

Once again let us stress that you change the experience by changing who you are. You change the experience by becoming more of your true self. This includes becoming more empowered, more heart-centered and spiritually connected with yourself and calling your internal fragments back home. As you do this, you become more integrated, and the alchemical process of transformation occurs. You then move yourself into a new frequency reality where your contacts must change. This is an essential point to stress.

It is our wish that individuals do not get caught up in who is doing what to whom and why. Don’t be distracted by the mindset that says, “This group is the good guys” and “That group is the bad guys.” That mindset will keep you polarized. Quite frankly, the universe is not so conveniently organized. Do not look outside yourselves for the answers. These polarity judgments (good and bad) are just a dramatic distraction that takes you away from yourself and your evolution.

Your natural spiritual evolution will remove you from this distracting drama and move you back into the heart. That is the essential key to transformation. You are moving from mind to heart, from physical to spiritual. The ET contact scenarios on your world are a way to stimulate this evolution. Do not be distracted by gloom and doom and drama. Go within, and all the answers you need will be there when you commit to yourself to becoming your unlimited potential. The doors of contact open in a very different way when you make that commitment. Those doors never lead down a road of fear.

They take you home to yourself.

posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: kauskau

Don't expect get the knowledge and the "enlightenment" or some kind of personal benefit from the experiences and data from Javier that I am exposing. Everyone has to find their way. Unique and non-transferable.

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