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GA Plane crashes to avoid collision; 3 dead in airport mishap

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posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 12:58 AM

Three Killed When Plane Trying to Avoid Collision Crashes

A twin-engine aircraft trying to avoid another plane towing a glider across the runway crashed Saturday in Georgia, killing three people, authorities and witnesses said.

The aircraft had arrived at the LaGrange Callaway Airport, 50 miles southwest of Atlanta, from Panama City, Fla., on Saturday morning, then refueled and was practicing approaches and landings, NBC station WXIA of Atlanta reported.

The aircraft was reported to be a Beechcraft Baron.

It hadn't even dawned upon me that this avoided collision was on the ground and so was the plane that crashed, apparently was practicing landing back onto the runway when it apparently stalled on the way down, and this mishap happened.

RIP passenger, and pilot & copilot too =(
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posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 01:14 AM
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Two of the dead are supposed to be physicians.. Sad story indeed.

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