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I experienced something

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posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

I have to say that in all the experiences I had, I never really felt any true evil. What I experienced seem to be just "people". What caused me to regret pursuing contact with these "entities" was the fact that there seemed to be so many of them, and the experiences were just becoming too much for me. For about a year, I had things like light bulbs going off in whatever room I was in - brand new light bulbs. A few times I heard a voice (both male and female). Items were disappearing and reappearing over and over. Once, my daughter lost her favorite hoodie, and we searched everywhere in the house for it. Two weeks later, I walked into my bedroom and the hoodie was laying in the middle of the floor. Once, I was alone in the kitchen, and I heard the "ping" of something lightweight falling to the floor. I looked, and found a little fake gem, probably belonging to my daughter, as she used to play with those a lot. Weird thing is, those fake gems were all in a box I had put away in my closet a couple of years before, as she had grown tired of playing with them.

I had several dreams where I was encountering strangers in my house. What was weird to me about these dreams was these strangers had such clear, sharp and specific features. I have had dreams with strangers before, but they were always pretty vague and fuzzy looking when I tried to remember them the next day. I remember dreams about two specific women during this time - one was a white woman with 1970's clothing and haircut ( I can still see her face so clearly), and the other was a very nicely dressed elderly black woman. Both these women seemed to be obsessed with my daughter. The white woman just wanted to watch while I fixed my daughter's hair, but the black woman made snarky comments about my daughter being "too wild".

Once I was laying in bed at night, and I woke up smelling the scent of fresh flowers. It was quite strong, but very pleasant. I kept smelling my pajamas and sheets and blankets, trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. I got a sense there was someone there, but I didn't see or hear anything. About 30 minutes later, the smell disappeared.

Those are just a few examples. I was having some kind of weird experience (sometimes multiple experiences) every single day, for about a year. All of this was during a time that I was focused on trying to learn more about paranormal stuff, and trying to initiate contact of some kind. After a while, I just got weary of it, and longed for my normal life back. The incident I referred to in my other post about the male entity who was attached to my daughter (I think), was the final straw in my mind. The idea of all these people around us all the time in our home was really starting to creep me out.

So, the way I figured it, either all of this was in my imagination, or these things were very real. Either way, I wanted it to stop - I had had enough. So I vowed to stop reading about it, thinking about it, or doing anything about it. I just ignored it. After a few months, I noticed the experiences became less and less. Now, my light bulbs last the normal amount of time (thank goodness!), the dreams have stopped, and we only have the odd missing items reappearing every once in a blue moon. I firmly believe there is some kind of life after this one, but I think it needs to be separate from this life, so I have no more urge to explore the paranormal.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 11:49 AM
I'v seen an alien that was really similar.
The problem is if you encounter them inside, Its hard to tell they are aliens because they possess advanced supernatural abilities.
They are often mistaken as skinwalkers as well, They are the same thing but not the native american legend because well they are beings from outerspace. Only reason i knew was because my friend and i saw a saucer fly over a florecent street light. So i would of thought it was a demon or something otherwise if i had not seen that.

Could just be spirits too, Spirits resemble these beings for some reason. Its very strange, They are like living ghosts. Ghosts that can manifest into a physical shape, and are very much alive and full of emotion because that it how they communicate with lower lifeforms - any animal insect or organism would be effected by the power of emotional telepathy, and do not misjudge how strong its effects can be.

If you felt any unsual emotions that day, that didn't feel like you're own, as in you can still feel your own emotion how you feel but there is a type of *presence* in the air that has a certain feeling to it, if its aliens.
You know this kind of stuff happened at Skinwalker ranch right? Tons of rumors about that place contradicting the truths about it.

posted on Feb, 28 2014 @ 06:04 PM

I've had to deal with the thing known as a shadow person. It used to whisper a lot at night time, because I guess when I was a child I was mute so it kept me company for a long time and told me stories till I could actually speak and make friends. And when it told me to keep quiet about it to my parent's I did so, not out of fear but because of trust. I told them eventually just not until I was moving out of their house because I thought it lived there at the time.

It was the only thing that could understand what I was going through when I started getting older.
It understood my rage, hate, fear, regret, sorrow and every secret I kept throughout my lifetime. I don't know what purpose or intention it has in mind but I know that if it wanted me gone it could've done so when I was younger and defenceless. It lurks around me no matter where I go or travel. When I lived in America for half a year it still followed me. It doesn't cause me any problem's or deprive me of any sleep. However it has a tendency to play prank's on friend's and family when I visit their house sometimes, it only does very small thing's like turning light's off or on. After I leave it comes with me. If I stay at friend's or family's places for month's it will just stop playing with them after about 2 to 3 day's.

It's always best to think rationally first and if you must, go and seek someone to help out with it. I wouldn't know any of these practices or people to recommend or whatnot because I don't have a problem with it since it's not dangerous, harmful or disturbing to me but in you're case it may be different. I'd be interested in why it's there, if you know the reason you've figured out half the problem.

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